Chapter 1069, Qing Mei and Cheng Yan

In the 90D715AE8D8FEA68109AEE9A0BA7C3A3, the mountains of great and small are rolling and the terrain is very complex.

    Two chic cottages stand on the hillside surrounded by simple amenities.

    A graceful figure sits on the rock on the hillside and looks at the river at the foot of the mountain.

    "Qing Mei, thinking about him again?"The Qingsong Taoist came over and sat next to her daughter.

    "father."If the blue rose is lost.

    The Qingsong Taoist sighed slightly and insisted that he had left for a long time. In order to not become a burden of enthusiasm, Qingmei has been working hard to cultivate, but in practice, she always stares at a place and is always in her mind. The figure of the man.

    "It is said that his ability is special and he should not be in trouble."Qingsong Taoist people comforted.

    In fact, from the very beginning, the Qingsong Taoists knew that they had climbed the high prophecy. The promise was that the people were dragons and phoenixes. When they were in the Moyun Mountains, they were always hiding their strength. When the realm of comprehension is rumored to be the Lord of Jin Youmeng, the Qingsong Taoists understand how terrible their identity is.

    Qingsong Taoist people have always been worried about their daughters, because their fathers and daughters and the rumors are not a level of people. In the face of their words, the repair of their father and daughter is not worth mentioning.

    "Hey, is he not wanting me?"Qing Mei bowed her head and asked with a bite on her lips.

    The Qingsong Taoist sighed secretly. If he refused to abandon Qingmei, he could not blame anything. The strength of the son-in-law was too strong. The Qingsong Taoist did not dare to speak loudly before the son-in-law.

    "I don't know, his world is different from us. But in any case, you will protect you. ”Qingsong Dao people dare not promise anything to their daughters. Maybe it is a mistake when they first agreed to this marriage.

    At that time, although I knew that the promise was a very promising young man, the Qingsong Taoist people thought that the potential of the promise was so great that they stood at the top of the comprehension world and were enough to be enemies with the entire comprehension.

    The higher a person stands, the farther he sees, the more his ideas change. If the words change, the Qingsong Taoists can't do anything because their father and daughter are not able to recover.

    "He told me that he would be nice to me all his life, but he chose to leave quietly. He has not returned in these years. I don't know what I did wrong. I have tried my best to catch up with him. If he doesn't want me, I only hope that he can make it clear, but he didn't say anything…"

    Qing Mei’s tears have already rolled down.

Dropped on the stone, tears opened.

    Qingsong Daoman grabbed his daughter's shoulder and said: "Although it is not his opponent, if the rumor is a negative heart, then it is necessary to ask him to spell out this old life."

    At the beginning, for the daughter, the Qingsong Taoist paid everything for himself and compromised with Luo, who was an irreplaceable person in his mind.

    "Hey, I want to be alone."Qing Mei said.

    "Okay, then I will go back first."

    The Qingsong Taoist touched the shoulder of Qing Mei and stood up, but at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in front.

    "Qing Mei, father-in-law."The whisper said softly.

    Qingmei’s body trembled, and she looked up incredulously, and saw the man who was dreaming, and his face was already stunned.

    She once imagined in her mind countless times that she met with her words. She thought about rushing into the arms of the other party, hugged him tightly, stopped letting go, and told him how worried he was. She has too many words to tell the young man in front of her, that the day and night of thoughts can finally meet.

    But at the moment of meeting, Qing Mei suddenly flinched, and she felt a panic in her heart, if…If the other party is no longer the original man? If he has changed his mind, can he bear it all?

    Qing Mei suddenly turned around and left. She always missed that person, but she did not dare to think whether the person who loved has changed. She would rather have a illusion of her own, and would not like to hear the words that broke her heart.

    Just like when I was in the Mouyun Mountain Range and said that I was the master, I said that she was irresponsible when she gritted her teeth. Qingmei was afraid to hear the second time.

    "Green rose, wait."The eager shouted eagerly.

    But one side of the pine Taoist suddenly don't know where to come to the courage, took the front grabbed the word of the collar, whispered: ", I warn you, if you do not like my daughter, it is best to say clearly, do not let my daughter all day to tears face, I know we are humble, not up to you, but you do not play the feelings of Green rose!" ”

    The word was caught by the pine-man's collar, but without any resistance, though he was only a little thought, will be able to take the life of the Ching Chung, but he put his posture very low, full face apologetically said: "Father-in-law, I had promised never change, just a lot of things I have to do, I ask you to let me see green Rose side." ”

    "is it? You had abandoned my daughter once, how can you tell me how to trust you again? ”said the pine-green, angrily.

    "I will not abandon her again, because she is my wife, I am a part of my dusty mountain, I will not abandon any family."Said word earnestly.

