Chapter 1096: Mahayana period

        Forty masters of the robbery period, each one is enough to stir up the situation, but at this time they all lie on the ground. If those who are being repaired by the real world see it, I am afraid they will be shocked to add!

        A sacred white mans appeared in the main seat, and this person's breath was like a god of war, and the masters who had pressed forty times of the robbery period could not breathe.

        Soul Kui, a powerful character in the Mahayana period!

        "stand up."The voice of Soul Kui is like a tumultuous thunder, echoing in everyone's ears, making everyone awe.


        These predecessors of the robbery period were able to stand up in vain, all standing quietly, waiting for the soul of the Mahayana period.

        Soul Kui was covered in the white mans of his body, scanning the forty masters of the robbery period.

        The Wuyue League is actually just a chess piece in the hands of the Mie Palace. The Mie Palace has all these people in their hands, which is equivalent to mastering the three major 6 top forces. The prestige of these people is well-known throughout the realm of comprehension, one person shot, no one dares not.

        Controlling these people is equivalent to controlling the realm of comprehension.

        However, Soul Kui really understands that some people who want to deal with the realm of cultivation are far from enough. Although these 40 people are very old, none of them are opponents of Mu Yu and Yan Yan.

        If you want to really control the realm of comprehension, you still need to remove the uneasy factors of Mu Yu.

        "Would those people come?"Soul Kuiwei asked.

        Tianyue marks standing respectfully: "Go back to the adults, and those of you who have told us to pay attention have not yet appeared."

        "Is none of them present? It seems that their alertness is really strong.

"The soul of Kui cold channel.

        Everyone bowed their heads and didn't dare to look at the god of war.

        "The battle of the mysterious fairy in tomorrow, you all told me how to act under the door?"Soul Kui continued to ask.

        "Yes, everything follows the orders of adults."

        Everyone is congratulated again.

        "That's good. Now that we have seized the Heavenly Demon King and put the Heavenly Demon King on it, it is equivalent to holding the ninth eternal life, so just get one of the nine Xuanxian. Then those who use the wood feathers will never have the ability to confront us. Can't move the power of Tianheng, they want to fight with us. ”

        Tianyue marks and others said again: "I understand it."

        The goal of Soul Kui is very clear. The most powerful of the three heavens is the power of Tianheng, and only the power of Tianheng is enough to make the people of the Soul people jealous. However, there are only two ways to use the power of Tianheng. One is to rely on nine eternal people to move the nine-day counter-attack method, and the other is to rely on the power of nine Xuanxian to move the nine-dimensional battlefield.

        Now that they have caught the Heavenly Demon King, the first method will not work, and the rest will be the second!

        The Mie Palace relies on the Wuyue League, and the coercion and coercion has forced many of the great immortals to do things for them. As long as they have arranged one of the nine immortals, the power of Tianheng can no longer be used!

        Soul Kui sneered a little at the bottom: "The two sides do not use the power of Tianheng, and wait for the seal of the sword shadow dust to be untied, and the whole three days…Humph! Sword shadow dust, sword shadow dust, how hard you cultivate the apprentice, it is impossible to stop all this life! ”

        Soul Kui remembered the plan of the Lord, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

        This plan is enough for Santian to have no resistance again!

        "You forty people have brought me the spirit. If you see any of the people I said today, you are not allowed to stun the snakes. You must come back and report to me." You are not their opponent! ”Soul Kui said.


        Soul Kui nodded with satisfaction, and there were forty of the masters of the robbery period in the realm of repairing the real thing for him. The matter is bound to be much simpler. Soul Kui listed a total of ten people who are most likely to become nine Xuan Xian. Among them, the four disciples of the sword shadow dust are in it!

        The rest is the lonely day, the unfortunate Simon, and the apprentices who were cultivated by some of the hidden masters of the Three Heavens.

        Soul Kui intends to look for opportunities to strangle these people in the middle of the road, not to give them the opportunity to participate in the nine Xuan Xian quotas, as long as they kill even one person, they are more likely to win one of the nine places.

        Soul Kui stood up and then turned into a white mans disappeared in the courtyard. After he left, the talents such as Tianyue were relieved. For them, the soul of the Mahayana period is an unattainable peak, so that they do not dare to have a slight rebellion.

        Everyone re-sit back to their position, and the sky mark sat up straight, and the voice: "The order of the soul Kui adults should be clear?"


        Everyone should answer.

        The things here are based on the sky and the moon, and the five gates jointly decide. The power of forty robbing periods cannot be underestimated, but only half of the forty people are actually loyal to the Miegong, and the remaining half are unwilling to be controlled by the sacred sacs of the Mie Palace, such as the Eight Doors. The only one who did not want to obey the command of the Triple Palace, Ling Ye.

