Chapter 1070, Perfect River Mountain Chapter 1070

"The real God, he is great."Qing Mei said softly.

Suddenly squinted his head and said: "Others think that he is great, but from the bottom of my heart, I do not like his greatness. However, my mother said that my responsibilities are much more than we imagined. He is not only a husband but also the hope of all mankind. The promise also bears a lot of responsibilities. He is a husband, a master, and an apprentice. Like me, he is willing to take responsibility. But at least, he can come back to you now, and I don't know where I am now. My mother hasn't met with him, and I don't really recognize it. ”

The tone of the voice is a bit low, she has always been a very simple girl, so the idea is also very straightforward.

"Sorry, I don't know if you have these past."Qing Mei said.

"It doesn't matter, anyway, if you like a person, fancy is some of the characteristics of him. People who are so responsible as the Master of Masters will not be half-hearted. Unlike the wood feathers, the flowers are big radishes. ”Suddenly snorted.

"Oh my sister, I will tell Mu Yu that you are radiant."Xiaoshuai said with a smile.

"Go and talk! I didn't say anything wrong. The guilty one was him. Who asked him to carry me to find another girl. ”Uncertainly stunned the head of Xiaoshuai.

"You forgave him?"Qing Mei asked curiously.

"if not? I listened to Xiaoshuai secretly telling me that in order to save me, Mu Yu was going crazy, but unfortunately, he did not see his anxious appearance, it must be very fun. I just like to see him as anxious for me. ”Smirking.

"The girl is Joe Snow, isn't it?"Qing Mei once met Qiao Xue. When she was in the southern fifty-liyuan, Qiao Xue met with everyone in order to lay the nine-day magical array, but it was not at that time.

Suddenly nodded: "But forget it, Mu Yu likes Qiao Xue mostly because of the influence of the sentence in his body and the Xuan Ming in the body of Qiao Xue. I know that Mu Yu has definitely paid a lot of money to save me. It is very likely that he has made some kind of transaction with the sentence, which may be related to life. He thought that I didn't know anything, but I was not that stupid. ”

I have always been aware of this. At the beginning, she chose to sacrifice herself to open a path for the escape of Mu Yu, because it caused her to get into trouble. She grew up in the red dust door, her character is simple, but she also knows the rules of comprehension, burns her own life, wants to recover, and if she does not pay a price, she does not believe it. It’s just that she didn’t ask much, because he knew that even if he asked, Mu Yu would not tell her.

"then you……"Qing Mei asked hesitantly.

"No way, who makes me like that stupid guy, I definitely have to find a way to stop him from doing stupid things. At least the body of Jin Youmeng’s Lord’s confession did not like other Yumuning Lords and would not affect the promise. With the temper of the brother, he will not be sorry for you. And I still have a rival! ”Said helplessly.

Qing Mei moved his lips and wanted to say something, but he still didn't say it.

"In fact, you should have noticed that everyone in the fallout is looking at their family very heavily, their four divisions and brothers are different, the way to go is different, but they have been to avoid hurting each other, are trying to save my father, Luo and south even to give me and mu plume revenge, I grew up in the dust door to be extinguished, Although I do not like their practice, but also can not blame them. Luo Wei left because he could not control the fire and the ability of his body, and accidentally injured the Linger sister. In order not to happen the same thing, he chose to leave. As a master, it is a sense of responsibility, and it is the person who will not be half-hearted. You are relieved of this. ”

I laughed.

"I am also very responsible! I also take my family seriously, I like you the most! Love you, what? ”Xiaoshuai said happily.

"Know it! Know it! You are the most embarrassing! ”Suddenly smiled, put Xiaoshuai in his arms, Xiaoshuai was shameless.

Qing Mei was silent for a long time, then nodded: "I understand, thank you, stunned."

"No thanks, they are all people! I am going to call the teacher to come over! Xiaoshuai, let me go with me, don't be a third party. ”Suddenly stood up, hugged Xiaoshuai and ran down the hill.

"No, I want to watch the show."Xiaoshuai shouted dissatisfiedly.

"What to see? I will give you delicious food. ”Suddenly hugged Xiaoshuai.

"really? Then I want to eat roast goose. ”Xiaoshuai shouted happily.

Soon, the rumor has already appeared on the top of the mountain in a hurry. His look is a bit embarrassing, but the look of Qing Mei is still the same, and there is only Qing Mei in his eyes.

"Qingmei, I…"

"You didn't do anything sorry for me, didn't you?"Qing Mei asked.

The promise shook his head: "I will never do anything that I am sorry for you."

Qing Mei stood in the same place, watching the man who was thinking about it, and finally revealed a long-lost smile.


On the mountainside, Xiaoshuai came to the side of Mu Yu. He laughed and said: "Mu Yu, I just said that you are a happy radish. It seems that my sister has an opinion on you!"

Mu Yu got together and asked: "Little Shuai just said that I am a happy radish. What does this mean? Will I make you very happy? ”

I thought for a moment: "The little handsome is hungry!" He likes to eat big radishes most, and he is happy to eat big radishes. ”

Mu Yu said with amazement: "Little handsome, I don't know if you change your taste!" You don't like eating big radishes very much. ”

Xiaoshuai touched his head and shouted: "Weird, is it true that Mu Yu is a happy radish? How does it seem that something is wrong? I thought that Mu Yu would be ashamed to hear happy radish. Shouldn’t Mu Yu be ashamed? I am happy with the big radish, is it wrong? ”

"Let's go, we don't bother them, look for the grandfather of the village."Mu Yu took a sigh of relief to the temple.

