Chapter 1101 enters the monument

        The whole fairy valley is already a sword!

        Luo Wei and Xiangnan stood by the side of the confession. They said that the eyes of the two of them were somewhat complicated and asked softly: "Go home?"

        Han and Luo Wei tightened their lips.

        "not the right time yet."Luo Wei shook his head.

        "But we are family members."Did not go to the south to see the words.

        Maybe he is embarrassed or escaping. He doesn't want to face up to his words.

        The sigh silently sighed, then converge on his own emotions and re-gaze at the soul Kui.

        The three heavenly swords whispered and were aimed at the soul people.

        Four voices sounded, and four figures have disappeared into the monumental monument. It is a person without a shadow and a shadow. Lonely, I looked at other people in a cold and indifferent manner. He also turned and plunged into the immortal monument. They did not reach the Mahayana period and could not interfere with the action here. Therefore, they chose to go to the Great Monument to compete for the number of nine Xuanxian. .

        Soul Kui did not stop, his goal is still on the subject and other people, the words and other talents are the people he wants to kill, as long as the killing of the three people, the monument is not enough.

        The momentum of both sides has gradually climbed and reached a peak.

        The fields of the Mahayana period began to oppress each other, and the battle was at a stroke.

        sand! sand! sand!

        At this moment, there was a steady sound of footsteps on the ground, which seemed so clear in everyone's ears, as if stepping on a calm lake, it was like a wave, and it was like a wave running on the sea. Surging.

        This footstep actually attracted everyone's attention to the past.

        It was a young man in a green shirt. The breeze was flying, the clothes were floating, and there was a strange vitality in the whole body. The ground where he walked was slightly green, and the green leaves were fleeting. Also left a breath of unclear.

        Next to a three- or four-year-old child, holding two bunches of candied fruit in his hand, chewing happily.

        The moment he appeared, broke the tight atmosphere, even though this area has been shrouded in the turbulent field power, but the breath of these fields seems to have no effect on him. He does not even have the atmosphere of the field, it seems It is not a comprehension of the Mahayana period.

        But he was there in the air, and slowly came towards them.

        Everyone knows this young man because his reputation is too big.

        But no one understands why this young man is so casual, without the breath of the Mahayana period, but not affected by the Mahayana period.

        The moment he appeared, the soul of Kuikui was even more ugly.

        "Wood feather."

        Soul Kui almost bite his teeth and say these two words.

        Because the soul of the two masters of the Mahayana period is also related to Mu Yu.

        "I still wonder if I will be late."Mu Yu’s eyes fell on his three brothers.

        The three brothers also looked at him.

        Their eyes are very clear and calm, as if they have never changed, they are still familiar faces, they are changed into convictions, and the unchanging friendship between the teachers and brothers.

        "Not late."

        With a slight smile, he knows that Mu Yu has done it. Even if Mu Yu does not have any fluctuations in the Mahayana period, he can not be surprised by such a powerful pressure. If it is not a Mahayana period, it is impossible.

        "Come on, the mouse of the Soul is destroyed."Luo Wei had already ignited a flame, and the flame spread to his burning sword.

        Looking south also at Mu Yu: "Let?"

        The words between them are very simple. Even if the beliefs are different, they still have the same goal. Killing the souls is their most direct idea.

        However, Xiaoshuai spit out a few scorpions and said: "Everyone is doing cognac? There is also a tea time, the enchantment of the monument will be closed. ”

        "Little handsome is right."Mu Yu licked Xiao Shuai’s head and smiled slightly: “I prefer to use the power of Tianheng to uproot the souls.”

        He also wants to kill these Souls in this way, but even if they kill them, the Triple Palace still has the White World. To completely destroy the Souls, it is not enough to kill these people. Only the nine are in control. The place of Xuanxian is the king.

        Xiaoshuai has turned into a small beast and jumped to the shoulder of Mu Yu. Mu Yu stepped forward and disappeared into the original place. When it appeared again, it was already on the edge of the monument.

        "I will kill anyone in the Five Monuments in the Great Monument."The figure of Mu Yu has not entered the monument.

        The degree of wood feathers is very fast, that is, the soul Kui can not resist.

        Soul Kui's face sank, he did not intend to let any of the four disciples of the true god enter the monument, but Mu Yu has now entered, it is not difficult to say that the strength of Mu Yu.

        Cheng Yan and others also flew up and fell into the monument.

        Soul Kui did not stop this time, because the time of the Great Monument will come to an end. If he stops, if there is a fierce battle, the five people under his own hands will most likely not enter the monument!

        "Make sure you win a mysterious place!"Soul Kui cold channel.


        The five black men also disappeared into the monument.

        Nine Xuan Xian places, only need to win one, for the soul Kui, it is a victory, and they have five people here, the probability of capturing is great!

