Chapter 1071 Formulating Rules

Mu Plume Panzuo in the palace, Chaos Yin and yang in his body around, non-stop flow, endless, continuous.

Fallout Heart in the mind non-stop practice, his eyes only the shadow of the sword, powerful and mysterious, interpretation of the Sword of the Sword nine lead.

In the past ten days, he cultivated through the spiritual power of engulfing life through death and death. He has been promoted to the seven heavens of the robbery, but then he has to rely on the devouring spirit to improve his cultivation. The effect has been negligible.

If he wants to ascend again, must devour to fix than he also has to be formidable to go through the robbery period master just line, fix is weaker than he can no longer ascend to him. At that time, a lot of spiritual power was refining in the Ghost Gate. These wood feathers were also handed over to Qi Ran and Zhuge Xiaosheng. The improvement of their two strengths is very important for Mu Yu.

As for the rest of the spirit of the fitness period is given to often go out to inquire about the situation of the First Division, LU First Division in the help of wood feather, now is a fit six days of the fix.

As a strategist with a strong fighting force, the six-day training of the fit is considered to be the top master in the realm of the cultivation, but if there is a catastrophe, there is still nothing. At the beginning, Lu Xianshi had always been good at taking care of Mu Yu during the battle, so Mu Yu also took care of Lu Xianshi and did not want him to have an accident.

As for the Jiangyou tour, he understood what he was going to do. His rituals were mainly based on rituals. He often left the ancestors to kill the ghost gates and the embers of the Star Gate, and took their bodies back to practice. And the lonely sky is the way to repair the body, there is no need to use the spiritual power.

His family began to practice with the help of Mu Yu, and now everyone's strength is critical.

Xiaoshuai often plays with the chaotic yin and yang when he is practicing in Muyu. He will not quarrel with Muyu. When Muyu practiced the dusty method, he can already feel calm and water. Sometimes Xiaoshuai inadvertently The words will also make Mu Yu's understanding of Kendo more profound.

"Now it has been robbed of seven heavens. Even if your talent is higher, you can't reach the Mahayana period through meditation after fifteen days. You should think of another way."Xiaoshuai jumped to the shoulder of Mu Yu and said with a smile.

"you are right."

Mu Yu agreed with Shian, though he was a genius with no barriers to cultivation, but is a genius also need time, as long as give him more than a few months, he is absolutely sure of practice to bougainvillea days, as to whether to reach the Mahayana period is still not good to say, but with his bougainvillea days of the fix, facing the temple, there is bound to be a war of power.

It is a pity that time is always compact for him. He has only entered the field of comprehension for ten years. Ten years has surpassed many people and reached a height that many people can't reach for a lifetime. It is already a terrible genius, but for the mighty In the case of Triple Sky, this is not enough because they will not give Mu Yu enough time to grow.

"Let's go! Mu Yu, let's go find big black and big white to play. โ€Xiaoshuai proposed.

"Great black and big white?"

Mu Yu pondered for a moment. The last time Ximen unfortunately and the two told him how to control the chaotic yin and yang, so he now gradually understands how powerful chaotic yin and yang are, and how to make the chaotic yin and yang out of full power.

Dahei and Dabai are the chaotic yin and yang of the dead wood old, and the two kinds of chaotic yin and yang are combined. The power that can be generated is very strong. At the beginning of the Ding Ding, the wood feather was created by two kinds of chaotic yin and yang. Special effects, let him improve quickly. This time, if you go to the Danding School, you can use the unfortunate and embarrassing experience of Ximen to make the chaotic yin and yang produce more favorable cultivation effects.

"Well, let's go to the Danding School and, by the way, look at what the Danding School is now."Mu Yu stood up and made a decision.

He left the temple, and wanted to scream together, but this time he was desperately practicing, because she knew that she was still alive, so she practiced very hard and wanted to improve herself as soon as possible. Fight the Triple Palace and rescue your father.

Mu Yu did not bother to disturb,

After telling Zhuge Xiaosheng and Mr. Laobu about what they wanted to go to the Danding party, they left the sect.

Because of the hurry, Mu Yu did not stop in the middle, and went to Dan Ding to go, even if Xiao Shuai was looking for a place to buy food in the city, it was also rejected by Mu Yu.

"Mu Yu, you have changed, you were not like this before!"Xiaoshuai said angrily.

"What kind of person I used to be?"Mu Yu asked casually.

"You used to go with me to eat anything delicious. Now you change your mind and make me sad."Xiaoshuai pulled the ears of the wooden feathers on the shoulders of Mu Yu.

"Less nonsense, before you came out, did you just let the grandfather of the village make two big roast goose?"Mu Yu said with no anger.

"Itโ€™s been half an hour, and itโ€™s already digested!โ€Xiaoshuai said with a pitiful stomach.


"Do you have the heart to let me go hungry?"

"Well, I have a heart."

"Wow, my heart is broken."

On the way, Mu Yu had a ride with Xiao Shuai. He finally passed through a city, and Mu Yu reluctantly agreed to go to the city.

