Chapter 1077 The Fall of the Heavenly Demon King

Wuyue in Fangyong people were slaughtered clean, everyone felt very snort, but Mu Yu will not stay in this city for too long, his presence is enough for the practitioners to see the hope, at least understand that in Wuyue and the triple House to fight the dark rule, and Mu Yu the true God disciple in Revolt, it is enough.

Mu Yu appeared in front of the old man who sold the mountain. He handed hundreds of money to the old man and said, "This is the money I am asking. You should hurry to find a safe place to hide. This money is enough for you to spend a long time. It is."

The old man looked at Mu Yu with excitement. He also knew the movement at the gate of the city. He did not expect that the young man was actually an apprentice of the true God.

"Adult, you…"

The old man was too excited to speak, but Mu Yu had already left the place with Xiao Shuai in the blink of an eye. Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian disappeared with him, and forty-six were hung at the gate of the city. Incomplete corpse.

They appeared in a hidden mountain forest, and Lu Xianshi solemnly said the information he had inquired to Mu Yu.

"You mean that the people of Sangong Palace have found the seal of the Heavenly Demon King?" you sure? ”Mu Yu asked in surprise.

Tiangan demon king is one of the nine eternal people of Santiantian. Like the Shaying Demon King, he has not completely broken the seal. Once the Qinglong demon king said that they would go to find the demon king, Mu Yu thought that the demon king had long been I broke free of the seal and it didn't.

"Yes, this is absolutely true. We just want to determine the authenticity of this matter and we are accidentally caught by the wolves."Situ Yangtian said.

"You will tell me the details of the matter."Mu Yu put all 46 bodies on the ground and said to Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian.

Lu Xianshi said: "We have been inspecting the Wuyue League here on the instructions of Mr. Laobu in the past two days. When I left the sect to inquire about intelligence, I have been careful, and our formation is rarely revealed. . But just yesterday morning, we inadvertently learned from a senior elder of the Wuyue League that the people of Sangong Palace were in this city. ”

According to Lu Xianshi, the people of Sangong Palace came here yesterday. It is said to be the seal of the Heavenly Demon King. But where is the specific location, the elder of the fit period is not qualified to know that he is only responsible for receiving the messenger of the Triple Palace. The rest is the iron killer and the sorcerer.

"Because you mentioned the Heavenly Taoist people last time, we know that this matter is very important to you. I have tried to sneak into the Great Fairy Pavilion and overheard the conversation between the Mie Palace and the Jackal. . However, it is a pity that Sangong Palace also attaches great importance to this matter, so it did not say the specific location of the Heavenly Demon King, but only asked about the landform near the Xuanling Gate. ”Lu Xianshi continued.

“The landform near Xuan Lingmen? Isn't the seal of the Heavenly Demon King near the Xuan Ling Gate? ”Mu Yu asked quietly.

Lu Xianshi nodded: "We also thought this way at the beginning, but what I don't understand is that if the seal of the Heavenly Demon King is near the Xuan Ling Men, the people of Sangong Palace should go to Xuan Ling Men. Just ask, how can I specifically ask the wolf?

Lu Xianshi’s suspicion is not unreasonable. Xuan Lingmen also has a lot of masters of the robbery period. The repair of the wolf-walker is not too powerful during the robbery period. If it involves the landscape near Xuanlingmen, it should be an inquiry. Older seniors are right.

"The Wolves have also made this suggestion, saying that they should ask the doorkeepers of the Xuan Ling Men, but the person in the Mie Palace will only leave if he says he will consider it."Lu Xianshi said.

"Is it going to be considered? This answer is really sloppy. ”Mu Yu also thought about whether he had let the Jackal Dao die too early, but looking at the answer of the Jackal Dao, it is estimated that the wolf is not clear.

"and then? Where did the Miegong people go? ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

Lu Xianshi said: "Then we were discovered. After the people of the Sangong Palace left, the iron killer suddenly discovered us.

It is our intention. ”

Mu Yu said: "Lu Xianshi, Situ Xianshi, when you two work in the future, you should not be so arrogant, do not try to risk, the master of the robbery period is enough to find you, understand?"

Situ Yangtian shook his head and said: "When Lu Xianshi heard about the news of the demon king, he must find a way to sneak in to find out, because that is what you mentioned, Lu Xianshi thinks this thing is for you. It’s very important, even if you don’t care about your life, you’re doing things.”

"The important information about Mu Yu is that you have to pay for your life. You don't know what the nine eternal people mean?" Besides, I have let you leave quickly and have to stay and be arrested together. ”Lu Xianshi retorted.

