Chapter 1090: Secrets of the Wilderness

The dead wood looked at Mu Yu has already settled, and my heart is also inexplicably relieved. He knows that Mu Yu needs time now. What he can do is to ensure that other people do not interfere with Mu Yu.

Then he turned and left the open market, and then appeared in front of the white demon king.

The White Demon King is in a closed array of the Ding Ding in the ancient transmission array, just like the Tibetan Dynasties of the Dan Ding School. Apart from the dead wood, Dan Ding sent no one knows that there is still this place. The Danding Schoolโ€™s ancient transmission array knows more than anyone.

The whole body wound of the White Demon King has healed, but the whole person is very weak. Obviously this time he was greatly traumatized and has not fully recovered.

Mu Yu is in the help of dead wood plus the extremely powerful resilience of the wood feather itself, and soon wakes up, but also the dragon and the living tiger, but the white demon king is different, although it is the old demon king, but in the special bond of the soul family Soul, not so easy to recover.

The white demon king opened his eyes and looked at the dead wood: "I recognize you, you are the dead wood, the old man who has been talking about the kid."

The dead wood snorted: "Because you almost killed Mu Yu, you can't blame."

The white demon kingโ€™s face was soaked and said: โ€œHow is he? Is it okay? โ€

"If he has an accident, I promise you will never come out in the seal."The dead wood said indifferently.

The white demon king stood up and stared angrily at the dead wood: "Are you threatening me?"


Dead wood is not welcome to speak to the White Demon King. Although he is only a soul now, he can already display his field ability with the help of Kai Ding, and he has a powerful array of techniques. Want to seal the white demon king is not simply to play.


The most disliked character of the arrogant character of the White Demon King is being threatened, but it is undeniable that Evergreen Evergreen is a strong person who has been shackled by the world. He has the conviction to say this. If the dead wood directly seals the white demon king with the power of the open market, the injured white demon king has no way at all.

The white demon king stared at the dead wood, but originally wanted to swear, but eventually he sat down again and reluctantly said: "He is fine, this is my fault, I don't want to argue."

"You demon people now have four demon kings, and you are alone to meet the demon king, don't you feel funny?" Nine eternal people are now in the hands of the White World, are you the demon people so unbearable? โ€Said the dead wood.

The white demon king frowned, and he did not like the tone of the dead wood: "The way you talk is very similar to the kid, it is annoying."

"It doesn't matter to you."Dead wood does not seem to see the white demon king.

"How is it? Qiao Xue is my niece. Do you have any relationship with me? โ€The White Demon King said with some ridiculous words, "If you are the old bastard, you will be the father of Qiao Xue in the future. Are we still a family member in the future?"

The dead wood was startled, and the name of the in-laws made him feel a little strange, he had rarely thought of himself as a father, and suddenly realized that he had become a wooden plume, as if he really had to face the problem, then looked like a lot of relief, then think of the calm, said: "You are less set near, Mu Yu like who is his business, and you have nothing to do. โ€

The white demon king said with a bad intention: "I heard that you and the sword shadow dust can not come, let me think, Mu Yu also likes the daughter of the sword shadow dust, are you willing to be the father of the sword and dust in the future? ? I think it is wise for you to help Mu Yu make a choice. I speak better than the sword. โ€

The face of the dead wood became very dark. He never thought about this problem. He had seen the sword and the dusty winds from being pleasing to the eye. Suddenly, the white demon king had no words and no words. It was undoubtedly a fuel on the fire.

But the dead wood quickly calmed down and said: "The two girls are good, but whether it is the sword shadow or you, I am disgusted. You don't want to open the topic, I ask you, what are your Yaozu planning? โ€

"Planning? What can we plan for? โ€The white demon king said disdainfully.

The dead wood said coldly: "Mu Yu, he doesn't know the previous things, can't see it, do you think I can't see it? At the beginning, he had been to your Yaozu, whether it was the poisonous fog of the ruins, or some strange atmosphere there. It was very abnormal. Although I didn't have the ability to act at the time, I still knew a lot of things. You gave me less garlic. โ€

The White Demon King really looked a little surprised this time: "You were only a soul at the time can you see it?"

The White Demon King does not know that the consciousness of the dead wood in the fixed soul array is also sober.

The dead wood asked coldly: "Do you want to do that again?" Fighting the seal of the ruins? โ€

The face of the white demon king changed slightly, and this took up the sly look and became very dignified: "What is it?" This is always something that someone has to do. We just don't want to live so badly. โ€

"You are doing this blindly, without head and brain, and are destined to fail."The dead wood said faintly.