        The celestial marks of the sky have become extremely fierce, saying: "So everyone works according to plan!"

        Forty self-cultivators of the robbery period soon walked out of the courtyard, and everyone stepped on the void and disappeared. Their masters of the robbery period are erratic, and it is impossible for ordinary practitioners to see where they are, but they can always pay attention to the movements in the crowd.


        In a mountainous area thousands of miles away from the Great Rift Valley, there are swords and scars all over the place. It is obvious that someone once played in this place.

        Lonely eyes stared at the lazy Ximen unfortunately and stunned, and never left.

        Simon unfortunately yawned a little helplessly and said: "Don't watch, I won't do it with you now."

        "I know."Lonely day simply responded.

        "I don't want to do it with you in the future."Simon unfortunately said.

        Lonely day seems to have not heard the unfortunate words of Simon.

        He is a fighting madman. The more powerful the person, the more he wants to challenge. Whether it is Ximen's misfortune and embarrassment, when he sees it this time, he actually has already passed him!

        "Are you reaching the Mahayana period?"Lonely day asked indifferently.

        Sitting on the pine tree in the foothills, the long legs are placed on the branches, the skirts on the body are covered with random, the whole body skin is looming, so the beauty of the country is lying on the branches in such a casual manner, for any one. Men can't help but think about it.

        But lonely days will not, he is not interested in the handsome figure in his mind.

        Every time I see a lonely day, I feel very boring. This kind of fighting madman, even if she is out of the light and standing in front of him, he will sway the knife and scream in the scenery.

        In the face of the question of Lonely Heaven, I laughed and said: "You don't have to hurt too much. We are not the same as you. At least I am envious that you have not yet become a Mahayana."

        "Envy me? I envy the two Mahayana periods, a person who has not yet reached the Mahayana period? ”The sound of the lonely sky is cold, mixed with a hint of anger, seems to be annoyed by being played.

        He shook his head and said: "The two of us have to pay for the Mahayana period. You think, we can only use one field ability when we add up, and you can use the field once you understand the domain ability. Ability, who are you better?"

        "What does it mean?"Lonely day frowned.

        Ximen unfortunately slammed the fan and said: "The meaning is that we will only be able to use the two people to display together in the future. Once we fight alone, neither I nor Xiu can use the field ability."

        "why?"Asked in a lonely day.

        Simon unfortunately said: "It is not the decision to make it, it ruined our future. I did not intend to become a Mahayana so soon."

        I was blinded by Simon, and said: "Do you think that I am willing to be with you every day? Still not for the sake of the overall situation? ”

        "Speak clearly."

        Lonely days still do not understand why Ximen unfortunately and the two of them have reached the Mahayana period so quickly!

        “In short, if we follow the normal level of cultivation, we must understand the ability of the field. It takes at least a few months or even a year for our talents. Unfortunately, for the sake of Xuan Xian, we have to combine the capabilities of an area that the old man has directed. ”He said.

        "Is not it good?"Asked in a lonely day.

        Unfortunately, Simon unfortunately continued: "Of course it is not good. The ability to integrate this field is based on the yin and yang power in our body. This means that we alone have no chance to realize other fields. Originally, I intended to wait until we all realized the ability of the field and then merged. So I can use three fields together with the two, but time is not waiting for people. Now we can only use one field together. ”

        Lonely Day was silent for a moment, saying: "This is a loss."

        "Crap, or else I am sighing and sighing, not my own is not my own."Simon’s unfortunate evil fan kept waving, and countless petals sprinkled out of his evil fan, floating in the air, looking sad.

        "What are we waiting for here?"Asked in a lonely day.

        He waved his gauze and changed to a relatively comfortable posture. He said, "Of course, I will wait for tomorrow. Can I not be surrounded by the damn little white ghosts at this time?"

        Lonely Heaven is the unfortunate and stunned by Simon, but the character of Lonely Heaven has long gone directly to the Great Rift Valley.

        "Wood feathers and promises?"Simon unfortunately asked.

        "They have their own things and should come soon."Said alone.

        For a long while, UU reads Lonely Heaven: "What is your domain ability?"

        Ximen unfortunately and the two looked at each other and revealed a mysterious smile: "Is this old man left us in this field? To be honest, it is still very good. I want to know the ability of the two people to use together. Use it to be strong!"

        Their words were not finished, and Simon unfortunately and the two suddenly frowned.


        The two floated from the treetops on the cliff wall and floated in midair, watching the cliff above the mountain with vigilance.

        I don’t know when there is a strange man standing there! …


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