Chapter 1066: Shadowless and Shadowman (below)

It is said: "You should know that the filmmakers are from other worlds? Their exercises are all based on shadows. In fact, the human body of the shadow family is a shadow, and the people without the shadow family are the ones who have lost the shadow. ”

"The person who lost the shadow?"

Mu Yu felt that this incident was really fresh. The filmmakers and the non-shadows even had this strange relationship, but he remembered the battle between the original and the shadow-killing Qingming. He said: "But I remember that killing Qingming is a person. At that time I knocked down his shadow and revealed his body."

At the time of Shimizu Castle, Mu Yu killed the shadow of the distraction during the expiration period, and at that time he saw the true body of Qingming.

"That is the person wrapped in shadows. Shadows cannot be acted upon alone, so they control a subject so that they can move freely, but the light is fatal to them."The argument explained.

Mu Yu is interested in the relationship between the Shadowman and the Shadowless, because it is too ridiculous to separate the shadows. He has already seen how to use the powerful techniques of shadow killing. The last time Lu Xianshi told him that the filmmakers always wanted to kill the shadowless family. Why is this?

Mu Yu asked: "There seems to be a hostile relationship between the filmmakers and the non-picturers. How come their contradictions come from?"

Xiaoshuai interjected next to him: "I guess the shadow wants to turn over and be the master, isn't it?"

"Almost, they were originally one, from the same race. They were all normal humans, but because of the cultivation of a powerful method, people and shadows were separated. As long as there is normal human cultivation, this practice will lead to the shadows getting out of the way, and there is no way to stop it, and the shadows have their own consciousness. At this time, a war is going to take place. If the ontology has the upper hand, the ontology will kill the conscious shadow and become a shadowless person. And if the shadow prevails, it will control the ontology and form a shadow.

The shadow people think that the shadow is supreme. The non-shadows think that the human body is supreme, and the beliefs of the two are different, which leads to constant friction between them. ”

The people without the shadow family, whether it was the white nights that Mu Yu had seen, or Shangguanlin and Murong Yu, had no shadow. They belonged to the normal comprehension practitioners who cultivated the mysterious exercises and killed their own shadows.

The people of the shadow family, whether they are killing the Qingming or killing Huang Quan, are shadows. They belong to the shadow to cultivate consciousness, control their own body, and become another race.

The words of the words made Mu Yu feel a little ridiculous, the world is full of wonders, the shadows can be refined, really powerful.

He glanced at his own shadow and felt that his shadow was following his own honestly. He didn't have to turn against his own enemies. It was a very happy thing.

"So how did these two races develop? How do they cultivate their own people? ”Mu Yu asked.

"Is this important?"Asked the words.

"Just curious."Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders.

A moment of reflection, way: "My current speculation should be: their two races will each go to find gifted practitioners, so that practitioners to cultivate this method of work, in the work of the law when the shadow will produce consciousness, and have their own fix."

No shadow people at this time will have elders to help kill their shadow, become no shadow of the people.

When the people of the shadow family are mastered, they will let the shadow control the body with the help of the elders, and make the shadow take the initiative. It is as simple as that. ”

Mu Yu suddenly realized that it sounds similar to the ghost gate and the life-and-death gate, except that the ghost gate and the life-and-death gate kill another twin who has grown from a small to a big twin, and controls the soul or body of the other. The non-shadow and the shadow family kill the shadow and the body separately.

Xiaoshuai asked curiously at the side: "Is this kind of exercise very powerful? Actually, the shadow can produce consciousness. ”

"Is the four characters of the film organization enough to deter?"The rhetoric asked.

Filmmakers, the most bizarre organization in the realm of the realm, the dragons see the end, specializing in assassinations, the people who are targeted are almost always dead, because the shadow killing wants to pick up the task, must be sent to be able to get ten people.

The realm of comprehension until now, in addition to Mu Yu and Cheng Yan can kill the shadow killing, there is no other people escaped from the shadow killing. The missions of Shadow Killing are also graded. Many of the tricky people are extremely expensive, and ordinary people simply don't move.

The name of the shadow killing can be frightened by many people. The shadow of the practice of shadow killing is so powerful, so it goes without saying that the same shadowless people who have also cultivated this powerful method are the ones who have no shadow. How powerful it is.

Relatively speaking, the people without the shadow family are only relatively low-key. The realm of the cultivation only knows the fierce name of the shadow killing, but does not know the existence of the shadowless family.

Mu Yu asked: "Then the fusion technique you said means…"

"This kind of work can separate the shadow from the ontology, which means that the shadow and the ontology can be merged. When the shadow and the body are to be merged, one must erase one of the consciousness, and this fusion technique can also be used on us. ”It is said.

This is the original!

"How did you get their fusion?"

