Chapter 1076: The Heart of the Heart

Mu Yu glanced around and everyone looked at him quietly. He indifferencely removed the illusion of the hundred faces and appeared in front of everyone with his true face. He immediately said: "Five Yuemeng and Mie Palace, want to control the triple sky. Let everyone do their rules, then I will destroy this rule! No one in the comprehension community is qualified to monopolize one party, and everyone should have their own freedom. ”

Mu Yu’s words are powerful. At the moment when his face is revealed, the eye-catching self-cultivator has already recognized him. The goddess of the true god has long been widely spread in the realm of cultivation. The reputation of Mu Yu is even more Such as the thunder!

"It turned out to be Mu Yu!"

"The disciple of the true God? Really him! ”

"I should have thought of it, and dare to fight against the Mie Palace of the Five Yuemeng, who is in addition to Mu Yu!"

All were hotly discussed, and many even looked in awe at the wood plume, Wuyue in order to custodians, kill all do not recognize their own rules of the repair true, has been provoked caused widespread indignation, a bit of disrespect, will be killed, those who have status of the leader of the senior even after the massacre, at the gate of the city.

Today's Wuyue League and Sangong Palace have long lost their hearts, just because the Wuyue League and the Triple Palace are extremely powerful, so many talents dare to speak out.

Now Mu Yu appeared, directly killing the five elders of the Wuyue League during the robbery period. It is a great heart, and everyone has seen hope. Perhaps the apprentice of the true God can once again create a miracle and lead everyone to overthrow the Wuyue League and the Mie Palace. The rule of evil!

"Sure enough, true God is our hope!"

"Yeah, we were blinded by the Triple Palace and the Eight Doors, and we doubted the true God. Now I think it is really regrettable!"

"Now I only hope that the disciples of the true God can destroy the Triple Palace and the Wuyue League, and we will be a hero in the real world!"

Many people look at Mu Yu with hope. The word "Mu Yu" has always been a legendary name in the realm of comprehension, and is relished by many comprehensions. Even when they shouted and screamed at Mu Yu, Mu Yu’s reputation still made people dare not to be underestimated. Now that Mu Yu has appeared in this city, it is undoubtedly bringing hope to everyone!

"With the apprentice of the true God, we don't have to worry about anything, kill the iron killer and the wolf!"

"Yes, kill them!"

Among the onlookers, there are many people who have their own elders who have been killed and slain in the air. They have already hated the iron killings and the wolves. Now there are real disciples here, and they have the courage to revenge. Rush up and slash the iron killer and the wolf daoren!

The iron killing and the wolf-walking Taoism were all ruined. In the face of so many hateful comprehensions, there was no such thing as a body-protecting person. They were directly torn by the angered self-cultivators and were destroyed in a blink of an eye. There is no residue left.

Muling has already appeared under them, swallowing their souls and not giving them the chance to resurrect.

Many people in the Wuyue League have already scared their courage. The iron killers and the wolf-walkers who have been robbed have been killed. What other people can turn over? So many people can't wait to escape the city, but where can they escape.

"One of the five Yuemeng people can't escape."

Wood Yu snorted, and those who tried to escape were killed on the spot, destroying the soul!

"The people who killed the Five Yuemeng League!"

Lu Xianshi had just recovered a little bit of energy, and he was already excited in the air, commanding the comprehension to kill the people of the Wuyue League. The people of these five Yuemeng Leagues were all the disciples of the original five sects. They formed the Wuyue League, and there were signs of the combination of five sects on the clothes. This is very well recognized.

"The people who killed the Five Yuemeng League!"

"The people who killed the Five Yuemeng League!"

The whole city has already boiled up. Recently, Wuyue League has cruelly resorted to many prestigious self-cultivators, which aroused public anger. All the self-cultivators cooperated with the enemy to help Mu Yu find out all the people of the Wuyue League. The disciples have no heads,

Those who were repaired to be high were killed by Mu Yu, and they were repaired as low. They were all killed by the self-cultivators. It was only less than an hour, and there was no more embers in the whole city!

"Mu Yu, haha, the rest of our lives, not only returned a life, but also won a city!"Lu Xianshi said happily.

Mu Yu shook his head helplessly: "I said Lu Xianshi, your injury is not good, be careful."

"Nothing, killing the talents of the Wuyue League is the most exciting! My injury doesn't matter. ”Lu Xianshi said proudly.

"Yes, the means of killing people in the Wuyue League is too cruel. The rules they set are also very strict. Many cultivation resources have been plundered. The self-cultivators are miserable. Everyone has long wanted to resist, and they lack wood feathers. Such a main heart."Situ Yangtian also showed a smile.

