Chapter 1084, Battle Hall!

Mu Yu’s hand holds the shadow sword, his eyes flashed with a black and white, and the black swordsman rushed out again. He rushed toward the soul and the temple, and the white demon king shared the oppression of the Mahayana for him. You can control the ability of this field in a short time!


The soulless lights of the soul are all lit up, and countless white souls form an indestructible shield, which blocks the black swordsman of the wood feathers. The black swordsman begins to engulf the vitality of the white soul, and countless sound waves are from all directions. Shooting, banged to Mu Yu.

When Mu Yu was about to throw out the next sword again, his heart suddenly broke out. Because the strong action used life and death, it has consumed a huge amount of spiritual power. The spiritual power in the body is like being drained. Use the second sword.


After the wooden feathers flew out, he finally ate a dark loss. The soul and the temple were joined together. It was really powerful. He was in the blink of an eye or could not stop the attack in the two Mahayana periods.

"It's over, go."

The White Demon King also noticed the changes in the wood feathers. Although the fusion of death and the Tianjian is very powerful, Mu Yu still faces the problem of not being repaired enough. It is the limit to be able to issue a sword to retreat. It is impossible to kill any one of them.

Seeing the soullessness and the power of the temple have already come to the fore, Mu Yu can only forcibly withdraw the Tianjian, a little under the foot, once again smashed out, and at the same time pulled out a bunch of remedies to restore their spiritual power.

"Going north, I have signaled to Feng Feng. If I guess it is right, she should be on the road at this time."The white demon king quickly said.

"Guess what?"Mu Yu’s physical strength is taking time, and it’s good to use the cover of Mu Ling’s cover to escape. It’s a good idea to bring a guy who is not reliable.

"In any case, I asked her to send Haidongqing back. She also knows the location of Haidongqing's seal. At this time, it is right to follow her route to the north."The white demon king said.

Mu Yu’s mind quickly thought about it, but it went directly to the east. The barrier formed by Mu Ling in the back has been broken, and the soul is incomparable and the temple is getting closer.

"Kid, are you a road fool?" The north is over there! ”The white demon king said.

"You let Qi Feng send Hai Dongqing back, where is it so easy to come here once? The Danding School is nearby, as long as we enter the Danding School, it is absolutely safe. ”Mu Yu said calmly and calmly.

With Muyu’s crazy escape speed, as long as he insists on a quarter of an hour, after reaching the Danding School, the power of the open market is enough to resist the pursuit of these two Mahayana periods, and if you go north to find Qi Feng, Mu Yu does not Make sure that Feng Feng will not just pick them up.

"Danding pie? Dan Ding is not a good place, it is too jerk. ”When the white demon king remembered that he had just broken off the seal, he fled from Dan Ding by relying on the transmission of Mu Yu. At that time, he had not fully recovered his strength, was besieged by a group of people, and he was very impressed with the Dan Ding. difference.

Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably: "The old monkey, why did the Tianke demon king break free from the seal and did not reach the Mahayana period? I remember that the Siren King was doing it with the Ghost Domain. You shouldn’t be heroic and invincible when you run out from the Ding Ding. ”

The white demon king snorted and said: "When I ran out from the Dan Ding faction, of course, it was heroic and invincible, but Tiangan and I were the same, separated Nedan, Nedan was injured in the hands of the opponent, can't let He recovered in time, so he could not play the strength of the Mahayana period."

The house leaks over the night rain, if not, even if the white demon king is concealed, Tiangan will at least have a battle in the face of the Mahayana period of the Mahayana period.

On the head of a towering mountain peak straight into the sky, but Mu Yu with the white demon king directly broke the void, banged, a mountain with a diameter of several kilometers across a large hole, the whole mountain began to bang The sound is loud.

The temples and souls that followed were not even more so, and the horrible souls were cut open, and the entire mountain range was instantly razed to the ground, and the eyes were getting closer and closer.

They locked the atmosphere of Mu Yu and the white demon king, and it is hard to lose.

"Old monkey, borrow some blood!"

Mu Yu calmly superimposed his formations in his hands, and the formations were in the void, and the whole void slammed, as if there was a water ripple. He grabbed the wound of the white demon king, rudely detained a pool of blood from the wound of the white demon king, and he also had scarlet blood in his own hands.

"Smelly bastard, the little one almost knocked my ears off, and you gave me a wound to sprinkle salt! I don't know if the old man is hurting for a hundred days? ”The white demon king roared, and was so angry that he was pumped a lot of blood.

"To shut up!"

The pattern in the hands of Mu Yu quickly illusion, the blood in the role of the formation, and soon re-condensed the other two white demon king and his own shadow, even their breath is exactly the same!

"It can only be this way."

