Chapter 1080 Xuan Ling Men

"Is it felt?"Asked the wooden feather in a whisper.

Xiaoshuai nodded: "There is some abnormality in the aura here, as if suddenly the aura began to be gathered up by something and became very rich."

Mu Yu also noticed something wrong, because the place of Xuan Ling Men is normally impossible to have such ample aura, which is recorded in the intelligence collected by the array.

โ€œIs there a resilience here?โ€Mu Yu mused.

There are many auras in the triple heaven, and the aura eye is the place where the aura can be produced. At the time of the double heaven, Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai came back from the aura of the dusty mountain. Later, the eight grass villages also appeared an aura eye, which provoked the shackles of the Yao people, and this kind of thing is more effective for cultivation.

"There is a reiki eye, great, we take it over!"Xiao Shuai said cheerfully, he used to be an egg when he took a Reiki eye, every day with naked body plugging aura eye.

Wood feathers are not directed at the aura, but in thinking about what Aura can do. He remembered that in the second day, the Phantom Qing Rain is to use the aura eye trapped white ape Demon king, so it seems, may be the seal of the day dry demon King really in this place also perhaps.

But then I thought about it, but it wasnโ€™t quite right, because the aura of the second heaven was drawing aura, and the aura of the eye here was obviously erupting, and the seal could not erupt aura, and the mysterious door happened here. What happened? Is this aura eye just emerging?

Mu Yu took the little handsome into the trees and went to the direction of Xuan Lingmen. Along the way, there are many disciples who wear Xuan Ling Men's clothes. These people are grouped with five people. They look serious and seem to be on alert.

They naturally couldn't find the trace of Mu Yu. When Mu Yu wanted to move on, a white soul enchantment blocked him.

"It seems that there is something happening here at Xuan Lingmen."

Mu Yu did not try to break through this soul enchantment. There is the enchantment of the Triple Palace. Now it is so strict that once it is accidentally triggered, it will inevitably alarm the people of the Mie Palace. Before the situation has not been clarified, it is best not to scream.

"Let's catch a few people to torture it!"Xiaoshuai has taken all the haws and put them in his sleeves. At this time, they grabbed them one by one.

Mu Yu stopped in front of a banyan tree. At this time, there were three young men and two female disciples coming here. They were discussing something.

"Brothers, what exactly is going to be so popular? What do the adults of Miegong want us to guard against? It has not let us rest well. โ€A slender woman looks a little dissatisfied.

One of the young people who looked like the 26-year-old said: "Yao Shimei, don't complain, what is the order of the adults in Sangong Palace, we will obey it, and we know where things happen here."

Another young man with a sallow look whispered: "I heard from Master last night that we had a special seal near the Xuan Lingmen. It seems to be related to the Heavenly Demon King. I really didn't think of the seal of the Heavenly Demon King. The land will actually be here at our Xuan Lingmen."

"Hey, whisper, the secret of the Heavenly Demon King's Secret Triple Palace sternly forbids us to discuss, we will do our own thing, don't let anyone close to Zhennanshan."Another red woman glanced at the young people who spoke.

After the group walked over, Mu Yu was slightly frowning. The seal of the Heavenly Demon King is really in this place?

He patrolled around and had a general understanding of the blocked terrain near Xuan Lingmen, but what is inside is still unknown. After pondering for a moment, Mu Yu decided to find a way to check through this layer of soul enchantment.

The soul enchantment continued to the deepest part of the earth, and the way of wrapping it encircled the area of โ€‹โ€‹five hundred miles, almost encircling the ground.

Even if Mu Yu can use trees to go underground, he can't easily break through. He has to find another way.

Just as Mu Yu considered whether or not to use the black and white spirit to enchant the soul to a hole, suddenly the entire boundary of the Xuan Lingmen blasted loudly, and the earth-shattering roar broke out, and the ground began to shake vigorously. There have even been horrible cracks!

All the disciples of the occult were alarmed, and the disbelief leaped into the air, all horrified to look at the soul of the boundary, that suffused with the Sacred Pak Mong of the soul of the boundary is not known when the tremor, such as was hit, especially in the center of the knot has a huge punch, just is this fist print burst roar!

The punches are 100 meters long, and the whole soul power enchantment is propped up. The soul enchantment is also deformed, and a clear crack is spread out with the punches as the center.


The second boxing came to an abrupt end. This time it was the other side. The punches fell and a roar of sound came out. The horrible breath came out of the cracks, and the disciples of Xuan Lingmen were frightened.

That is the breath of the Mahayana period!

"what is the problem?"

Wood feathers are hidden in the onlookers of the Xuan Lingmen disciples, staring at the two huge incomparable punches, do not understand what happened in the end. The atmosphere of this Mahayana can be associated with Mu Yu, and only the people of Sangong Palace.

However, the people of Mie Palace reasonably said that it is easy to enter and exit this soul enchantment. Why use this destructive punch?