"is it? That may not be. โ€In the eyes of the white demon king, there is a high spirit of fighting spirit.

"Even the souls of the three Mahayana periods can make you like this, are you still doing what you want to do?"The dead wood said coldly.

The white demon kingโ€™s face rose red and angered: โ€œIโ€™m just too big, itโ€™s the way they use the next three…โ€

"They can use the next three methods to stumble you, and respond positively. How many odds can you have? Tiangan demon king can't keep it, dare to scream with others? How much power do you have now? How much has your repair been restored? โ€

The white demon king was said to be dumb by the words of the dead wood. He yelled: "If it wasnโ€™t for the shadow of the sword, I sealed it for thousands of years, and it wiped out my cultivation. I have not recovered yet. Come back, can I be so embarrassed? Before I changed it, even if the three dams used the locusts, how many of them could not hurt me, I can play him in the white world! โ€

The dead wood sarcasm said: "You also know that it is before, then what do you rely on now?"

The white demon king looked irritated and shouted: "Then you haven't done anything, and why do you tell me what to do?"

"I just warned you that you Yaozu people want to find death, I can't control it, but don't put the whole three heavens in an injustice. Do you still don't understand the strange diseases that appear on the edge of the ruins? โ€Dead wood cold channel.

The white demon king was shocked: "Wait, you are talking about the strange diseases of the demon people in the morning valley, and this is related to this matter?"

There are some strange diseases in the demon people in Chennai Valley. This disease is actually not serious. When sleeping at night, some strange parts appear in some parts of the body. Some people will be controlled and do not control themselves. Something that is incredible.

At that time, the old doctor of Chennaogu had consulted with Mu Yu, but because the condition was very unique, Mu Yu could not be diagnosed. In addition, when the attack occurred, people would wake up, and when they woke up, nothing would happen, so This matter will not be there.

However, the dead wood in the soul of the soul was clearly known about this matter, and also understood what the disease of the Yao people meant.

"Their diseases are related to this matter?"The White Demon King asked in amazement.

"Where are the ruins, we all know that the ruins of the ruins will be able to torture your Yao people so badly. Do you want to start with the ruins? Do you think that the heavenly person will allow you to do this? โ€The dead wood said in a flash.

The face of the white demon king was uncertain, and he did not expect that the dead wood was just a damaged soul. He even saw so many things. The demon people's strange disease even did not care about several demon kings, they always thought that this matter does not matter.

He seemed a little anxious and said: "What do you mean by saying, the guy on the side of the wilderness, ready to cross the ruins to come to us? But the wild venom is deadly to them! โ€

"So they will target the demon! Occupy their souls, control them, and cross the barriers of the ruins in another way! Now it is only in the stage of encroachment, UU reading will not stop, the situation will be more serious, when it will be out of control, your demon king regrets too late! โ€Said the dead wood.

The white demon king recalled something, his face has sunk: "How could this be? The strange disease in the morning valley is actually caused by this? We didn't expect this. We thought that this time was enough to be careful not to be seized by the heavens. โ€

"The Heavenly Man sent the Souls to come here, and the Souls are enough to hurt the Gods. You Yaozu people don't pay attention to the white world, they are still trying to plan, and then stop, and the trouble to be solved. Itโ€™s not just as simple as the Mie Palace!โ€Said the dead wood.

The white demon king is undecided. He thought for a long time and said: "I will go back to Qinglong and say clearly, we have neglected the details. But how do you see that the diseases of the people in the morning valley are related to this? โ€

The dead wood was silent for a moment, and it took a long time to say slowly: "I have been to the other side of the ruins."

The ruins, a place full of yellow poisonous fog, let the demon people feel sorrowful, not too close, but did not expect the dead wood actually went to the ruins!

The white demon king looked thoughtfully at the dead wood: "There is no life, your field!" I understand! The sinister poison is not worth mentioning in front of you. It turns out that it is like this. Sure enough, everyone is scorning you. It is really rare for the Terran to appear like you! No wonder swords and dust will be so optimistic about you, but unfortunately others in the real world do not appreciate your geeks, it is their loss. โ€

"You don't use me to compliment me. I don't need others to appreciate anything. You should understand what you want to do!"Dead wood said without sadness.

"So, is there a way to solve this disease of our Yao people?"


"How to do it?"

"Stop."The dead wood simply replies back.

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