Chapter 1075 is abolished!

Lu Xianshi remembered his young and respectful master, and also a sigh of emotion: "The child of Mu Yu has great potential. When I first saw him, I also regarded him as a servant. Look at it! It’s embarrassing to think about it. Where do I think he will go to the present day? I really hope to see Mu Yu lead our squadron to a new height and restore the glory of the past. ”

"He will take revenge for us. We will wait for the people of Wuyue League to tell us the news on Huangquan Road."

The iron killing party has already executed the disguise of the Southern Wei Dao people, and swallowed the heart of the Southern Wei Dao people in the eyes of the public, and the onlookers of the comprehension felt a burst of stunned!

"So who should I kill next?"Iron killing slowly walked to Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian, showing a playful look on the blunt face, and then grabbed the bruised Lu Xianshi, "kill you first."

Lu Xianshi slammed a slap in the face and said scornfully: "We will meet on Huangquan Road soon."

Iron kills his mouth full of yellow teeth, and smiles slyly: "You are wrong, you will not take over the people who are dead and dead, because the Three Palaces are the sinister, we will not die."

Lu Xianshi replied disdainfully: "If you want to kill, kill, where is so much nonsense!"

The iron killer looked at Lu Xianshi, gave birth to a yellow finger and moved around Lu’s body. He smiled miserably: “You want to die is not so simple, I have to think about it, how to kill you? It is to dig your eyes first, peel off your skin, and remove your spine. How? ”

Lu Xianshi once again took a sip, and the killing method of the iron killing was cruel, but he still said with sorrow: "If you kill, if I ask for mercy, let me lose!"

"There is a bone, there is bone! I like your stupid person. But none of the people who fall in my hands will not scream, I will keep their tongues, let them roar and scream, the sound is wonderful. ”Iron killing stretched out long yellow nails across the neck of Lu Xianshi, and Lu Xianshi’s neck showed a bloody mark.

Lu Xian’s teacher did not change his color, but he looked at the iron to kill him coldly.

"I think about it, people who have the temperament, I like to turn them into people without bones. My murderous method of life and death, you can just cut a wound and give the bones of the whole body a little earthquake, and then pull it out, I will see how hard you can still be! ”

Iron kills his hand and his nails penetrate into the spine behind Lu Xianshi!

Lu Xianshi clenched his teeth, and a pain spread throughout his body, but he did not call it out, still scornfully said: "Someone will take revenge for us."

"is it? Then you can't see it. ”Iron kills the sullen and said.

"Who said he couldn't see it?"

An indifferent voice sounded over the gates of the city gate. This familiar voice gave Lu Xianshi a slam, and his face showed a happy look.

Iron kills his face and changes. He feels that the danger is approaching. When he is about to withdraw his hand to meet the enemy, he finds that his arm has been destroyed!

"The person who hurts me, you are not enough to die."

When Mu Yu raised his hand, the original iron killer who had been unable to survive was already flying toward the ground, and the ground was pulled out of a huge deep pit!

"Who is this person?"

"I don't know, my god! The iron killing during the robbery period was only a face-to-face defeat? ”

"I never knew there was such a strong person. Does he want to be against the Wuyue League?"

"It is best to kill the iron to kill, this person who is dead and dead is too poisonous."

The moment the onlookers saw the appearance of Mu Yu, it was already a lot of discussion. They all amazed the style of the man in the air. I did not expect that in the face of the resilience of the Wuyue League, there were still people who dared to stand up and confront them.

However, when Mu Yu walked through the realm of the real world, he used the illusion of the hundred faces. Only the person he allowed could see his true face through the illusion of the hundred faces.

The people present were not aware of the identity of Mu Yu.

But the two people in the air know.

"Wood feather!"Lu Xianshi showed a smile weakly, and his unreasonable doorkeeper actually came at this time, and his heart was also excited.

"Lu Xianshi, Situ Xianshi, sorry, let you suffer."Mu Yu rescued the two of them. Xiao Shuai fixed the hawthorn in the air and quickly flew over to help them recover their injuries.

"We are fine, I thought you were still in retreat."When Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian came out this time, Mu Yu was still practicing and was unaware of many things.

Situ Yangtian also breathed a sigh of relief: "Mu Yu, I did not expect you to appear in this place."

"We also happen to pass by, rest assured, these people will pay the corresponding price."The wood spirit on Mu Yu has already gathered a powerful life, surrounded by the body of Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian, helping them to heal the wound quickly.

