Chapter 1100 Mahayana is gathered

        "The three of you have desecrated our majesty of the Triple Palace, and have not been worthy to participate in the nine Hyun-sin contest. ”

        This is the voice of the soul Kui, he did not give Simon unfortunate and other people explain the opportunity, was intended to direct the killer!

        Now the triple House since has formed the Wuyue Alliance, has established the majesty, kills the extremely immortal to them is not a big deal. Just find an excuse to kill a few people who can pose a threat, then the nine Xuanxian places will be ten, and even if there are people who refuse to take it, it will be killed!

        The field of the Mahayana period came out like a black cloud, and everyone felt a tremor in the chest. It was a horror that they couldn’t help themselves. The atmosphere didn’t dare to breathe.

        "What about the Mahayana period?"

        Ximen unfortunately and the two of them looked coldly at the oncoming terror oppression. They had already lit up black and white two white awns. The breath of the two was like a sharp sword in the pressure of the souls. From the beginning, I also shocked others!

        Ximen unfortunately and the two people's repairs were shocked by the comprehensions present. The evil boy's golden boy and girl were the strength of the Mahayana period and they were unexpected.


        The fields of terror collide with each other. Ximen unfortunately and both of them frown slightly, and the strength of Soul Kui is far stronger than them! Lonely and fascinating, he has already held another iron sword behind him. The unremarkable iron sword flashed out the arrogant and arrogant swordsmanship, faintly assisting Ximen unfortunately and resisting the oppression of Soul Kui.

        But at this moment, the breath of another Mahayana period suddenly burst open, and it was just like a solid spear, which broke the void and went to the soul!


        Soul Kui escaped, and Ximen unfortunately and the two also flew back.

        A light white man has stood in the same place,

His figure is not tall, but it gives people an inexplicable sense of security, just like a solid shield, enough to make people trust.


        The moment the people in the audience saw the appearance of the words, they were already exclaimed. Now the four apprentices of Jianfeng Dust have been known to the real world, and they recognize the identity of the words at a glance.

        The breath of the body is like a round of the moon, illuminating the audience, shocking.

        "Do you kill?"

        Inadvertently watching the soul Kui, the soul Kui is very powerful, powerful to a very terrible realm, even he feels a trace of jealousy.

        However, the rumors are not afraid. He has long expected that the people of the Mie Palace will play tricks and prepare for the response. It is really hard to say that it will be played.

        Soul Kui’s eyes are full of killings, and the disciples of the swords and shadows must be killed!

        "You guys are disrespectful to the Mie Palace and don't deserve to be a mysterious fairy!"

        The words of Soul Kui are very overbearing. He has absolute strength to say these words. It is because these words are unfounded and no one can refute anything.

        Hey! Hey! Hey!

        In the air, there were five black men all over the black robes, and the appearance of these five people once again set off a raging wave!

        Three Mahayames in the Mahayana period!

        Hundreds of thousands of comprehensions are shocked to see the people who confront each other. In their impressions, the masters of the robbery period can already dominate the party and let them fear the existence. As for the Mahayana period, it is basically a true god. It is a few hundred times rarer than the master of the robbery period!

        However, now there are so many Mahayana masters!

        The atmosphere is solidified instantly, and no one dares to scream.

        That is the legendary Mahayana period, the admired existence!

        "You don't want to escape today!"

        Soul Kui laughed and waved his hand, and the six horrible field skills swept out in an instant.


        However, at this moment, the bursting flame ignited the void, and the void was hardened and melted into a gap. The fiery red figure stood erect in the void, and the violent high temperature made everyone feel in the horrible stove. The sweat has rolled down from the body and is steamed in an instant.

        "Can the mice of your Mie Palace be so eager to die?"

        Luo Wei’s voice is arrogant.


        The entire ground was violently chaired up, as if a giant beast had to climb out of the ground, and almost all the comprehensions could not stand still, as if there was a huge pulling force to swallow them.

        "Just kill it directly, it will save a lot of trouble."

        Standing on a gray stone on the ground, the stone is simple and honest. It is only one meter long, but it gives people the feeling of smashing the sky. The space around the stone is curling up quickly and is about to collapse.

        The appearance of Xiangnan and Luo Wei made all the self-cultivators again shocked. As a result, the apprentices of the sword shadow dust winds were not the generations of the fame, but also became the top masters of the Mahayana period!

        The rumors looked at Luo Wei and Xiangnan, and the eyes were micro-microwave, but there was nothing to say.

        The pressure of the eleventh Mahayana period is like a stormy wave, and the survivors of the present have personally felt their own smallness, just like a leaf in the sea, which may be swallowed at any time.

        "So, are the people in your Mie Palace planning to directly understand the grievances outside?"Cheng Yan looked at the soul Kui indifferently.

