Chapter 1078 Resurrection

Both Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian were shocked. Before the few breaths, the Southern Wei Dao people were still horrible, but at this time, in addition to the face still showing a painful look, the body recovered as if it were a god!

What is this ability? It will be so powerful!

Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian face each other. They are the strategists. Many things have been seen in the realm of the real world. It is really unbelievable that they have not seen such a situation.

However, they are still shocking, and the soul stone in the hands of Mu Yu suddenly spurred an illusory white shadow, directly into the body of the Southern Wei Dao!


The Southern Wei Road people took a deep breath and the wide eyeballs began to return to normal. The heart of the chest began to jump. He sat up at once and looked around in surprise. Then he saw a strange face. Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian.

"What's wrong with me? Is this a sinister house? ”The Southern Wei Dao asked.

Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian have already opened their mouths. They never imagined that the people of the Southern Wei Dynasty were killed to that extent, and now they are alive again and speak!

However, the eyes of the Southern Wei Dao were quickly attracted to the wood feathers. He saw the miserable shredded worms around him and frowned. Then he found that the white awns in the left eye of Mu Yu had already been from him. Moved away and took photos of others.


It was only a quarter of an hour, and the dead bodies were gradually restored to life, and the broken limbs were back again, and the soul returned to their bodies!

The view of the Yanglin view of the gods is Liao Jianshu, the head of the Guanxin School, and the Tianhe Valley people who were trained in the Tianhe Valley…

These characters, who are both famous in the realm of the realm, are now resurrected one after another, and they have the same shocked look on the face as the Southern Wei Dao, waiting for them to see the wooden feathers with special ability to resurrect them, all faces There has been an incredible look!

"Resurrection is really hard."

Mu Yu finally revived the forty-sixth person, which slowly recovered the ability of the field. The spiritual power in the body was exhausted. He sat down and quickly began to recover the lost spiritual power.

"What exactly is going on?"Everyone looked at Mu Yu with amazement and waited for Mu Yu to give an explanation.

However, Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian saw that Mu Yu began to sit and rest, standing immediately beside Mu Yu, not letting anyone close. After the Southern Wei Dao repeatedly confirmed that he was really resurrected, plus the first resurrection, witnessed the resurrection of others, he told everyone what he saw.

"Are we resurrected by him?"

"Does he actually have the ability to resurrect others?"

Rao is the forty-six people who have gained a lot of fame in the realm of comprehension. They are also very surprised and experienced this thing. They were caught by the iron and killed, and they suffered from painful torture. They thought they were dead. I didn’t expect to see the sky again now. How can they not be shocked?

"He is the apprentice of the true God, Mu Yu, he saved you."Lu Xianshi Shen Sheng.

"Yes, it is Mu Yu! I have had the privilege of seeing him once. ”

“Does Mu Yu actually have the ability to resurrect?”

"Do you really have all the inheritance of the true God?"

For the name of Mu Yu, everyone present is almost as good as it is. Many people have also seen the portrait of Mu Yu. Now the wood feathers have not used the 100-face magic array, and they have been recognized by many people. Everyone is thrilled. Everyone here is a person who is not afraid of death. He is not willing to live under the dark rule of the Five-Yue League and the Triple Palace. He chooses those who resist in the dark but are caught.

They are different from other self-cultivators. All they want is to hope that the realm of comprehension can get a bright future, not in the oppression of the Triple Palace and the Wuyue League. They can be seen by the Wuyue League as a nail in the eye because they are unwilling to give in,

I also hope that someone can lead them to confront the Triple Palace.

And Mu Yu has this ability, which is undoubtedly the best candidate!

"The apprentice of the true God may indeed be able to return the order of the comprehension to normal."

This is an idea in the hearts of people at the place.

Mu Yu slowly recovered his spiritual power. After running the dusty method, he has recovered a lot. When he opened his eyes, he found that forty-six people in the forest stood in an awkward position. In front of him, looking at him.

"Woke up!"

Everyone was bright, and then forty-six people squatted down to Mu Yu, saying: "Thank you for the help of Mu Yu!"

Mu Yu did not expect these people to react like this. He looked at Lu Xianshi puzzlefully, and Lu Xianshi came over and whispered: "I have explained the situation to them just now. They already know that you are resurrected. They are now very respectful to you."

"Get up! You are Welcome. ”Mu Yu said quickly. What he likes the most is the various worldly etiquettes. The people here are all famous people of the older generation. They are as sensible as the old man, He Jinglong. They are not willing to be a generation. This kind of person is the most admired by Mu Yu. People.

"Thank you, adults."

Forty-six people immediately got up, and at the same time they set their sights on the most upright Southern Wei Dao. It seems that they have agreed on something.

