1072th Chapter Shajijinghou

Once if mortal can get a piece of lingshi are enough for a lot of silver, eat half a year at least not a problem, but now Mu Yu to the old man 100 stone, incredibly only exchange for five coppers, simply push!

"Five Yue League is too much, actually dare to rob this blatantly?"Xiaoshuai said on the other side of the indignation.

"Oh, no way, what the fairy teacher said is what we are, we don't dare to talk back."The old man put away the copper plate and shook his head. He thought that he would leave if he was unlucky. Mu Yu said: "Grandpa, don't leave, wait here."

Mu Yu walked quickly toward the yellow-clothed young man at the entrance of the Essence Pavilion. At this time, the young people in Huangyi were complacently collecting 100 pieces of Lingshi from the candy gourd grandfather into their pockets. contented.

"What is the use of Lingshi for you mortals? It's not bad to change a copper plate for you. ”

The young man named Huang Yi is Zhang Wei, who is the guardian of the extremely fairy pavilion. He is responsible for the exchange of mortal and immortal money. It is impossible for mortals to allow them to enter the Fairy Pavilion. They are specially converted to Lingshi at a shop on the edge of the Fairy Pavilion.

Originally, each city is responsible for the exchange of money is a mortal, this matter is a hard rule, and this person must be personally appointed by the city owner, because only the mortal will take the matter of the immortal teacher seriously, will not be corrupt.

But now eight gates have been destroyed three times, and the remaining sects have begun to form a five-Yue League. They intend to reshuffle the repairing realm. Therefore, the city owners of the city must obey the command of the Wuyue League. Many regulations must be reset. In order to firmly control the realm of comprehension.

Zhang Wei is the grandson of a long-time robbery elder in Xuan Lingmen. He has no talent, but he has a good grandfather, so he has taken over the position of this tortoise. This time, by exploiting mortals, he has earned countless spiritual stones in private, and don't mention how proud he is.

"Zhang Shixiong, you are right. Everyone is a beast for us. Giving them a copper plate is already a matter of extravagance."A thin, savvy man next to him said with a charming face.

"You said it is good. How do I feel that your kid is talking like this?" Haha! Rest assured, I will find a chance to talk to my grandfather in the future, let you enter the inner door from the outer door of our Xuan Lingmen. ”Zhang Hao smiled smugly.

The disciples of Xuan Ling Men are also divided into outer doors and inner doors. The inner disciples are higher in cultivation resources or in the status of exercises than the foreign disciples, so many foreign disciples have squeezed their heads to enter the inner door. The thin and savvy man named Liu Zhi is also the Golden Dan period, which is even higher than Zhang Weixiu. Although Zhang Wei’s cultivation talent is a mess, he has a grandfather who has been in a robbery period, so Liu Zhiqian tried every means to please Zhang Hao.

Liu Zhiyi can enter the inner door, and suddenly he is overjoyed and flattered and fell to the ground: "The villain thanked Master Zhang for his love. After that, the villain must be the son of Zhang Shixiong, and the liver and brain."

"Get up! My grandfather is now in the extremely fairy pavilion. I will go and wait until I find a time. ”Zhang Xiao has been used to the flattery of others since he was a child. Many people want to come to him to marry his grandfather. Liu Zhi is the most talkative person in the flattering, and he is very important.

"You just deducted a hundred spiritual stones of a mortal?"Mu Yu walked in and asked faintly.

Zhang Yan frowned and impatiently yelled: "Who are you?"

"I am the master of the hundred spiritual stones."Wood feathers slowly open the way.

Zhang Xiao laughed, he repaired the low depth of the wood feather, and he had a backing grandfather, not afraid of anything, cold channel: "Now that hundred stones are already mine, you Can you help me?"

"Exchange the silver that the Lingshi should exchange."Mu Yu said.

Zhang Wei is like a big joke heard. He said with sarcasm: "Boy, where did you come from?" Do you know who I am? ”

"You are a beast and it is not my business."Mu Yu said calmly.

"Do you dare to talk to me like this? court death! ”

Zhang angered, although his talent is very poor,

But his grandfather is extremely fond of him. Usually, even if the elders of the fit period see him, they will be polite. Now they are despised by an unknown young person. How can he be tolerant?

Liu Zhiyi looked at his performance opportunities and quickly stood up and said: "Kid, are you looking for death?" Even the grandsons of our mysterious gates and sorcerers dare to collide? You are now giving us a sneak peek at Zhang Shixiong, but you will not have the need to establish a foothold in the real world! ”

The wolf singer is the slogan of Grandpa Zhang Huan. It is the cultivation of the double heaven of the robbery. This strength is indeed the top power for the ordinary people in the realm of cultivation. Usually, as long as Zhang Hao reports his grandfather's name, many people will be shocked, and he will start to laugh at Zhang Wei.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be shocked by this name.

Xiaoshuai said with amazement: "The martyr? Why would someone still take a slogan? Then, do you still have a mouse tracker? ”

Both Zhang Wei and Liu Zhi suddenly became angry and Zhang Hong said with anger: "You dare to insult my grandfather, find death!"