City streets are bustling with pedestrians, but many pedestrians seem to feel insecure, now eight of the Prestige and the Triple Palace, like the collapse of the Gate of the world of mortals and ghost Gate have perished, the other five people say nothing deterrent, not to mention the real world in the preach triple House want to destroy the city of despicable behavior, Many people are beginning to realize that the Triple house is plotting some conspiracy, and eight are accomplices, refusing to follow their orders.

"There are sugar candies sold there, wow, so happy!"The little man who turned into a human figure leaped and ran to a grandfather who sold candied fruit.

The old man who sells the candied fruit is a mortal. He is screaming and sipping there. He is also happy to see the lively and lovely little handsome. He smiled and said: "Little doll, do you want to buy candied fruit gourd?"

"Yes Yes!"Xiaoshuai excitedly glanced at the grass shelf of candied haws, which was densely packed with countless candied haws, at least seventy or eighty.

"How many strings do you want to buy?"The old man asked with a smile.

"Buy a few strings?"Xiaoshuai thought for a moment, then extended a finger.

"Well, a bunch of three pennies."The old man pulled a bunch of candied haws and handed it to Xiaoshuai.

Xiaoshuai shook his head: "I mean I want to buy your candy gourd tree!"

"Buy a candy gourd tree?"The old man stunned for a moment, and he was the first to hear that the grass shelf of the candied fruit was described as a tree.

"It means all bought!"Xiaoshuai's saliva has dripped down his mouth.

When the old man heard that he had to buy it all, he looked at the wooden feather next to him and realized that he had met the big gold master. He was so happy that the wrinkles were stretched out and he said quickly: "All bought, if you buy it all…I count how many candied hazels are made today, you and so on. โ€

Mu Yu reluctantly gave a hundred pieces of Lingshi to the uncle who sold the candied fruit. The uncle was somewhat flattered and said: "Adults, not so much, a piece of Lingshi is enough to buy the old man's candied haws, and I Still have to find you…God, I can't find it. โ€

The old man turned his pockets distressedly. There were some broken silver and copper plates in his pocket. It was the currency of a mortal. When a mortal collects a spiritual stone, it can be exchanged for a silver two in the bank. Lingshi has no use for them, and a stone can be exchanged for a lot of silver.

Mu Yu looked at the dark-faced grandfather and said, "I will give it to you!" The rest of the money is replaced by silver, find a safe place to hide. โ€

Today's Muyu said that it is the door of the door, there is no need to be stingy. He thought of the turmoil in the realm of cultivation today. In fact, it is still these mortals who have not been repaired. He is not very concerned about the life of the comprehens, but just thinks that mortals should not be slaughtered at will.

"Really, really?"

The old man was overjoyed and looked at a lot of white stones in front of him. He was also very excited. After getting the approval of Mu Yu, he quickly picked up a bag and loaded the Lingshi. He said happily: "Great, With half of the tax deducted, the rest is enough."

"Deduct half of the tax? so much? Who do you want to pay the tax to? โ€Mu Yu asked in surprise.

The old man looked around carefully, convinced that no one saw, this explains: "We mortal get Lingshi can go to the bank exchange, originally a Lingshi 120, uu reading www." But the recent five-door factions have started to unite to form a Wuyue alliance, heard that to make new rules for the real world, now any people who defy them will be killed, even our mortal luck from you here to get Lingshi also to take out half handed up. โ€

"Eight re-enactment rules?"Mu Yu asked quietly, "Do they intend to control the realm of cultivation with tough means?"

"Where do we know where these mortals know, anyway, the Yumeng Mozu is arrogant, we only have to obey, and where to dare to ask more, you have given me a hundred pieces of Lingshi, I also got the Fairy Pavilion to redeem It!"

The old man was able to see it. As a mortal, he was as small as an ant in front of the Yumeng Mozu and the self-cultivator. He also accepted his life. When the old man finished, he hurriedly dragged a bag of Lingshi to the extremely fairy pavilion not far away.

"The Triple Palace finally did not intend to use the Yumeng Mozu to bend the corner. Is it going to be hard?" What is he doing this time? To build a triple empire by the Five Yue League? Should the white world be an emperor? โ€Xiaoshuai walked on the street, holding a candied fruit in his right hand, holding a bunch of small candied haws on the left and right, and it was very happy.

Mu Yu said in a light voice: "I am afraid that his empire is not stable."

They continued to move forward, and then they found that the old man who sold the candied fruit was stopped at the entrance of the Fairy Pavilion by a young man in the Jindan period. The old man looked a little distressed and took the five copper plates from the young people in the yellow clothes and began to go back.

"what happened? uncle? โ€Mu Yu asked the old man who sold the candied fruit.

"Adult, it is you!"The old man sighed and said, "The fairy teacher said that the rules of the Wuyue League have come down. The mortal hundred stones can only be exchanged for five copper plates."

"Five copper plates?"Mu Yu looked cold.


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