Lu Xianshi has arranged a residence for the Boyang Taoist and Lonely Heaven. The array is extremely broad. It is not a problem for these people to come in. Ximen unfortunately and the two of them did not come to the sect. The evils lost a lot this time, and the casinos were already insecure. They needed to find a place to settle down and settle down the evil people.

After the words explained the matter clearly, he also came to the temple. And Mu Yu and Cheng Yan came back this time for the purpose of filming people.

"Mu Yu, are you going to find a filmmaker?"

Zhuge Xiaosheng frowned, the film organization is not a good person, it can be said that this organization is the same as the Mie Palace, but the film organization only collects money to do business, and will not take the initiative to interfere with anything.

Lu Xianshi said at the side: "What do you two people looking for in the film organization do?"

The slogan said in an understatement: "The killing winter solstice was killed by me."


Both Zhuge Xiaosheng and Lu Xianshi are face-changing, and the filmmakers’ twenty-four shadow killers, each of which represents the god of death, the mission targets they take over are dead, and the shadow killing on the polar list is good, if The killing of the shadows on the top of the immortal list means that it has the power of terror and it is very difficult to be killed.

For a long time, Lu Xianshi only came back to God, helplessly smiled and said: "Your teachers and brothers are really powerful! Mu Yu killed the shadow to kill the Qingming, you killed the shadow to kill the winter solstice, I don't know what to say…"

Mu Yu said: "Lu Xianshi, I originally killed the shadow killing Qingming is only a distraction, but the shadow of the winter solstice is the strength of the robbery period, my brother has stepped into the Mahayana period."

Zhuge Xiaosheng and Lu Xianshi face each other, and the heart has already shaken to the extreme! Has the promise actually entered the Mahayana period? They looked more condensed in their eyes, and thought that Mu Yu was enough to go against the sky. I didn't expect Mu Yu's brother to be a man.

Zhuge Xiaosheng said with some awe: "Admitted adults…"

"Zhuge Zong is very polite, let me accept it." I would also like to thank Zhuge Zongzhu for the care of my wife and father-in-law and the search for the elderly in the past few days. ”The words said gently.

Zhuge Xiaosheng arched his hand: "Should, we will not be slow to everyone in the dusty school."

After a pause, Zhuge Xiaosheng continued: "You killed the shadows to kill the winter solstice, then go to the filmmakers to do what?" Mr. Laobu said that the filming organization must have a strong Mahayana period. We must face the Triple Palace now. If there is another enemy, I am afraid…"

The saying goes: "Do not worry! The filmmakers and the shadowless people of Qishuicheng will not interfere in the war of the Three Heavens. When I first killed the winter solstice, I learned from the memory of the shadow of the winter solstice that the ancestors of the shadows and the no-family were not the three heavens, but the secret of the three heavens. They have been searching for a place called Perfect River Mountain for thousands of years. ”

Zhuge Xiaosheng said with a puzzled look: "Perfect rivers and mountains? I have never heard of this place in Triple Sky. ”

The words nodded: "I have never heard of it, or this place is very secretive. No film and shadow people have been found for so long. This place is like a barrier to the aliens in the Triple Heaven. As long as there is no accident in this relationship, UU reads www.uukanshu. Com is that the white world can't completely control the self-cultivator who killed the entire triple-day. ”

Zhuge Xiaosheng and the old village chief face each other, they have no knowledge of all this. It is Mu Yu, and it is also known to hear the words.

"The white world has not dared to kill people blatantly in the realm of cultivation. It is because the powerful force of perfect rivers and mountains has restricted him. It is the means of my master."The argument explained.

"Then you look for the filmmakers, isn't the filmmakers already aware of the whereabouts of the perfect river?"The head of the old cloth asked in a voice.

The current situation is already quite complicated, and the white world is in control of the realm of comprehension, but doing things in the back is so constrained, it is for this reason!

The words nodded: "I last broke into a stronghold of the filmmakers, but I don't know the shadow of the filmmaker's nest, so I need you to inquire about the film organization, the more detailed the better. ”

Zhuge Xiaosheng solemnly said: "Reassured, we will definitely work hard to accomplish this."

Mu Yu looked at the words and said: "Do you insist on doing this yourself?"

It is impossible to stay in the sect. There are still many things that have not yet been completed. Looking for Luo Wei and going south is the next plan.

Cheng Yan said with a smile: "I have already entered the Mahayana period, doing things with a sense of proportion, you know how to contact me next time, rest assured! The most important thing for you now is to hurry up and improve, and the next time you face the Mahayana comprehension, you will not be so hard. ”

It is said that the wood feathers will not be followed, because the wood feathers do not kill the sentence, it is impossible to reach the Mahayana period, only by themselves.

"Then you are careful."

Mu Yu said, he really needs to calm down and practice. The opening of the celestial list is less than a month. He must step into the Mahayana period before this!


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