Chapter 1068 New Situation

"Wu Yu, if you come to cultivate a shadow, maybe your shadow is more obedient."Xiaoshuai suggested on the side.

Mu Yu can't smile: "If the shadow is so obedient, it is estimated that there is no shadow group to organize this mysterious race."

Xiaoshuai said with some regrets: "I still want to see if your shadow will grow more handsome."

Mu Yu couldn't help but look at the shadow under his feet. He looked so dull, then knocked on Xiao Shuai's head and said, "Don't make trouble, I look better than the shadow."

The ninth layer of "Upper Shadow" is actually not very relevant to the eight layers of the front, because the most important contradiction of "melting" is the shadow, and the consciousness of killing the shadow can be. Just like the difference between the five of Mu Yu and the Lord of the Eumundine in the body, the Yumuning Lord and the five of them are one, only one body has two consciousnesses.

"That can only let Choshe direct cultivation Shanghai film tactic nineth layer, kill water Jumunling main Xuan Hades." โ€Xiaoshuai said.

Mu Yu shook his head and said: "The ninth layer of cultivation is still required, not so simple. But I will help Joe Snow to use the film on her. โ€

For a long time, the silent sentence Mang suddenly said: "Do you really kill me?"

Mu Yu said in a light way: "I am not a betrayal."

At that time, Mu Yu made an agreement with Shouman in order to save the life. This agreement actually has no restrictions on Mu Yu. Mu Yu wants to repent, and it is impossible to stop it, but Mu Yu does not want to do this. .

Speaking a little differently, he said: "I always thought that the Terran is a race that is greedy and fearful of death. You are very special, different from what I imagined."

"I thought you realized this already."Mu Yu put the metal stone that he had promised to him, he couldn't use it himself, but he could use it for Qiao Xue in the future.

"But you have to kill Xuan Ming."The sentence continues.

Mu Yu replied coldly: "I only traded with you and did not trade with Xuan Ming."

There is some strange connection between Water Eumund and Muyou, which is familiar to him because his relationship with Qiao Xue comes from the water.

"You misunderstood, Muyumong and water Youmont has always been complementary to each other, in the cultivation will be twice the effort, but does not mean that I like Hyun-ming, we are only cooperative relations, but she died, I do have some regrets." โ€

"Do you think I'll believe what you say?" โ€Mu Yu responded indifferently.

Sentence pondered for a moment, saying: "I just want to tell you something. At first, you always thought that you liked the girl of Qiao Xue because of my relationship with Xuan Ming, but in fact, you liked her and we There is no relationship, Joe Snow likes you, it is her own choice, and you are the same."

Mu Yu frowned, his relationship with Qiao Xue is not caused by Mang and Xuan Ming?

"So, are you sympathetic?"Xiaoshuai sneaked on the shoulders of the wooden feathers to listen to the communication between them.

Mu Yu took a deep breath and asked, "What do you want to explain?"

"If you die in the future to resurrect the dead wood, I will help you secretly protect Joe Snow and stunned, thank you for not killing."The sentence is reluctant to say.

"Thank you."

Mu Yu sighed in his heart, he was not afraid of death, just afraid that he would live up to the two girls, Joe Snow and Sudden. If the sentence can be survived with the help of Honglian, then there is a mang help, and the security of both Qiao and Xuexue is guaranteed.

"No, I should thank you."After saying this sentence, he will not speak.


The despicable behavior of the Mie Palace people in the casino has been passed through the mouths of those gamblers. The prestige of the Mie Palace in the comprehension community has begun to collapse, and the eight doors have been destroyed by three, all kinds of negative.The news continued to spread, and the self-cultivator did not know who to believe.

Qionglou Yuyu, the Sangong Palace under the sacred white mansion has a chill.

"The temple is dead?"

The white world was dull, but it contained the anger of the sky, and the souls who crouched under his feet shivered.

Do not dare to speak loudly.

"Itโ€™s not enough to make a mistake, a bunch of waste."The white world sits on a high throne, staring at the people below.

The temple of the broken arm trembled on the ground and shivered. He had originally saved the temple, but he did not expect that the mission was not completed, and he almost put his own life into it.

His arm can no longer grow, even if there is more soul power, it is useless, because it was cut off by the Mahayana period, the vitality of the wound has been completely shattered, and his strength has been greatly damaged. .

"On the Lord, nowadays, the realm of cultivation has raised doubts about the Mie and the Eight Doors. All this is Mu Yu in the ghost. Please let me go out and hold the wood feather!"A mighty tall figure stood up.

This person is like a god of war. The breath of the body is even stronger than that of the temple. Anyone who sees such a person will be awe. But the white world is sitting there, and Rao is the god of war and has to bow.

