Chapter 1091: My Field

Chaos yin and yang.

Mu Yu practiced in the sleepless night, he has forgotten the time, the time seems to be slowed down, the two chaotic yin and yang are intertwined, and the special effects produced make Mu Yu have more cultivation time.

The battle of the fairy tales of the immortal monument will soon be opened, and he must upgrade the cultivating as soon as possible.

Mu Yu doesn't know how long he has been practicing. It may be a month, maybe two months, but it doesn't matter to him, because the time here is different from the outside. He only knows that he has been repaired. It has reached the nine days of the robbery, and now it is only a step away from the Mahayana period.

"From the robbery period to the Mahayana period, we need to understand the rules of heaven. There are thousands of laws and regulations in the heavens. Every rule is difficult to understand. Every thousand weak waters take a spurt, choose the ones that understand the deepest, and carefully refine For your own use, it is the ability of the field."

Mu Yu carefully pondered the words of the dead wood and his words, and his understanding of the rules of heaven is still very abstract. He does not know what kind of rules are right for himself. No matter what it is, it is inevitable that it exists in this world and is bound by the rules of the frame.

It is like an unfathomable river that can block people's way. For mortals, if you want to cross the river, you must build a bridge or detour. This is a rule. The comprehensible knows how to use the technique, they learn the skills of the sword flying, so there is no need to bypass, do not need to build a bridge, fly directly.

Their abilities are above the mortals and can not be bound by the rules of mortals.

The people in the Mahayana period are at the top of the comprehension world. The ordinary self-cultivators also have various restraints, and the people in the Mahayana period have realized their own domain abilities in a certain way, so that they will not be bound by the rules. live.

Mu Yu analyzes the capabilities of the field he has seen so far and wants to come up with similar points from their fields.

The body of the White Demon King is a powerful ape monkey, and his field ability is related to his own strength. The power of the Star River, in his field, his power is endless, no one dares to fight with him, because he can control all the power precisely, for the white demon king who understands the rules of power, he The power is better than others.

The king of the sea demon, the king of the sea, is the king who lives in the sea. His ability in the field is called the ups and downs of my Lord. In his field, everyone is like being in a deep and floating sea, and his actions are greatly restricted.

As the most proud dragon, the Qinglong demon king thinks that it is extremely noble and can reach the point where no one is in the eyes. Therefore, his field is unique and can make people dare not fight against it, because in his field, he is the only god, other People only have a bow.

The body of the phoenix demon king is a fire phoenix. The fire phoenix has a strong regenerative ability, so she can rejuvenate her life. In her bathing nibble, she can achieve perfect immortality, as long as the other person repairs it is not high. For her, it is too difficult to kill her.

The domain of Xuanjizi’s real person is called Wanfa, and his domain rule is to put everything in a certain state. In his field, he can guarantee that everyone will not die and the soul will not die. When the law returns to the extreme, it can even transform the field of others into the initial state, just like the powerful field of the Siren King has suffered a dark loss in the face of returning to the law.

Dead wood studies powerful poisoning techniques, and knows profoundly about the world's strange poison. He knows all toxicology, because in his field, all people will be eroded by poisonous fog, even if spiritual power will be infected by poisonous fog. Without the physique of Mu Yu, it is impossible to stop the poisonous fog.

The field of Miegong people is a bit inferior to these people, but it should not be underestimated, because they have realized their own way in a certain rule, just like the madness of the temple. Within the field, the attack of seven big snakes is everywhere.

Everyone’s field ability is related to his own skills, so Mu Yu wants to understand his own rules.

He must determine one thing: Where is his alienation?

"What am I good at?"

Mu Yu said to himself.

"Thickness?"Xiaoshuai ran in and said.

Mu Yu can't laugh and cry: "Little handsome, is this your characteristic? If you can cultivate, is the understanding realized in the future narcissistic and greedy? In your field ability, everyone becomes narcissistic and greedy, or you become invulnerable? ”

"I don't have to go into the field without the ability of the field!" Not only that, but I am still invincible! ”Xiaoshuai popped a thin claw like a flap, and this little paw never had anything he couldn't cut.

"Then you talk about my characteristics, give me a reference."Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders and said.

Xiaoshuai carefully licked his finger and said: "I think about it! I like to slap flowers, often threaten me with small inks, sometimes limit my food, make me hungry, like to do things, and take a big scorpion when I am still moving, although it is quite fun…I am not handsome, my skin is not thick, and I don’t like eating as much as I do. What is the meaning of living?…"

Mu Yu knocked on Xiao Shuai’s head: "Is this the meaning of living with you?"

"if not? Is there something more important than eating? ”Xiaoshuai said dissatisfied.

