Chapter 1067 on the impact!

"So are you ready for integration? I can't help the two of them to the south and Luo Wei, because they did not eliminate the consciousness of the Lord Mengling, and although they entered the Mahayana period, they became somewhat extreme. You haven't fully integrated yet, I can help you, there is nothing wrong with me. โ€Said the words.

The sentence mang has begun to panic in the body of Mu Yu, if the fusion technique is true, with the help of today's Mu Yu, and with the help of the words, he will die!

The five of them are reincarnation in Mu Yu and others. In fact, they are equivalent to one, but consciousness exists, and Mu Yu and others have the initiative.

"You want to kill me?"The sound of the sentence is a bit angry.

"You used to want to take my body, didn't you?"Mu Yu responded calmly.

The sentence looks very annoyed and cannot be refuted.

Mu Yu felt the panic of the mang, smiled and shook his head: "Forget it."

"Forget it?"The sentence was awkward.

"Forget it?"The words frowned.

"He saved a life and helped me a little."Mu Yu said.

He did not think that Mu Yu would choose to give up at this time. He knew that if the promised words really helped the wood feathers to merge, the sentence mang would no longer exist, and the wood feather would also have the power of the mang, becoming a Mahayana. The comprehension of the period can always have the domain ability in the blink of an eye!

But Mu Yu chose to count at this time?

The slogan thoughtfully asked: "The Lord of the Lord in your body will help you?"

Mu Yu looked at the mans with interest in his consciousness and said: "It's still half a good thing!"

The sentence was cold and snorted.

Mu Yu has said this for a while since he and his things have happened, only about the trade between him and the sentence.

Cheng Yan said with a smile: "The Lord of Umming in my body has always threatened to take away my body, so I don't feel embarrassed when I erase his consciousness. Since the sentence in your body is half a good thing, you don't want to obliterate his consciousness, that's fine. โ€

"Brother, I thought you would advise me to merge!"Mu Yu said with some surprise. At present, only fusion, Mu Yu can be as good as his three brothers, as soon as possible to break through to the Mahayana period, and to be more confident when dealing with the Mie.

The slogan shook his head: "Combined, it means that the domain ability you comprehend will be the same as that of the Umno spirit. If you step into the Mahayana period by your own ability, we may realize that our talent will be stronger. Domain capabilities. There are advantages and disadvantages to this! The field power of the five Eumunds Lords is already very strong, but it is not their own. โ€

Mu Yuโ€™s ability to use life and death in the blink of an eye now requires the consent of Mangโ€™s consent. After all, the ability in this field is not his. Moreover, the ability to use this field in the repair of the robbery period is extremely expensive and very unstable. Once he does not hit the opponent, the spiritual power will be empty, and therefore Mu Yu has been dealing with the ghost chill and the temple. Did not use it.

Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "Does this mean that if I step into the Mahayana period by myself, I will realize my own field ability, and with the words of Eumundine, will there be two fields?"

The words nodded: "Yes, this is also the reason why I do not intend to force you to merge. Since you can peacefully coexist with the sentence, there is no need to obliterate his consciousness. It is more important to comprehend the ability of your own field than to capture the power of others. โ€

Mu Yu thought of Qiao Xue, Xuan Ming in Qiao Xueโ€™s body has been tempting Qiao Xue. He once interfered with everyone in the nine days of the magic circle, and almost let the nine-day magic spell fail. If Mu Yu does not choose to practice the Shadowman and the Shadowless family now, he can give this practice to Qiao Xue.

"So brother, what is your field ability?"Mu Yu asked curiously.

Cheng Yan smiled and said: "Yu Kun is the source."

"What is that ability? I just didn't see you using this field to deal with the temple.

Mu Yu said.

The words reached out, the fingertips moved slightly, and the ground suddenly slammed a few times. The bright spheres of several metal condensations surrounded him. The hard spheres kept changing shape. He was silent for a long time, shaking his head. "I don't like the ability in this field, it's very strong, but it's not mine."


All the dirt, slate, fallen leaves, pots and other things in the surrounding area all rushed toward the metal in the hands of the fingers, as if they were attracted by the metal in his hands and swayed around the metal. Mu Yu was surprised to see the weeping willow in the yard, and all the willow branches that had been hanging down were also sucked into the words.

"Can you attract everything?"Mu Yu said with amazement.

It is said: "In the scope of my field, the movement of all things must be influenced by the source, not only the attraction, but also the exclusion, including the opponent's spells, even the self-cultivator himself. Influence, I am controlled."

The words were waved again, and the things that were led by him were rejected by a powerful force, and they were scattered back to their original positions.

Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully and said: "The ability in this field is really powerful, and you can control everything."

Just like wood feathers can control trees, Luo Wei can control the flame, south can control the flying sand, and Qiao Xue can control the water ice cone. If they do what they say, trees, flames, flying sand, stones, water cones, etc. will be controlled by the words in the field of speech.