The white world sneered a sneer: "It is necessary to hold the wood feathers, not just the wood feathers, and all five of them will die. In the past, we needed to ensure that the self-cultivators lived in our faith, but now it is irrelevant whether the self-cultivator wants to believe. The plan has already reached the final stage. I have to see if the wooden feathers can pick up the waves. ! โ€

The entire magnificent palace is solemn and sacred, waiting for the words of the White World.

The fingertips of the white world gently tapped the armrest of the throne, and a soft bang was heard. This light echoed in the palace and looked very clear.

For a long time, Bai Jie said: "I have to leave here for a while now. The triple sky has been protected by the sword shadow dust for so long. Finally, let us find the flaws. I want to destroy the final defense. During the time I left, you have to remember to do anything. The place where there are many people is fatal to us. The temple is to die on your own stupid arrogance. Now that Mu Yu knows how to use the emotions of the comprehension to confront us, I don't want to see stupid things happen again. โ€


All the crouching souls responded with a compliment.

"The opening of the Great Monument has not been postponed. Before I came back, everything here was handed over to the soul Kui, remember! At least one of the nine sacred fairy of the immortal monument is in our hands! โ€Bai Jie said.

The god of war-like soul Kui said respectfully: "The subordinates must not be held by the Lord!"

Another soul of the following people said: "Lord, why don't we directly kill all the comprehens? With our current ability to slaughter the entire three heavens. โ€

"silly! Do you think this world is so simple? If Triple Sky can be easily slaughtered by us, the three days will not exist until 5,000 years ago! The means of sword shadow dust is what you can despise? โ€The white world said indifferently.

"His confession."The proposed Souls trembled on the ground and did not dare to speak again.

"In short, you remember, before I completely cracked the defense under the sword and dust, you can't go to the massacre at will, otherwise everything will be abandoned! Their lives will be taken away by us sooner or later, not in a hurry! However, Soul Kui you should understand what to do next. โ€

Soul Kui said: "Understand!"

The white world stood up and took a step toward the void. The sacred white mans flashed and the whole person had disappeared into the palace.


The mountains and rivers, the mountains and rivers, and the landscape of the three heavens are very unique. They overlook the earth in the air and are pleasing to the eye.

Today, the sect is one of the safest places in the realm of comprehension. Zhuge Xiaosheng is the lord, and the village chief has been discussing how to deal with the current situation.

"The Mie Palace seems to have begun to disappear. Now even the Yumeng Mozu are no longer invading the major cities. This is a strange thing."Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at the map in the temple and analyzed the information collected from other cities. Some of them were puzzled.

The head of the old cloth touched the beard and meditated for a long time before he slowly said: "I think the Mie Palace should be prepared for some plans. They used to let the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran play against each other. It must be for some special purposes. The purpose is achieved, so they don't need to rely on war to create soul power."

"What does it mean? What is the purpose of the Mie Palace? โ€Zhuge Xiaosheng asked.

The head of the old cloth shook his head: "It is not known for the time being, but I feel that the real war is only about to begin now."

"The chaos of the comprehension of this time is just a scorpion of the Mie Palace?"Zhuge Xiaosheng was surprised. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

Mr. Laobuโ€™s head looked calmly and nodded. โ€œNow the Yumeng Mozu has disappeared. The comprehension has temporarily restored peace. However, I think this is just the tranquility before the storm. Sangong Palace values โ€‹โ€‹nine Xuanxian, I donโ€™t think they Be sure to take control of the nine Xuan Xian, as long as you control one or two. Now the situation is not optimistic, the top five on the list of immortals, if I did not guess wrong, repair is at least a Mahayana period! โ€

Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked: "The Mahayana period?" Doesn't that mean we have no chance at all? โ€

Now Mu Yu are only six heavy days to fix, even if Mu Yu can shoulder bougainvillea days, the face of the Mahayana period also has no chance to win, if the village head of the Guess is right, Triple Palace only to control a hyun cents quota, then necessarily is bag things!

"This is the case at present. Nine Xuan Xian can jointly control the power of Tianheng, but if one does not cooperate, then there is no way to control the power of Tianheng. The force of the day is the most powerful triple-day power, the only threat to the Triple House plan is the force of the day, so they only need to occupy a mysterious place, so that the force of the day will not play the role can be. What we have to consider now is what is the real plan of the Mie Palace? โ€The head of the old cloth said.

The old village chief felt a little uneasy in his heart. He guessed the other's intentions step by step according to the action of the Triple Palace. This is a tactical game. The old village chief never looked down on the opponent.

"But at least Mu Yu told us how to deal with the soul of the Triple Palace. Now we have spread this news throughout the city, big and small. If those who are self-cultivating are smart, they know that unity is the weapon of the Triple Palace. โ€The head of the old cloth said.

Zhuge nodded, and he did admire the old gentleman who did not fix the original but strategic vision.


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