1093th Chapter: Deduction rules

No rules can be understood so easily, and it is even less likely to be refining, which is why the number of people in the Mahayana period is so small.

Many people have been confused when they are in the face of the Heavenly Rules. They donโ€™t understand which rules they have to master. Everyone wants to master a strong rule. No one wants to master it. A simple rule.

Just imagine, other people master the rules of Heaven is destroyed heaven and earth, for example, in the field can not act, can not fly, and if you have mastered the "Flower blossom Fall" This simple rule, then fight with others, in your field of application, all plant flowers and plants are controlled by you, in addition to fun not a bit of aggression, How to be with people?

All the self-cultivators of the nine-day-long robbing period understand that human energy is limited, so when you choose the rules, you will combine your best ability to find the rules of heaven that match your own abilities. Only the heavens that are related to you. Rules can be refining into their own domain capabilities.

No one will casually choose a simple "flowers and flowers" or "eggs and stones will break" rules that have no meaning to be their own domain ability.

Opportunity, savvy, choice, these three are very important and indispensable.

"After mastering a rule, it is impossible to comprehend the second basic. This is also a rule that limits the Mahayana period. It is no wonder that everyone will only have one domain ability!"

Mu Yu See those Mahayana period master, will only a kind of ability, he began to doubt such as the White Ape Demon King, such as the immortal people to use the long life more master several additional rules, after he had come into contact with the rules of heaven, he understood that the Mahayana practitioners were also restricted by more powerful rules, making them unable to field many fields.

"So I am an exception?"

Mu Yu thought, life is full of surprises, his existence is like breaking the rules that can only have one field ability during the Mahayana period, because he can already use the "life and death", but he can comprehend another rule, and Others are completely different.

However, Mu Yu is not complacent, because he is thinking that his existence is also under the rules of Heaven, then will Heaven use other rules to limit him?

"I want to master all the rules, unless I am a god, but this seems unlikely. I can't even master a small rule of Heaven. Why do you want to think about it?"

The wooden feathers lay down, and they aimlessly squatted in the rules set by Tiandao.

He himself has seen many familiar rules of heaven, such as "the wind can blow the leaves into the sky", "the water flows from the heights to the low places", and "for example, mortals must eat food to survive", "Cry a shout in the mountains." There is a magical echo."

These common familiar rules will not be mastered by all the self-cultivators who have been robbed of the nine heavens, because such rules are completely tasteless for them and have no meaning.

The self-cultivators who robbed the nine heavens will try to master the powerful rules of fortification, such as the most powerful or fastest in their own field, or the spiritual power is only controlled by themselves, and others cannot use it.

Or, as in the case of Mangโ€™s life and death, โ€œthere must be death in the black light, and it can be resurrected by the white light.โ€ This is a powerful and somewhat perverted rule.

But the more powerful the domain, the more restrictive it will be, because the domain ability also is bound in the more formidable rule, is like "The Life and Death blink" although formidable, but the shot speed is extremely slow, in the same realm, wants to hit the opponent is not an easy matter, with for the Mahayana period basically all can evade the white light and the black light the shot speed.

Powerful but not easy to hit opponents, this is another rule that limits "between life and death".

Another example is the "death without life" of the dead wood, and everything can be eroded by poisonous fog, but it is impossible to influence the body of the body.

Not only for Mu Yu, I am afraid that it is ineffective for all Muyou, which is also a rule that limits the "death without life."

For example, the "My Lord's Ups and Downs" of the King of the Kings is so powerful that people can't move freely in it, but the "family returning to the original" of the mysterious machine can make the "My Lord's ups and downs" of the Siren King invalid. This is the limit. The rule of "My Lord is ups and downs."

Mu Yu can imagine that any field ability mastered by a Mahayana comprehension will be restricted by other rules, and the rule that limits the ability of a certain field is the weakness of the ability in the field.

"The last time I used the ability of deduction to discover the weakness of the temple's ability to make the field mad, it means that I have inadvertently used some rules to restrain the madness. This is a magical process."

Mu Yu thinks that since he has a strong deductive ability and his brain is smarter than others, does it mean that the ability to push can also become a rule?