Although the trees cannot be deformed by the flames, they can control the trajectory of the attack, if the incompetent practitioners enter the realm of the word, the body must be limited, this is very strong, let alone in the face of other practitioners, the true of the magic of the sword can not be in the process of the word will be given control, There's no way to hurt a word!

"Wow, aren't you even more powerful than the magnet?"Xiaoshuai was amazed at the side.

The promise shook his head: "There is no more powerful field. I prefer to use the sword that Master gave us, because Tianjian is our root. Moreover, there is no absolutely powerful technique in this world, so my field will be broken. Even if there are restrictions on the sword, I think you should know this. โ€

It is not once or twice that Mu Yu uses the Tianjian to meet the enemy. Once there are some powerful formations that isolate the sword and the sky, Tianjian can't communicate with the world and exert its powerful power. Therefore, for Mu Yu, they want to use the Tianjian must be in the open space, not in the ghost gate or the dark and narrow underground.

Entering the city is also a very dangerous move. Mu Yu has been trapped by the people of the Sangong Palace in the city pool more than once. The last time he was killed in the city of Di'an, he was almost killed, so he understood the defects of Tianjian.

Mu Yu can't help but fall into meditation. From another point of view, life and death are also very powerful, but as the saying goes, Mu Yu is more inclined to comprehend the ability of the field, rather than relying on the field ability of Yu Mengling. .

"What is different from the three of us is that you have learned Master's array. Master's array is extremely powerful. If you can grasp the essence of it, it will be enough to fully inherit Master's clothes, since you are the Lord of the Lord. Comparing the security points, I hope that you can cultivate your own domain ability by practicing."The words are heavy.

Whether it's a statement or a Luo and a south, they only learned the master's sword, but did not learn the master's art, and Mu Yu, on the contrary, he is now the gate Master of the gate, a superb array of skills, almost catching up with his master's array of accomplishments.

Mu Yu nodded and said: "I know, I will go to comprehend the field ability."

He now has more than just the ability between life and death, as well as the chaotic yin and yang of the temple. There is a powerful field of formation in the temple, which can control the arrays and techniques in all fields, which means In the future, if it is a powerful white world with the array, Mu Yu also has the initiative.

Cheng laughs smiled: "You know." โ€

After the departure of the rumor, Mu Yu still sat in the courtyard. He had obtained the fusion of the words and the sinisters from the shadowless and the filmmakers. This fusion technique was called "the shadowless family and the filmmakers". Forbidden film, and the method of practicing two ethnic groups, the Shadowman and the No Shadow, is called "Upper Shadow."

The upper shadow is divided into nine layers. When it is cultivated to the third layer, it will lead to the separation of shadow and ontology. The shadow is awakened. This layer of practice is called โ€œopeningโ€, and the ninth layer is โ€œmeltingโ€. Shadow, you need to reintegrate the shadow of consciousness into your body.

The person who created the "Shanghai film tactic", originally is intended to separate the shadow and the body, forming two consciousness, respectively, and then cultivate to the nineth floor, the implementation of "Melt Shadow", the creation of the shadow and the body together, combined into a physical, the two added, the cultivation of time shortened, UU reading for this time will be a higher level.

But later generations cultivate "Shanghai film tactic", let the shadow produce consciousness, would not be willing to return to the body, because the shadow also believes that they have the right to survive, not with the body, if the body and shadow opinions have a disagreement, want to achieve the final step of "melting shadow", you must kill the shadow of consciousness, it is difficult to do, Sometimes the shadow of the cultivation of more powerful words, the body will be killed.

Therefore, no matter whether it is a shadowless or a shadowy person, they dare not easily try to "melt". From ancient times to the present, basically no one has perfected the "upper shadow" to the ninth floor, so the ninth layer "melting" is also It is called "forbidden".

At this time, the mouth of this fusion technique is recorded in a piece of black metal, and Mu Yu is carefully studying the mouth. As a master, Cheng Yanโ€™s method is really powerful. He even gave the hand of the first layer to the ninth floor of the โ€œUpper Shadowโ€!

It is no wonder that the no-family and the shadow-man clan will hate the advocacy. The "upper shadow" is the practice of the no-family and the film-man. It is robbed by the rumors. If the film-free and the film-makers are not angry, they will be blamed.

"The practice of the Shadowman and the No Shadows is really strange."

Mu Yu carefully examined the mouth of the "upper shadow". If the "upper shadow" is normal from "opening" to "melting", it is equal to dividing one person into two, practicing to the end. The two regrouped and became a person. At this time, it is not just one plus one, so simple, after the filming, the practitioner will produce a qualitative leap, far more than the sum of the two repairs of shadow and body!

"Upper shadow" is very powerful, and it is much better than the twins of the ghosts. Unfortunately, the shadow of consciousness is difficult to compromise, so it is too difficult to cultivate to the ninth floor, no matter the shadow family. Still no one has never succeeded.

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