1079th Chapter Sword Shadow

The two characters of Jianying are extremely appealing. The people who believe in the true God are here. Therefore, when the "Sword Shadow" comes out, everyone is excited. It is like climbing the relationship with the true God, and the honor is bursting.

"Jian Ying!"

"Jian Ying!"

Everyone screamed and screamed. Mu Yu nodded slightly, motioned to everyone to be quiet, and then said: "Each of you go back and find ways to gather those who do not want to be in the Triple House under the rule of the people, with your fame secretly set up power, should not keep quiet, you are dead people, if the triple House found that will be hurt again, So be careful with your actions. ”

"Yes, the lord!"

These forty-six people are the heads and elders who have a reputation for being in the realm of the realm. Their appeal is not to be underestimated. With their ability, they are enough to bring together a group of like-minded comprehensions who are not willing to yield to the trio of the trio. It is the person that Mu Yu wants to protect.

Next, Mu Yu once again discussed with them about the detailed contact method, and personally made forty-six tokens depicting the array. When the time is ripe, he will use the command transmitted by the token above to go to the array. Zong, listen to the command.

Mu Yu’s reputation is extremely high, and everyone is willing to listen to his assignments. It is also convinced by Muye’s powerful resurrection ability. Everyone is fighting for the same goal.

Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian communicated with everyone. Everyone officially met the two innate strategists. Mu Yu asked them two responsible for the 46 people. After returning to the sect, Everything was handed over to the head of the old cloth and Zhuge Xiaosheng.

This is also a no-brainer. Now there are a lot of things that Mu Yu needs to accomplish. He can't handle some things in person, but the old village chief and Zhuge Xiaosheng work, Mu Yu is extremely reassuring.

After sending away forty-six people, Lu Xianshi smiled and opened his face. "Mu Yu, you are really powerful. You directly contacted these 46 people. You must know that the forty-six people’s appeal is not tolerated. Xiao Yan! They are now counting on you to lead us out of the sea of ​​bitterness! ”

Situ Yangtian also nodded: "Whether it is your appeal or the appeal of the true God, it is like a light in the darkness for those people today. I think Mr. Laobu and the sovereign will know how to use these people to put the sword. The film developed to the point where the Miegong was jealous."

Mu Yu said: "I will bother you two more in the future. You two are the contacts of these people. Always keep in touch with them. If they encounter any obstacles, they must find a solution."

"Yes, it’s all dying."Situ Yangtian solemnly said.

Lu Xianshi was full of fearlessness and smiled. "Mu Yu, you have the ability to bring us back to life. In the future, we will not have to worry about anything when we do things. It’s not a problem. Forbearance is over, big deal is what you look at your eyes again, and turning back is a hero."

Mu Yu was helpless to the blind optimism of Lu Xianshi. He shook his head: "Lu Xianshi, there is only one chance for everyone in my life and death, and there are many restrictions. You have to remember this."

Lu Xianshi asked inexplicably: "What does this mean?"

Xiaoshuai interjected: "It means that you only have two lives. When you run out, you really die."

Lu Xianshi said happily: "There are two lives, and I will be willing to sell one when necessary. Many people still don't have this opportunity! ”

Mu Yu solemnly said: "Lu first, you have to cherish your life, they are able to resurrect because of the existence of the soul, and once the triple House perceives my ability, they will take away the soul directly after killing a person, and if your soul is taken by the Triple House after your death, I will never be able to revive you, understand? ”

Lu Xianshi’s smile suddenly solidified and smiled slyly: “I thought that your resurrection field is omnipotent.”

Mu Yu stood up and said in a majestic manner: "Lu Xianshi, I command you as the gatekeeper.

Later, with Situ Yangtian going out to do things, all major decisions, based on the advice of Situ Yangtian, can not make dangerous actions without authorization. Always put your life in the first place, can you understand? ”

Lu Xianshi was not happy at all. How could he promise to follow Situ Yangtian’s words and immediately said: "Wu Yu, but…"

Situ Yangtian said next to him: "Don't let go, do you dare to slam the door?"

Lu Xianshi realized that he was smashed, his face was red, and he said with respect and respectfulness: "Below to follow the door."

"You remember to put your life in the first place at any time, I can't just save you so many times. If you die, there will be nothing. It will also make our squad seriously detract from our strength and our military will be unstable. You only have to live well to make up for the mistakes you made against the sects of the year. What I want is a living person who can do things for me, not a reckless dead person! ”Mu Yu is serious.

Lu Xianshi lowered his head and was ashamed to even red his ears. He quickly said: "Yes, the owner."

