Chapter 1082 escape!


The majestic and sturdy swordsmanship was grasped by the temple, and it was crushed, as if the sword was tangible. He was sneering and holding the sword, but his face changed!

The White Demon King has disappeared!

"Tune the tiger away from the mountain! Damn it! ”

The temple screamed with anger, and his eyes were in the distance. There were two breaths that fled in the distance.

"You two chase me! The sword of the robbery period must be Mu Yu! ”

The soul screamed and shouted. He looked coldly at the smashed Tiangan demon king. This cockroach came here, as long as you hold the Heavenly Demon King, you can complete the task. After all, the White Dragon King is a double heaven. The eternal life is to escape without getting in the way. But if the White Demon King and Mu Yu are together, then the other two must be allowed to hold Mu Yu.

A stream of light rushes through the air, and the degree is almost at its best.

"Bad boy, let me go, Tiangan is still in their hands!"The white demon king said with resentment.

"Shut up, old monkey, don't say that you have lost yourself in this state!" Can't save him. ”Mu Yu shouted impatiently.

When he was broken from the enchantment of the soul, he let the people of Qiuze and Lingye avoid it, and they retired without moving. Just kidding, a big-time guy is hard enough, let alone three Mahayana periods, and he doesn't have the ability to run out and compete with others.

If he was not besieged by the White Demon King, he would even be too lazy to let him go.

"Little bastard, can you look down on me?"The White Demon King angrily wants to push the wooden feathers away, but when he moves the whole body, the wound begins to faintly ache, and the soul technique in the body makes him completely unable to lift any strength.

Mu Yu scorned: "You can afford to save you, you don't need me to save you."

"I mad at me, you a little bastard dare to talk to me like this!"The white demon king almost slaps and slaps toward Mu Yu, but when he raises his hand, he is licking his teeth and touching the wound. If he is playing, he will be even more unlucky, and finally he will let go.

Xiaoshuai stood on the top of the white demon king, licking the big tail to help him heal, and asked inexplicably: "The big monkey, how can you even pick up the three palaces of the three Mahayana locusts?" Too disappointing, I thought you should be a punch to kill a child. ”

"It's not that they are swindling. It is expected that our Yaozu people will find it here and make an ambush in advance. I am in the dark, Mom, next time I will kill a child and show it to you."The white demon king said angrily.

The powerful strength of the White Demon King is unquestionable, but the intrigues of the people of the Mie Palace are endless, and even the people who are not old can lead the way of the White World, let alone the White Demon King.

Mu Yu flashed the boundary of Xuan Ling Men and rushed toward the woods. He ran faster in the woods. Now there are people in the Mahayana period who are chasing him. He must do it as soon as possible!

"what happened? You said to find the whereabouts of the Heavenly Demon King, how come you alone? ”Mu Yu asked.

The White Demon King remembered this incident even more annoyed: "The people of the Mie Palace are also looking for the whereabouts of the Heavenly Demon King. We don't know where the Heavenly Demon King is sealed, so everyone will look for it. Still not blaming you for this bastard, but for me to mess things! ”

The white scorpion demon king couldn’t help but scream, and complained about all kinds of wood feathers.

Mu Yu was inexplicably confused: "Do you have brain damage? I was concealed by myself, what am I doing? ”

"If you let the heart of Haidongqing come back south, I don't have to wait until now to know where the seal of Tiangan is."The white demon king roared.

"What does the relationship have to do with the two?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

"Crap, of course, it has a relationship, because Haidongqing knows the seal of Tiangan. At the beginning, he and Tiancai together, your free-spirited bastard master sealed the seal and sealed the Haidongqing."The white demon king said angrily.

"You will marry my master again, I will throw you down and let you be killed by three locusts.


Mu Yu warned, but he did not know this when he said that Hai Dongqing was taken to the south and was awake once. At that time, Hai Dongqing did not say anything and then fell asleep.

"How did you know this? You are not keeping the seal of Haidongqing? ”

The tip of the wooden feather was spotted on a banyan tree, and the eucalyptus at the back began to grow up quickly, covering their shadows.

The white demon king coldly said: "Haidongqing woke up."

Mu Yu asked in surprise: "Hao Haiqing woke up? Doesn't that mean returning the heart to you in the south? ”

The white scorpion demon is so mad that he is gnashing his teeth: "He is still a fart! Haidong Qing wakes up, but he still has no heart, hey, tap, little guy, are you dying? ”

"Can you wake up for a heart?"

Small handsome rudely put small claws in the white ape Demon king wound Pinch to pinch, help him to the wound in the Soul force to force out, these forces hinder the white ape Demon King Body wound healing, also let the white Ape Demon King pain, in exchange for anyone I am afraid that the soul of the operation has long been unable to move, the white ape Demon King can also endure, it is the skin coarse meat thick.

Mu Yu said: "It should be the reason to inject the spiritual power into the heart of Haidongqing to the south. If the heart of Haidongqing has spiritual power, he can wake up and not necessarily come to the scene personally."

