Chapter 1094: The Great Fairy

The seventh day of October.

There is only one day left from the battle of Xuanxian.

In the open market, the dead wood is somewhat uneasy, and the space created by the chaotic yin and yang has been closed. At this time, even if he can't know what happened to Mu Yu in the inside.

"Reassured, he will not have an accident. He has been working hard during the time you are away. ”Cold and snow said.

Her look at the dead wood is full of tenderness, the man who dreams of dreams finally wakes up, although it is only a soul, but also makes her satisfied. When she saw the dead wood that day, she had a feeling of being separated from the world. She threw herself into the arms of the dead wood. Even though the dead wood was just a soul, it was cold and cold, but it also made her feel warm.

The face of the dead wood was slightly relieved. "I am sorry, I still can't recover his memory."

His gaze looked at the Yuande Dao, who looked a little scared in the corner of the open market, and sighed slightly. The Yuande Dao people had the soul of the Sangong Palace, and they were forcibly unleashed by Mu Yu, which led to confusion in the memory. Now it is still unconscious.

Deadwood has tried a variety of methods, but the brain organization of Yuande Dao has been hit hard, and he is helpless. Today's Yuande Dao is like a ignorant child. He has forgotten his identity and forgot that he is a comprehension. Even the master who used to be a robbery period is not clear, and he does not know how to use spiritual power.

Cold and snow walked over and took the hand of Yuande Dao, saying: "He forgot the previous things and forgot it! He is also very good now. ”

Yuande Dao people can only rely on his daughter now.

"Ghost, ghost, don't come over."Yuande Dao looked at the illusory dead wood with horror and kept shrinking.

The dead wood looks complicated. He brought the Yuande Dao people to the open market, and he wanted to treat him with the special aura of Kai Ding, but he still could not succeed. In the past, when they met each other, they couldn’t look good with each other. They had to mix their mouths, but they only talked about it. Now the Yuande Dao people have become like this, and the dead wood heart sighs.

He was silent for a moment, his hand waved, and the blue pattern rolled out, forming a magical array, bringing the Yuande Dao people into the magic circle. The Yuande Dao saw himself returning to the familiar residence, which was quiet. It’s down.

"I heard that tomorrow's celestial list will open, so Mu Yu has not yet woken up, is he going to?"Asked cold and snow.

Deadwood nodded: "The identity of the nine Xuan Xian is very important. The people of Sangong Palace also attach great importance to this. If Mu Yu can go, he must find a way to interfere with the plan of the Mie Palace, but he is now enlightening, I can't go. Interfere with him."

Nowadays, under the appeal of the sects and the Dan Ding faction, everyone knows that tomorrow is the battle of Xuanxian. At that time, there will be many talented and talented people who will go to the Great Monument. Mu Yu can't be absent naturally.

Cold and snow said: "There are three other brothers who have become strong brothers. They will definitely be there. There is no chance that the Mie Palace wants to occupy all the nine Xuanxian qualifications."

The dead wood shook his head: "The purpose of the Mie Palace is not to control the nine Xuanxian places in their hands, but to occupy at least one place. As long as they occupy a quota, they want to launch Jiu Xuantian fights with the help of Tianheng. It is impossible to fight against the white world. For Miejo, their goal is to have a quota. If there is a wooden feather, he should be able to occupy a quota, so that the hope of the Triple Palace will be less. Without him, the Mie Palace is a little more grasped. ”

There are quite a lot of understandings about the celestial list. He understands why the Mie Palace is so concerned about the nine sacred celestial beings. Because the nine sacred celestial beings can control the power of Tianheng, the power of Tianheng is the most powerful of the three heavens. The power is that the white world can't compete.

However, as long as the Mie Palace has a quota, once a certain Xuanxian in the nine Xuanxian does not cooperate, Tianheng’s power can’t be used, and the Mie Palace can be unscrupulous, so the Mie Palace must control the nine Xuanxian. One person can do it.

"What exactly is the screening of nine fairy tales?"Cold snow could not help but ask.

The dead wood looked dignified and said: "The extremely immortal tablet screening method is very cruel, in the extremely immortal monument creates the space, the danger is tufted, is the Mahayana period's repair true person can not certainly be able to win the final nine places, and as long as the opportunity is appropriate, the 99th place may become the final nine metaphysical immortal one, although the probability is very low, but is not impossible! ”

"The people in the Mahayana period are not necessarily?"

She was shocked by the cold and snow. She did not expect that the immortal monument would be so strange. During the Mahayana period, it was the person who stood at the peak of the comprehension. However, there was no absolute certainty to become the nine-story fairy, so the rule of the immortal monument was what?

The dead wood did not say any more. He just looked at the space created by the chaotic yin and yang. The inscriptions in all directions shimmered with light, which echoed the brilliance of chaotic yin and yang.


