Chapter 1099 opens the great monument

The Tianyue Mark of the Allies of the Five-Yue League has already come out, and there are forty self-cultivators with the robbery period.
  Nowadays, the eight gates have been destroyed three times, and the remaining five groups have been built for the Wuyue League. The cruel means of resolutely and vigorously have directly established the supreme majesty in the realm of repairing. Anyone who dares to resist him will be killed. Such a means of iron and blood, let the comprehension people dare to speak out.
  The appearance of the people of Wuyue League is undoubtedly for the battle of the mysterious fairy today.
  Forty self-cultivators of the robbery period are all well-known in the realm of comprehension. Their appearance has undoubtedly made hundreds of thousands of self-cultivators boil.
  Because the forty robbing masters are usually the first to see the dragon, but now they are gathered here, no matter how hateful the current Wuyue League is, the appearance of forty robbing masters is enough Let everyone look up!
  However, a martial art master who has a catastrophe period has already become a top-ranking sect, and is respected by thousands of people. It shows how crazy the master of the robbery period is. It is rare for the seniors of the forty generations of the robbers to show up together today!
  "The Three Palaces set up the monumental monument, in order to fight against the Yumeng Mozu. Today is the day when the Great Monument is opened, so the opening ceremony of the Great Monument will be hosted by me. Who has any objections? ”The sky and the moon mark the channel.
  No one dares to disagree. The Wuyue League is the spokesperson of the Mie Palace, symbolizing the absolute authority. No one can dare to refute the words of the moon. For the self-cultivators who come here, there is no difference in who is hosting. The main focus of today is on these great immortals.
  "Then every celestial being heard clearly, all of you will stand next to the name of the Great Immortal, and put the celestial logo on your wrist on the celestial monument, as long as half of the celestial signs are simultaneously If the monument is in contact, then the monument will open. Within an hour, the Great Monument will open up a space in which you need to complete your own test. What is the specific test? After you enter, you will be revealed. ”
  Tianyue marks have already clarified the conditions for the opening of the Great Monument. The battle of Xuanxian is about to open. This was originally not in the plan of the Miegong Palace, but now all the immortals have already known the news, and they all came over at this time. The Wuyue League is no longer overbearing and can’t stop the pole. The arrival of the fairy.
  They don't want to stop now, because they don't fear anything about the Mie Palace, and they can take this opportunity to attract some of the nails here and erase them!
  "Then all the celestial beings who are present can go to the Great Monument, find their own name, and put their own immortal logo on the monument!"
  The sky and moon marks glanced around and said loudly. Since yesterday, he has been searching for the whereabouts of those people, but those people are very clever and do not appear suddenly, causing unnecessary trouble.
  However, Tianyue traces understand that now only the great immortal monument can be opened, and the wooden feathers and other people can be brought out!
  The way to open the Great Monument has been clear at a glance, and all the immortals present are also aware of what they are going to do next. Many of the great immortals have already flew to the great monuments to find their own names.
  The immortal monument is very tall, with a total of ninety-nine names. Each name is separated by a large enough distance, that is, ninety-nine people stand together and do not appear crowded.
  At this time, more than 80 people have been present, and the number of people coming is extremely large. Everyone stood in front of the Great Monument and placed his own immortal logo next to his own name.
  Everyone is paying attention to every action of the immortal, and is also looking for the most worthy of attention. For example, who is the top five in the top of the list, which has been plaguing many people.
  However, the top five celestials still did not appear at this time, not only these five people, even the four disciples of the sword shadow dust did not show up!
  They did not appear to affect the opening of the Great Monument, because so many great fairy is enough to open the Great Monument!
  The whole monument was trembled fiercely. It had gathered enough signs of the immortality. The whole monument was shining with a dazzling golden light. All the names quickly turned into a mysterious pattern. mix together.
  Then the formations on the monolithic monument began intertwined and gradually became a spiritual barrier of water ripples. The whole monument is like a huge gate, magnificent and amazing.
  Everyone already knows what to do next.
  "The Great Monument has already been opened, and you can enter it." This entrance will last for an hour. After an hour, the battle of Xuanxian will be officially opened! ”Tianyue marks said.
  Hey! Hey! Hey!
  His voice just fell, and the celestial beings who had arrived had gone towards the enchantment of the Great Monument. The immortal monument is still only a tall stone monument. Every fairy has crossed the enchantment, leaving a series of ripples on the enchantment and disappearing into the monument.
  There have been more than 80 celestial celestial monuments in the continuation of the celestial monuments, but there are still more than a dozen celestial celestial beings, including the top five of the most anticipated monuments, and the fourth of the sword shadows. Apprentice.
  Tianyue marks have always been paying attention to the immortality of the immortal monument, but the people he wants to wait for are still not present.
  Forty of the elders of the robbery period are all around the Great Monument, and any immortal identity can't escape their eyes.
  "Do we want to go in?"Murong asked.
  The three of them are still under the stone and have not yet entered the monument.
  Suddenly looking at the forty-year-old masters of the robbery, he smiled lightly: "No hurry, I always feel that things are not that simple."