If the deductive ability is a rule, how is it concretely reflected?

โ€œIs it really useless if I go to the simple rules?โ€

Mu Yu a few simple rules in his mind, such as "blow the dust out of your breath", the simpler rules are easier to master, but no one has ever been able to refine the rules for their own use since ancient times, because the dust blowing off this rule does not need to wait until the bougainvillea days to master, in childhood can be mastered.

But if you zoom in on this rule, for example, you can "blown anything, including any oncoming spells," with a breath.

"Then it doesn't belong to the simple category, but the rules that are quite difficult to grasp."

Mu Yu suddenly has a bright eye because he understands a rule. Any rule does not exist alone. It must be from shallow to deep, from simple to complex, that is, simple rules can develop it into a very profound Levels, and complex rules are actually transformed from simple.

"If we take the field of "dead life without life" as an example, the poison mist can only erode the spiritual power of the self-cultivator during the training period, and can erode the spiritual power of the comprehension of the base period, and then the Jindan period…A realm of one realm has deepened, and now it can erode the spiritual power of the Mahayana comprehension. This shows that Laojiao did not grasp it in the first place, but from simple to deep, this is the way to master the rules of heaven. ! โ€

Mu Yu showed a smile, he finally figured out how to refine the rules of the heavens, that is to say, to master the rules of the field, you must start from the simple. And the simple rule of "flowers fall and fall", "any way you want a flower to bloom at any time", I am afraid that to a deep state, it will be transformed into "the eyes of life and death"!

"So itโ€™s unrealistic to be a high-spirited person. Itโ€™s a straightforward and profound truth to start everything from simplicity. I want to understand this truth, everyone should know how to master the powerful rules of heaven. โ€

Mu Yu thinks this should be a common sense.

But in fact he is wrong, this is not a common sense. The rule of refining and cultivating the heavens is not as good as everyone. The understanding of the rules of heaven is not the same. Few people will choose the way of refining from simple to deep.

Anyone who has been repaired to achieve a strong heavenly rule after reaching the nine days of the robbery must not directly focus on the rules of "flowers and flowers" that are simple to people. Those powerful rules of heaven must be mastered according to their own circumstances and certain opportunities. It is very difficult, but everyone will spend a lot of time to comprehend.

Many self-cultivators who have been robbed of the nine heavens may take a year, ten years, or even fifty years to master a rule, and even more ones will be trapped in this state for a lifetime.

Even the dead wood does not start from simple, but directly chooses the complicated rules of refining and tempering, but the dead wood is very deep in understanding the poisonous Tao. UU reading www.uukanshu.com itself is superior in talent, so the field he realized is quite powerful, flower The time has only been used for a year.

However, Mu Yu believes that many things can be mastered from a young age to a large one. Any rules are inlaid with each other, so there is nothing wrong with the rules of โ€œflowers falling and fallingโ€.

If you have the same idea as Mu Yu, there is only a sword shadow!

"Master said before, life is everywhere, cooking vegetables, cooking things, everything is worthy of attention."

He slowly deduced the simple and horrible rules, pondering the rules of "blunt iron sharpening the ability to chop firewood," and deducing the rule that "water can extinguish fire," even if "the stone falls into a calm lake." The rules of the ๆถŸๆผช is the shape of a circle are all deduced.

He is not like refining the rules of heaven, but more like experiencing life and observing the world. The world is made up of countless rules. Observing these rules makes him feel very happy. The simpler the rules, the less difficult it is to deduct. He is willing to play it.

There are many simple rules that are common in the world Mu Yu in which he only pushed the principle of a rule, but did not refine it, but went on to deduce other rules, and soon his understanding of the rules was getting deeper, and he could even know that when a rule changed a little, it became another rule.

Gradually, his heart became clearer. Suddenly he seemed to understand what the rules of heaven are related to himself. He was slowly looking for that feeling, touching the unreachable heaven, he was in the dazzling rules of heaven. It seems that some guidelines have been found…

"If the deduction can also be a rule, can I do this too?"Mu Yu thought thoughtfully to himself, he seemed to understand what the rules he had to master.

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