Xiaoshuai chewed the mountain while he was healed. He said in a confused manner: "I said that it is a correct choice to find food here. You still don't believe it."

Mu Yu slowly stood up and looked at the bodies killed by various cruel means, and there was a burst of anger in his heart. These people are unwilling to live under the lie of the Wuyue League and the Mie Palace. They want to resist but they are killed by the iron, and even the bones are incomplete. It is really intolerable!

"Is it a killer?"

When Mu Yu was caught in the air, the iron killing was like a dead dog and he was caught in front of him!

"who are you? Dare to fight against our Wuyue League? ”Iron kills the resentful sorrowful sorrow. Although he only has a lot of days to repair, but as a life-and-death door, the physical quality is extremely tyrannical, but in front of Mu Yu is still vulnerable!

"Five Yue League, what is it!"

Mu Yu waved his hand indifferently, and the iron murder screamed. His Dantian broke a big hole, and the repair of the whole body was completely destroyed.

"How dare you…How dare you…"Iron killing is terrified, and where does he think that Mu Yu will be so simple.

"If you kill so many people, you should pay a price."

Mu Yu has a hand, and the iron killer has been like a dead dog, squatting in the crowd, his voice passed to everyone's ears: "This person has been ruined by me, you who want to ventilate on him, Despite the hands."

The onlookers saw the half-dead iron killing lying on the ground, and there was no fluctuation in the whole body. It was also a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect the iron killing of the robbery period to be scrapped. I was still enjoying the pleasure of killing at the beginning. In a blink of an eye, it became an ordinary person who was arbitrarily slaughtered.

"This guy has killed so many people with all kinds of cruel means, and it should pay a price."

"I really want to cut his head and feed the dog, killing so many good people, it's a confession!"

"No, there is still a wolf who is here. If the sorcerer is pursued, we will die."

"Yes! The wolf-walker is even more powerful than this murderous iron killer. ”

Everyone surrounded him, but no one dared to start. Although this person has done a lot of evil, he has killed many self-cultivators, and many people have cast aside on him. But now the situation is still unclear, because there is still a savage wolf in the city, which is not a small scorpion. Once it is known by the cymbals, then the anger of the cymbals is the one Can't afford it.

At this moment, I don’t know who shouted: "The wolf is coming."

The crowd suddenly calmed down, and the wolves were even more powerful than the iron killers. They couldn’t bear the anger of the wolves.

The figure of the wolf singer also appeared in the void, and walked across the wood feather in the void.

"Do you want to deal with this young man?"

"The wolf is a superficial elder of Xuan Lingmen. It is very powerful. If he shoots, I am afraid this young man can't afford it."

"Yeah, we still have to avoid it. I am afraid there will be a big battle here. If it is played, the wolf will not be merciless."

The onlookers of the comprehensions are all afraid of the cultivation of the wolves, UU reading www. The fierce name of the wolf and the iron killer have a fight, they are killed by the justice of the five rules.

"The sorcerer, kill him, and smash his corpse! He dared to provoke the dignity of our Wuyue League! ”

On the ground, like a dead dog, the iron kills the voice angrily, the voice is extremely fierce, and the look of Mu Yu is also full of grievances.

The wolf stalker faintly glanced at the iron to kill.

"The wolf is moving, is he going to shoot this person?"

"I don't know who will win this fight."

Everyone was nervously watching the wolves in the air, and when everyone thought that the wolf-doer had to work on Muyu, no one thought that the wolf-doer had gone down to Muyu!

Everyone is stunned!

The wolf Taoist in the robbery period has actually fallen!

"the host."The wolf singer has been re-controlled by Mu Yu’s soul, and he has no sense of autonomy.

"The people of your Five Yuemeng League have killed so many consciences who have tried their best. You want to kill the people by murder. You have to abolish it!"Mu Yu said indifferently.

"Yes."The wolf and the Taoist directly operated the exercises, and there was a blush on his face. Then one hand slammed into his own dantian.

The wolf's body is like a broken kite in the air. It falls heavily on the crowd and falls on the side of the iron killer. It has not been repaired and has become a waste person!

Iron killed and stunned, he originally expected the sorcerer to avenge him, but did not expect the sorcerer to directly abolish himself, and fell to him like the end!

Everyone looked at the wood feathers in the air with horror. I don’t understand who this person is. I have the ability to subdue the evil irons and the wolf sluts. The sorcerer’s people even have no room for rebellion. Repaired!

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