"Then I have no advantage?"


Xiaoshuai thought for a long time and said: "You don't snoring at night."

"anything else?"

"The hair is very dense."

"anything else?"

"The palm print of your right hand is particularly good-looking. The old god stick says that your palm print means that you are rich and rich, and my palm prints represent the food and clothing, and we have a pair of swords."Xiaoshuai extended his small hand to show Mu Yu, and his hand has a palm print.

“Is this an advantage?”

"Well, there is also a full house in you, Yintang Shenan, but the eyebrows are…Eyebrows…The eyebrows are too thick, and the old gods say that you are a man and a dragon, but it is a rough life. ”

"What kind of ghost is the eyebrows too thick? Where is my eyebrows thick? Do you want to say that the eyebrows are pretty, but just in the middle of it? ”

"Right right, the old god stick says so, how do you know."

"Because the grandfather of the village has told me very early, he taught me face to face when he was a child. I have never believed in this set."

Mu Yu rudely licked Xiao Shuai’s head and was completely defeated by Xiaoshuai. It is impossible to expect Xiaoshuai, but he himself is not good at saying what advantages he has.

"Oh yes, you have a lot of ghosts."

"That is agile thinking!"

Perhaps the only advantage of Mu Yu is that the brain is more flexible than others. The analysis of things is always one step faster than others. For example, in understanding the operation of the temple ladder, he is the best person so far, and he can also rely on a powerful deduction. Ability to cope with anything, including the ability to deal with the Mahayana field.

When Mu Yu’s eyes are bright, his outstanding ability lies in his thinking. Isn’t this his advantage?

The most powerful place for Mu Yu is his ability to push. When studying the array, many complicated arrays will be easily cracked in front of him. In the demon island, he is relying on the real tower of the town. Strong deductive ability to deal with ghosts.

So can this powerful cracking ability become his field?

There are various rules between heaven and earth, but the more powerful rules will have more powerful means to break. The masters of the Mahayana period can realize a domain rule, but the rules of this field can also be cracked. Just like in the casino, Mu Yu relies on powerful deductive ability to forcibly crack the field of the temple.

Mu Yu meditates, all things have rules, mastering one of these rules, you can refine and become your own field, then master a method of cracking, specifically to crack other areas, this is also a rule.

If you can realize this field, then he will have an absolute opportunity in the face of the Mahayana period!

Mu Yu was once again immersed in meditation. When he reached the nine days of the robbery, he could already realize the silky rules of heaven. Everything seemed so small in front of the heavens, but he could not touch it. To reach, Tiandao is clearly close to him, but far away from the horizon.

He must think of breaking the barriers.


Xiaoshuai yawned out of the chaotic yin and yang, and the space created by chaotic yin and yang did not hinder him at all.

"What does he think?"Asked the dead wood.

Xiaoshuai shook his head: "He said that his brain is smart, UU reading is going to deduct all the rules to create their own field."

"He wants to deduct all the rules?"

The dead wood looks at the wood feather outside the open market. He knows that Mu Yu has a very strong talent. When he is practicing normally, there is no bottleneck for him, but the more he achieves the high level of cultivation, the talent is not only the focus. There is also heart and understanding, and Mu Yu is also a leader in these two points.

But the law of destruction is extremely difficult, and ordinary people simply can't grasp it because it needs to know a lot about the rules of heaven. However, there are thousands of rules in Heaven. It is extremely rare to be familiar with one of the usual Mahayana periods. It is almost impossible to understand all of them.

Dead wood frowned: "It is unrealistic to comprehend that field."

"I don't know, anyway, he thinks he can try it."Xiaoshuai said indifferently.

"This is impossible to achieve, it will only waste time."

The dead wood walked toward the chaotic yin and yang, he must go to discourage Mu Yu, and tell Mu Yu how powerful the heavens are, not to spend time to be able to perform.

But when he was halfway through, the chaotic yin and yang suddenly gave off a strange wave, and his face sank and did not go any further.

"The big black and white said that Mu Yu has entered a very strict state, and if you interrupt it, you will hurt Mu Yu."Xiaoshuai explained.

"I know the meaning of big black and white."After all, dead wood is the master of the big black and white.

For the chaotic yin and yang of Xiaoshuai's self-promotional Zhang, he named it Big Black and White, and the dead wood chose the default and did not refute anything.

There are some concerns in the heart of the dead wood. At this time, Mu Yu has begun to try to communicate the rules of the heavens. If interrupted at this time, the consciousness of Mu Yu will be traumatized, but if it is not stopped, Mu Yu will go all the way to deduct all The rules will only be useless.

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