Chapter 1092: Heaven and Rules

If it is normal, the dead wood may let Mu Yu experience the failure and have a long memory, but the current situation is obviously not a long-term memory, because the heavens are very complicated, and it takes a long time to comprehend a rule. If Mu Yu wants To deduct all the rules, it will undoubtedly take more time.

"You didn't tell him the consequences?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

The dead wood shook his head: "I need to rely on myself to realize the ability of the field. I didn't think he would try this way at first."

But now that I have no time to say anything, Mu Yu has gone the wrong way. When he finds it is too late, it is too late. In a few days, the battle of Xuanxian, the monument of immortality, will begin. Mu Yu is very strong in front of the powerful souls. Difficult to get the benefits.

"What are you going to do?" Would you like me to go in and find him? โ€Xiaoshuai asked.

The dead wood pondered for a long time, and then waved, the field ability was desperate to roll out, and it was integrated into the chaotic yin and yang. The green poisonous mist was mixed in, and it quickly spread out and wrapped the wood feather.

"what? Do you want to poison the wood feather? Tiger poison is not a child! โ€Xiaoshuai was shocked.

The dead wood snorted with disdain: "If you are poisonous, you will have nothing to do with him."

Deadwood uses his own field to bless Mu Yu, let Mu Yu use his field as a prototype to deduct, so that he can understand how difficult it is to comprehend a field, let alone to push other rules.


Among the halls of Dan, the Yundan Taoist people are discussing the Danding faction with He Liankong. Nowadays, the real world is turbulent and uneasy. Although the Danding School has closed the mountain gate, it still needs to know the movement of the realm.

"Old ancestors, there was news from the sect, Zhuge Xiaosheng said that it is necessary to get the sixth and seventh orders of medicinal herbs."Yundan Taoist said.

Helian nodded: "It is not a wise choice to leave the Danding party now. It is very likely to be ambushed by the Triple Palace. We need to be cautious."

He Liankong continued to ask: "Yes, the fluctuations that have occurred in the first two days of the market, have you checked it?"

Yundan Taoist is also quite puzzled. He shook his head and said: "I have checked this matter. I have nothing to do with the opening of the market. But I heard that there is a huge vibration on the side of Xuan Lingmen, like the geographical loss of Xuan Lingmen. Itโ€™s extremely heavy, but itโ€™s not clear what happened.โ€

Yundan Taoist and He Liankong and others did not know that the dead wood in the open market had already awakened. Even the wood feathers have now arrived at the Danding faction.

"This is quite awkward. You have to send someone to find out, maybe there is something moving over the Mie Palace. We have to be prepared."Heliankong said.

"Yes, old ancestors."When Yundan Taoist nodded and was about to tell people to check this matter, suddenly a powerful atmosphere swept the entire Dan Temple.

"No need to go."The sound of dead wood rang in the hall of Dan.


Heliankong suddenly changed his face, because he can clearly perceive this breath is the Mahayana period!

The Yundan Taoist on the side was also slightly stunned, his face showing an incredible look, and he recognized the voice.

The illusory body of dead wood has appeared in the hall of Dan.

"Dead wood?"Yundan Taoist was shocked!

"Dead wood? Are you the dead wood evergreen? No, dead wood is dead, who are you? โ€Helian aired the channel.

"it's me."As soon as the dead wood raised his hand, the Danding dynasty on the Yundan Taoist had been held in his hand.

The owner of Dan Dingzhen is the dead wood, this is the most powerful evidence!

Yundan Taoist looked at the dead wood, and he never expected that the dead wood would survive!

"Dan Dingzhen, you really are…"Heliankong looked at the dead wood in amazement. "Have you recovered to the Mahayana period?"

"With the opening of the market, I will be able to play the strength of my life."Dead wood nodded.

The Yundan Taoist responded to this and said with a complicated look: "The dead wood brother, I…"

"Brother, you don't need to worry about it, you have not done anything wrong with this matter.


Deadwood understands the mood of Yundan Taoist people. In the past few years, Yundan Taoist people have always been jealous of him, but dead wood is voluntarily leaving the Danding School. His choices have nothing to do with Yundan Taoist.

He Liankong was overjoyed and said: "You are the talented and enduring dead wood?" Master of Mu Yu? โ€


He Liankong suddenly smiled and laughed: "Good! it is good! Our Danding School is also considered to have two great talents. This is what it is! โ€

After the Danding faction suffered heavy losses, it has not fully recovered its vitality. The accidents of the elders of Hongyuan and Hongyi have made the Danding party unsettled. Fortunately, Mu Yu has taken control of the opening of the market and reversed the situation.

In the view of Heliankong, Mu Yu is also a member of the Dan Ding faction. Regardless of whether Mu Yu admits that he does not admit it, Helen is taken for granted.