  He turned to the thick fog below the Rift Valley, where the three shadows were also waiting to see, and did not rush into the monument.
  Half an hour has passed, and the great fairy near the Rift Valley has basically entered the monument. All the comprehensions are waiting for the most beautiful ones they want to see.
  The crowd suddenly stunned, and everyone’s eyes lit up, and there was a powerful dark horse.
  Lonely day slowly moved towards the Great Rift Valley.
  His appearance undoubtedly caused a sensation. This person’s broken broad sword has already become famous in the whole process of comprehension. When he was in Dancheng, many people saw him defeating the robbery period by the chopsticks. The spine sword!
  He is the dark horse that is recognized as the most likely to be one of the last nine mysteries. Only the person who is regarded as his opponent is worthy of his use of broad sword.
  It can be said that the people who can make him move the sword are powerful people.
  But behind him, he is carrying two swords behind him. In addition to his ordinary broad sword, there is a sword wrapped in brown cloth. No one knows why solitary days have more swords, not even more. Understand what the origin of this sword is.
  His appearance triggered a hot discussion of the comprehensions, and it was more exciting than those of Ding Wuming's stream. Everyone wanted to see the sword of the lonely sky.
  With the appearance of Lonely Sky, there is also the unfortunate harmony of Simon.
  If the lonely day is an absolute dark horse, then Ximen unfortunately and the two are the wicked people known to everyone in the realm of truth. Their fame is notorious in the realm of comprehension, but no one dares to provoke them, because their strength is worthy of a loud name.
  The appearance of three people has already caused a hot discussion. What everyone does not understand is that it is understandable that Ximen unfortunately appeared together with him, but why is it that lonely people will walk with them?
  Countless words or envious or jealous eyes all fell on them, and the three of them became the focus of one side.
  But some people stopped their way.
  The people of Wuyue League.
  Today's Wuyue League is decisive and decisive, and many people who do not obey the orders of the Wuyue League are poisoned. The self-cultivators are afraid of them. At this time, the forty-year-old compradors headed by the Tianyue mark are openly open. Surrounded by three people in the lonely day.
  Forty times of the robbery period, the breath of the sky was strong, and the West Gate was unfortunately surrounded by shackles and lonely days.
  Ximen unfortunately "squeaked" and opened the evil fan, scorned a smile: "Is there something?"
  Tianyue traces sneer and laughed: "The three of you have killed the people of our Wuyue League, and the majesty of the Sangong Palace has been deprived of the qualifications of the immortals!"
  The audience was in awe!
  All the comprehensions felt extremely shocked. When the Battle of the Great Immortals was about to open, the people of the Wuyue League were blatantly stripping the qualifications of the three great immortals into the Great Monument, and this reason turned out to be so ridiculous. No basis.
  If the sorrowful days and the golden virgins of the evils are prevented from entering the monument, then the battle of Xuanxian will undoubtedly reduce three powerful and powerful competitors. The people of Wuyue League intend to use small means to kill the risk.
  The bullying of their 40-time robberies has stirred up anger in many people, but no one dares to say anything, because wuyue means very ruthless spicy, once has the objection, direct kill, this time the Wuyue union in the real world to determine the majesty, countless famous one of the Masters are cruel to kill, if the Wuyue union once again shot kill words, No one can hold it.
  Because there are forty masters of the robbery period! No one dares to say anything in front of forty masters of the robbery period. At this time, the people of Wuyue League can already reverse the right and wrong, twisting black and white!
  "How about killing?" We are extremely immortal, do you dare to face us in front of everyone? ”Simon unfortunately took a leisurely breath, and the three of them did not kill anyone in the Wuyue League. But if they want to add to their sins, Ximen unfortunately does whatever he wants. He has always dismissed what he explained.
  However, the older generation of people can not be shot on the immortal, this is the provisions of the three palaces.
  Tianyue traces coldly and said: "Our Wuyue League is directly under the jurisdiction of the Sangong Palace. UU reads You kill the people of the Wuyue League. They are the people who killed the Sangong Palace. According to the rules of our Wuyue League, the crime can be sin. When hey!"
  Wuyue League is a person of the Sangong Palace. Their rules are only valid for outsiders. It is impossible for them to act on their own people. Otherwise, many people want to kill the wood feathers. Mu Yu has long been able to eliminate many ghosts by virtue of this rule. It is.
  He slowly stepped forward and said lazily: "So, how many of you want to kill us?"
  It’s like laughing and laughing at the forty-year-old robbery period. This has already represented the top masters of all the martial art in the realm of cultivation. If these people join hands, it will kill enough hundreds of thousands of comprehens.
  But it is not enough for the three people.
  Tianyue marks are just sneering, saying: "Kill you?" You are wrong, you have committed the taboo of the Triple Palace, then the lawmakers of the Triple Palace will come to punish you! ”
  Forty people who had been in the robbery period had already dispersed, and the powerful momentum of the body was so high that they fell into the sky and shocked everyone.
  A horrible pressure descended from the sky, and went straight to the unfortunate trio of Ximen!
  Mahayana people!
  The people of Wuyue League are only responsible for blocking, and the real hands are actually the people of the Mahayana period!
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