Mu Yu nodded slightly and helped Lu Xianshi. He did nothing to do so. Lu Xianshi has been devastated since he was almost destroyed in the past. Although everyone has not blamed him, he always has a hurdle in his heart, so he always wants to do something to make up for his fault.

At that time, Mu Yu was almost dragged down by Lu Xianshi. Mu Yu chose to forgive him, so that he avoided the disposal of the squad, and also used the medicinal herbs to help him mention the repair period. When Lu Xianshi had a guilty conscience, he was willing to do anything for Mu Yu, even if he paid the price of his life.

Mu Yu had always followed the Lu Xianshi to learn the formation. Even when the owner still regarded Lu Xianshi as an elder, he naturally did not want Lu Xianshi to lose his life in order to make up for the guilt of the year. Normally, he basically only regards the title of the door as a display, and does not like others to hold people with his identity, but for the case of Lu Xianshi, he still has to take out the majesty of the owner.

Lu Xianshi stood up, but only promised, and asked solemnly: "Do you still have instructions? Lu Deyi must do his best to complete it. ”

Mu Yu patted the forehead and said: "Lu Xianshi, OK, all of them, in principle, you do things according to the rules, usually call me Mu Yu, I call the door I do not adapt."

The guru then smiled, and he knew Mu Yu's character, as the master of the array, in front of the predecessors will be regarded as the younger generation, open-minded for advice, no shelves, this is also a guru willing to do anything for Mu Yu, a gifted, but easy-going and polite temper is also a bit childish door Lord, has been recognized by the LU First Division.

With such a door, Lu Xianshi, as an elder, was willing to support and help Mu Yu establish his own power. Because of the growth of Mu Yu, Lu Xianshi, who once guided the wooden feather formation, is like a younger generation who has taught himself to have a good future. He also has a sense of accomplishment as an elder.

"Wu Yu, then, are we going to go to the Xuan Ling Men and explore the whereabouts of the Heavenly Demon King?"Lu Xianshi asked.

Mu Yu pondered for a moment, said: "No, you two first go back to tell the village chief and the sovereigns about the 'Jian Ying', let them further discuss how to act, I can go to Xuan Lingmen alone. ”

"But you are alone…"Lu Xianshi hesitated.

"I am not a person?"Xiaoshuai kicked Lu Xianshi a foot, Lu Xianshi quickly touched the head of Xiaoshuai, and smiled and said: "Sorry, little guy, misunderstanding."

Situ Yang Tian took a look at Lu Xianshi: "The repair of Mu Yu is basically no opponent under the Mahayana period. We have not even reached the robbery period. Can it be done in the past? If something goes wrong, it will become cumbersome, and we can do our own thing. ”

Mu Yu Way: "I and small handsome two people together, act more convenient, now ' sword Shadow ' This force has just determined, you two go back to tell the village chief grandfather and master, and then according to their instructions gradually to develop ' Sword Shadow ', Triple Palace conspiracy has been uncovered, the real world people also understand the truth of the matter, this time dare to stand out of the people, are we want to save, as for not daring, then we can do nothing. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com ”

"it is good."

Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian nodded.

When they left, they had started to quarrel again. Situ Yangtian said with some pride: "Remember the words of Mu Yu, listen to me in the future, don't go to death."

"Budget, Mu Yu only said that important things should be heard from you, other things you don't expect me to listen to you."Lu Xianshi’s voice was very annoyed, and it was obviously not an easy thing for him to follow Situ Yangtian’s words.

Mu Yu did not care about the two of them, and he left the woods with Xiaoshuai and went in the direction of Xuan Lingmen.

Xuan Ling Men is not too far away from Dan Ding, and Mu Yu has never been to Xuan Ling Men before, but now that he has to deal with San Miyam, Mu Yu knows a lot about the claws of the Sanchong Palace. Naturally, I know where the mysterious door is.

The sect of Xuan Ling Men is quite satisfactory. There are many masters of the robbery period, but it is not calculated. The highest is the master of the spirit of the Xuan Ling Men. The prestige is very high, but it has not been moving in the realm of cultivation for many years.

There is no intersection between Mu Yu and Xuan Ling Men. It is nothing more than a once-in-a-lifetime repairer at the time of Dongsha City.

This sect is in the middle of a mountain, surrounded by rolling hills, wrapped in a large array, and it is difficult for ordinary people to get in.

According to the intelligence of Zhuge Xiaosheng, the guardian mountain array of Xuan Lingmen was maintained by their ancestors, but nowadays the guardian squad has been changed, and the people of the three-door palace are designed to be free, so now they want to enter silently. Xuan Ling Men is unlikely.

Mu Yu has already landed a hundred miles away from Xuan Ling Men. When he first entered this boundary, he felt some unsatisfactory breath.

This place is really wrong.

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