Chapter 1104 Wacky Land

        There are nine extremely celestial stones in the hands of Mu Yu. The celestial stones are regularly floating up and down in midair, and the looming patterns surround them.

        "What is the ancient battlefield?"

        Mu Yu is meditating. The process of collecting the celestial stones is not difficult for Mu Yu. In fact, this test is not difficult for other celestial beings. Just a little careful, it is enough to find nine extremely celestial stones.

        The spiritual power in his hand was injected into the celestial stone, and the celestial stone trembled slightly. The nine celestial stones began to rotate, forming a light and shadow. Then nine pieces of celestial stones radiated a golden light. The combination was called a miniature transmission. Array.

        Mu Yu pondered for a moment, and stepped into the transmission array.

        A vast and simple atmosphere came to the fore. Mu Yu felt like he had come to a very strange place. It was an ancient ruin that seemed to be a majestic building, but it was already something. Hard to destroy, only the remaining bricks and broken tiles.

        He looked around and he was on a mountain. The peaks were tall and straight, but there was a big knife in the middle of the whole mountain. From the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, the mountain was broken into two halves!

        The horrible sword was still scattered with the momentum of the sky. Although it has been broken into two pieces, it still retains the violent killing. It seems that there are still some things to be rushed out to massacre.

        "What the hell is this?"Mu Yu was surprised to stand on the top of the cliff and looked at the big knife under the cliff. His heart was extremely shocked.

        If you open this mountain and tell the truth, he can do it, but the knives on the big knife make him feel trepidated. The age of the ruins has been at least for thousands of years. Tens of thousands of years, but there is such a strong knife in a knife, which is really terrible.

        Mu Yu is now a master of the Mahayana period, but still feels jealous, so what is the life of the master holding this big knife?

        Xiaoshuai stared at the big knife,

I looked around again in confusion and said: "Weird, I seem to have been here before."

        "Have you been here?"Mu Yu frowned. "Have you been to the Great Monument?" Come with Master? ”

        Xiaoshuai shook his head: "I don't know specifically. It is not inside the monument, but the real place."

        “What is the place?”

        Mu Yu’s heart was amazed, staring at a pine tree on the edge of the cliff. The pine tree immediately opened the branches and spread the leaves, and spread over the feet of the wooden feathers.

        "Can I control the trees? Isn't this a fantasy? ”Mu Yu remembers that when he entered the Great Monument, he could not control any plants, but it was ok here.

        He immediately turned around and looked at the transmission array that he had sent himself. The transmission array was still golden and did not dissipate.

        "Yes, the transmission array sent us to other places."Xiaoshuai said seriously.

        Mu Yu stood on the peak and looked into the distance. The sky was gloomy and seemed a bit stuffy. From time to time, some crows came and the air was filled with a chill.

        "What is the ancient battlefield?"The doubts in Mu Yu’s heart are getting deeper and deeper. The extremely fairy monuments are gathered together with nine pieces of celestial stones, and the transmission array is turned on, and it is sent to a strange place.

        Xiaoshuai confusedly said: "I don't know the specifics. Anyway, let's look around."

        Mu Yu has crossed the cliff that the big knife has opened and flies across the cliff. Opposite the cliff is a ruined palace with a blood-red pillar standing in the building. The pillars are made up of many hoes, each of which is red, with a fascinating atmosphere. Some red awns are flashing in the hoe.

        There are still some people's bones on the ground, and the shape of these bones is not purely human, and even the presence of the meat-winged horns.

        He walked through the ruined half of the ladder and crossed a skull. At this moment, the pillar formed by the red skull suddenly lit up, and then numerous sharp and screaming sounds, many red light slammed from the red pillar. Drilled in the hoe, and rushed toward Muyu.

        These red lights are like individual eyes, grouped together, forming a horrible murderousness, blocking the entire sky, and it is the momentum of the robbery period.

        "This is not a soul, what is it?"

        Mu Yu turned and flew out of the shade of red light, but these red lights suddenly condensed into a human form, snarled in the sky, and then formed a giant of several hundred feet high!

        The giant stared angrily at Mu Yu, bent down and held the big knife that was a hundred feet long. The whole mountain began to sway and swayed. The sky began to change color, and it seemed that he could not bear the horrible knife.

        When the giant held the knife, Mu Yu’s heart glimpsed, and the red light was only the breath of the robbery period. However, in contact with the knife, it had already reached the Mahayana period!


        The big knife was pulled up from the ground, pointing to the sky, as if to shoulder the sky, open the dark clouds, the knives swept out and slammed down toward Muyu!


