Chapter 1081 Demon King Boxing

Qiu ze Taoist eyes lax down, and the spiritual leaf still struggling, Mu Yu thought for a moment, to Qiu Ze said: "Let spiritual leaves the master quiet down." ”

"Yes, Lingye, quiet."The people of the autumn show said respectfully.

Ling Ye’s master is no longer struggling. Obviously, the main body of the Xuan Ling Men’s door is to obey the orders of his younger brother, Qiuze Dao, and when the Qiuze Taoist is controlled by Mu Yu, they can pass the Qiuzawa Taoist. Control the spirit of the people.

"This is a strange control process."Xiaoshuai shouted.

Mu Yu also felt that the control process was quite strange, but he quickly got the information he wanted from the population of the Qiuze Road.

Hyun Ling door plus slain by the death of the wolf, a total of six over the period master, the door faction among the spiritual leaves and another forget the two people do not agree to assist Triple Palace ill, so they are controlled, as the door of the spiritual leaf master is like a puppet, completely under the direction of Autumn Ze man, dealing with the mysterious door up and down things.

As early as five days ago, Sangong Palace came to the three masters of the Mahayana period and blocked the area. The reason was that even the Akihadra and the Lingye masters did not know, and the aura began to become abundant. thing.

The three Mahayana people, one named Temple, one named soul, and the other is the soul leaps, among which the soul is the most powerful.

"Strange, Lu Xianshi said that the people of Sangong Palace went to the wolf Taoist people to understand the situation yesterday, but the people of Sangong Palace came to see it five days ago. What is going on?"Xiaoshuai does not understand.

Mu Yu frowned and said: "I am afraid that the people who came to find the wolf people yesterday were not the Mie Palace."

"Who would it be?"

"Just look at it and you'll find out."

Mu Yu already control the Qiu Ze Taoist, next only need to erase his memory can, the remaining let the autumn Ze Taoist to maintain normal, the wood feather need Qiu ze Taoist mixed in the Xuan spirit door this side when undercover, sword Shadow establishment, he will need more helpers the better, Qiu Ze Taoist can control the spiritual leaf, is undoubtedly such a perfect piece.

boom! boom! boom!

There have been countless cracks in the soul enchantment. The cracks are more and more shocking. The screaming winds are rushing from the cracks. When they sweep over, Mu Yu suddenly stunned because he remembered this. The source of the horror.

White demon king!

"It's an old monkey! How could he be in the soul enchantment? ”

Wood Yu was shocked. He felt that these horrible boxing styles were familiar at first. When the cracks gradually spread, he finally determined that it was the style of the white demon king. Mu Yu has not only seen the power of the white demon king's fist once. When the white demon king just got out of trouble, he punched the mountain that sealed him. The scene of the wooden feather is still fresh in memory.

At this time, the cracks also faintly conveyed the cold drink of the white demon king: "Mie Gong's miscellaneous hair, want to start with us, have to ask my fist!"


Another punch was blasted from the soul enchantment. The original enchanted soul enchantment was suddenly split, and several shadows rushed out from the fragments of the soul. The burly and majestic body of the white scorpion king appeared on everyone's. In the field of vision, like a mighty war god, standing in the air has become the focus of one field!

The white demon king is also followed by a middle-aged man in black. The breath is very weak. It seems that there is only a period of cultivation, but the whole person invisibly exudes a world-wide momentum, even Not as good as the day, the white demon king, but also a domineering.

Although Mu Yu had never seen this black man before, he vaguely guessed who this guy is. I am afraid that it is one of the nine eternal people who just broke the seal!

This time, the Mie Palace was really a big hand in order to seize the Heavenly Demon King. It was dispatched by the three Mahayana comprehensions. One of the Muyus also knew that it was the first time in the casino that the hand was cut off. Temple, the temple has not yet received the lost arm.

The Miegong people who are opposite to the white demon king are the most powerful. They are also inferior to the white demon king. They are sacred and white, and squeeze the whole piece of void. The power of the field is violently excited. Shooting, as if to tear the entire sky into pieces.

This person is the person led by this action of the Mie Palace, named Soul!

"The miscellaneous hair of the Mie Palace is really a good means, and I dare to ambush me."The white demon king looks resentful. There is a scar on his chest. There is a vague looming white awn in the scar. Obviously, he has suffered a slight injury.

"Haha, the white demon king, in our soul, I see how long you can hold!"The soul sneered and laughed.

Heavenly demon king Shen Sheng said: "White 猿, you have bound the soul, you must force this soul force out as soon as possible, leave me alone, and quickly leave here."

"What nonsense!" Let you fall into their hands, we will come to save you in the future, this thing is absolutely not allowed to happen, I will not believe, these three hairs can not be against the sky! ”The white demon king said with a sullen face.