        Nine Xuanxian are important, but those who have eliminated the Sangong Palace are also their targets.

        Soul Kui looked at Chengyan and others indifferently, and laughed: "Without you, it is not important who the nine Xuan Xian are."

        The number of nine Xuan Xian can fall in the hands of any immortal, that is, can not be mastered by these few people. Because after the other great immortals became nine Xuanxian, Sangong Palace was enough to control these nine people, but they could not control these people.

        Therefore, they are not prepared to let the words and others enter the monument.

        "It turned out to be this way."Inadvertently watching the soul Kui, said, "In front of so many people, your Triple Palace still dares to show up, it is really unexpected."

        Once the comprehension's emotions are high, it will explode a powerful vitality, which is a huge lethal effect for the soul family. This is one reason why the soul family does not dare to show up at will.

        However, Soul Kui sneered: "In the face of the absolute pressure of our Mahayana period, do you think these comprehensions can cheer up? On the contrary, these hundreds of thousands of comprehensions will become our source of soul power, killing you more than enough! ”

        In the eyes of the words, there is a flash of light: "Why don't you try it, can you kill now?"

        Soul Kui looked at the tone of the promise, suddenly felt a bit of something wrong, he frowned, then sneered: "Do you think I dare?"

        Soul Kui raised his hand, and the white spirit of the soul has been smashed to the nearest tens of thousands of comprehensions.

        Those comprehensions looked at the horror of the soul and poured down on themselves. They were already scared and screamed, but they couldn’t scream out, but the power of the Mahayana period made them feel like they were going to be slaughtered. The lamb has no way to resist.

        The sacred soul force that kills the sky is not in the crowd, and the soul that is enough to razed the whole mountain to the ground is bombarded on the self-cultivator, but disappears like ice and snow!

        "how come?"

        Soul Kui looked at it all in horror. As a man of the Mahayana period, this palm was enough to destroy the land, but it was impossible to kill these people present!

        His attack is not effective against the comprehension!

        Then Soul Kui was thinking of something, almost a few words from the teeth, staring angrily at the words: "You actually found the perfect river!"

        There is a strong murder in the eyes of the words: "Now is a fair showdown."

        Luo Wei and the south looked at each other and they all saw a glimpse of the other side's eyes. They didn't understand what it meant by perfect rivers and mountains!

        And when you hear the words "perfect river mountain" in the distance, it is already a slam!

        The shadowless and shadowy people have been searching for "perfect rivers" for three thousand years in the triple sky, but they have not been found. They did not expect to be found by the words!


        The stunned figure has disappeared in place, and the reappearance is already on the left side of the rumor.

        The blue fluttering, the sun shining on him without any shadow, but no one noticed the abnormality of his shadow, because at the moment he appeared, the powerful Mahayana period also rolled out and became the focus of the other party. !

        On the side of a stone on the right side of the speech, a beautiful shadow has been stood. This shadow blends with the shadow of the stone. Even in the sunshine, it looks awkward and strange. The shadow body has also emerged a strong Mahayana period, occupying a field.

        "You found the perfect river?"The rain is out of the air.

        Although she is only a shadow, it is strange that the sound of this shadow is extremely beautiful, just like the spring water flowing, crisp and sweet.

        Inadvertently glanced at the same time and appeared in the rain and strange, said: "Is it amazing?"

        "Yes, I am very surprised."Appreciated.

        "So?"Asked the words.

        "Our grievances are not just over the top."The rain is out of the air.

        Silently for a moment, said: "She is right."

        The promise was a light smile: "My troubles are not bad for both of you."

        Suddenly and Yu Mo did not open again, just staring at the words.

        The look of Soul Kui has already reached the extreme, and they all understand what it means to be “perfect river mountain”. Originally appearing here today is to directly kill the words and other people, there are hundreds of thousands of comprehensors present, for the soul family, their soul power is endless, you can freely slaughter.

        But even the soul Kui did not expect that, even the Chengyan will start the "perfect river mountain"!

        "Then I will kill you even more."The voice of Soul Kui is very cold, just like the ice of the abyss for thousands of years, UU reading cold to the bone marrow, so that countless comprehensions have played a cold.

        Luo Wei and Xiang Nan have been walking around the slogan, killing the soul and looking at the soul Kui.

        "Those who want to kill us in the dusty mountains, you try."Luo's voice is like a flame in the cold winter, igniting the void.

        "The Mahayana period that died in my hands has already been three, not a few of you."Looking southward and coldly, he looked at the sorrow and the rain, his voice was so thick, like a heavy mountain, echoing in the ears of everyone seemed so incredible.

        Did three people in the Mahayana period be killed in the south?

        The face of Soul Kui was distorted, and the three Mahayana periods were all of them! …


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