Mu Yu’s identity and talents are well known throughout the realm of comprehension. He has always been a genius widely discussed in the realm of comprehension. His three brothers’ reputation is not as good as Mu Yu.

Many years ago, the true god protected the realm of comprehension. The Sangong Palace and the Eight Gates jointly married the true God, but the true name of the true God is still not to be underestimated. Now the conspiracy of the Mie Palace and the Eight Gates is revealed, the true God is absent, and the apprentice of the true God is naturally incomparably strong. prestige!

Mu Yudao: "Now it is not completely time to fight. Before I did not reach the Mahayana period, there was no chance to win with the Mie Palace. We can only destroy the embers of some Wuyue League. The real opponent is the Triple Palace. ”

Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian also understood this. Lu Xianshi looked at the incomplete bodies in the air and sighed: "It is a pity that these people are not willing to give in after knowing the conspiracy of Wuyue League. The loyalists, did not expect to fall to this end, hehe! If they can survive, for us, the future must be a huge force! ”

Mu Yu’s heart was moved. He had seven or eight soul stones in his hand, which was obtained from the people of Wuyue League. The soul of these people trapped in the soul stone is another means used by the Triple Palace to collect the soul.

The wood feathers counted the bodies in the air, and there were forty self-cultivators. The sorcerer said that he killed hundreds of people, but there are not many people who are worthy of being shown. Most of the people here are famous sects and elders. They are famous people in the realm of comprehension. . Those unnamed pawns will not be shocking, so the bodies are generally disposed of.

He came to the front of the Southern Wei Dao. This person had just died, and he had not had time to save it. At this time, the face of the Southern Wei Dao's fortitude was full of painful looks, and his eyes were extremely embarrassing.

"Can you save him in the blink of an eye?"Mu Yu asked in the bottom of my heart.

Sentence said: "With your current cultivation as the ability to use my field, it is very expensive. I am afraid that I will not insist on the time of tea. I am not thankful."

Mu Yu in calm accident at the time, nine days seal the demon array broke open, the mountain is also at that time to get out of the way, this for a while the wood plume encountered many dangers, but the sentence mans never let Mu Yu use the ability of the blink of an eye, mainly because of the power of life and death blink of an eye to Mu Yu load, no one agreed to help, Mu Yu is unable to exert

The field ability between life and death is based on the eye. The light of the left eye can resurrect the dead, and the light of the right eye can kill a person. With Mu Yu’s current cultivation, others are able to escape his death gaze and it is difficult to hit. Whether it is the destruction of the ghost gate or the face of the temple, the death gaze of the right eye is impossible to hit those people.

But the resurrection ability of the left eye is not so limited.

"You said how many people I can resurrect!"Mu Yu said.

He wants to use this ability to get the consent of the mang, because Mu Yu did not choose to erase the consciousness of the mang, so in principle, the sentence does not refuse Mu Yu.

"It depends on the situation. You are not familiar with my field ability. However, it is more than enough to resurrect these people. After you resurrect them, you will probably have a period of weakness."

Said the mans reluctantly, to be able to resurrect the realm of man, can be called inverse days, but the shortcomings are also obvious, the wood plume not to achieve the Mahayana period of use of the field of ability, to consume a lot of psychic power, UU reading This Mu Yu is no stranger, because he has used several times the Demon King's field ability has been , but life and death in the blink of an eye to consume more than a few demon King's field ability.

"An hour is weak, then take a break!"Mu Yu said.

Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian have recovered almost. The repair of their two fit periods is enough to protect his safety. An hour is not a big deal.

At the moment, Mu Yu needs to find a safe place to bring these people back to life. As Lu Xianshi said, these murdered people are loyalists, and the heads and elders of many sects are quite prestigious. Since they dare not fear life and death and the five-Yue League sings in this situation, then they will be conquered, and in the future, when they face the triple heaven, they will not be alone!

"Master Lu, let's Go!" We need to save these people. ”Mu Yu took a shot of Lu Xianshi’s shoulder.

Lu Xianshi said: "Save these people?"

He looked at the bodies around him puzzled, and all the bodies were intact except for the skull. The rest of the body was killed by iron to all kinds of cruel means to skin, body is not a complete, like in the First Division and Sizhiyang days before the death of the South Wei Taoist, the whole body was skinned, even the heart was killed to eat iron.

Lu Xianshi wondered: "Can you really save? Mu Yu, you don't want to joke with my old man. Although I want to save them, this fact is sensational. I have never heard of the ability to save people who have been killed, let alone these… …These corpses are separated and are incomplete. ”

All die like this, is there a possibility of living?

"Just try and you will find out."Mu Yu threw a soul stone in his hand, and the soul stone collected the souls of those who were unwilling to give in and were killed.

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