Chapter 1095: The wind will start

"Itโ€™s terrible. In the ninety-nine celestial beings, how many people are not hidden in the mountains?"

For four of weeks, people were talking about the young people who were able to reach both sides of the extreme fairy rift, at this time gathered in the Polar fairy rift on both sides of the pole fairy has reached 56, these people each is the name of the young allow, now the talent has been so powerful, as long as they grow up time, the future will be limitless!


A golden light crossed the sky, like a meteor, flying in the air, with a sharp whistling sound, falling in a place not far from Nie Yuyu, a violent violent wave rolling out, attracting everyone Attention!

This is a man in a golden robe. He looks twenty years old and looks proud. His sword is upright and there is a red dragonfly in the center of his forehead. It looks like the third eye. It looks very strange.

"Ding Wuming of the Golden Jubilee School, the 49th of the Fairy, is also a very talented genius!"

"The show is so big, I don't know if he has the arrogant ability."

Someone who has recognized this golden robes, his movement to the edge of the Great Rift Valley is so great that it is like deliberately attracting everyone's attention and looks quite content.

Many people are quite dissatisfied with the movement caused by this golden robe man. Within five hundred meters of the entire Rift Valley, all the immortals are quiet, but he comes in to make a big noise.

Ding Wuming showed a proud smile and slowly walked toward Nie Yuyu sitting on the cliff wall.

"You are the 31st Nie Yuyu?"Ding Wuming stared at Nie Yuyu.

"What about it?"Nie Yuyu raised his head indifferently, and the long gun in his hand gave a shocking sound of Weng.

Ding Wuming stood in front of Nie Yuyu and said coldly: "You killed my younger brother, Zamo, have you forgotten so soon?"

Nie Yuyu responded faintly: "I never remember the name of the dead soul that died under my gun."

Ding Wuming suddenly sneered: "You are right, the name of the dead does not need to be remembered, and your name does not need to continue in the future."

A golden light burst into the hands of Ding Wuming, colorful and colorful, and immediately rushed to Nie Yuyu.

Nie Yuyu's eyes instantly became extremely fierce, and the long shot in his hand was as fast as lightning. With a sound of wind and thunder, he had already greeted Ding Wuming!


The repair of the fit period is swept out in an instant, like a stormy wave, and the two of them are smashing the waves and rolling out!

The 40th-ranked Ding Wuming is actually a repair of the fit period!


Only heard the dust filled, a figure has already fallen heavily, the scarlet blood sprinkled in the air, the figure slammed on the ground, giving a very dull voice, and then, there is no breath!

Everyone felt a sudden stunned. I didnโ€™t expect that at this juncture, the battle between the great immortals broke out directly, and there was a casualty!

The person who died is the Nie Yuyu who is ranked 31st!

"Ding Wuming actually killed Nie Yuyu?"

Many people are secretly surprised, who can think of Ding Wuming, who was proud of the beginning, even hides his strength, but he killed Nie Yuyu in a fight!

At this time, the celestial signs have been exchanged, and Ding Wumingโ€™s ranking has risen to the 31st!

The forty-ninth place on the celestial list appeared a vacancy. After a moment of silence, the forty-ninth celestial sign had already flown far away, fell into the crowd and landed on a man.

"I am the forty-ninth?"

The man named Pang Chengtong, who is also a distracted period, has reached the age of thirty-nine, and his talent and potential are not top-notch. Not everyone likes the killing on the top of the list. This man is someone who doesn't want to be on the list. He once deliberately lost the ranking and fell out of the list.

There will never be a vacancy in the immortal list. When one person dies, there will be another person to replace!

There are tens of millions of people in the triple continent.

The younger generation is even more numerous, but it is very difficult to practice. There are not many people who can break through the distraction period before the age of forty. The basics of being able to be on the list are the genius of the younger generation.

It is still a minority to know that the whole world is like Muyu.

The immortal monument understands all the qualified young generations in the entire comprehension world. The people it screens out are not necessarily strong, but the absolute potential is extraordinary. The list of the celestial list is changing every day, and there are its own methods to determine the number of celestial beings. These are uncertain things, no need to worry about others.

And Mu Yu once broke some of the signs of the Great Immortals, but when his rankings fluctuated, the Great Monument would detect all of this and replenish the broken signs.

Ding Wuming killed Nie Yuyu under the bright and honest, and shocked everyone. Other people who were not as good as Nie Yuyu did not dare to scream because Ding Wuming was enough to kill them. No one dared to take the lead for Nie Yuyu.

