Chapter 1097: Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger

        This is a plain-clothed man with a complex face and vicissitudes of life, as if he had experienced many disasters in the world, but he was extremely determined. He carried a simple sword behind him and wrapped his sword in brown cloth.

        But it is the sword that reveals a simple mood, as if the brown cloth is wrapped in a horrible beast. If it breaks away from the wrapped sword, it will rush out and tear the whole world.

        The man stood there like a sharp sword, breaking through the void, making people dare not scorn.

        "who are you?"

        He and Ximen unfortunately looked at each other and saw a dignified look from the other's eyes. The man in front of him did not have any fluctuations in his cultivation, but gave them a rather dangerous impression.

        Those who can make the current shackles and Ximen unfortunately pay attention to only the masters of the Mahayana period!

        If the other party appears to have set off a stormy wave, Simon is unfortunate and can be accepted, but the person who can hide his breath is the most terrible.

        When Solitary Day saw this man appear, he suddenly surprised: "What are you doing here?"

        Lonely day knows him!

        "I am coming to you."

        The middle-aged man with the back sword and the resolute atmosphere of Lonely Heaven are similar in three points. Even the swords on his body are lonely and indifferent. Both of them are carrying a sword. There is no spiritual fluctuation in their body, but the middle-aged man is scattered. It seems that the momentum that comes out is obviously stronger than that of the lonely sky.

        "What are you doing with my brother, Yitian?"He sneaked a small step and kept the lonely day behind. At this time, you can't have an accident.

        However, Lonely Day stopped the embarrassment, said: "He is called no name.

        Simon unfortunately said: "No name? Are you the unnamed swordsman who disappeared in the realm of comprehension? ”

        There are many types of people who are famous in the realm of comprehension. The real god disciple Mu Yu has made a series of things that are shocking and popular. Ximen is unfortunate and the infamous is a class, and the unknown swordsman is a kind of one who only knows his name is not seen. .

        There is a person's experience in the comprehension world that is very similar to the lonely day, or before the lonely day, there is such a person, more famous than the lonely day.

        There is only one simple iron sword in his hand. There is no strange place, it is an ordinary sword, but this sword has made him remember the truth.

        Anyone who can leave a sword mark on his sword is no longer alive.

        The nameless swordsman, relying on an ordinary broken sword to make a name for himself, no one knows what his true cultivation is, because he has never been defeated.

        If Mu Yu is here, he will definitely recognize this man. He was outside the city of suffocation. He and Xiao Shuai have a relationship with this man. He saved a woman that this man likes, using the heart of others. Saved a woman named Yu Die.

        "The original unnamed uncle was a man of the Mahayana period, and all of us have been jealous of you."Looking at the unknown swordsman, the unyielding uncle, with a mature manlines in his eyes, is in line with the taste of the uncle.

        However, no name does not go to see you at all, and Lonely Day only knows that the battle is incomprehensible, the coffin head is different, there is no name to have a woman of their own, and willing to go to the fire for the beloved.

        "You come with me."Nameless said.


        Lonely day is also full of warfare in the eyes of the unknown. He has been given the nameless pointing, but he also regards the nameless as an opponent. His eyes only have opponents. The more people like him are his goal. .

        "You need my sword."Nameless said.

        "I don't need it, and I said I will beat you in the future!"Said alone.

        The nameless doesn't look angry, but slowly said: "The top five celestial celestial beings are all Mahayana's cultivations. How do you beat them?"

        The first five celestial beings are all three people, and it is inevitable that they will be in the Mahayana period.

        "This doesn't have to be yours."Lonely day, without thinking, said.

        "If you don't want to be a burden to others, just come with me."After the nameless calm, he turned and left.

        Become cumbersome?

        This is the last thing that Lonely Day wants to see. His self-esteem does not allow this to happen. However, in the monumental monument of tomorrow, Wolong Tibetan Tiger, the master of the robbery period, he can not fear, but in the Mahayana period, he may really become the burden of others.

        Lonely Heaven knows the nameless cultivation and knows what the other side means to him.

        "You and the unknown swordsman look quite fate."Simon was unfortunately surprised.

        The two of them are very similar, the same character, the same iron sword, but the unknown swordsman is much better than the lonely day.

        I have been watching the back of the nameless, and I longed for it until the nameless disappeared. I turned my head and said: "Don’t worry, I hope the uncle is coming to me!"

        Simon unfortunately said: "In order to win the number of nine Xuan Xian, we have made concessions, isn't it? Don't forget, what is our purpose. ”

        If the lonely day can get the nameless pointer, then the odds are one more point.