In the hands of Mu Yu, there was another poison that was originally deployed from the dead wood, saying that since the cultivation was promoted to the robbery period, he basically rarely used poison again, but there are many poisons that are very useful, such as he used to be the most I like the "streamer" that I use indiscriminately.


The streamer was covered by the gossip pattern, and instantly spurted away from the body. The place where they passed was directly detonated by the powerful patterns. The whole world seemed to be covered with white glare, as if the sun was exploding and swallowed everything.

"Streamer" is a blinding poison that bursts out enough to produce powerful light and poisonous mist. The more powerful it is, the more effective it is. But for the superb comprehension, in the battle, not only rely on the eyes to see people, but more to lock the breath on the other side.

"The worms are small, actually dare to come out and throw people away?"

The temple sneered a sneer. Although he couldn't see Mu Yu for a while, he still knew where the specific location of Mu Yu and Bai Yao Yao Wang was. Normally, he couldn't escape.

However, when the temple and the soul did not want to catch the wood feathers and the white demon king, the two suddenly frowned at the same time, because in their perception, two wood feathers and two whites appeared at this time. Demon King! And already divided into two ways, fleeing in different directions!

"what happened?"

The temple and the soul did not stop, because the streamer limited their sight, they did not notice which is the real body, but two wood feathers two white demon king, their breath is really true!

"Separately chasing!"

When the temple is downright, they will never let these two people escape easily!

Mu Yu does not expect the streamer to flash the two Mahayana people, which is unrealistic, but in the horror of the streamer, he used the array to seal up the blood of himself and the white demon king. For the illusion, turn out two yourself, spread out in different directions, and confuse the two Mahayana periods!

"They are actually separated. Your kid looks very ill. I didn't expect it to be quite smart. Come and come, and squeeze more blood from my wounds, do more, and escape in all directions."When the white demon king looked at it, he only had the broken arm of the temple, and he volunteered to sacrifice more to make a magical array.

"Old monkey, are you brain-dead? If I can do more, can I still only do one? The speed of the magic array over there will soon slow down, and it will be caught up in a while, and then you will understand which one is true. We need to deal with this one. ”

Mu Yu escaped a distance again, then the toes stepped in the void, ripples rippled, and then the power of the field once again covered him.

"You want to be hard with him?"The white demon king said in surprise.

"Less nonsense, help me, don't take this opportunity to kill him, we will be caught up sooner or later!"Mu Yu’s eyes have been shrouded in black and white, and the shadow sword has once again come out.

"Good guy, I like your temper!"The White Demon King quickly helped Mu Yu to lead the power of the field, helping Mu Yu to better control the ability of this field.

The temple sneered: "What? Already have no strength to escape? ”

"If you kill you, you don't need to escape."The light in Mu Yu’s eyes is getting stronger and stronger, and he has gradually recovered a little spiritual power. At this time, he can once again apply the field ability between life and death to his sword. Although he is stubborn, he must fight for it. Otherwise, Escape will die.

"Hurricane, just rely on your spiritual power, even if you have a strange black sword, how? you are too naive! ”

The temple sneered, and the white soul force rolled out again, and shook down toward Mu Yu. UU reading

However, this time, Mu Yu’s eyes did not spur a black death scent. On the contrary, there was an endless white light in his left eye. The white light shrouded the shadow sword, and the shadows rose in the sky. The sword is shrouded in white light, and the whole sword seems to be stronger.

The left eye symbolizes the vitality of life!


The sword light above the sky is swaying with the sword of life. This time, wherever the sword is, everything seems to be becoming more and more prosperous. The leaves that have been swept by the sword have grown directly into one. The vast trees, the sand directly transformed into a giant mountain, everything is growing wildly.

The sword in the sky began to evolve into the purest sword, simple but incomparable!

Tianjian nine cited, ninety-nine one!

The sword slammed into the air and broke the void.

The face of the temple is slightly changed. This sword is more strange than the sword of the past, but his soul beads have already exploded. There are countless rumors in the air. There are countless souls singing in the cymbals, and the sound waves are flying fast. From the hustle and bustle, I suddenly shocked the mountains in front of me with a huge hole that could not be seen!

At this time, Mu Yu’s white sword was cut again.

"Don't be a kid!"

The temple shouted, and the white sound waves gathered in the air, blocking them in front of them, and greeted them with the sword. Those sound waves, after encountering the white sword, turned stronger and stronger, as if they were engulfing the woody feathers, and the white feathers of the wood feathers began to decline.

"Haha! After all, you are not a Mahayana person, you will die! ”

The sound waves of the temple have become extremely solid, and they are wrapped in the sword of the wood feathers in a circle and a circle. The sword of the wood feather is firmly bound, and the sound wave follows the sword of the sky. .


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