Chapter 1083 death

After the two flew out, fortunately, there were trees that had been transformed into wood and they were pulled in time to pull them back together. At this time, Mu Yuโ€™s injury was also very bad. The wound that had just healed by the White Demon King broke open again. Xiaoshuai also used the small claws to hold the ears of the White Demon King, which would not be opened.

"I think about it, I think, the best way is to wait for me to recover from the injury, and punch the two bastards in one punch. Ah, little, my ears are almost broken. โ€The white demon king said indignantly.

"You have all the souls of the other side in your body. You have to get rid of this power for an hour under my help. One hour is enough to kill you."Xiaoshuai still caught the two ears of the white demon king and did not dare to let go. Who knows if there will be anything happening next.

"I really saw the ghost. The old monkey is not enough to make a mistake every time."Mu Yu took the white demon king and once again escaped a white mang, and now it is impossible to expect the white demon king to clean up the two triple palaces. Now I can only find another way.

Although Mu Yu has a strong array of techniques and swordsmanship, these cards make him almost invincible in the face of the robbery period of the comprehension, but in the face of the ability to master the field, the masters of the Mahayana period can do nothing, the Mahayana master has a field Ability, he is very clear what this field means.

This time, it was not like when you were in a casino. At the casino, at least a few of the top masters of the robbery period worked together to deal with the big multiplication period. At this time, he took a disabled white demon king and also faced two Mahayana. The pursuit of the period is almost a huge dilemma.

The soulless and the temple have already surrounded the wood feathers in tandem.

"Do you both want to fight the beast?"The soul is chilling and laughing.

The two areas of the atmosphere have blocked this area. The white spirit surrounds the two people. The look of Mu Yu is full of jokes. In their view, Mu Yu is only a comprehension of the robbery period. Now there is no exuberance of the entire city. Lively to use the wood feathers, facing them two is already the best.

"Damn, this is troublesome."Mu Yu feels that the heart has sunk into the bottom.

The white demon king can't count on it, and Mu Yu has a card that is his life and death. This is the only area of power he can expend at the moment, only this area of limited capacity, not to say that he needs to expend great spiritual power, because he is not a master of the Mahayana period, the ability to use this area can not be accurately controlled, unless the opposite person standing in situ give him a stare, otherwise it is impossible to hit each other.

The field ability between life and death is too strong, which makes it very slow to start, can be avoided in a Mahayana period.

"With the White Demon King, he is a Mahayana person and knows how to help you use your field skills."The sound of the sentence mang makes a sound at the bottom of the wooden feather.

Mu Yu said: "Old monkey, do you know how to help me use the field ability?"

The white demon king said, "What kind of field ability, I can't even raise my hand now, where can I use my field ability?"

"Not using your domain skills, but using my domain skills! I am not a self-cultivator of the Mahayana period. I don't fully understand the rules of the field. One can't fully control this ability. You need to help me. โ€Mu Yu explained quickly.

"What field do you have…Oh, yes, that manโ€™s eye has the ability to be awkward, how can I help you? โ€After all, the White Demon King has seen the Mang before, and also knows the identity of Mu Yu, and immediately reacted.

"Isn't this what I asked you?"

Mu Yu feels that it is a bad luck for eight generations to save this unreliable guy. He is not a self-cultivator of the Mahayana period. He just doesnโ€™t know how to correctly use the life and death to ask the white demon king. The result is this guyโ€™s mouth. Just give such a sentence.

The white demon king stunned two sentences and his eyes brightened: "Yes, you are not a self-cultivator of the Mahayana period, so your ability to use the field is blind. You can use the domain ability when you use the domain ability." Body,

By playing in my field, this should ease the burden of your ability to use the domain. โ€

"it is good! Less nonsense, we don't have much chance! โ€

Mu Yu resisted the evaluation of the three words of "Blooming Eyes", and his spiritual power has returned to his eyes. At the same time, his left eye has a vigorous white. Mang, the right eye flashes with black and white ink, and the breath of a field instantly covers.

The white demon king put his hand behind the wood feather, and the field ability of Mu Yu was immediately guided to the white demon king. The powerful pressure of the field was dispersed by the white demon king, and the spiritual power was also extracted from the white demon king. It is not too difficult for Wood Yu to use this field.

The opposite of the soul and the temple, the two found that Mu Yu actually exhaled the breath of the Mahayana period, but also amazed, but then sneered: "I have forgotten the sentence in your body, but unfortunately, you one The people who are in the robbery period want to use the field of the Mahayana period, and it is a squad in front of us!"

