Chapter 1074 Execution

The gates of the city have been crowded with people.

It is crowded every day at noon. Since the five sects united, almost every day, a big man with a famous party was strangled here, shocking many comprehensions who are not willing to resist the Triple Palace.

The view of the Yanglin view of the gods is Liao Jianshu, the head of the Guanxin School, and the Tianhe Valley people who were trained in the Tianhe Valley…

Most of these people who were killed were prominent figures in the field of comprehension. When they were young, they became famous in the whole world of comprehension. Although they can't compare with the younger generation, they still have a reputation.

The heads or elders of these sects are just right. After understanding the conspiracy of the Mie Palace and the Five-Yumeng League, they chose to appeal to the self-cultivators to rebel against the rule of the Mie Palace. However, their strength is too weak, and they are vulnerable to the Wuyue League. He was shackled by the wolves and killed in front of everyone in the city!

The ones to be executed today are the two innate strategists of the sect, Lu Deyi and Situ Yangtian!

Under the guidance of Mu Yu, Lu Deyi and Situ Yangtian have already entered the realm of the fit period. The congenital formation of the fit period is extremely deterrent in the whole process of comprehension. The strength of the congenital strategist is originally stronger than other comprehensions. The congenital formation of the fit period can be said to be at the top of the realm of the fit period!

Some time ago, because of the invasion of the Yumeng Mozu, the status of the squadron was enough to compare with the Danding School's alchemy division. The reputation of the 19th incumbent sect was also famous in the realm of comprehension, Lu Deyi and Situ Yangtian is naturally known by many people.

But these two big men, even by the Wuyue League, must be executed in public!

This incident made the people in the entire city very shocked. Both congenital strategists dared to kill. Who is dare to challenge the majesty of the Wuyue League?

There are transparent soul bubbles in the sky above the gate of the city. These bubbles float in the void. Each bubble is a corpse with incompleteness, or the body is separated, or it is cut into two halves. Miserable, but also very impactful.

Wuyue League killed these self-cultivators who did not want to be enslaved, and used special means to hang their bodies on the show, warning those who did not want to give in. Their corpses are protected from decay, but they will be eaten by the birds. Everyone who is killed will be combed into a life-like appearance, so that everyone can see the identity of the executed person.

Many people under the city gate are horrified. Nowadays, few people dare to stand up and say "no" to the "Five Yuemeng League", fearing that they will become the next person to be executed.

Both Lu Xianshi and Situ Xianshi were bloody and shackled in the air. Their faces were stunned and their breath was weak.

There is a executioner on the upper gate of the city gate. This person is the elder of the life and death gate. It is called the iron killer. It is a cultivation of the heavens. It is cruel and ruthless. He likes to kill the comprehens in various ways, and then tempers the body of the comprehension. Become your own magic weapon. The self-cultivator who was executed at the gate of the city was killed by him. He had a sick pleasure in killing him.

At this time, a middle-aged man with a fit period was on the execution frame, and his forehead was nailed with a soul nail in the center of the forehead, so that he could not move.

"The Southern Wei Dao, the head of the Southern Wei School, publicly smashed the Triple Palace on the occasion of the announcement, questioning the decision of our Wuyue League and committing the crime of death. How can I kill you? ”Iron killed the scarlet tongue, licked the dry lips, and was very excited in his eyes.

The Southern Wei Dao had a look of awe, with a short beard, and sighed coldly: "You Wuyue League and the Triple Palace are deceiving the self-cultivation, killing the world, and sin is unforgivable. Those who are so poisoned and willing to be condemned will be condemned! ”

"Drug intentions? You said that we are poisonous, then I have to see what your heart tastes. ”Iron killing slowly extended his fingers, his fingers were sallow, as if he had been soaked in corpse water for a hundred years, and his fingertips began to grow two inches long yellow nails.

The Southern Wei Dao stared at the yellow nails killed by the iron, and it was also a disgust.

However, the fingers of the iron killing have reached the chest of the Southern Wei Dao. His nails slowly penetrated into the chest of the Southern Wei Dao, just as the body of the Southern Wei Dao was paper-like and could not be hit.

"you……"The Southern Wei Dao suddenly stiffened his body and his face showed a painful look.


The heart of the Southern Wei Dao has been smashed out, and the heart is still beating in the hands of the Iron Killer. The Southern Wei Dao has widened his eyes and a hole in his chest, but he did not die immediately. There is a corpse in the hole. Qi, actually maintaining the Southern Wei Road people to live!

"Without the heart, my corpse can make you live a little more than a quarter of an hour. Don't worry, you will see how you were killed by me. You know, people who are against us are not good at ending." ”

Iron Killer lifted the heart of the Southern Wei Dao to his own mouth, and then in the eyes of the public, he even swallowed the heart of the Southern Wei Dao!