However, Mu Yu quickly changed his face, because at this time, from the cracks in the soul enchantment, there is a full breath of four Mahayana periods!

There are four masters of the Mahayana period in this enchantment. At this time, it is very unwise for Mu Yu to go blindly. He can't take risks.


The soul enchantment once again burst into a tremor. A boxing martial arts spurted out from the cracks and blasted into the sky, suddenly blasting a cloud over the soul enchantment. Not only that, when the bursting boxing wind came out, it was actually directly torn together with two disciples of Xuan Ling who were too close!

"Hurry back!"

One of the elders of Xuan Lingmen screamed and let these patrolling disciples stay away from the area. They were also amazed and did not understand what was happening in the soul enchantment. But no matter how the people of Mie Palace work in it, they must not bother.

Hey! Hey!

There were two broken sounds in the air. Two masters of the robbery period appeared in the crowd. One of them was dressed in a purple coat and wore a golden crown. The extraordinary spirit was the master of the Xuan Ling Men. One is a middle-aged man, dressed in white, who is repaired as a triple-day in the cross, but is the elder of the Xuan Lingmen.

As soon as the two men appeared, all the disciples of the mysterious spirits immediately bowed and bowed, and the look was respectful.

"Xuan Lingmen disciples listen to orders!"The spirit leaves the man to drank in a majestic manner.

"The disciples are!"Xuan Lingmen patrol the disciples in response.

"Everyone quits 500 miles away, and God is on alert. Without my orders, I can't get close to this place."The spirit leaves a wave of hands.


All the disciples of the Xuan Lingmen are also clear. The situation in front of them is far from being able to intervene. Not to mention them. I am afraid that the people of Lingye and the Qiuzawa do not have the ability to interfere with the situation at hand.

After waiting for other people to retreat, the main body of the spirit of the door of the master, the majesty of the whole body, disappointingly standing beside the people of the autumn, and said: "Master, what else do you want?"

The people of Qiuzawa faintly stunned the people of Lingye and said, "This is so good, we will wait for the adults of Sangong Palace to complete the task."

"Yes."Lingyeโ€™s eyes are somewhat confused.

Mu Yu was surprised to see the people of Lingye, and found that the person in the spirit leaves actually went to the soul of the soul, and the Qiuze Taoist who was not as good as the spirit leaf was not controlled by the soul.

"I am afraid that the door of the Xuan Ling Men will not be controlled to be controlled." This Akizut Taoist should be the one who took the initiative to rely on the Triple Palace. โ€Xiaoshuai said.

"It looks like this, so it seems that not all of them are willing to listen to the orders of the Triple Palace."

Mu Yu looked at the controlled Lingye Shangren, and his thoughts flashed through his mind, just like the Yundan Taoist who refused to succumb to the Mie Palace at the time, and the time when he wanted to seize power. Ye Shangren is certainly not willing to cooperate with the Triple Palace to be controlled.

At this moment, another horrible boxing style slammed into the soul enchantment, and the martial arts came out from the cracks. The ability to mix in the field and the whole space seemed to become extremely gloomy. This fist is going straight to the people of Lingye and the people of Qiuzawa.

With the ability to master the field, UU reading let the autumn of the three days of the autumn, the people of the autumn, suddenly changed their face!

"Block me!"

The people of Qiuze Dao stunned, and the boxing style of the Mahayana period was far from what he could pick up, and the commander of the spirit leaf received the command of the Qiuze Taoist, directly blocking the front of the Qiuze Taoist people, and a dusty illusion emerged from his hands. , sketched a three-Qingdao image, blocked in front of him.


The man on the leaf slammed a spurt of blood, and the boxing wind in the crack was not able to withstand the repair of the five-day heaven. He was suddenly shot and flew out, and the people of the autumn zealand were resisted by the spirits. It is safe and sound.

"Damn, good power, but fortunately there is a shackle for me."

The people of Qiuzawa only sneered at the injured Lingye master, and turned their attention to the soul enchantment. They did not care about the spirits who were injured by the Mahayana.

Ling Yeโ€™s breath was wilting, standing in the air and gasping, his face was still very respectful, and he did not even think about treating his injuries.

"Ask, what happened to your mysterious door?"The gentle sound of Mu Yu sounded from behind the Qiuze Road.

The people of Qiuze were shocked. When they turned their heads, they saw Mu Yu and said with a scream: "Who are you?" How dare you swear at our mysterious door? โ€

"I came to ask for directions."Mu Yu said faintly.

The people of Akizawa are angry: "Ling Ye, give me a guy who doesn't know how to be tall!"

"Yes, Master."The spirit leaf man once again raised the dust in his hand and waved toward Mu Yu. The atmosphere of the robbery period swept out, but it was not worth mentioning in front of Mu Yu.

"You honestly told me the truth."

The soul of Mu Yuโ€™s soul was instantly printed on the person of the Qiu Ze Dao, and he was controlled, and the dust of the Ling Yeโ€™s master was firmly fixed by the spiritual power of Mu Yu.

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