Chapter 107 Protecting the Mountain

A mysterious force suddenly rolled up Mu Yu and others, out of the scope of the huge palm, but unfortunately the power did not help the bad guys, let the palm of the hand be photographed on the strange egg, the blame was directly photographed in the hard On the stone.

A roar sounded, and a large pit in the shape of a palm appeared on the ground. All the stones were shaken into powder, and the smoke and dust filled the sky. The violent spiritual power was still sweeping around, and it took a long time to disperse.

The palm of the Yuan Ying period is actually terrible!

"Is that talking egg okay?"Asked to the south, it was also shocking to see an egg talking.

Mu Yu swallowed a sip: "I don't know, maybe it's a quiche?"

He was a little embarrassed. It was obviously a strange man who said that it was to solve the problem before he threw it out. Who thought it was so unreliable, and finally did not even run. The palm of the Yuan Ying period was shot down, and the stones were gone, let alone an egg.

"Cough, who, I am fighting with you, I am not a ball, what are you throwing me out?"

What everyone did not expect was the angry voice of the strange egg in the deep pit. It swayed out of the deep pit, shook his body ash, and turned around two turns, then rushed toward the wood feather, and squatted on the wooden feather head, to him Breaking the mouth: "Do you have a conscience? I let you take me, who let you throw it? ”

"Sorry, sorry, this is not a good thing!"

Mu Yu touched the head of the painful heart, thinking how this strange egg skin is so thick, the slap of the Yuan Ying period did not fan it out of the egg yolk, it is really a strange thing.

Jiuhua real person is also full of face and do not believe, he is confident that a full slap is not filmed in the dusty disciples, even a strange singer can not shoot? Ju Wenxing and others are also dumbfounded. Is the master’s slap in the face of a slap in the water? How is thunder and rain?

"Your broken sword grabs my aura, you have no loyalty, and pity my slippery body, almost broke."The strange egg snarls.

"What saved me just now?"Asked the words.

"Of course it is the formation. The old man has branded the breath of several of you in this formation. Once you have any life-threatening danger in the mountains, this formation will save you." The bastard, the old man clearly branded my breath on the formation. Why did the formation not save me? ”The blame said with anger.

"Maybe the formation thinks you won't be killed?"

Mu Yu casually said that this strange egg was shot by the Jiuhua real person in the Yuan Ying period. If the method is spiritual, I am afraid that it is thick and thick, and this slap is insignificant.

"But it hurts!"The geek knocked on the head of Mu Yu.

"Don't knock, I hurt too!"Mu Yu grabbed the strange egg and prevented it from knocking on his head.

Mu Yu didn't expect the use of the master's method to have such use. Did he worry that one day there would be a strong enemy to invade the dusty mountain, so why did he set up this anti-sky array? He remembered that when the thirty-three Jindan period came to the dusty party a few days ago, the mountain guards did not start. At that time, although the air and the wonderful were hijacked, they turned to safety and were not considered to be life-threatening by the guardian. It is also quite spiritual.

"That is to say, it is impossible for Jiuhua Real People to want to start with us in the Dust Mountain today?"Asked the words.

"Not only that, this formation has already felt that we have been threatened by life, I am afraid to take the initiative to deal with the old guy. He just took a slap in my hand and it hurts, and you can give me a good lesson! ”The grotesque whispered, and I don’t know if the formation can understand what it says.

Mu Yu wants to remind the geeks that the formation is to feel that they are in danger, not including the undead geeks, but think about this guy will have to knock on himself again, so I still have to say nothing.

At this moment, a momentum comparable to Jiuhua’s real people is gradually gathering, and the huge aura gradually forms a huge palm in the air.

The palm of the hand was rolling, and it was raging, and there was a crack in the void, which was exactly the same as the one of Jiuhua’s real person!

The difference is that the goal of the palm at the moment is aimed at Jiuhua's real man, the power of the powerful giant palm is not weaker than Jiuhua real person. The face of Jiuhua’s real face changed slightly. Ju Wenxing and others, who were rolled up, quickly retired and escaped from the palm of their hand. There was also a big pit that was exactly the same as he had just stood in the place where he stood!

"Wow!"The empty and wonderful two people did not know where to hold the melon seeds to join in the fun, and with them came face with a look of horror.

Jiuhua is very angry. He doesn't know where this palm came from, but this one is clearly imitating his own moves, and the power is exactly the same as his own. If you have the repair of the Yuan Ying period, you can make this palm. However, there is no Yuan Ying period in the dusty faction. How is this palm issued?

"I don't believe in evil!"

In the hands of Jiuhua real people, there is a magnificent flying sword, and the sword is engraved with a powerful golden dragon, which is full of domineering. He shouted, and the flying sword in his hand was shining. The sky and the sky were raging. All the auras went to his flying sword. For a time, his flying sword became extremely large. The horrible golden light flashed, the phantom disillusioned, and the sword around him. The void was even distorted, as if this world could not bear the sword.