"Haha, the white demon king, if you were in the heyday, we really didn't dare to ask you for trouble, but now you are in front of the three people, nothing, today you can't fly!"The soul screamed and shouted.

The White Ape Demon King roars a roar, stature instantly rises, just a moment has been up to the hundred meters long, covered with thick white hair, angry, look up and cry, like Chanley concussion, quell a radius of thousands of miles of mountains, deafening, a lot of poor power of the Hyun-ling door disciples in the hearing of this voice, an instant burst into death!

The white demon king, roaring, terrible!

"Give me die!"

The field ability of the White Demon King instantly covered his huge fist. He punched it out and let the whole sky tremble. The sharp popping sound with unparalleled power and the three people in the Mie Palace Go on.

This fist seems to bring together the power between the heavens and the earth, so that the whole sky is roaring violently, and it is even more so that the soul leaps three people to change their faces!

They never thought that the white demon king, who had been seriously injured, could still explode such a terrible fist. No one knows how much power is contained in the 100-meter body of the white demon king, but all three of them Understand that this punch can't be resisted at all, and it can't stop it!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

The three figures quickly spread around and turned into a white mang, and escaped the punch of the ruined land. The white scorpion's fist slammed on the ground, suddenly landslides and thunder, The whole earth is shaking!

Oh! Oh!

The huge cracks spread out, seemingly tearing the entire land, but also destroying the mountainous landscape of Xuan Lingmen!

The white demon king was defeated by a fist, but at this time the forces in the three fields gathered together in different directions, and the demon king went down.

"Soul Faro, the Quartet!"

"The soul of the law, the magic of the thousand lights!"

"The soul of the law, Luo Tian, ​​Fu Tianba!"

The three areas of power are superimposed together, a white sorcerer's curse is formed in the air, and thousands of sacred lights occupy the whole piece of emptiness, and then the void is like being pulled open by a man, a powerful pound. The soul of the scorpion blasted from the mouth of the air, and it was so powerful that it was unstoppable!

The White Ape Demon King roars a sound, but is unable to dodge, he because of the creation's sake, reaction slow on a beat, but also to protect just break loose the seal weak day dry Demon King, all of a sudden by the ability of three areas hit, the entire huge body like a mountain was deeply blown into the ground, the horror of the bombing sound again Xiangcheyunxiao, The ground trembled again, and the rolling dust rolled.

The combination of the three Mahayana periods, for any one person, under such a terrible power, I am afraid that there will be no slag left!

However, in the deep pits of the ground, there was a violent explosion of thousands of dust. The body of the white demon king reappeared in front of them, and suffered the ability of the three Mahayana field. The white demon king still did not fall down!

"Asshole! Actually, you will be so embarrassed by your three small locusts. ”The eyes of the white demon king seem to be burning with anger. At this time, the blood on his body is stained with white hair, and the back has also revealed a scar of deep visible bone, which is shocking.

The Heavenly Demon King has been caught in the hands of the soul!

"White Demon King, you are really powerful. Even if we have more than a few Mahayana people in the heyday, you can't beat you, but it's here. UU reading Not our opponent! In the future, if you don't mess with us, we will take your soul out! Control you! ”The soul slammed into the heavenly demon king, and the voice was extremely cold.


The white demon king resentfully looked at the Heavenly Demon King who fell into the hands of the soul. He slammed his big fist and licked his chest. He snarled in anger and once again slammed a punch at the soul. He wanted to put the day. The demon king is coming back for help!

However, the ability of the three fields has once again blasted out, and the white-haired demon king, who has already been weak, has flew out!

boom! boom! boom!

The body of the White Demon King is like a cannonball passing through the ground, pulling out a huge gully on the ground, up to 10,000 meters!

"Day, let me hold the white demon king!"The soul screamed cold.


Only one of the temples of the arm stepped out, and the emptiness swayed in the void, and grabbed it toward the white demon king. At this time, the white demon king was shocked and there was no room for rebellion. The people of the soul family exerted various tricks to make the grumpy white demon king fall.

"Give me a hand!"The temple was laughing wildly.

But at this moment, the swordsmanship rose from the ground and instantly ran through the sky, as if to give the sky a hole, the sword above the sky became a whirlpool, and the vortex was filled with powerful The sly sword meaning, smashed toward the temple!

"Is it a sword?"

The temple was frowning. The sword on the sky was so awkward and killing. He recognized the origin of the sword at a glance. He thought that his arm was cut off by the sword. The whole person His face has become awkward.

"Do you dare to pick things up in front of me during the robbery?"

The temple screamed and raised the only remaining left hand, and the martial arts that fell to the shackles caught the past!

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