Chapter 11 conflict

Mu Yu catch up with the people in front of them, they are going to a other courtyard. This school is very big, and many immortals are walking in and out. This is equivalent to the station of the immortals. Mu Yu saw the peers who were selected, some of them curiously stared at them, and pointed at them. Some people even laughed and looked down on these gray talented disciples.

"I said that people who don't grow a village can do anything?"Just then, the harsh sound rang around the wooden feathers, and a disharmonious person suddenly stopped the wooden feathers. Mu Yu looked up and saw that it was a little tiger.

The appearance of Xiaohu has made many people stop to wait and see. After all, this person's talent is outstanding. His current status is not comparable to the gray talented disciples of Mu Yu. Everyone wants to know why this tomorrow's star will go to the most difficult. Inferior disciple.

"Go away."Mu Yu didn't want to conflict with him. He had a slight imbalance in his heart. If he passed the test normally, he wouldn't be beaten by him if he couldn't compare him.

"Humph! How dare you talk to me like that? ”The little tiger pushed the wooden feathers arbitrarily. The wood plume stepped back and frowned and asked, "What do you want?" ”

Xiaohu sneered and said: "I heard that you are not influential disciples, that is, to give us these legitimate disciples as servants, do you dare to speak to me like this?"

"You don't want to bully too much."Mu Yu said faintly, then went forward, but Xiaohu stopped him again.

"This little Childe, do you have anything to do?" ”Looking for a deacon to quickly come over, said with a smile, he certainly knows this scary child, Xiaohu's talent is doomed to have some achievements in the future, where to find a deacon to offend?

"You are the deacon here? Is the head of the maid? ”Xiao Hu asked.

Look for the Deacon's face a little white, actually the tiger is right, he was also a member of these Gray disciples, his talent and these disciples are not good where to go, with these disciples do hope that one day can be selected by a certain door of the dream to stay, but in the school did a lifetime of the servant, to the old became the head of the servant, It's the housekeeper of the institution.

"Yes, little son."Looking for a deacon, respectfully said, it is already very common for these people to be looked down upon by the immortal, but what can they do if they are dissatisfied? I stayed in the school for the rest of my life. For the illusory dream of cultivation, I lost my life and gave the real immortals a servant for a lifetime. The reason why they can endure this kind of life is because their status among mortals is very high. If they leave the school, then they are nothing.

"Since it is, well, you let him admit that he is a waste, I let him go."Xiaohu pointed to Mu Yu.

"dream."Mu Yu’s eyes are horizontal.

"This is not very good? He is only new. For the time being, he does not have to listen to anyone's orders. Before he turns 16 years old, he does not have to serve any of the immortals. This is also a rule. ”Looking for a deacon to say quickly.

"There is still this rule! Then you must be at least 16 years old. Are you obeying my orders? ”Xiaohu’s eyes turned and asked.

Looking for a deacon, respectfully said: "What is the matter of the son, though he is told."

"You let him say that he is a waste."The little tiger is aggressive.

Looking for a look at the wood feathers, then shook his head: "I can't do this. It's not a waste before they reach the age of sixteen."Looking for deacons actually guarded the disciples of Mu Yu, which made many gray disciples feel a little relieved. At least the deacon is a good person. Although he is somewhat mean, he is right and wrong. Mu Yu also looked for the Deacon gratefully, in fact, look for Deacon big can not protect them, after all, a lot of gray disciples are doomed and the fairy miss, but only the existence of the bottom of the real world, but look for the deacons have their own rules of conduct, he is in charge of these disciples, if let these disciples were humiliated, then who would like to continue to stay here?

"Humph! You are a stinky old man.

Then you can call him for him, is it a waste? ”The tiger looked at the smiles of the people around him, and he was so gifted always some drift to fairy, he felt that he could not command these gray disciples work, no light on the face, how to say he is also the emperor's son, incredibly in here brushed face, even a servant dare not listen to his words too unreasonable, then put evil spirit in the search for Deacon body.

Looking for a deacon's face rose red, but there is no way, the comprehension also has rules to repair the real world. He took a deep breath and then said: "I am…"

"Look for deacon, don't say it. Called Xiaohu, why do you call it a waste? Everyone has the conditions to cultivate the immortal. This has not yet begun to cultivate. Your tail is going up to heaven. What are you proud of? After four years, I am sure who is better than anyone! ”Mu Yu walked over and interrupted the words of the deacon, and then said with some anger, Mu Yu had rarely fired before, and he first saw such a shameless person.

"Do you actually challenge me?"Xiaohu looked at the people around him and started laughing at him. He was also angry. He couldn’t wait to knock down Mu Yu to the ground now, but he felt that he is now a fairy teacher. He should have the appearance of a fairy teacher. It’s ugly, so he just can’t hold back.

"I really think that this little friend is doing a good job. Little dolls are not cultivated. Don't say anything!"At this time, a fragrant voice overshadowed everyone, a plain-skinned white-shoulder who walked slowly and stared at Mu Yu with interest. Mu Yu found that the old man was the old man who was squatting on the edge of the gray stone.

"Which servant are you?"Xiaohu asked eagerly. UU reading

"Little tiger, shut up!"At this moment, the white wave appeared in a timely manner. He came over and politely bowed to the white-beard old man. "The wind is at the forefront. The child is straightforward and does not know how to get the number of gifts. When I go back, I will teach him naturally. Lose money."

Wind head? Which martial art is the head?

Mu Yu’s heart was awkward. It turned out that this is the master of a faction. It’s rare for a head man to speak for a gray disciple who has never met before. This is what many people did not expect.

"No matter, Bai Xianzhen is polite. Now relying on talent, the future depends on the heart! ”The old man smiled slightly and left with his hand. When passing by Mu Yu, he also kindly bowed his eyes to Mu Yu, and the wood feathers were somewhat inexplicable.

"Going back to learn from etiquette, people who are Qingsong should not have such arrogant character."Bai Lang said to the little tiger, and then left with the tiger.

"Isn't that the wind of the dusty party?"

"Yes! I heard that this is a non-influenced martial art, which makes people look down! ”

"Don't, there are few people in the door, but the repair of the head is not something you and I can talk about."

"Speaking of fewer people, they seem to have not recruited new disciples this year?"

"How often did they recruit new disciples?"



Mu Yu listened to the opinions of the people around him, and his heart was a little confused. This old man is the leader of the dust-sucking party in the bottom of more than 20 sects? Its solid wood feathers have only remembered two sects until now, one is the leader of the comprehension community, the Qingsong faction, and the other is the dusty faction that many disciples are not willing to go. But what happened to them without recruiting their disciples? Is it true that no disciple is willing to go to the dust party? Listening to the voices of the people around you, it seems that this martial art does not accept people. What is the meaning of their existence?

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