Located in the center of the Triple Continental, the Great Monument is standing above a rift of rift. The bottom of the rift is unfathomable. It is like an entrance to hell. From time to time, there is a very strong hurricane donated.

This rift is called the "Rite Valley."

The rift is three hundred feet wide and stretches for nine hundred miles, as if the entire continent was cut from the middle and formed a gap. This rift valley originally did not exist, but it has only been formed since the moment when the immortal monument was born. It is said that the monumental monument of the younger generation of the comprehension of the realm is rising from the bottom of the rift!

The bottom of the crack was covered by a thick fog. No one knows what the bottom is. The curiosity of the comprehensible has gone down. However, the hurricane in the Rift Valley is getting stronger and stronger, and it is enough to fit the body. The comprehension is torn into pieces!

After the hurricane killed several unexplained self-cultivators, everyone finally understood that the Rift Valley is an absolute forbidden place and cannot be explored.

The hurricane of the Rift Valley is not always there. It presents a chilling white tornado that is generated from the cliffs on either side of the Rift Valley, wandering in the rift, killing people who are easily involved. The person who was blown by the hurricane must be strangled and broken!

The immortal monument floats in the center of the Rift Valley, two feet wide, up to a hundred feet, engraved with the names and rankings of ninety-nine immortals, surrounded by mysterious complex lines, solemn and solemn.

This is the place of the realm of comprehension. No one dares to marry this monument.

On the seventh day of October, there have been countless self-cultivators on both sides of the Rift Valley.

Ten miles away from the Rift Valley, there are savvy merchants who have already built a number of inns, and the high-priced rentals are sold to the self-cultivators for landing. The comprehens gathered here and have already turned this place into a crowded and lively market town.

Although there are only ninety-nine people participating in the contest, how can such a grand event be only a fairy? Many people occupy the best position in the nearby mountains or on the cliff walls, ready for a glimpse.

This time, the opening of the immortal, the crowd of people gathered up to hundreds of thousands! Almost all the self-cultivators with their faces have come here, and they attach great importance to the selection of the nine Xuanxian who can dominate the realm of cultivation. It is already a sea of ​​people.

But no one will be close to the Rift Valley within 500 meters, whether it is today's Wuyue union or the gate faction, have a strong fitness period master sitting, they are seriously serious to deal with this matter, standing in the distance of the 500 meters from the polar monument, consciously to make room for the very immortal, others to repair the lower the real people will not dare in front of them line.

Only ninety-nine people are able to enter this area!

Today is the seventh day of October. At this time, there are more than half of the celestial beings. Some of them have already entered this area. Some people are still waiting outside, and they are with their elders. Many of the great immortals are nervous and excited, because the Xuanxian who can be on the list are all arrogant in the sky, that is, they know that they want to participate in the competition, and they want to participate. This is a supreme honor. All are proud of this.

And there is news that anyone on the top of the list is very likely to become a nine-minded fairy. As long as the luck is strong enough, the last one in the list can be one of the nine mysteries!

Those who are young and have a lower age have a hint of luck in their hearts. Maybe they are the ones who have the legendary atmosphere. Maybe!

The most immortal on the list of the most popular, the most attention is the top 50. It can be said that fifty people are a watershed of the most immortal. The lowest of the top 50 is the distraction period. It can break through the distraction period before the age of forty, and it is enough to be valued in any martial art.

The top 30 are extremely powerful, because the top 30 of the immortal means that the repair has at least reached the fit period! This is the pride of the day in any martial art!

As for the top 20 immortals, UU reading many people have already understood their terrible things, because that is the real top master in the realm of cultivation, and it is basically a robbery period!

The oldest person on the list is only 39 years old. It can be broken into the robbery period before the age of forty, which is a rare existence in the ordinary eight!

"That is the Nine Yuyu of the genius, the third place in the world, the latest rising star, it is said that the repair has long reached the fit period, the real strength is stronger than his actual ranking!"

"I have also heard of him, I heard that he last killed a master of the five-day match!"

"What a terrible person!"

A young man in black armed with a long gun, sitting on the edge of the rift, his clothes snoring in the wind, his face calm, his eyes indifferently watching the monuments floating in the air. This person is Nie Yuyu of the Heavenly School. The Heavenly School is a sect of the unknown, because the existence of Nie Yuyu is well known to the world.

At this time, another young woman with excellent appearance floated to the ground and fell on a raised rock on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, which was separated from Nie Yuyu by a very long distance.

"The woman is Hu Yunying of Lingyifu. In the past, she was only ranked 52nd in the most popular. Yesterday, she defeated Wu Wen, who ranked No. 28 in the Great Fairy. I want to know that Wu Wenke is the master of the Sixth Heaven! ”

"This Hu Yunying is really deep!"

"It’s more than a woman who hides deep. Do you see the 19th person on the list?"


"Yes, this is this person! It used to be said that she was only the 52nd person, but it turned out to be the 19th place directly a few days ago. This is the real blockbuster! ”


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