Ding Wuming looked at Nie Yuyuโ€™s body and walked over to kick Nie Yuyu into the Great Rift Valley. Nie Yuyuโ€™s body had been falling down and was quickly smashed by a hurricane swept away. .

"The dead do not need to be remembered."

Ding Wuming sneered a sneer, then proudly glanced at the other celestial ones, his attitude of emptiness made many people resentful, but no one dared to speak out, because Ding Wuming has arrogant qualifications.

Ding Wuming saw that he attracted everyone's attention, and his arrogance reached the extreme. He headed up to a stone with a wide vision.

Sitting on the stone is a light-looking young man who looks only 20 years old, dressed in brown linen, simple and simple. This is a loose repair, named Ke Feixin, who ranks forty-eight on the wrist.

"I have seen this position."Ding Wuming said lazily.

He saw the ranking of the great fairy on Ke Feixin's wrist. He has already told everyone his own strength with practical actions. He is not in the eyes of a person with a ranking of only forty-eight.

Ke Feixin smiled slightly: "I will arrive first."

He did not let it!

Everyone has sweated Ke Feixin. It is obvious to everyone that Ding Wumingโ€™s strength is obvious. If Ke Feixin knows what to do, he should be sincere and fearful.

"If you don't want to die, just let me go."Ding Wuming sneered.

Ke Feixin nodded. "You are right, this is what I want to tell you."


Ke Feixin has already explored his hand. His hand left a phantom in the air, rolled up a brown cloud, wrapped Ding Wuming, and the speed was as fast as an incredible point. When everyone had not had time to react, suddenly brown There has been a scream in the clouds.

Oh! Oh!

Ding Wumingโ€™s head has already rolled out of the brown cloud, rolling a few laps on the ground and falling into the Great Rift Valley!


The audience was silent.

Everyone has widened their eyes. No one thought that things would be so dramatic. The forty-ninth Ding Wuming just killed Nie Yuyu, who ranked in the 31st place. His ranking is still not maintained for a moment. Zhong, even he himself has been killed in the hands of the 48th Ke Feixin!

Is this really a sacred list of hidden dragons?

The onlookers of the comprehension were all hot, and the eyes of Ke Feixin were full of awe. Two people died in succession. They did not make everyone horrified, but they aroused all the sense of expectation.

How many hidden black horses are hidden in the bottom of the list?

The replacement of the two consecutive rankings has made the hearts of the onlookers hot. The two men are the highest and only the fit period. Although the battle of the fit period is wonderful, for many people, this is just an appetizer. The real dark horse has not yet appeared!

Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the immortality of the robbery period.

This time, the battle of Xuanxian will definitely be wonderful!

After Ke Feixin killed Ding Wuming, who had no one in sight, he did not say anything more. He just continued to sit in his own position and closed his eyes. After this episode, there is no such thing as a great immortal, because in addition to the proud Ding Wuming, many of the most immortals prefer to spend their energy in the battle of tomorrow's mysterious fairy.

That is the battlefield where they really show their strength!

There is a peak in the UU reading This peak was originally a barren hill, but at this time it has been covered by some merchants with a chic cabin and at a high price. Sold out.

These huts are filled with all kinds of comprehensions. The whole peak is like a martial art. From time to time, there are comprehensions flying through the air and falling to a corner of the mountain.

At the top of the peak, there is a luxurious and extravagant courtyard, which is the gathering place of the Wuyue League. It is set up with a powerful soul enchantment, and any comprehension person does not dare to cross this.

In the courtyard, filled with the leading figures of the five sects, the door of the Tianxingmen is marked by the sky, the main gate of the Dihuangmen is flying, the elder of the Xuan Lingmen, the eldest of the autumn, and the owner of the Yaomen Fairy, the king of the door of life and death, the king of the king, the door of the door of the lonely door.

Although the Tianxing Gate was destroyed, the Tianyue trace was still the doorkeeper but still alive. The Wuyue League was led by six people. In addition, there are many big-faced and big-faced people, such as the Valley of the Swords of the Valley, and a total of 40 people who have a head and face.

No matter which of the forty-year-old compradors are in the realm of comprehension, they are all gathered together, and now they are gathered together, and the poor people will enter this courtyard, I am afraid they will be shocked by their powerful pressure. I have no way to breathe.

Most of these people are the backbone of the martial art. They are very old and are the characters of the older generation. They gathered here, naturally for the battle of the mysterious fairy in tomorrow.

None of the people present have spoken, and everyone seems to be nervous and seems to be waiting for something.

At this moment, a horrible breath suddenly reverberated throughout the courtyard, and all the faces of the robbery period became extremely solemn, all stood up and fell to the ground, Christine said: "See adults. !"


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