1103th Chapter Ancient Battlefield

        Alone Bi Ying eyes like a purdah, if the eyes can kill, Chu unyielding Taoist has been large unloading eight, to know that the opening of the casino business has been his business, Chu unyielding man is now clearly in Rob Business.

        "Little Alone Ah!" Why are you doing it? Come on, go to showmanship! We are not saying that we have to do a big job? ”Chu unyielding, the man shook his head excitedly and shouted.

        He had a sigh of sigh and thought of Chu’s unsuccessful identity. He just had a big dissatisfaction and quickly nodded: "Yes, yes, I will go immediately."

        Chu Xiaoqing was collecting the Lingshi, and he was very happy. Then he went to the ear of Chu and said, "Master, do you say that Mu Yu’s brother will have something? Just now, Mu Yu’s brother is so handsome! ”

        Chu did not swear, the man snorted: "He has a fart! Why don't you ask your brother if there is anything wrong? ”

        "The brothers will not have anything! Yes, Master, what exactly is the perfect river in what they just said? ”Chu Xiaoqing asked curiously.

        The words that Fang Caikui and others said, in fact, everyone heard it, but many people are not sure what the so-called "perfect river mountain" is.

        Chu unyielding, the beard of the beard is upturned, quite meaningfully said: "Perfect river mountain? That is an amazing array, and many people are watching this battle! ”

        Chu Xiaoqing blinked and curiously asked: "So why did the people of the Soul not hurt these people?"

        Chu is not convinced by the people: "These interracial people are of course not injured. The perfect rivers and mountains have opened up the protection. At least the soul people who want to kill the comprehensions below the fit period can't do it. The means of the sword shadow dust is very powerful!"

        Chu Xiaoqing surprised his eyes wide openly: "The souls of the souls are not killed and the following comprehension is repaired? so smart? ”

        Chu unyielding, thoughtfully looking at the gambling formation in front of him, said: "No,

Perfect River Mountain is only starting now, indicating that it is flawed. Soul people will find this defect sooner or later, and not only the soul people, but also two aliens are ready to move…"

        Chu Xiaoqing continued to ask: "What role does the perfect river and mountain have?"

        Chu unyielding people looked deeply at the name on the list of the immortals. He stared at the name of Mu Yu for a long time and said: "Perfect rivers, this array of functions can be great! Nowadays, there are not many people who understand the law! ”

        Chu Xiaoqing saw that Master refused to elaborate, and licked his mouth, and his eyes were full of peaches: "That Mu Yu’s brother must know how to control this formation?"

        Chu does not swear by people and laughs.

        The people who bet the beasts are endless, and the only ones are maintaining order. Every self-cultivator is carefully screening the most immortal ones he is watching. The top five in the top of the list are:

        First place: reliance

        Second place: cold in autumn

        Third place: moon sand

        Fourth place: ancient shore flowers

        Fifth place: cold incense

        The fifth place was originally Wuyuzhou, but at this time it was replaced by a person named Hanxiangjiao, and the cultivation of cold and incense was stronger than that of Wuyuzhou. The former Wuyuzhou was only a period of robbery. However, the cold incense has reached the Mahayana period, and the masters of the Mie Palace have emerged endlessly.

        None of the five people knows, but the self-cultivators already know that these five people must come from the Mie Palace, and it is also a Mahayana period! Although the people of the Mie Palace are overbearing, there are still many people who put the treasure on them. The strength of the Mie Palace cannot be underestimated.

        In addition to the five of them, the four disciples of the sword shadow dust, Cheng Yan, Luo Wei, Xiang Nan and Mu Yu, are even more exciting.

        Not to mention the unfortunate and embarrassing situation of the evil boy's golden boy, Ximen, and the sudden emergence of the sudden and unexpected, and the lonely horse, the dark horse carrying the broadsword.

        Most of the comprehensions are bet on a few people when they bet, because these are the popular candidates for winning the Xuanxian quota.

        A middle-aged man walked leisurely to the unbeaten in front of Chu and said slowly: "Can you tell me how to bet?"

        His voice was not loud, and he was very faint in the sound of noisy bets, even did not arouse anyone's attention, but the Chu unyielding Taoist but slightly wrinkled eyebrows, head also said: "The way of betting is very simple, in the list of nine to choose the pole, bet on the number of people, the more the return of the more, If all bets are right, gambling turns 100 times times! ”

        "Only this bet?"

        "Only this bet."

        "Don't you change a bet?"

        "How to change the law?"

        "Gambling you and my life."

        Chu unyielding, the man slowly looked up and looked at the man in front of him, smiling lightly: "What do you mean by betting on my life?"

        The man in front of his eyes was dressed in blue clothes, his expression was indifferent, and there was a faint flash of light in his eyes.

        Talk about the spring!

        "So what do you think is gambling interesting?"

        Tan Qingquan asked meaningfully.

        Chu unyielding people looked around for a moment, a beard, said: "The lives of these people."

        No one noticed what they were saying, and they didn’t understand what the two men were.


        A quiet waterhole, a sixth-order ghost eye frog is swallowing purple bubbles, and the bubbles emit strange light, floating in the air, looking very colorful.

        But a little insightful comprehension will not be blinded by these purple bubbles. The purple bubbles look weak and cute, but they are actually full of poisonous, especially the sixth-order ghost eye frog used to poison prey.