Mu Yu did not seem to have any repairs at all. He had come to the city, and in order not to attract the attention of others, he concealed the cultivation. When he came to this realm, it was very simple to hide the atmosphere. Liu Zhi and Zhang Wei mistakenly thought that Mu Yu was just a person who did not know how to be tall and high. Now he has to teach a wooden feather.

"Brother, this kind of person, I am packing up!"

Waiting for Zhang Wei to start, Liu Zhi has already rushed toward Mu Yu, as long as he is performing well in front of Zhang Wei, entering the inner door of Xuan Ling Men is not a problem at all.

"I came to me, I like to bully big."

Xiao Shuai’s last mountain is also smashed, and then reveals an innocent smile, and then the bamboo stick in his hand has been stabbed.


When Liu Zhi still thought about taking a shot to get Mu Yu, he never thought that Xiao Shuai’s bamboo stick had penetrated his palm. A giant force took him out and his hands were nailed to the wall. . And the bamboo stick was covered with a strange spiritual power, so that he could not get rid of the strength of the Golden Age.

"You, you are looking for death!"

Zhang Wei looked angrily at Liu Zhi, who was nailed to the wall with blood and blood. He knew that Liu Zhi’s repair was far higher than him. He did not expect Liu Zhi to be defeated by a slender bamboo stick. .

"This guy, I killed him! Saved to look upset. ”Xiaoshuai took out another hawthorn and chewed it up.

Zhang Yan was sternly shouting: "Do you dare to kill me? Are you looking for death? I want to know that my grandfather is the elder of the Xuan Ling Men's robbery period. If I have one less hair, I will inevitably let you smash the corpse, and the company will even have the nine! He can now be in the next door of the Fairy Pavilion, you are now begging for mercy still have time! ”

"is it?"An eccentric smile emerged from the corner of Mu Yu.

The little handsome chewed the mountain, and a mountain nucleus smashed out of his mouth, with a whistling sound, going toward Zhang's throat. Eight people, as the running dog of the Triple Palace, for the wooden feathers, they are not enough to die.

However, the mountain nucleus hit the body of Zhang Wei, but Zhang Hao’s body lit up a yellow light, blocking the mountain nucleus.

This guy is worthy of being the grandson of the elders of the robbery period. He has the magic weapon that his grandfather gave him. It is no wonder that he can be arrogant.

"Well, just because you also want to kill me? Don't know if my grandfather is a wolf? ”Zhang Wei sneered.

"Yeah, actually there are two more?"Xiaoshuai’s mouth squirmed and spit out a hawthorn nucleus. This time, Zhang’s body barrier directly shattered.

Zhang Hao suddenly changed his face!

"That's what you used to shoot, just call your grandfather!"Xiaoshuai said unclearly.

"That also depends on whether you have this ability!"

Zhang Wei has crushed a piece of jade in his hand, just a breath, the atmosphere of a robbery period has wrapped the entire shop, followed by a majestic voice rolling like a thunder.

"Who is going to hurt my grandson?"

Along with the loud voice, a gloomy old man has appeared in the side of Zhang Wei, proudly holding his hand and standing, indifferently looking at the wood feather.

This person is a mysterious elder who is a singer of the sacred sacred world.


Zhang Wei saw the wolf Taoist, just like finding a savior, suddenly straightened his waist, staring at Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai like a dead man, said with arrogance: "Grandpa, they are!" Actually threatened to kill me, sin can not be forgiven! ”

The wolf Taoist pity resisted and touched Zhang’s head. He was very fond of this grandson who was holding his old age. Although he was not high, UU read www.uukanshu.com but he already thought about how to make his grandson’s cultivation. Give the promotion up. When I looked at Mu Yu, I was already carrying the killing intention: "Since you two dare to move my grandson, I just got a secret technique, just take some experiments for you and give me your repairs. grandson."

"Grandpa, what secret?"Zhang Wei asked in surprise.

The wolf Taoist smiled and said: "This is the soul art given by the Lord's Palace. You can cultivate according to the above methods and absorb the essence of these people. You can grow and cultivate, so that you can protect yourself in the future. It is."

Zhang Hao was very excited and said: "Grandpa, then hurry to kill them, I want to practice the secret of the Triple Palace!"

The wolf slut sneered: "You two are looking for death, you can't blame others."

"court death? No, we are looking for it. ”Xiaoshuai said awkwardly.

"I don't know the guys who are so tall!"

The wolf Taoist smiled contemptuously and immediately asked Zhang Wei: "Hey, let's decide how the two of them will die, is it a waste of cultivation, or is it directly cutting the limbs?" As long as you are willing and want to kill them, the mystery only needs the soul, their body does not matter. Recently, there are always people who don’t know how to live and die. They have questioned the majesty of our extremely fairy pavilion and the Wuyue League. We have killed a lot of people. We always need some people to kill chickens and monkeys, so that everyone understands what is the end of the new regulations we have established today. ! ”

The cold eyes of the wolf to see the wood plume, he did not immediately, because now eight doors and the prestige of the Triple palace is lost, many of the people who have come out of the casino are no longer blindly working for them, and this time the only five of the eight doors want to unite and make the new rules for the real world, we need to use the wrist to deter the repair of real people.

Obviously, Mu Yu has become the object of the wolf who wants to kill chickens and monkeys!


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