        The sword light of the shadow sword also rises to the sky, with an impeccable momentum, breaking the blockade of the sword, the sword light swaying, not weaker than the knife, the sword and the sword, instantly intertwined, burst out Earth-shattering buzzing!


        The horrible waves of the waves rolled out and swayed in the distance, as if to erase everything on the earth. The wooden sword of Tian Yu tears open the clouds and instantly pierces the sword and tears the red light!


        The Baizhang Dadao broke into two pieces, slammed into the air and slammed on the ground. The whole piece of the earth shook several times, and the giant composed of red light disappeared.

        Mu Yu took back the shadow sword, and then looked around, and the heart was already setting off a storm.

        His current cultivation has reached the Mahayana period. During the Mahayana period, it is enough to destroy the land and destroy the whole mountain. The whole mountain is razed to the ground, but they are so fiercely fighting, it is not a stone that destroyed this mountain!

        "What exactly is this place?"

        Mu Yu was shocked. If his current cultivation could not destroy a stone in this place, how was this mountain broken into two halves?

        Was the master of Dadao’s life not far from the Mahayana period?

        When Mu Yu thinks of it, his heart is also in vain. What kind of place is the ancient battlefield?

        Mu Yu squatted down, his fingers slid gently across the stone, and there was a glimpse of his eyes: "There is a strange force here to protect the mountain."

        This power is so powerful that even the wood feathers can't move!

        "Little handsome, what is the realm above the Mahayana period?"Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

        Xiaoshuai shook his head: "I don't know, the realm of the white beard is not counted?"

        Master's realm?

        Mu Yu strongly suppressed the shock of his heart. He stood up and looked back at the transmission array. The transmission array was also intact in the previous fierce battle. It was still swaying with golden patterns, and the wood feathers could be sent back at any time. original place.

        However, it is impossible for Mu Yu to return to the monument, because he must determine a certain point. How can it be passed the test of the Great Monument?

        "Only the nine people who survived the ancient battlefield can become Xuan Xian?"

        Mu Yu remembered the tips put forward by the Great Monument. If it is to survive in the ancient battlefield, is it a simple matter?

        Just now he just took a few steps and encountered such a powerful attack. The self-cultivators of the robbery period may not be spared. It seems that it is not a simple matter to survive.

        "So, do we just stay in one place and wait for others to be killed, even if it passes the test?"Xiaoshuai asked on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

        Mu Yu is not very clear about this, at least this place is currently safe. If Xiaoshuai’s words are correct, it’s not difficult for Muyu to survive. He can cope with this level of attack.

        He sat down next to the transmission array, recharged his batteries, and looked back at the Mahayana field he had realized. He fell into meditation.

        "what happened? Are you thinking about your field ability? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

        "My ability in this field is a bit odd, and I didn't even realize that I would realize this strange field ability."Mu Yu nodded.

        Xiaoshuai said excitedly: "This field is really interesting. I can't wait to see its true power."

        Xiaoshuai softly grinds when Mu Yu leaves the customs, and tells him about the ability of the field to get rid of Mu Yu.

        Mu Yu said: "Don't worry, you will see it sooner or later."

        "Is it named?"Xiaoshuai asked again, the little handsome who likes the name is the most favorite.

        Mu Yu felt an unpredictable foreboding and nodded quickly: "Name it, call…Called the royal…Royal…"

        Xiao Shuai looked at Mu Yu with a good intention, said: "Hey, I have definitely not named it, I will take it!" Just called…"

        "If you dare to say that heroic and invincible as if you are in the absolute field of Xiao Shuai, I will kill you."Wood feather threatened.

        Xiaoshuai suddenly felt a little discouraged. He just planned this way. His eyes turned and changed his mind. "Is it called Yushuai invincible Wanxiangtong? Is it good?"

        “Why should my field be linked to your name?”

        "Is it not to praise you?"

        "It is also said that UU reads but I refuse."

        Mu Yu righteously shook his head, Xiaoshuai did not give up, and said: "That is called Yu Shuai Xiangtian invincible Wanxiangtong world, or Yushuai Musou invincible Wanxiangtong world, right, Yu Shuai motion sensitive wave I think is not bad what……"

        Xiaoshuai began to name Mu Yu's field. Mu Yu wanted to kill Xiao Shuai's heart. The ghost knows what Xiao Shuai is thinking, and the name is not reliable.

        This name must be a bit domineering, or when people shoot, when they shouted: "Only I am alone" "powered the galaxy" or something, prestige, arrogant. He cautiously shouted "Yu Shuai sensation", the momentum is simply being blasted by the other side, and there is a hint of incomprehensible feeling, it is completely funny, how can this fight?

        Mu Yu coughed twice and said seriously: "My field is called Yu Qiankun!"…


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