"The soul of the law, the magic of the thousand lights!"

"The soul of the law, Luo Tian, โ€‹โ€‹Fu Tianba!"

From the previous match with Mu Yu, San Miyam has already known that it can't be a small ็žง wood feather, so the soulless and the temple priests directly use the field ability, and plan to make a quick decision, not giving Mu Yu any chance to resist!

The white soul beads surround the two people, and the soul beads suddenly burst open, forming a little white soul light. Each soul light is blocked with a white soul, making the soul light look very strange. There are thousands of soul lights in the air, and each soul light has strong soul fluctuations, as if there is a horrible force to erupt at any time.

And the temple that lost one arm, his soul beads turned into an indestructible white mang, covering the whole piece of void, as if putting a layer of hard armor on the void, and there was a burst of whistling around. , at any time, the sound waves rolling in.


There was a humming sing in the sky, like countless swaying swaying, violent volatility swept out, with white soul power, covering the wood feathers, breaking the path of Mu Yu. And those soul lights gradually light up the white mans, and the white souls of the roads are drawn from the soul lights and caught in the wood feathers.

Mu Yu calmly looked at the oncoming sound waves and soul lights. He did not dare to care, because even if he could use the Mahayana field, he was still not a true Mahayana comprehension, let alone the two Mahayana periods.

Mu Yuโ€™s right eye is swept out of the black eye. The black mang is very incomparable. It is like a black hole. It can swallow all things in the world. Nothing can break free in this black mang, and it canโ€™t resist it. It makes people feel guilty.

The black mangger straightened up to the soul that wandered over, and shattered the sound waves of Futianba. It also broke away from the blockade of Futianba, and took the sky out of a hole. The ruin of the ruin was violently splashed everywhere. Go out.

Mu Yu's face was white. In order to defeat the blockade of the two Mahayana periods, he spent a lot of spiritual power. Although the pressure was shared by the White Demon King, it was extremely difficult. However, he forcibly calmed himself down, and the shadows of the swordsmanship rose into the sky, blended into the sky, and there was a whirlpool in the sky, echoing Jianguang.

The light of the sword is as cold as a glimpse of the autumn sky, and the whole sky is trembled.


The black mans of Mu Yu are shrouded in the swordsmanship, and the cyan sword light is also printed as a black lacquered sword mans! Swordsman's vomiting, like the death of hell, can destroy everything in the world, let the surrounding air burst and boil, everyone feels that their breathing has stagnated a beat!

"What the hell is this?"The white demon king is also looking at the sword of Mu Yu with surprise. At this time, the Muyu split sword merges the "death" between the life and death, but it has changed. It seems that the sword has become The weapon of death to harvest life!


The black swordsman suddenly tore a hole in the field of the blockade of the tyrants, but also annihilated dozens of soul lights. The swordsman and the temples were swept away, and the air loomed. Unclear cracks, as if the whole piece of void is about to collapse!

โ€œHow could it be so strong?โ€

The soul is incomparable and the temple is shocked. UU reads www.uukanshu. Com Originally they still looked down on the wood feathers, but at this time the black swords of Mu Yu were enough to threaten them!

Hey! Hey!

The soulless and the temple have already withdrawn, and they have escaped the black sword of the death of Mu Yu. The black swordsman pours out and squats on the ground. The ground suddenly bursts open, and the sand trees hit the wood. The black sword was directly swallowed up by life, and even the stone was sucked away and turned into a pile of dust.

After the black sword gas swallowed the sand and the earth of the ground, it was getting stronger and stronger!

"A good sword, this sword…You will actually use the Heavenly Sword to use 'Death'. โ€

Sentence can not help but marvel, as the master of life and death, the mang is familiar with his ability. In the past, he used the essence of the object directly from the eyes, and extracted the vitality swept by the black light. However, Mu Yu integrated this "death" on the sword, and it has reached an incomparable level of singularity!

Mu Yu the "death" of Life and Death in the blink of an eye over the sword, the whole body of the load also changed a lot of light, he also had some accidents, originally just for more accurate control of the "death" of the right eye, just want to "die" into the sword, try to see whether the power of the right eye "death", the result unexpectedly, the day sword fused death, Gave him a sense of being handy.

"No wonder the master said that Tianjian is our dependence. It turned out to be this."

Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully. He said that he did not like the ability to conquer the field. Their dependence is Tianjian. Now he understands why the saying is so.

The strength of Tianjian Jiujin is far beyond his imagination. This powerful sword can be easily combined with other techniques, transforming it into its own use, and even the field is perfectly controlled!


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