Chapter 1089: Cultivation

A soul is sitting, a person lying down, not knowing how long it has been in the past, so silently silent.

Under the leadership of Xiaoshuai, Dahei and Dabai played with Xiaobaixiaobai and ran in the air cheerfully. Xiaoxiao’s laughter was very crisp, and the dull atmosphere had a hint of life.

Mu Yu turned the topic away: "Yun Dan Shibo, do they know what you are waking up?"

The dead wood shook his head: "They still don't know."


"I have been recovering since I woke up, and I didn't have time to tell them. If it is not my chaotic yin and yang that senses your chaotic yin and yang, and find that you are in danger, I should still be in retreat now. ”

"Your soul will not have another accident, right?"Mu Yu asked.

"Opening the market is the rely of my soul to live, it is in me."Deadwood road.

"Isn't that saying that you are bound by freedom?"

"There must be a loss."

"Can you control the opening of the Ding Ding party?"

"I won't let Kai Ding leave the Dan Ding."

Mu Yu is silent. Kai Ding is the treasure that Dan Ding sent down to protect the entire Dan Ding faction. For thousands of years, dead wood is the last master of the open market. The open market is controlled by the dead wood at any time. As long as the dead wood is willing, he can go to any place with the opening of the market, but the dead wood will not do this. He always thinks that the opening of the market is a treasure of the Danding, not his personal.

"Even if Triple Sky is played by the people of the Soul?"Mu Yu asked again.

"You have to settle these things."Said the dead wood.

Mu Yu silently.

"What about the white demon king? Have you saved him? ”


Mu Yu nodded and looked at the soul of the dead wood, and he couldn’t get angry again. Even if he knew that the dead wood would only live in this form, even if he was very upset, but he could do this kind of thing. It is the person who is called Evergreen Evergreen, and only this person can do this kind of thing.

This thing seems natural.

His heart calmed down and the sorrow in his heart had dispersed.

Mu Yu tried to squeeze out a smile. He didn't want to entangle the whole thing. He let himself regain his former cynicism and asked: "Are you proud of me?"


Mu Yu sighed and never wanted to get a positive compliment from this old man's mouth.


The resurrection of dead wood, there are many questions in the heart of Mu Yu to know, he thought of some things, and asked: "Daddy, what is the world crack in the end? Is there a world crack under your valley? ”

The dead wood is amazed: "Do you even figure this out?"

"I have been to the burial valley of the Moyun Mountain Range. I have been to an abyss over the sea. The great abyss of the Yaozu have also passed. You are all clear. Later I went to the bottom of the ghost gate. You should not know about this. The grandfather of the village sketched eight places on the map, one of which is the valley where you are."Mu Yu said what happened after he left the Dan Ding faction this time, and even said his own findings.

The dead wood nodded: "This array is very powerful. It is not a weaker approach to the imperial prison. The wind and dust are laid out by the hands of the wind, guarding the entire triple continent, so that the aliens will be greatly restricted in the triple-day action. You guessed it right, there is indeed a seal under the valley, but I was sealed there. The crack in the southern fifty-liyuan was sealed by evil spirits. The crack of the Yaozu was sealed by the Qinglong demon king. The white circles are not clear about these places. Even if found, at least the three places I mentioned are safe. ”

"That is the location of the Taiji and the sects in the Taiji yin and yang position of this formation. Why?"Mu Yu asked again.

The dead wood said: "The opening of the market and the temple are the eyes of this guardian. This is why I can't let the Ding Ding leave the Dan Ding, and you can't let the temple leave the battle."

Mu Yu had never known that the temple was actually a three-day guardian of the big array.

"Then should I go to the remaining two places to see?"Mu Yu asked.

"The immediate priority for you is to realize your own field ability and become a Mahayana period."Said the dead wood.

Those who have not become a Mahayana period are hard to find benefits in front of the souls of the masters.

"You will help me, right?"Mu Yu asked the chaotic yin and yang.

"I will create time for you to cultivate, but you will realize the power of the field, based on your personal understanding."

The dead wood hand a wave, four chaos Yin and Yang suddenly all jumped down, he was in control of the hand, kept spinning and chasing: "Also, you have not really learned Chaos Yin and Yang control method, Chaos Yin and Yang followed you are completely waste, if you know how to control the chaos of yin and Yang, face the ghost door and those Dragon clan, It's just a matter of squeezing the dead! Ximen unfortunately and I am afraid that it is several times stronger than you, you must study the use of chaotic yin and yang. ”

Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders helplessly. He had just told the unfortunate and embarrassing things of Ximen to the dead wood, but they both had at least some evil and not pointing at them. But Mu Yu did not even point out how he used chaotic yin and yang.

