1088th Chapter: 1 without All

"I always wanted you to live for yourself."

The sound of Mu Yu became very hoarse and his mood was very low. After the punch, his whole person seemed to have broken all the hopes by himself.

The dead wood has been silent for a long time before responding: "Everyone has his own way of living."

"So your living method is to sacrifice yourself to live for others at all times? You do not want to take away the Yundan Siber of the masters of the Dan Ding faction, is clearly a alchemy genius, but to learn everyone to avoid and far from the poison, make himself unpopular, become the owner of the market ding and not willing to take away the chaos of yin and Yang, like Mrs. Song and silently quit, for her to save my master, to the end even their own life to go out, What in the world do you get in return? No one knows you, you have nothing! Nothing! โ€

The stubborn and good-faced person has always lived for others. He has never lived for himself. When he lives in the misunderstanding of others, even death is so worthless. No one knows what he did. No one knows who he is.

No one knows him except Mu Yu.

Mu Yu feels worthless for dead wood. He always wants to let the dead wood live again, and live for himself once, not to move to others.

What does that life mean?

Withered wood looking at the wooden feather lying on the ground, he moved his lips, his eyes flashed to satisfy the gratifying light, without any regrets and regrets: "I don't have nothing, I have a son."

It is his son who is lying on the ground and getting angry.

The wood feathers glimpsed a little, his breathing became a little rush, as if something had caught his throat and made him speechless.

Have a son.

This sentence is like a giant hand, and the mountain that has been suppressed for a long time at the bottom of the wooden feathers is opened, so that the inexplicable temper of the wooden feather chest gradually dissipates. It seems that a beam of sunlight shines into his heart and dispels his haze. The lost power slowly returned to him, and the dry chest was again drummed up.

Some strange emotions came to my heart, and Mu Yuโ€™s eyes became awkward.

"How do people see me?" All I care about is the vision of my son. He knows me, it is enough. โ€

Looking at Mu Yu as a dead wood, like talking to himself, is like explaining a fact.

The emotions of dead wood are always so simple, so simple and so deep, so simple that Mu Yu can't refute.

Mu Yu lay on the ground, looking at the inscription on the open space, pretending to put all his attention on it, he could feel his heartbeat, so real, he felt that life had a new weight for the first time. It turns out that life can flow like this, flowing in a strange form in the body of Mu Yu.

Between them, life seems to be more than just life, but has become another precious thing.

He didn't talk anymore, instead he was thinking about what life is.

What is it for people to live? What is the difference between life and death? In what way does the dead person live in the world? Are those who are alive lose their principles and die long ago?

He didn't like to kill his life before, and he liked the prosperity of life. But after he walked out of the Moyun Mountain Range, he learned to kill people. He had countless lives in his hands, and he personally buried the people in Dongsha City.

When his hands were covered with blood, life became insignificant to him, and he could not hesitate to take away those damn people.

However, in the face of his own life, he can't always let go. He knows that his life is not just his own, so he has to return it to that person.

The realm of comprehension is full of intrigues, and the comprehensible can be worthy of a magic weapon, no matter whether it is family or friendship, they donโ€™t hesitate to kill their own brothers, kill their own masters, kill their own. partnerโ€ฆโ€ฆ

These have all been seen by him, like the Yanghua and his disciples of the Jiuhua School, who are ruthless with the spirits of the beast and the beast. The Dan Ding Schoolโ€™s time to use his apprentice Xu Zi page as a tool for revenge.

When you use it, discard it; in Wuqiucheng, in order to collect the soul points in exchange for the stun sword, Zhang Qian, a brother of the brothers, wants to kill his younger brother Wen Li; the owner of the Golden Wolf Valley is going to worship the heavens. After dying his brother and master, Meng Po killed his husband for his twins…

To kill people for the sake of benefit is the normal state of the realm of cultivation.

However, there are still people who work hard for life in the realm of comprehension. They want to make life more meaningful.

Looking for a deacon to help the gray disciples no longer be abused to risk dying; The nameless swordsman broke the sword for the beloved woman willing to pay her own heart; Lu first is willing to use his life for the sins of sin, for the family finally put down the dignity of the Mutiang, for the sea Demon King and willing to sacrifice their old turtle and deer boss , for the sake of righteousness and not willing to yield to the cloud Dan Taoist, in order to guard the monk willing to endure humiliation drug master, not willing to betray the Xuan Zhengdong, Shing of the old town of the main Wo Jing long;

It is like burning your own life to save him.

It is like a dead wood that has always lived for others and sent out its own life.