        Lonely day hesitated for a moment, and this silently followed.

        "By the way, ask me if he is single."Hey, he doesn’t talk at all.


        On the east side of the Great Rift Valley, two figures stand on top of the clouds, looking at the scene of the crowds below the Great Rift Valley.

        One person is dressed in a dazzling red dress. The clothes are not made of any material. It seems to be faintly burning. He stands there, and the whole piece of emptiness seems to be extremely hot and even melted.

        The other person looked very heavy, and the strong muscles on his body supported the clothes, as if they contained the power of the explosion. The whole person stood there, and the void could not bear his weight and would collapse.

        Luo Wei and Xiangnan!

        They are also apprentices of the true God. The reputation of both of them is far less than that of Mu Yu. But those who really understand them will not be underestimated by both of them.

        “Do you still have to face the words and Mu Yu?”

        The sound to the south is a bit dull, like a heavy stone. The two of them have been evading the promise and the wood feather for so long, and ultimately they cannot be avoided.

        Luo Wei’s gaze is like a golden flame burning, saying: “The promise will not let us do this.”

        "I know, but we have no other choice. The plan of the soul people can't be blocked, so we can only implement our own plans."Said slowly to the south.

        Luo Wei indifferently scanned the comprehension of those who had been eagerly awaiting the face, and there was a dignity in the bottom of his eyes: "So our opponents have a promise and a wooden feather in addition to the Mie Palace?"

        Silence to the south, this is something he is not willing to face, the promise must chase the footsteps of Master, to protect all the self-cultivators, Mu Yu only wants to protect the people he wants to protect, the grievances are clear. Both the promise and the wood feather, their ideas are contrary to the south and Luo.

        "The rumors are too familiar to us. He always has the clues left by us."Luo Weidao.

        The two of them have been erratic, even the Triple Palace can't find them. However, the words are different. He knows his own younger brother, and his sense of smell is sharp and incredible. He almost caught up with them three times and five times.

        A hint of clearness appeared in the yellow eyes of the south, as if recalling something, it was rare to have emotional fluctuations, and smiled slightly: "The words are always a steady and wise person. It is normal for the brothers to understand the younger brother."

        Luo Wei did not refute the south, but looked at the distance silently. Some people have something, and they can clear the relationship without a word. Growing up together from a young age, the responsibilities bear the responsibility of the master brother, know the temper of the younger brother and sister, take care of the younger brothers and sisters in his way, and prevent them from going wrong.

        It is said that they will be allowed to go home, return to the home of the Dust Mountain, inherit the wishes of the Master, and work hard to protect the world.

        However, in the case of Luo Wei and Xiangnan, many things are never so simple. They are no longer ignorant and ignorant children in the dusty mountains. The dusty mountains are inconsistent with the world, quiet and inaction, but the external storms will be so simple? Many things have changed since Master left.

        "Is Mu Yu stepping into the Mahayana period?"Luo Wei asked.

        Shaking his head south: "The person I controlled heard the news that Mu Yu had not reached the Mahayana period. but……"

        Did not go south, Luo Luo did not ask. They all understand what this "but" means. The youngest brother of his own will never act on the common sense. He can always break the rules of comprehension in an incredible way, just as they always thought that Mu Yu would not make The things of the massacre come.

        However, Dongsha City was destroyed by Mu Yu.

        "Wood feathers also control the killing power?"

        There is an inexplicable sigh in the expression of indifference to the south. In his impression, Mu Yu is a person who is extremely passionate about life. He likes the prosperity of life. Such people are the least likely to go to kill, more like Protect the world with the promise.

        Luo Wei shook his head slightly: "The way he walks is different from ours, that is, the killing power will eventually be turned into a life force. He understands what he wants."

        "But the promise has never understood what we want."Said to the south.

        "You are wrong, and he promises that he understands what we want."Luo Yan’s eyes were filled with a complex flame. “But he wants us to understand what Master wants.”

        The only thing to do is to protect your family and protect the world that Master wants to protect when Master leaves.

        When it comes to Master, the look to the south is also slightly moved, and then re-converted into a firm expression: "What Master wants is not what we want. Master has protected the world, but the world is not kind to him, so the world is not worth mentioning. UU reading ”

        To the south and Luo Wei, they want to change the world in their own way.

        "Our biggest enemy is the Triple Palace, but the last opponent is my own brother. This world is really making people. ”

        Xiangnan and Luo Yu looked at each other. In any case, their plans will not change, even if they will eventually face their own brothers.

        They all have their own beliefs to persist.

        All they want is to create a better world.

        That's it. …


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