The white demon king screamed coldly: "Yes, it is what you owe to the sorrowful brother, but he has done at least one thing this time. The first thing Hai Dongqing is waking up is to make the demon The general seal of the king told me that I also found it for a long time before I found it. I never thought I would be the first to get it."

It is no wonder that the White Demon King will rush to send Mu Yu’s family to the sect and leave. It is because of this.

"What about the sand eagle demon king Haidongqing? You are not afraid of his accident? ”Mu Yu asked.

"He has already broken off the seal after he wakes up. You bastard actually lied to me that the seal was reinforced, and the broken seal was broken and owed."The white demon king does not hit a place.

Mu Yu was undecided. In fact, he actually weakened the seal. Just to ensure the safety of Haidongqing, he said to the white demon king, save the brain from the heat, and take him when Haidongqing did not wake up. It was saved, and the situation was even worse. When he set up the formation, the premise that the seal wanted to be weakened was that Haidongqing had to wake up first.

Mu Yu immediately asked: "What about Haidong youth?"

"Back to the demon, I have no heart, he will fall asleep at any time. I don't know what your brother is doing, but it is better not to give me trouble. The boy has already had an accident. I have to go back soon. Rescue soldiers. Hey, little bastard, lightly! ”The white demon king shouted again with a grin, and his broken rib was given back by Xiao Shuai.

"Go back early? I am afraid that no one of you can go today! ”


A horrible breath came from the front, and the area of ​​the Mahayana period poured out, engulfing the whole forest. The violent tearing force destroyed all the trees, and the whole forest was smouldering. The horrible soul force rolled toward the wood feathers. .

"Damn it!"

The wood feathers sighed softly, and Muling had re-appeared a green tree barrier, blocking it in front of him.

boom! boom! boom!

Nowadays, the trees that have emerged from the wood spirit have become very tough, but the spiritual power of the Mahayana period has shattered it layer by layer. The wood feathers with the white demon king have already flashed out and changed direction to continue to escape. .

"Oh, I really want to kill these locusts by hand."The white demon king said with anger.

"Pinch a fart, if you are not so rash, will the trap of others? Yesterday, you went to find the wolf road people posing as the Miegong people? ”Mu Yu clenched his teeth and raised his degree to the limit. The mountains and rivers had only one illusion left behind him, and there was a sharp popping sound in the air. Even so, the degree of the Mahayana was still It is faster than him, and the distance has gradually narrowed.

"What is it?" I am mad at me, and the tiger fell to Pingyang and was deceived by the insects. One day I will get back. ”The white demon king shook his fist.

However, Mu Yu’s face sank, because he fled in the direction of the front, and there was a breath of Mahayana!

Another Mahayana period has been chased.

Mu Yu has no time and lost the fighting power of the white demon king nonsense, he is now repaired as just a robbery period, dealing with a great multiplication period is extremely laborious, the two Mahayana period basically only find the death, the current does not hesitate to turn to another Going in one direction.

It is a pity that the temple that lacks an arm has summoned a wall of white spirits that are condensed by a long, and covered the wood feathers.

"Mom, change to normal, this kind of attack, I gave him a breath and solved it."The white demon king looked at the huge barrier that was overwhelming.

Mu Yu involuntarily shouted: "Brain brain?" Can you not say cool words? ”

Jianqi once again rose to the ground, communicated the whole piece of the sky, a sword fell, Huanghuang Tianwei mixed with Wanzhang Jianguang, UU reading dazzling brilliance like the anger of God, endless swordsmanship The soul is swallowed up by a mouth, and the wooden feather has already rushed out of the mouth with the white demon king.

At the same time, a sharp light blade whizzed past the wood feathers, almost rubbing his back of the head, even if one breathe late, the wood feathers may be seriously injured by the field light blade of this Mahayana period!


But the wood feather escaped the light blade, but did not evade another person's attack, a sharp white long whip dumped in the Mu Yu back, let him stuffy hum a sound, but fortunately, now his physical fitness is extremely strong, the other side of the attack is also very hasty, the wood plume abruptly bear a mind, body qi and blood tumbling, but still endure down.

"Little bastard, are you injured? Is it okay? ”The white demon king asked in a careless manner.

"I want you to manage."

Behind the wood feathers, it hurts like a fire. It feels like the body has been smashed into two halves. The black and white spirit in the body keeps on consuming and repairing and treating his injuries. He renewed his breath, and Mu Ling once again rolled out of the shade of the sun, blocking the soul behind him.

The power of the Mahayana period ruined the green trees, but Mu Yu took the opportunity to reopen the distance.

The white demon king reluctantly said: "I am too lazy to take care of you, if you are not worried that Qiao Xue will be widowed, I have already slapped you." Count your kid and have some conscience, know how to save me…"

"Do you mean that nonsense? I still don't hurry to find a way. The two strong men of the Mahayana period will be caught up sooner or later. ”Mu Yu said impatiently.


A white light column swept past and flew them out again.

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