Situ Yangtian said sarcastically: "Yes, I should let you be killed, cramped and boned in the eyes of the public, cut off his head and sit as a stool, and have a memory on Huangquan Road. You have always been a rib, and the ruins were almost destroyed in your hands. Forgot? ”

Lu Xianshi angered: "Situ Yangtian, you are not bothering with me, is it uncomfortable?" Have to mention those old things! Do you want to fight one? ”

"Do you still fight at this time? Can you mature? They are all a lot older, and they are like a dice. ”Situ Yangtian said impatiently.

"Bastard, who are you talking about?"Lu Xianshi hurriedly rolled up his sleeves.

Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian had a long time together. They were originally the brothers and sisters of the ancestors. They competed against each other and blamed each other. Although Lu Xian’s team is superb, he has always been a straight person. If there is anything to say, he will not bend around. Situ Yangtian’s mind was more meticulous. The last time he discovered the abnormality of Lu Xianshi, and he wanted to kill Lu Xianshi and stop Fu Zong’s plan. But in any case, both of them are loyal to the sect.

Mu Yu saw that they were also a headache. Lu Xianshi’s temper was straight and went straight. He also had a quarrel with the Ding Ding’s master of medicine. This restless old man was not afraid of fear, and he would have to argue two things.

However, they quarreled and quarreled. At the beginning, Lu Xianshi inadvertently became a traitor to the sect. When he was to be disposed of by the door rules, it was also Situ Yangtian’s help, so that Situ Yangtian left Lu’s escaping, Situ Yang. God can't do it.

Mu Yu said seriously: "Lu Xianshi, anything is not as important as life. The array is not enough talents. If you have an accident, it is a huge loss. How will the future rise to become the door?"

Lu Xianshi said with reluctance: "But the news of Heavenly Demon King is definitely more important than my life!"

"Heavenly demon king demon king will not die, but you will die! If Heavenly Demon King really wants to fall into the hands of the triple people, you can't stop your life. Also lost this time, you have nothing to do, if it is dead, the corpse capital can not be found, I want to die in the blink of an eye. ”Mu Yu said helplessly.

"What blinks?"Lu Xianshi asked inexplicably.

Xiaoshuai laughed: "This is how you blink your eyes."

He said that he also licked his lovely big eyes and gave a demonstration to Lu Xianshi.

Mu Yu couldn't help but smile: "It's life and death, not blinking, my ability in the field, I just said that I can resurrect, it depends on this ability."

Lu Xianshi said with surprise: "Field ability? Mu Yu, have you entered the Mahayana period? ”

"I think so! How easy it is. That is the ability of Mang, remember? The Lord of Umming in my body. ”Mu Yu explained.

Lu Xianshi suddenly realized that he was aware of the seal of Mu Yu in the body of the wood, but he was unclear about the ability of Mu Yu. In fact, the five areas of the Eugene Spirit are very powerful, but there are very few people who know the power of the five Eugene spirits. Not to mention Lu Xianshi, that is, Mu Yu did not know what the other four Umming spirits were in the field.

"But can that ability really resurrect people?"Lu Xianshi asked some suspiciously.

Resurrection, this ability is terrible, life and death are human bones, people with this ability will inevitably have countless people coming to the knot in the realm of cultivation, but unfortunately Mu Yu could not use this ability freely.

"I will know when I look at it."

Mu Yu stood up and UU read He concentrated 46 of the bodies together. He took a deep breath and sentenced Mang’s ability to apply the power of the field to him. His eyes jerked up. The radiance of the people, suddenly the whole forest is filled with a strong oppression, so that Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian are all changed face.

This is the repair of the Mahayana period!

Both of them looked at the wood feathers in amazement. At this time, the left eye of the wood feathers was filled with vitality of white awns, and the right eye was filled with dead black awns. When both eyes were extreme, when they looked at the wood feathers, The whole person has actually developed a feeling that life and death can not be controlled by himself!

Today's Muyu uses the ability of life and death in the blink of an eye. It is much stronger than before. He used it twice in total. One time when the Moushan Mountain was out of control, and the other was when it was used to save the time. At the time of the sentence, Mang is taking the initiative, and the repair of Mu Yu is not high now. But this time it was completely different. When he used the field ability, he had a qualitative leap.

The white light in the left eye slammed out, forming an endless beam of light, falling on the South Wei Dao people in front of him. The incomplete and incomplete corpse of the Southern Wei Dao suddenly began to change after being exposed to the inexhaustible white light. The broken limbs of the whole body were slowly combined under the illumination of the white awns, and the torn wounds began to heal. stand up.

"this is……"

Lu Xianshi was shocked to see the body of the Southern Wei Dao. The incomplete corpse of the Southern Wei Dao was reassembled. Not only that, but even the skin he had previously peeled off grew under the white horses. When I came back, the most shocking thing was that the heart that was swallowed up by the iron killer actually began to grow again!

Only in a moment, the incomplete head of the Southern Wei Dao has become intact, except that it has not lived, everything is no different from before!

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