Chapter 1102 Extreme Stone

        A 100-meter-high six-claw beast roars wildly. It is also a skeleton with sharp claws. The body is lying on the ground with a red body. This is a young man whose body has been torn into two halves. The blood is still coming out from the wound, and the eyes almost come out of the eye socket, apparently dead.

        "The person who distracted, is actually dead?"

        Mu Yu fell on the six-clawed beast. This giant beast is a six-clawed lizard. When he was in the realm of comprehension, Mu Yu had seen it at most ten meters high. At most, it was only a distraction period. The repair is done, but there is a hundred meters long here, watching the horror of the momentum, it is comparable to the robbery period!

        A piece of celestial stone emerged from the young man's body, swaying in the air, and then the six-clawed demon lizard directly grabbed the celestial stone, the celestial stone floated to its forehead, and its forehead was inlaid with another piece of celestial stone.

        Then the six-clawed devil lizard looked up and saw the wooden feathers, and rushed toward Muyu.

        "You are looking for the wrong opponent."

        When Mu Yu’s hand slammed his hand, the spirits rolled out and tore the six-clawed lizard into two halves, and grabbed its head and simply took the two celestial stones.

        The celestial stone left the head of the six-clawed lizard, and the six-clawed lizard's 100-meter-high body collapsed and there was a burst of smoke.

        "Four, it doesn't look too difficult."

        Mu Yu glanced at the unsettled young man. He didn't know this person. He didn't care about anyone on the list. But every fairy in the realm of comprehension is at least famous and respected. This person is also one of them. I thought that entering the great monument can fight for the last mysterious fairy, but the strength is still to die. .

        Mu Yu continued to walk forward. He jumped on a mountain peak and walked forward for half an hour. He saw a giant snake that was repaired during the squatting period. The giant snake had a corner above it, and a corner was also embedded in it. Very celestial stone.

        "The giant snake in the flood season,

It seems that not all monsters are very powerful. ”

        Mu Yu took the great stone of this giant snake, which means that the celestial celestial beings can only collect these nine monsters with a weaker monster. The difficulty is not very high.

        It is obvious that the young man is not lucky. The distraction period is a six-clawed lizard that has encountered the robbery period. His death is normal.

        "It is not difficult to collect nine pieces of celestial stones. Basically, just pay attention to it and don't provoke powerful monsters. But after collecting nine pieces of celestial stones into the ancient battlefield, what will happen there? ”

        Mu Yu knows that the test about Xuan Xian can't be so simple, but he is not clear where the ancient battlefield is. He can only take a step.

        Now that there are five great stones, he needs to find the remaining four again.

        He continued to move forward. After two hours, he did not reproduce the monster with the celestial stone. However, when he turned over a canyon, there was a fierce fighting in front.

        It was the two young men of the fit period. At this time, they were fiercely hard to beat, and the treasures were flying and the spells were flying. It seemed that they all wanted to put the other side to death.

        "Ma Yangcheng, you are not my opponent, or give me the celestial stone, I will spare you a life!"One of the bald youths shouted coldly.

        Ma Yangcheng, the most popular ranking twenty-seven!

        "Yin Le, what are you? Laozi has two pieces of celestial stones in his hand. If you have the ability, try it! ”Ma Yangcheng laughed and once again raised the big knife in his hand and killed it in Yin Le.

        Yin Le, the most popular ranking is twenty-nine!

        The two played together again.

        "Hey, you two, and you are angry, I don't want to fight."Xiaoshuai has turned into a human figure, his hands are behind his back, shaking his head and standing on the top of the canyon, shouting at the two people who are vying for it.

        Ma Yangcheng and Yin Le collided together, followed by each other. Ma Yangcheng turned to see a child of three or four years old, and jokingly said: "Little kid, do you dare to talk to the uncle here? Believe it or not, I waited for your pants to spank? ”

        Ma Yangcheng has forgotten one thing at a time. If this is just a simple child, how can it enter the monument?


        The powerful pressure has fallen from the sky, as if the two mountains were suddenly pressed against Ma Yangcheng and Yin Le, their faces suddenly changed, and the whole body was already moving!

        "He is right, and he is lucky, give me the great stone."Mu Yu said indifferently.

        When Ma Yangcheng and Yin Le saw the appearance of Mu Yu, his face was already scared. They recognized Mu Yu and exclaimed: "It is you…"

        "I don't want to kill."Mu Yu said.

        Ma Yangcheng and Yin Le bite their teeth and handed over their extremely fairy stones.

        They have to pay because they know exactly what Mu Yu is.

        A total of three extremely celestial stones.

        "It seems that I only need to find the last one."

        Mu Yu put away the celestial stone, which is not difficult to collect such things.

        Xiaoshuai swayed to the back of Ma Yangcheng and smashed Ma Yang into a foot: "You just said that you want to hit my ass?"

        Ma Yangcheng opened his mouth and said with hurriedness: "Adults, villains have eyes that don't know Taishan, and they still want adults to sin."

