1085th Chapter Self-explosion

The White Demon King exclaimed: "Kids, hurry up, his sound waves will smash your soul into pieces."

However, Mu Yu clenched his teeth, and he clenched his sword in his hand. The white light of Tianjian gradually fell, but he seemed to be waiting for something, and the sound of the horror would be rolled onto Mu Yu. When he swallowed him, the smile of the temple suddenly solidified!

After all the sound waves reached a peak, they began to crack, as if the life had been squandered and became disastrous.

Oh! Oh!

The sound waves were all turned into powder, and the whole field of the temple went to the end, and it began to collapse. But at this time, the wooden swordโ€™s sword still has some vitality. It crossed the left arm of the temple and gave his left arm. There was a wound!

"Is it hurting me?"

The temple was furious, and the palm of the hand was shot, and the sword was crushed and crushed. At the same time, the wooden feathers were blown out!

"Isn't this dead?"The White Demon King said with some regrets.

Mu Yu stared at the temple, and the shadow sword in his hand had completely lost his vitality, and there was no end to the momentum.

The temple looked at Mu Yu with resentment. Where would he think that he would be hurt by Mu Yu, even though he was only a small wound, but he had already given him enough humiliation.

Muyu gasped, and the spiritual power in the body had already been consumed to the extreme, and at this time, the breath of another Mahayana period was far and near, and it was coming quickly toward this side.

The soul that was led by him apparently found that he had chased the wrong target and regained it. The situation has become more and more critical!

"Solved, go!"Mu Yu's toes are in the void, and he turns without hesitation.

The white demon king stunned and said: "Resolved? He just broke a wound! What a confusing thing you say! โ€

When the temple saw that Mu Yu actually turned and went, he also sneered: "Do you really think that your sword is so strong…"

However, his words have not been finished, and suddenly his face suddenly changed!

His gaze became extremely horrified, looking at the wound on his arm, like staring at a horrible beast, and suddenly he was shocked: "Damn, what have you done!"

There was only a small wound on the arm of the temple, which was wounded by the sword. But this little wound, actually began to exude a vitality of swords, and poured into the hands of the temple, as if the whole body was boiling up, the soul of the whole body began to run out of control, the skin began to be Swell up.

Itโ€™s like someone who blew a sigh in the temple to keep him completely out of control.

"what is thisโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

Not to mention that it is a temple, even if it is a white demon king, it seems to be a little unexpected, he was surprised to see the gradually expanding temple, but also opened his mouth, suddenly exclaimed: "He wants to blew? Is he stupid? โ€

The breath of the rising violent, it seems that the temple wants to blew itself!

"Day, what are you doing!"

At this time, the soul has no chance to catch up here, just to see the body began to skyrocket, the atmosphere became very turbulent and violent, and I was shocked to stop the temple.

The temple has a big mouth and his face has become extremely horrible. It seems that he suffered tremendous pain. The whole body has become a round ball. The soul has kept flowing and the skin has cracked. The whole personโ€™s pupils are smashed. Itโ€™s huge, and thereโ€™s no way to say it.

"not good!"The soul is shocked and turned away!


A sound of Tongtian explosions opened in the center of the temple Xianwei, huge impact poured out, the whole void as if all torn, the sound is deafening, the fury of the sound so that tens of thousands of of the land is shaking up, all the Demon Beast is destroyed, do not leave any vitality, but also the ground blew up a bottomless giant pit!

A self-destruction of the Mahayana period, the power is beyond imagination!

Mu Yu tried his best to hide far away before the temple blew himself.

But even such a huge tearing force left him and the white demon king to fly out, kneeling on the ground, like a shell, worn for thousands of miles, the entire landscape has been the body of both of them Pulled out a big rift out!


Mu Yu was smashed into the underground of tens of thousands of meters deep. He had no power at all. The white demon king did not know where he was seen. He was unable to see where he was. At this time, Xiaoshuai tried his best to use the spiritual power. Helping the wooden plume blocked the mountain, leaving a little gap in the wood feather.

"I have no strength."

Mu Yu slightly squinted, Rao is his physical fitness is strong, but also has multiple fractures, the whole person has no strength to move the bullet, the body's spiritual power has been squandered, at this time he almost with the last thought Sober.

"The power of self-explosion in the Mahayana period is too great, and this sword can't be used casually."Xiaoshuai firmly grasped the wooden feathers, and struggled to protect the wooden feathers from excavating underground, and quickly rushed out of the ground.

"Oops, you hurt too much."Xiaoshuai looked at Mu Yu anxiously, Mu Yuโ€™s arms were cracked, the sternum was sunken, and the whole body was bloody, like a blood man.

Just Mu Yu will life and death blink in the vitality of the force attached in the day sword injury, when the temple commandant sucked the wood plume days sword injury vitality, also by the Sky sword out a small wound, although the wound is very small, but his left eye power has been submerged in the temple Commandant body, let the temple Gantine's soul force began to become more active, active to the peak, Lian have been unable to control their own soul force, which led to his involuntary explosion, turned into ash fly.