All the onlookers couldn't help but feel a chill, and the stomach also rolled for a while. The iron killing method of life and death was cruel and cruel, and actually swallowed the hearts of others!

The Southern Wei Dao people saw their own heart being swallowed by the iron killing, but it was also awkward. Who could think of the iron killing as a beast like a beast in the heart of so many comprehensians eating people!

"How are you!"The Southern Wei Dao said with a trembling voice.

"This is just an appetizer."

Iron killing coldly glanced at the crowds onlookers. He did this in order to let all the comprehensions understand that those who did not obey the Wuyue League and the Mie Palace had any end!


The two arms of the Southern Wei Dao have been killed by the iron to the hard, and then his left leg, right leg…The Southern Wei Dao people clenched their teeth and were bored, still not giving in. He knew his end from the beginning, but some people are proud and unwilling to live under the dark rule.

"Reassure, I only peel the skin of your body, will not break your face, if your face is scratched, who can recognize you? Your face is to be used for exhibitions, let everyone know what is the right person with us, and what is the end now. ”

The iron-killed nails began to cross the skin of the Southern Wei Dao. The Southern Wei Dao Rao was re-emerged and finally screamed. The screaming of the heartbreaking echoed over the city, and the onlookers felt dry. Dry tongue.

Blood dripped from the air, drenched on the ground, and spilled on the crowd. Everyone was shocked when they saw the execution. Iron killed people who were living and dead, refining the body, and killing people, but not Representing every comprehension is as cruel as him.

The whole process lasted for a quarter of an hour, and this half-clock of the clock killed the South Wei Dao people still awake, experienced all the pain, and finally could not even call out.

"Let's remember not to be against us in the next life, let's get on the road!"

Iron killed a wave of hands, nails like a knife, the South Wei Dao's head was cut down! The soul stone in his hand also shines a light, and the soul of the Southern Wei Dao is collected.

The eyes of the Southern Wei Dao almost came out and were tortured for so long, and death was a relief for him.

Soon, two comprehensions rushed over and began to sort out the messy hair of the Southern Wei Dao's head and cleanse the blood on his face.

In order to play a cautionary role, Wuyue told other practitioners of the identity of the people who were executed, they will clean up the face of the executed, even if the wound will be mended, messy hair also need to comb, to maintain the appearance of life, in the appearance of life to warn other practitioners to rebel against the Wuyue alliance is who, What happens next is very intimidating.

Onlookers have been killed by iron to frighten fear, such a scene these days every day to staged, every day, people are killed by iron kill by cruel means, there are some people do not want to abide by the rules of Wuyue, but now we all understand the fate of the Ishing, Heart is to know the Triple Palace of the Dirty Conspiracy also dare not to say out.

"It's a pity that I still haven't saved the head of the Southern Wei School."Lu Xianshi sighed slightly and looked at the Southern Wei Dao who had been cut off because his head was distorted by pain. His eyes were dim.

Situ Yangtian smiled bitterly: "You are sorry for others. We will soon become the next Southern Wei Dao. UU reading becomes one of the bodies of these beings."

Lu Xianshi seems to be afraid of death at all, laughing: "The big man is standing on the ground, why are you afraid of death for the sake of justice?" I only hate to see the day when the Three Palaces were destroyed by our doorkeepers! These people who have been killed are consciences and self-cultivators. They are not willing to yield to the Three Palaces and the Five-Yue League. We are not afraid of anything. ”

Situ Yangtian also laughed: "I have been fighting with you for a lifetime, but I don't know if you can still say such awkward words!"

Lu Xianshi glanced at Situ Yangtian and looked at other people who were killed. He laughed and said: "The hair of these gentlemen has been meticulously combed, and their faces have been cleaned. Although they are being eaten by birds, But the head is intact and can be distinguished. After we die, I think that both the Sovereign and the lord can recognize us through our heads and collect the corpses for us. This is already a blessing in misfortune. ”

Situ Yangtian also laughed at death: "It seems that the Wuyue League has inadvertently done a good thing. I really hope to live to see the destruction of the Wuyue League and the Mie Palace."

Lu Xianshi glanced at the pale and suspicious comprehension below, and looked at the sky again. He sighed: "Unfortunately, we did not send the information we got back to the lord. We still have not done this thing. This information is very important to Mu Yu. If you take a step later, it is very likely…Ugh! It is useless to us. ”

Speaking of intelligence, Situ Yangtian is also somewhat reluctant: "I hope that Mu Yu can find this thing!" We did not do our job loyalty, the completed task was not completed, and we lost our lives. ”

Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian were loyal to Zongzhong. When they were dying, they did not think about how to escape. Instead, they blamed themselves for not sending back the inquiring information.

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