Right now there is a connoisseur who knows the goods, Mu Yu quickly said: "Then you also told me how to fully play the power of chaotic yin and yang! You must not have the heart to let your son go out and give you a face? ”

"Humph."The dead wood snorted.

Mu Yu was the consent of this.


Above the white clouds, a waterfall falls from the sky, like pouring from a crack in the sky.Come out in general, fall on the clouds, and it will sound crisp. There are birds flying around the waterfall, the sound of birds singing one after another, the breeze smashing, the clouds are slowly floating.

The big black, white, black, white and white guys have already got into the body of Mu Yu. With the help of dead wood, Chaoyang Yinyang quickly constructed a strange space in the wood feather body.

The waterfall above the nine-day sky is like a sudden stop. The water splashes in the clouds and splashes into the air, like some strange power to settle. Half of the wind seems to disappear too,

The floating clouds are no longer moving, and the birds are also parked in midair, still retaining their wings.

"The power to display chaos and yin and yang needs to be balanced with a mentality. When you first comprehend the inscriptions on the eighty-one, you should know what balance means. The world is composed of balance, with spiritual power as a medium, and fusion. To perfect balance…"

The sound of dead wood echoed around the wood feather, teaching him how to master the power of chaotic yin and yang.

Mu Yu carefully perceives the peaceful power uploaded by the chaotic yin and yang body. He also used chaotic yin and yang many times, but almost never used the power of chaotic yin and yang. Deadwood said that every time he used the power of chaotic yin and yang, he almost stayed on the surface, without deep contact with the mystery of chaotic yin and yang.

The dead wood did not explain too much to Mu Yu. What he could do was to guide the introduction of the wood feathers. The rest of the wood feathers should be learned in their own way.

When the dead wood mastered the chaotic yin and yang, there was a method guide passed down by the Dan Ding faction, so he knew how to do it correctly, and Wu Yu did not have any guidance after getting chaotic yin and yang.

At the time of obtaining the approval of the temple, the temple did not have the cultivation method left by the predecessors. Even if the heavens and the roads did not get the chaotic yin and yang, the chaotic yin and yang had not used much in the vicinity of Muyu.

Chaos, Yin and yang is the purest balance in the world, all this is very similar to the power of the Dengbal, and the dead grass also has the anger and the strength to transform his psionic power into a terrible and dangerous black and white power, his own body is like a big kill, once out of control, will cause unpredictable consequences, So he has never been able to easily break the balance of the spirit of black and white in the body.

As the dead wood said, the world can exist because of balance, just like the strong "life and death in the blink of an eye", but also the strength of life and death as a murder, the domain ability of the sentence is also a balance.

Losing balance will have extremely serious consequences, just like the five elements of each person's body. The five elements must reach a certain amount to make people survive. The closer the five lines of the body are to balance, the longer the life of the person will be. When the perfect five-line balance is reached. In the state, you can make the body of eternal life.

When the five elements are seriously lacking, they will not be able to survive. Just like the wooden plume, the five elements belong to the wood shortage. It is a person who is destined to marry early, but it is just luck to let him survive.

To control the chaotic yin and yang, to understand the balance is the most critical.

"What is the way to balance? A kind of mentality that does not make things happy or not? Or it is a matter of doing things, UU reading www. is not shocked? ”

Mu Yu meditates, the body unconsciously runs out of the dust, the heart of the dust is a kind of quiet, moving in the static, moving to comprehend a kind of tranquility, this is also a balance. Master often teaches them to do things with the heart, as long as they have a clear conscience, then it is correct to kill.

Is it a balance?

The black and white spirits are slowly running in the wood feather body, and the dusty heart pulls the black and white spirit to chase the strange balance. The heart of the wood feather becomes very quiet. He seems to catch something, but But it was a bit worse.

Everything in the world is alive and well, there is no absolute power, and there is no absolute weak. This is also a kind of balance in the world.

The balance of chaos and yin and yang is surrounded by wood feathers. He thinks of life and death in the blink of an eye. This is a strange ability, but the use of wood feathers is extremely restrictive. It is the man who wants to use the power of life and death and the people of the Mahayana period. It’s hard to take advantage of it, because it’s hard to hit others in the blink of an eye.

However, in the use of the indestructible characteristics of Tianjian, Mu Yu draws the power between life and death to the sword of the sky, combined with his sword method, and exerts the ability of this field to another level. Even the sentence does not think that his field ability can still Use this way.

Mu Yu can use the Tianjian and life and death to kill the temple. The most important thing is that the Tianjian, for any magic weapon, is difficult to control the power of life and death, and will inevitably be destroyed by life and death. However, the Tianjian will not, this sword is too strong, coupled with the unparalleled swordsmanship of Tianjian Jiu, which makes Mu Yu play the best in the field of life and death.

While Mu Yu cultivated and felt the balance, the whole person has completely fallen into the state of cultivation.

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