This sword is Jiuhua's famous stunt "Jiuhua Motian". Once Jiuhua real person relied on this sword to establish his position in the realm of comprehension. At the beginning of the Jindan Jiuzhongtian Jiuhua real person used this sword, in addition to the Qingsong Taoist, there is no rival. At this moment, he used the cultivation of the Yuan Ying period as the exhibition, and the power was not improved by hundreds of thousands of times!

A sword slashes, destroys the earth, and the mountains and rivers move!

Mu Yu was the first to see Yuan Ying’s shot. In the past, the Yuan Ying period could rely on his own breath to make all the comprehensions of the Mo Yun Mountain tremble, and there is no need to shoot. But at this moment, Jiuhua real people seem to feel that they have been provoked, and they have issued an earth-shattering sword!

If this sword is cut down, I am afraid that the whole dusty mountain will be razed to the ground. The power of horror is not difficult to resist without the repair of Yuan Ying. Everyone has brought their hearts to the eyes of the blind. Can they withstand this sword?

The mysterious force re-emerged, and an invisible barrier protected the entire dusty mountain. The sword of Jiuhua's real person is on the barrier. The scene of the landslide is not appearing. The dusty mountain is still moving, and the trees next to it are not even shaking. The mysterious power will destroy the Jiuhua real people. The sword that destroyed the ground was exhausted, leaving no aftermath!


Jiuhua real people are furious and confessed, and their fame and fortune can’t help but fall into this dusty mountain? How can this be!

However, he did not come to think more, because he was shocked to find that there was an illusory sword in the sky above the dusty mountain. The sword shines radiantly, absorbing the aura between the heavens and the earth, the golden light flashes, the phantom disillusioned, and the surrounding of the sword is also distorted, as if there is only this sword left between the heavens and the earth, the sword is stunned, and Jiuhua The real man just had the same sword!

"How can it be? How can I appear there when my Jiuhua is moving? ”

Jiuhua real people have widened their eyes. The sword was already kneeling at him. He screamed, and the flying sword in his hand danced. Jiuhua’s seal was illusory with his chest, and the tip of the sword was a little, and a mellow spiritual barrier enveloped him.

The Jiuhua moving Tianzhu, which was gathered by the Dust Mountain Method, was printed on Jiuhuayu. The explosion exploded, and the aura of the whole body blew. The horror of the horror spread, and the Jiuhua real person was beaten back a few hundred feet. He only had time to seize the people of Ju Wenxing and the Seven Birds. Others suddenly vanished under the sword, and there was no bone!

Jiuhua real people almost couldn't pick up their own tricks, and apart from Ju Wenxing and the Seven Birds, the other 31 Jindan period were killed in this horrible aftermath!

That is thirty-one golden dragon repairers! Even for the Jiuhua faction is also a huge loss!

"What kind of formation did Master have in the end…"

Mu Yu was so shocked that he couldn't help but he swallowed. The sword that destroyed the earth instantly smashed all the golden dragons that had not yet had time to escape. If there was no guardian squad under the master's cloth, I am afraid that they are dying today. Alone!

"Sister, when did we have such a strong array?"The empty seeds were placed in the mouth, but they forgot to squat.

"Brother, are those people gone?"The seeds in the wonderful hands were also scattered, and she was scared.

"This method can imitate the intruder's moves in a fifteenth, and how this guy will shoot us, how will the formation be dealt with him!"The blame said proudly.

Others are kneeling in the same place, they have been in the dusty mountains for so many years, UU reading Master never told them that the dusty faction has such a mysterious guardian mountain array to protect everyone, not to know that this array has such a The lethality of terror. Those in the Golden Age period are not so much dead under the attack of the array, but rather die in the hands of Jiuhua.

"This, isn't this a guardian?"Looking for the old man to take a breath of cold air, he has been scared to sit on the ground, the Yuan Ying period of the attack has been all imitated, but also returned to the attacker in no time, the array required for this array is not only ——

"Aura eyes?"Looking for the old throat to dry out these three words, but no one noticed what he said.

Jiuhua’s real person can’t keep ups and downs. Why did he ever think that he would one day catch up with his fame? He did not expect his own people to die in their own moves. If he did not pull the seven birds and Ju Wen in time, I am afraid they would not be spared.

He is completely unfamiliar with the law, and he does not know how his own moves are imitated, but he knows that it is impossible to recover the dust party by force today!

"Master, they?"

Ju Wenxing was scared. He didn't know what happened since the beginning. He only knew that the dust-spots seemed to have a meta-infant period, which was comparable to his master.

Jiuhua's real face was blue, and he felt a little scared. Just now he almost couldn't pick up "Jiuhua Tiantian". This trick used to be used by others. He never thought about how to crack it.

"A good dusty school, a sword and a dusty wind, taught!"

Jiuhua's real life volume, Wenxing and Qixian Dao, rose to the sky and disappeared. He understands that if he wants to find a dusty school and wants to find a sword and dust, I am afraid that it is impossible to have no one to shoot.

Protected the mountain, actually ran away a Yuan Ying period repairer?

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