Just like to protect the world that you like, you sacrificed the sky and the dust of the sword.

What is life in the end, Mu Yu has always wondered, he can feel the flow of life, but can not penetrate the life. When his life in his body became heavy, he could not give up.

He didn't want to understand, obviously he knew a lot about the strange old man in front of him, but he just didn't understand.

What is life in the end?

What is the purpose of the comprehension with a limited life to cultivate the immortal?

Just to be strong? Or to explore the breadth of life?

The length of human life is almost the same, more or less so many decades, but the same length of life, the width is different. Some people's lives are as thin as a line. They are narrow in life. Nothing can be left after death. Some people can live as wide as the sea. They can live forever, and the things that can be left are like the tides.

Itโ€™s life to live a life for yourself.

Living for others at all times is also life.

Mu Yu looked at the inscription on the open space, and the dead wood looked at him silently.

"you are important to me."The dead wood broke the silence and reluctantly said.

Mu Yu closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"I am not a responsible old man, but no old man is willing to lose his life."Deadwood road.

"what about me? Should I watch Laos live like this? โ€Mu Yu asked in a low voice.

"Your life is more important than me."

Mu Yu said coldly: "You look at yourself so much?" You are also a rare genius in the world. Whether it is a battle, a Dan Dao, a poisonous Tao, everything is proficient. If you live, how can the White World act unscrupulously? โ€

"The white world is jealous of me, but he knows me and knows how to deal with me. You are different, he does not know you, you have an advantage, you have life and death, you are also the eternal life, the sky sword and the array, and the field of the Lord of the Lord, you can bring him unexpected blows. โ€The dead wood is simple.

For a long while, the dead wood said: "In order to protect the world guarded by your master, you must also live."

Mu Yu clenched his fist.

"Why must I guard this world?"

"Because Feng Haochen gave this to you."Deadwood road.

Mu Yu sat back again, biting his teeth, and his thoughts were chaotic. Master wants to protect the entire triple heaven. For everyone in the triple heaven, Master can make any sacrifices, repairs and lives.

Can Mu Yu do not want to.

Mu Yu never thinks how great he is. He is just a person. Now he has a strong ability. He is still a person after all. He has not annihilated his own feelings and emotions.

In the realm of comprehension, the people are sinister and sinister. When he came out from the dusty mountain, he thought that he would inherit the masterโ€™s will to protect the realm of cultivation and become the so-called savior. But when he saw the ugly side of the comprehension, he was tired, he found Not everyone is worth saving.

Especially when the comprehension began to smash the sword dust, Mu Yu was angry. Master made great sacrifices for this world, never did things that I am sorry for, but what did I get in the end? Hey, smashed, destroyed his statue, shouted and killed his apprentice.

How can the Mie Palace be sinister and sinister? UU reading www.uukanshu.com This is not an excuse for the self-cultivator to smash the sword dust. As long as it is a little bit of a brain, it will not doubt the true God with just a few words.

Is it true that Master is trying to protect this kind of stupid greedy person who is afraid of death and ungratefulness?

If it is, then Mu Yu can't do it.

He can go to the fire and the fire for the people he cares about, and he does not care if he pays his own life. He is not afraid of death. He can risk his life to protect the family of Clearwater City, protect the relatives of Fallout Mountain, protect the villagers in the water village, protect Choshe and calm, protect the old, Lu First Division, Yundan Taoist, medicine master, Zhuge born those people, protect and he has nothing to do with the Xuan Zhengdong and the old town, protect the fear of death of the small dawn and small green sails.

He can fight to protect these people and kill.

But he will never blindly die for those selfish and stupid comprehensions.

"I don't want to guard the world."

Mu Yu clenched his fist.

Dead wood just looked at Mu Yu, he understood Mu Yu, understand what Mu Yu is thinking, Dongsha City, the dead wood is also clear. Even if the killing power affects Mu Yu, so that he can't distinguish between right and wrong, and loses his own judgment, Mu Yu still tries to maintain the last reason, let the old man of the deep and righteous decide for him, the old city mainly saves the whole city, he will Go to save.

Wood Yu, who was unable to control the killing power at that time, only hoped that he would not do the wrong thing.

If it wasnโ€™t for the people of Dongsha City who killed the Old City Lord and became the last straw on the crushed camel, Dongsha City would not be destroyed by Mu Yu.

Now Mu Yu suppresses the killing power, but he has already seen the nature of the comprehension. It is difficult to let the wooden feathers put down the prejudice to save everyone.

He does not expect his life to be as vast and vast as the Master. He only wants to make his life live to understand something, nothing more.

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