Mu Yu had to admire the ability of the words, such a powerful practice must belong to the absolute secrets of the two races, I did not expect that even the fusion of two races can be obtained.

The slogan continued: "The last time the winter solstice was looking for my whereabouts, it should be someone who gave him the task. I just killed the shadow killing winter solstice and sneaked into the filming organization to kill the secrets of these two races. ”

Suddenly, I looked at Mu Yu with a smile. "I also learned that the Souls want to control the Yumeng Mozu to kill several cities. Some of the ghosts’ plots are also met in Chun'an City. you."

Mu Yu remembered the night's night. The snow eagle under the night used the shadow technique to kill all the ghosts in the ruins. It turned out to be the words!

"At that time, I wanted to come out to see you, but I found out that you have been affected by the killing power. If you know that it is out, you can't convince you to look back, but I know that you have to go to the Danding, so you can follow."

"and after?"Mu Yu asked.

"After I made an appointment with you, I went to a shadowless family and tried to get a fusion from them, but both the filmmakers and the no-family found my intentions."

Mu Yu nodded slightly: "So the shadow kills Huang Quan to kill you?"

When Huang Ying was in the ghost gate, he wanted to force Mu Yu to say the whereabouts of the promise, but he did not succeed. He had been thinking about Huang Quanmingming who was a ghost door. Why did he suddenly become a shadow killer? It must have been that the shadow family made the elders of the ghost gate Huang Quan cultivate this practice, let the shadow take the initiative and become the shadow of the ghost family. The secret agent of the door.

"It doesn't matter," said: "The afterlife has been solved by me, he came to me is simply to find death." However, the fusion technique is the most secret for both races. Originally, shadows and ontology have different beliefs. Reintegration is equivalent to a shame, so it is impossible to reveal this practice. I think their two races now want to kill me. After all, I have committed their taboos. ”

When the words were said to have been all the time, there were two strong races to chase him. He was afraid at all. Although the creed did not elaborate on how he sneaked into the shadowless and filmmakers, all this must be very tricky, and the promise must have experienced great difficulties.

Mu Yu always felt that the troubles he had made had been shocked. I didn’t expect that the troubles caused by the words were not less than him.

Now think about it, it seems that each of their four brothers can get into trouble. Where Mu Yu went, where is a lot of people looking for trouble, ghost gate, Tianxingmen, Sangong Palace can't wait to catch him; directly control 100,000 comprehensions to the south, the words are simply put to justice Two mysterious races have provoked fire, and it seems that they are the most secure.

But to kill Mu Yu also don't believe that the kind of people who will be quiet, because the last Luo in the east sand because of the time to sneak into the Youmont Demon clan to seek the massacre of the news, led to the Demon clan in advance siege, let alone also and to the south together will the dust door razed!

Mu Yu feels that he is quite innocent. He also wants to be a good boy with a good balance. The problem is that he can't do it!

"Brother, how did you know these things? The secret of the shadowless and filmmakers? Since the fusion technique is their top secret, shouldn’t it be leaked out? ”Mu Yu asked.

"Master in fallout before the disappearance of a message, I know, this is the way he has been studying, in the use of nine days seal the Magic array of our body Jumunling after the Lord, he was worried about the south, UU reading Www.uukanshu." COM on how to let the five of us once and for all to get rid of the Jumunling Lord's obsession, become a true normal person. He went back to the Mouyun Mountain and thought of this method. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to tell us, only to leave a message. When I went back last time, I just found this message. Because no one tried this method, I was the master's first test article and a very successful test. ”

When the words of the words made Mu Yu’s heart touch, the Master always hoped that they would be a normal person. They worked hard to set up a nine-day magic array to help them suppress the Eugene spirit. They also came up with this way to integrate them. The Lord of Umming.

It is a pity that the Master, who is thinking about them everywhere, is now in danger.

"These two races used to come from other worlds, but now many of the races of their race are trio of comprehensions, and to some extent they are like mixed races. Now the Souls have to control the Three Heavens, and the Shadowless and the Shadows are all wanting to stay out of the way, not willing to be enemies with the Soul, and are not willing to intervene in the Three Heavens, so for me, one enemy and one enemy are no different. They want to come to me for trouble, even if they come, as long as they stop me from saving the family, I will kill them. ”

In his mind, everyone in the dusty mountain is his family. As a master of the Dust Mountain, he needs to take up the responsibility of his brother. For the family, he can be the enemy of the whole comprehension!

Mu Yu smiled slightly, which is what he meant. When Shangguanlin, who had no film family, faced Mu Yu, he also showed a look of everything he thought, and Mu Yu humiliated him. For Mu Yu, it is irrelevant to kill Shangguanlin. His troubles are enough, not bad for two mixed races.

Now that Master is absent, their teachers and brothers take care of each other. Whoever dares to provoke them will kill!

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