    At the beginning, he chose to leave Qingmei because of the misunderstanding brought by Luo Wei. He insisted that for the comfort of Master, he gritted his teeth and left Qingmei. At that time, their feelings were very green. They had just met each other, and they did not make any vows between them. Some were just simple feelings.

    There is no promise to break up, although the promise is very sad, but he believes that he is doing it right, broken and broken, will not drag Master, and will not delay the future of Qing Mei.

    But now, the promise has already smashed Qingmei, and he will not make irresponsible things. Qingmei is already his family. He has been fighting for the protection of his family all these years. In order to let his younger brothers go astray, in order to find a master, in order to let the family reunite.

    Abandoning family is not the last thing he can do.

    "You remember now that you are the husband of Qingmei? Then why haven’t you come back to see her for so many years? You have your own things to do, but my daughter always has to worry about you? ”Qingsong Dao is furious.

    "Sorry, you are right. I am not a good husband, but I will not do anything to say sorry for Qingmei. I only like her one life, I promise."The words clenched his fists.

    The Qingsong Taoist people are constantly undulating because of their angry chest. Although he is only a comprehension person in the squatting period, he is a father. The last thing he wants to see is that his daughter is sad. If Qing Mei does not want to see the words, he will stand. Daughter here.

    "Qingsong predecessor, my brother, he is very serious about his family. Qingmei is already a part of our dust-splitting party. I promise that he will not disappoint Qingmei."Mu Yu came from the end of the path and said in a complicated way.

    "Wood feather."

    Pine Taoist saw Mu Yu, this just gradually calmed down, he slowly loosened the collar of the word, said: "Mu plume, I see in your face can not say anything, but I don't care what he thinks, all this is decided by Green Mei, if Green Rose want to see him, I will not stop, now he better not to see my daughter." ”

    The Qingsong Taoist finally glanced at the words and left the hillside and walked toward his hut.

    "Thank you."The words barely squeezed a smile.

    "Brother, do we have to say this between us?"Mu Yu went to the big rock on the hillside and sat down.


    Qing Mei sat on the top of the mountain and stared at the distance alone.

    When the words came back, she was happy, but she did not have the courage to face it. She obviously wants to hold the young man firmly, and she is afraid that she will never be able to hold on to each other. Her heart is full of contradictions.

    "Qingmei sister, can I sit down?"I came over and asked.

    Qing Mei looked up and saw the stunned, dried her tears and nodded.

    "Sister Qingmei, can I hug you?"Xiaoshuai changed back to the appearance of the little beast and happily jumped around.

    Qing Mei reached out and held the little handsome in her arms. Xiaoshuai has always been liked by girls. This is his natural ability. When I was in the southern Fuli Garden, Xiao Shuai sang in the arms of all the girls in the dusty school.

    "The sister of Qingmei is warm and warm."Xiaoshuai said.

    Qing Mei extended her fingers and stroked Xiaoshuai.

    Suddenly stretched out and grabbed Xiao Shuai’s head and said, “See whoever says this, the whole dusty party will be half-hearted!”

    Xiao Shuai snorted: "Nonsense, that's not Muyu…"

    Suddenly snorted: "You two have been together for a long time, and they are half a catty."

    Qing Mei laughed.

    "Qing Mei sister, in fact, said that he is a very responsible master, he always has you in his heart, but he must take up his responsibility and go to some things."Said seriously.

    Qing Mei shook his head: "He took the responsibility of the dust-gathers, but he did not bear the responsibility for me."

    Thinking for a moment, said: "Do you know my identity? I mean the identity other than the Red Dust Gate? ”

    Qing Mei nodded: "He told me before, you are the daughter of the true God."

    Suddenly put your elbows on your knees and hold your chin in your hands. UU read the book and said, "Do you know how the name of the slogan came from?"

    Qing Mei shook his head.

    "I gave him what I said, I hope he can take his promise. Among the brothers and sisters of us, he was the one who was closest to me, and perhaps influenced by my embarrassment. His style of doing things is very similar to that of me. ”Said awkwardly.

    Qing Mei listened silently. Since she knew the true identity of Feng Haochen, she felt sincere respect for this old man.

    "Responsibility is hard to explain, just like I have never been a very responsible person. do you know? I was in Fallout Mountain for a year, did not and my father Joseph, I think he did not even know that my daughter exists, to tell the truth, as a father, he is quite irresponsible. ”Calm his mouth, but then laughed again:

    "But my mother has never complained about him, because my birth was a coincidence. My mother said that I am going to do some great things. I have never told me the truth until I can’t help but ask. She only said, I sneaked to the desert mountain to find me. At the beginning, I was hesitant to forgive him. Later I found out that I was actually very responsible. He left us to protect us. He had to do something, and if I took my mother, I couldn’t do it. ”

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