        After everyone entered, the enchantment on the Great Monument gradually began to disappear and became the original appearance. Soul Kui glanced coldly at the frightened, self-defeating self-cultivator, who also disappeared in place.

        The wind and rain began to sway.


        When Mu Yu entered the Great Immortal Monument, he already knew what his test was going to be. The message of the immortality on his arm appeared in his mind and introduced the contents of the test clearly.

        The content of the test is very simple. You can enter the ancient battlefield by collecting nine extremely fairy stones. The last nine people who can survive in the ancient battlefield are the nine Xuanxian.

        "Is this a great stone?"

        The wooden feather spreads out the palm of the hand, and the celestial logo has been turned into a thumb-sized spar, sparkling with crystal clear light.

        Everyone has a piece at the beginning, and the remaining celestial stones are scattered around and need to be found.

        Collecting extremely celestial stones, nature can also be grabbed from others!

        Mu Yu looked around for a moment. At this time, where he was, he didn't know where it was. It looked like a wilderness, surrounded by white haze, and there was a strange sound in the distance, but he didn't know what it was.

        The people who came in after him did not stay with him, and did not see anyone around.

        "Strange, the fog here can't be opened."Xiaoshuai licked his tail and wanted to dispel the fog, but the fog had a strange power to resist them, and even Mu Yu could not expel him.

        At this time, the visibility is about 50 meters. Flowers and trees can be seen all around, and there is a small hill in the distance. A river is flowing slowly.

        Mu Yu squatted down the grass on the ground and said: "I can't control these grasses."

        It is more like an independent world. Everything has its own rules. Mu Yu can't control it.

        He pondered for a moment and walked forward. Since it is necessary to collect nine pieces of celestial stones, the easiest way is to find someone and rob them of the celestial stones in their hands.

        This is not only the idea of ​​Mu Yu, but also the thinking of many people.

        Mu Yu originally wanted to fly into the sky, but now the fog is too thick. When flying into the sky, he basically can't see where the ground is, so he falls back to the ground and jumps toward the front.

        This place is very big. Mu Yu crossed several mountains and rivers and broke into a forest. One hour passed, but no one was seen.

        When he walked forward again, suddenly a powerful bloody rush came.

        Mu Yu frowned, and he jumped into a valley in one step, and suddenly the bones of the earth were piled up into mountains!

        "this is……"

        Mu Yu carefully looked at the cheekbones, the cheekbones were sacred, and the deaths have been hundreds of years or even older. Most of them are human bones, but there are also a few odd-shaped cheekbones that don’t look like humans. Like the demon.

        However, Mu Yu is now a lot of cheekbones with long horns on his chest, but it is a meat-winged horn!

        In the middle of these sacral bones, Mu Yu has one of the tall and mighty human skeletons. The whole body is golden, and the body bursts with amazing momentum. It is the breath of the Mahayana period!

        "What the hell is this? Are you still dead and have such a terrible power? ”

        Mu Yu looked at the cheekbones. This cheekbone was half-squatted on the ground, holding a rusty sword in his hand, holding his body, his head looking proudly at Mu Yu, the deep eye socket. There is still a golden flame in the middle, as if to burn the outsiders to burn!

        Are these people killed by him?

        Mu Yu strongly suppressed the shock of his heart and carefully walked over. Although the momentum of this skeleton was strong, it would not let the wood feathers retreat. When Mu Yu walked in, the cheekbone suddenly slammed and slammed, and a loud roar, raised the sword in his hand, and slammed down to Muyu!

        Jianguang brought a burst of dust, swift and horrible, and it was almost instantaneous, even those who were in the usual robbery period could not stop this sword!


        The shadow of the wood feathers came out, and a sword blocked the cheekbones and flew the cheekbones.


        The cheekbones have been scattered, and the golden light on the body has gradually disappeared. It seems that it has only the last blow.

        "What happened here?"

        Mu Yu picked up the long sword, and with a gentle wave, the rust on the sword had fallen off and a soft bang was heard.

        "It's a good sword."

        Mu Yu couldn't help but praise, although his current shadow sword is already a strong Tianjian, it is extremely powerful compared to this long sword, but this long sword is necessarily a piece of comparison with other comprehensions. To the treasure. However, the long sword suddenly broke into powder in the hands of Mu Yu and re-integrated into the cheekbones.

        "what? There is actually a very fairy stone in its eye socket. ”

        Xiaoshuu stretched out a small claw and took a stone from the skull of the bone. UU read the book. It is this stone that keeps this skeleton strong.

        "It’s a weird place."

        Mu Yu took the celestial stone, at least two polar stones have been collected.


        Just then, there was a thrilling roar in the distance, and then there was a vague roar, and it seemed that there was a conflict.

        At this time, Mu Yu was the most wanted person. When he jumped, he went in the direction of the sound. …


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