This combination of horrible swordsmanship and the field of life and death is far more powerful than the simple life and death of the eyes. Even the white demon kings have smashed this power during their three Mahayana periods. However, the power of self-destruction during the Mahayana period was terrible, and Mu Yu himself could not escape the scope of self-explosion, and he was seriously injured!

Xiaoshuai began to help Mu Yu to connect the whole body bones, but at this time, the horrible field ability has once again poured into Mu Yu!


"Mu Yu, you are really not simple!"

The figure of the soulless appearance appeared in the sky above the wood feather, the breath has completely locked the wood feather, looking at the wood feathers condescendingly.

His whole body was slightly disorganized, but he quickly calmed down. As a master of the Mahayana period, the temple is full of horror, and the soul of the whole body is extremely horrible, so that the soul has no darkness and eats a dark loss. However, the soul is not the same as that of the Mahayana period. He is only slightly injured, and Mu Yu Has completely lost the ability to act.

"Bastard, how was this locust not killed?"Xiaoshuai gave the wood feathers behind him, glaring at the soul.

"I want to kill me, it is impossible to rely on this power alone. But I have to say that you really make me look at each other. It is not the cultivation of the Mahayana period. It is actually so perfect to use the field ability of the Mahayana period. It is no wonder that our soul people are planted in your hands three times and five times. โ€

The soul looked at the wood feathers inconspicuously, even though the temple was killed in this operation, but the soul is not worthy of any regrets. As far as the soul is not, as long as you can catch the wood feather, then die a temple. It is no big deal.

The soul turned to look into the distance, and then waved a white soul light, and directly blasted another mountain into a flat land. The soul lamp turned out countless tentacles, and the wolf was thrown from the rock pile. The white demon king grabbed it and squatted beside Mu Yu.

"Damn caterpillar, I will kill you one day sooner or later."

The White Demon King also looked extremely hurt. He was originally hit by the ambush. At this time, he was swept by the power of the temple, and he has already gone half a life, but he is a Mahayana period. The injury was not as serious as the wood feather.

"Little bastard, are you okay?"The white demon king sat up hard from the ground and asked eagerly.

"This, this time is really planted."

Mu Yu sighed. He faced two Mahayana periods alone. Even with the help of the White Demon King, he used his life and death in the blink of an eye, but he still couldnโ€™t escape. Even if he could kill the temple, it was because of luck. .

"In order not to let you destroy the plan of our Triple Palace, we have decided to kill you."The soul has no face and looks awkwardly.

The white demon king yelled: "Do you dare to kill him? He is one of the eternal people! When he dies, you can't live! โ€

The soul has no laughter: "The White Demon King, you can rest assured that in order to kill the disciples of the sword shadow, we have done a good job, killing Mu Yu will not let the world collapse, his power will Collected by my soul lamp!"

The soul lamp has floated out of his hand, emitting a holy white mans, as if a lantern dedicated to guiding the gods is awe.


Among the soul lights, one by one, rushed to the wood feathers and rushed to the past.

"you dare!"

The white demon king was furious and jumped forward, blocking in front of Mu Yu.


The white scorpion demon king was directly caught by the soul of the claws, and UU read the book www.uukanshu.com and flew out and fell into the distance.

"Wait to clean up, don't worry too much."

The soul is sneer, and all the souls rejoin together and go towards the wood. Xiaoshuai drunk and dragged down the wooden feathers to retreat, but his speed is not as fast as the Mahayana period, but for a moment, Xiaoshuai also screamed and flew out.

Mu Yu has been caught in the hands of the soul.

The soul is staring at Mu Yu and sneer: "As long as you kill you, I am a great credit. You can rest assured that your brother will come to the ground to find you soon."

Mu Yu looked weakly at the soul, and secretly sighed: "I didn't expect this accident to happen again, but unfortunately, I didn't finish what I wanted to do."

Mu Yu was never afraid of death. He had already prepared for death, but he wanted to finish what he had done before he died, such as resurrecting the old man and saving the master…

The soul lamp spurred out and rushed into the chest of Mu Yu. The pain of tearing the heart suddenly swept through his body. He felt that the whole soul was bitten by thousands of ants, and consciousness has become blurred. It was an unbearable pain, and the soul even had a piece of crack!

Just when he thought he was going to die, a mighty breath from afar, this breath magnificent, like a sun, immediately disperse the pain in the body, and the chaos in his body in this time also began to rotate, into his soul, broken soul in Black-and-white yin and yang, under the role of began to gradually fix up!

"My son, dare you move?"

The voice of anger is like a torrent of thunder, the scent of the vicissitudes of life is rolling, and the soul is directly blasted out!

Mu Yu slammed, and his original dying consciousness was awakened by this sound at this time!

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