        A young man crouched in the bushes, and he stared at a lotus flower in the middle of the pool. There was a very fairy stone in the lotus.

        But the top of the pool is full of purple bubbles of ghost-eyed frogs. Once these purple bubbles are broken, the poisonous mist is filled, and it is that he has no way to survive.

        This young man is named Su Shi, who is the 42nd on the list.

        He searched for a long time before he discovered that there was a very fairy stone here, but because of the existence of the sixth-order ghost eye frog, he did not dare to act rashly.

        He is waiting, waiting for the sixth-order ghost eye frog to close his eyes and raise his interest. After the ghost eye frog spits out the bubble, he will take a break from the tea time. At that time, it is the best time for him to start.

        The ghost eye frog closed his eyes.


        Su Shi has already rushed out, his body leaping very sensitively, dodging quickly in the purple bubble, not touching the purple bubble, followed by a turn, the piece of celestial stone has been held by him In the hands.

        Just as he was delighted in his heart, a sudden burst of screaming sounds in the water, a long, thin tongue spurting out of the water, rolled toward the Su Shi!

        It is another ghost eye frog!


        Su Shi’s heart screamed in a bad mood. He sideways escaped the two-meter-long tongue of the ghost-eyed frog, but accidentally broke a purple bubble.


        Suddenly, the purple poisonous mist immediately wrapped him, and he screamed and realized that he was afraid to become a prey for the ghost frog. He didn't know how to resist these purple poisonous fogs, and he couldn't resist it!


        Su Shi’s thoughts rose in desperation, and the purple poisonous mist began to stick to his skin. Once exposed to the poisonous mist, the skin must be festered and bleeding will not stop, unless it is repaired higher than the ghost eye frog, otherwise it is Can't block the poisonous fog!

        However, a strong breath suddenly swept around him. He only felt that he had been pulled by one. The whole person had already flew out and fell to the shore.

        "I am not dead yet?"

        Su Shi climbed up in disappointment and glanced at the waterhole, where it was covered by a thick purple poisonous mist, and the comprehension of the distraction was sure to die in it. He gasped with grief and couldn't understand what was going on. It was impossible to escape from these poisonous mists at his own pace.

        "Hey, it’s a little something to look for."A young child sounded behind him.

        Su Shi violently turned around, and then saw the appearance of Xiao Shuai that day, and his heart was also a glimpse.

        "you are……"

        Su Shi’s gaze moved from Xiao Shuai to the wooden feather next to him, slamming his mouth and opening his mouth: “You, you are Mu Yu!”

        "It seems that I am famous!"Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders.

        "Less nonsense, we saved your life, but not for the white, I will give it to me."Xiaoshuai said with his hands in his waist and milk.

        Su Shi thought of the matter of the Great Immortal Stone. He sighed. He was only a distracted man. He had no chance at the time of facing Mu Yu. He wanted to snatch the other side. He had no choice.

        "Thank you for the help of the great man, there are only these great stones in the bottom."

        Although Su Shi was very reluctant, he took out the four great stones in his hand. He struggled to grab a piece from other people's hands, and found two pieces himself. As a result, he met a strong person in a blink of an eye. The extremely celestial stone he collected was squandered, and his heart was also unlucky.

        But there is no way, this is the rule of Xuan Xian, who makes him skillless?

        "You are quite a lot!"Xiao Shuai unceremoniously robbed four pieces of extremely celestial stones, and his eyes turned, and asked: "What else?"

        Su Shi quickly said: "I only have these four great stones, no more."

        "Give me the food for you!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

        "Ah, huh? food? ”Su Shi looked at Xiaoshuai with some suspicion, and thought that Xiaoshuai was not wrong.

        "Forget it, I will find it myself."Xiao Shuai jumped unceremoniously, directly to Su Shi to control, and then forced open Su Shi's sleeves.

        "My sixth-order remedy, seven-piece sword, and…And the supreme heart of my martial art…"Su Shi was shocked and allowed to search for Xiao Shuai, and his heart was already sorrowful. Those are all his treasures!

        But Xiaoshuai didn't look at the so-called baby. He didn't find anything to eat. He looked unhappy.

        Not every comprehension person will carry a lot of food with him like Mu Yu, and it will not be eaten at all. After Mu Yu’s retreat this time, he went straight to here, and did not go to prepare to eat anything, which led Xiao Shuai to be sad now.

        "Poor ghost!"Xiaoshuai dressed a grimacing face, very depressed.

        Mu Yu took a piece of extremely fairy stone from Xiao Shuai's hand. UU read the book www.uukanshu.com and then threw the remaining three extremely fairy stones to Su Shi, saying: "I only have one missing, thank you."

        Su Shi was relieved and relieved, and quickly said: "Thank you adults."

        Xiaoshuai picked up and knocked on Su Shi’s head and said: “The next time you remember to go out, you must carry roast duck, roast goose, pastries, remember? Once again, if I let you meet you, if you didn't bring it, I will give you a discount on your legs! ”

        Su Shi was knocked out by Xiao Shuai and couldn't speak. Although she didn't understand why Xiaoshuai would raise this strange question, she promised it quickly, and then fled with her three pieces of fairy stone.

        "Well, we have gathered nine pieces of celestial stones, and we can summon bugs."Xiaoshuai sat down on the stone next to him. …


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