The people of the Southern Wei Dynasty are stepping forward and stepping forward: "Mu Yu adults, you cultivated the sky, famous in the world, and now the realm of the world is ruled by the Five Yuemeng and the Sangong Palace, making the world complain, we are afraid to invite you to lead us. Set up a force that can fight against the Wuyue League, and also cultivate a real world!"

“Building forces?”Mu Yu was amazed. I didn’t expect these people to have this idea after being resurrected by him.

Xiaoshuai said excitedly: "Yes, this suggestion is what I proposed, we can group the triple palace!"

Mu Yu looked at the little handsome who was afraid of the world.

"Yes, Mu Yu adults! The Mie Palace deceived us for so long, depending on our lives as a mustard, but also killed all the people who did not give in to them, and the means were cruel. Such a triple palace did not conform to the hearts of the people. You are the apprentice of the true god. You used to fight with the people of the Mie Palace. We are all reluctant to be enslaved by the Mie Palace. As long as you say a word, we must fight against Mie Miyagi after the saddle horse. ”The Tianhe Taoist people in Tianhe Valley stood up and screamed.

"Building forces?"Mu Yu fell into meditation.

Nowadays, only the people of the sects and the Dandings can rely on the comprehension. But the people of these two sects are still far from enough. There are still a small number of people who are not afraid of life and death in the realm of cultivation. If these people can unite The response to the Triple Palace is also a huge force.

"Please ask Ms. Mu Yu to lead us to overthrow the Wuyue League and overthrow the Triple Palace!"

"Please ask Ms. Mu Yu to lead us to overthrow the Wuyue League and overthrow the Triple Palace!"

"Please ask Ms. Mu Yu to lead us to overthrow the Wuyue League and overthrow the Triple Palace!"

Forty-six people thought that Mu Yu did not agree, and once again, he said earnestly. They all hope that the realm of comprehension can restore the harmony of the past, instead of all the cultivation resources being controlled by the Wuyue League. Other comprehensions are only oppressed everywhere.

When Mu Yu waved his hand, the majestic spirit poured out and lifted everyone up. He turned to Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian and said, "How do you both?"

Lu Xianshi said with a smile: "Mu Yu, they are waiting for a character who has the strength to play, you are the supreme master of our battle, and it is not bad to be a contender against the Triple Palace Alliance. I think this is feasible."

Situ Yangtian also affirmed: "These people have a certain appeal in the realm of comprehension. With their help, we will be more convenient and will not be alone. There are still some people in the realm of comprehension who are aspiring people. Since we are going to fight the Triple Palace, they are the same people as they are. ”

"Yeah, I think the Sovereign will let you accept it. Now you are our hope, don't let these people be chilling. If you don't know how to lead them, you can hand it over to Mr. Laobu to command me. Very much agree. You don't have to be a relative, you are acting as a belief, and everyone knows what they are doing is the most important thing. ”Lu Xianshi is very eager for this kind of thing.

Xiaoshuai interjected: "You are the strength of the alliance, I am the role of the league, and we are invincible."

Mu Yu smiled helplessly, then nodded and said to others: "The overthrow of the Wuyue League and the Mie Palace is really something I will do next. UU reading The proud person wants to live to understand, and this makes him admire. Everyone is a senior who is older than me. If you build a force against the Five-Yue League and the Triple Palace, you need not only me, but also everyone to work together. ”

"So what you mean by Mu Yu, you mean…"The Southern Wei Road people eagerly asked.

"I can lead everyone to fight against the Triple Palace."Mu Yu nodded.

Everyone is overjoyed, and the Southern Wei Dao people continue to ask: "So Mu Yu, since the five sects form the Wu Yue League, then we have to take the name of a force against them, Mu Yu, you think you take a What is the name?"

"Name? I really haven't thought about it. ”Mu Yu ran around in the realm of comprehension. He and Xiao Shuai were more like wanderings. They never thought about building forces. They didn’t think about the name.

"Call the handsome team! Oh no, great league! Domineering! ”Xiaoshuai is eating a mountain next to him.

Mu Yu looked at Xiaoshuai with some headaches: "Are you serious?"

"I feel very good anyway."Xiao Shuai spit out a mountain nucleus without any problems, he usually named what is the most direct, what is heroic and invincible as a return to the small handsome, simple, narcissistic, rude.

Mu Yu shook his head and said: "I am mainly trying to find Master, so I think this power is still named 'Jian Ying'. It is more famous with the reputation of Jiansha Dust."

"Jian Ying? it is good! ”Lu Xianshi agreed, and Situ Yangtian also nodded his approval.

Mu Yulang said: "What we want to recover is the realm of the true protection of the gods and shadows. The Sangong Palace is framed by my master. Then we will declare war on the Mie Palace in the name of 'Jianying'!"

"Jian Ying!"

Everyone shines!

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