        Xiaoshuai fiercely said: "I am not a Taishan, less nonsense! Hand over the things you eat! ”

        "Ah, huh?"Ma Yangcheng obviously did not expect Xiao Shuai to actually say this sentence.

        Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, and the robbery of others was to grab the magic stone, and Xiao Shuai was directly robbed.

        However, Xiaoshuai cares a little, and he stunned Ma Yang into a foot, and he slammed Ma Yang into a sigh, and unceremoniously untied the other side's sleeves and began to search.

        "Rely, poor ghosts, there is only one demon spirit, not even a roast goose, it is a poor ghost!"

        Xiaoshuai slammed the sturdy bag of Ma Yangcheng and threw all the precious exercises, flying swords and medicinal herbs of Ma Yangcheng to the side. Then the eyes lit up and smashed a demon spirit.

        Xiao Shuai took away the demon spirit unceremoniously, and bite the demon spirit in front of Ma Yangcheng, let’s open it.

        Ma Yangcheng looked at the seventh-order demon spirit and was eaten by Xiaoshuai. The heart, liver, kidney and lung pains were all squeezed into a group, but that was a seventh-order monster that he worked hard last month! Originally used to refine medicine, but did not expect it to become the other side of the dish directly…

        But I think that my most precious magic weapon and exercises are in my heart.

        "Let's go! There is still a piece of stone, and we are going to the ancient battlefield. ”

        Mu Yu looked at Ma Yangcheng and Yin Le, and it only rose into the sky and disappeared into the distance.

        Grab things for the wooden feathers did not feel embarrassed, here is the winner is the king, for the sake of the nine Xuan Xian, he will not feel anything if he kills a few fairy.


        Outside the Great Monument, many people are already feeling the rest of their lives. Everyone is amazed, and some people can't wait to escape.

        Just a dozen of the masters of the Mahayana period gathered together, and the sword was arrogant, and almost a moment will be an unprecedented battle.

        During the Mahayana period, few people have seen it in the realm of cultivation. They did not expect that the strength of this time is already strong enough. Whether it is the four disciples of Jianfeng Dust, or the people of Sangong Palace. They are already strong enough to be looked at in their lives.

        "Mie Gong Palace, actually want to kill us?"

        "Mie Gong Palace and Wu Yue Meng are not good things!"

        "Hey, whisper!"

        "What are you afraid of? The people of the Mie Palace can't kill us. ”

        "But the people of Wuyue League are enough to kill us!"

        The hundreds of thousands of people present or far away, packed with the entire sky, have already seen the terrible scene. They are also angry at the actions of the Mie Palace, but there are still forty times in the field. The elders of the Five Yuemeng, their momentum still suppressed other people.

        Everyone has refocused on the monument, which is slowly rotating in the air, and people in every direction can see the name on the monument.

        "It’s dead again!"

        Many people exclaimed again. From the close of the immortal monument to the present, three very immortal names have been erased from the immortal monument, which means that three of the great immortals have already died.

        Anyone who is on the verge of comprehension can't see the situation inside, and can only rely on the name on the top of the monument to determine the situation at this time. There is a point behind every celestial being. They don't understand what that point means, but soon everyone understands that all the celestial beings should be collecting that point.

        "Thirteen people have already lit up nine points!"

        "There are only nine points at most. Does it mean that these 13 people are qualified to compete in Xuanxian?"

        "The fourteenth person lit up nine points, it is a lonely day!"

        "The fifteenth is Simon's unfortunate."

        "The three apprentices of Jianying Dust have already got nine points, only the wood feathers."

        Many people have been talking about this and have speculated about the situation inside.

        On a hillside, surrounded by many people, there is an old man and a young girl in the crowd yelling loudly: "Come here, bet!" Let's gamble on the last nine celestial beings who have those who are ready to leave and buy off! ”

        He Ran is Chu and the uncle and Chu Xiaoqing, and Chu is not convinced to hold a banner that reads "Bet not to lose credit bet, the first step towards the peak of life."

        Here are some slogans:

        – This world is in your hands! Boldly bet, choose the nine Xuanxian in your mind. Once you hit, the bonus will double, become the winner of life, open the mountain, become the head of the elders, become the head, welcome the white and beautiful, and the peak of life is no longer dream!

        The payment is:

        — Dreams still have to be, UU reading What if it is realized?

        The table on the front of Chu’s unbeaten is a gambling method from the gambling gambling studio. The way of betting is similar to that of gambling, relying on the contract of the blood of the comprehension.

        It was a very serious scene of watching the war, but it was somewhat ruined because of the unspokenness of Chu. However, because of his doing things, the hearts of those who were nervously expected gradually relaxed.

        At this time, the situation inside is not clear, and leisure is also idle. Many self-cultivators will come over and start betting. In each way, they will choose the nine Xuan Xian in their minds, and pay attention to the changes of the Great Monument.

        After Chu did not succumb to the person behind him, he was alone and looked at the unyielding man. …


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