"Withered wood, what the hell is going on?"Yundan Taoist asked quickly.

The dead wood hesitated for a moment and said: "The things are very complicated. I am here, just to remind you that you don't need to go to the Xuan Lingmen to see what is going on."

"Then your body…"The Yundan Taoist looked at the illusory soul of the dead wood, and some doubts.

"I am a soul now."Dead wood does not hide anything.

"Then I am going to tell Mu Yu?"Heliankong thought that this thing should be told to Mu Yu.

"He already knows that there is another thing that you need to do for me."Said the dead wood.

"what's up? Although you said. โ€Helian empty road.

Nowadays, dead wood is the only Mahayana person in the Danding School. Even if it is only a soul state, it is enough to protect the Danding School and become a reliance of the Danding School. Heliankong is very happy. What he most wants to see is Dan. Dingpai can cheer up.

"You sent people to the ancestors to hand this piece of sapphire to Zhuge Xiaosheng, let him go to the Yaozu personally."In the hands of dead wood, a sapphire with a pattern of smudges appeared.

"Go to the demon?"He Liankong and Yundan Taoist are quite puzzled. Why did the dead wood let Zhuge Xiaosheng go to the Yaozu at this time?

"Zhuge Xiaosheng will understand."Dead wood did not explain anything.

"it is good."The Yundan Taoist did not say much. He asked him for a long while: "Do you know what happened to you, sister?"

The dead wood was silent for a moment: "I will go to her to make it clear."

He Liankong said quickly: "There is also the name of Yuande. He was not rehabilitated by the Triple Palace. After all, it was a period of catastrophe. I heard that you have a good medical skill. Do you have any way to help him? Although I knew that when he left halfway, it caused you to have an accident, but after all, this thing…"

Yuande Dao lost his memory and became unconscious because he had removed the spirit of the gods. Nowadays, the Dan Ding faction lacks a master. If you can restore the Yuande Dao people, it is naturally the best, but He Liankong is worried that the dead wood will complain. Yuande Dao.

"I have nothing to do with him, I will go see him."The dead wood turned and disappeared.


Mu Yu was wrapped in green poisonous mist, and the heavens were illusory. When his cultivation reached a certain level, he could already understand some of the rules of heaven that spread around him.

It is like when the lotus blooms at what time, when does the sun break the clouds, why the leaves fall in the fall, why the world is full of spiritual power, why the eggs will be broken on the stone?These are all rules formulated by Heaven. Everything follows the rules of Heaven and is carried out in an orderly manner.

There are countless rules in the world. Mu Yu feels like being in a sea. He is a boat in the sea. Every heavenly rule is the wave of the road. He is in the ocean of heaven, he looks like that. Itโ€™s so small, sometimes a huge wave can make him crush.

However, Mu Yu was not worried about facing these rolling waves. He emptied his body and mind, and drifted into the waves, turning himself into a wave in the sea. In his view, since there are various rules in the world, then his own existence is also a rule in some respects, so even in the face of the choppy waves, he is open to face.

After he imagined himself as a rule of heaven, the whole person became a lot easier, and the rules were big and small. He imagined himself as a person, that is, a member of all beings. He was sick and dead, and he accidentally Breaking away from this rule, so he is special to ordinary people.

If he does not use spiritual power, the power of the earth will make him unable to fly. UU reading can only walk on the ground, which is also the rule of heaven. However, he used the spiritual power to break away from the power of the earth. However, the speed of flight is still fast and there are still limits. It is impossible to reach a thought and it will span 100,000 miles. This is still the rule of heaven.

Every rule is layered, but one person thinks that he has broken away from some kind of secular bondage, and he will find that there are more powerful rules to bind himself. Heaven ensures that even more powerful people will be restricted by various rules. .

The only powerful place in the Mahayana period is that it can rationally apply a certain rule, refine it into its own domain ability, and control one rule. In its own field ability, everyone must follow the rules they have mastered. Unless the opponent's strength is enough to break this rule, it will be seriously affected.

Mu Yu squats in the dead end of the dead wood. In the endless life, nothing will be infested by the poisonous fog, and even the spiritual power will not be spared. This is the rule of the dead wood.

Mu Yu himself is a special existence in the field of desperate innocence. He uses the rules of dead wood to deduct other rules. When he discovers that some rules cannot be understood, he will imagine himself as part of the rules and comprehend it. .

But soon he found something wrong, because he found that if he had to push the field of the dead wood, it took a long time, let alone to deduct all the rules of heaven.

"It seems that I am so far away, so many rules of heaven, it is impossible for me to complete the tens of thousands of years."

Mu Yu has already understood why the dead wood old man wants to put a desperate life on him, just give him a wake up and let him understand this truth.

"If this road doesn't work, what rules can I comprehend?"

Mu Yu looked at the heavens of Lin Lin and fell into meditation.

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