1105th Chapter The ruins of the world

        "What strange name is this? Why not add my name! ”Xiaoshuai asked dissatisfied.

        Mu Yu just wanted to think of a nice little excuse to stall Xiao Shuai, but at this moment, he was at the foot of the mountain suddenly jerked a bit, and immediately after that he defeated the Broadsword do not know when unexpectedly and again condensed up, then in the air formed a monstrous power, the terror of the Granville pressure unexpectedly than just even more!

        "What the hell is this? Does the ghost not scatter? ”

        Mu Feather frowned, did not want to understand the momentum of the broadsword unexpectedly will become so powerful, has exceeded his imagination, he did not have time to think, stature has been flying out, escaped a lethal knife, broadsword cut in his just Panzuo place did not destroy the mountain, but Mu Yu no doubt, if he was this knife, not dead also seriously.


        Mu Yu had already flew out of the mountains far away, and it was not until the exit of the hundred miles that he left the scope of the powerful sword. The red giant who controlled the big knife did not chase him. It seemed that he just wanted to drive him away.

        "It seems that it is impossible to stay in one place for a while."

        Mu Yu looks at the transmission array that still stands on the mountain. If he wants to leave through the transmission array, he must go back and play with the Red Giant. In this way, if all the people who enter the ancient battlefield want to stay in one place for a while and wait for the last nine people to survive, there is basically no way to achieve it.

        Since this road does not work, then Mu Yu can only continue to go to other places in the ancient battlefield, and by the way, also understand what is strange about the ancient battlefield.

        The more he went forward, the more ridiculous he felt. It was like another strange world. It seemed to have flourished, but it was destroyed by powerful things and turned into ruins.

        He has seen many ruin buildings along the way. The style of each building is different from that seen by the Miegong, but in general, it is like a city or a martial art.

Every piece of ruins has a strong atmosphere to guard, this breath is breathtaking, the weaker is only a period of catastrophe, but the powerful is basically the level of the Mahayana period, very shocking!

        It’s like this is the world of Mahayana, but I don’t know why it was suddenly destroyed!

        "Little handsome, what do you think of these buildings?"Mu Yu crossed a huge city with an area of ​​thousands of miles and couldn't help but ask.

        Xiaoshuai looked at the world in confusion and said: "Do you not think that this is very similar to Double Sky?"

        Mu Yu said: "The difference is very big. The double heaven is that all the Terran and the Yaozu buildings have been razed to the ground. Although the monsters are vertical and horizontal, there are not even the monsters of the ferry period, but each piece here. The guardian atmosphere of the ruins is a Mahayana period. I can’t destroy the ruins just now, it’s terrible!”

        "Then you said that this is the other world? For example, four heavens, five heavens? ”Xiaoshuai guessed.

        Mu Yu carefully circumvented a temple that killed the sky. The roof of the temple was broken, and the beam was broken. It almost collapsed in half, but there was a horrible atmosphere inside, just like a burial hidden under the ruin. A ferocious beast can't wait to break free.

        "If this is a different world, then what is the sentiment of the monument to us? Let us see the absurdity of other worlds? ”Mu Yu couldn’t understand this.

        The secret of the monumental monument is rarely known to anyone. Even the one who once was a member of the Mie Palace is not sure how to screen the monument. He only knows that the monument has its own certainty. In the way of Xuanxian, they are only responsible for ensuring the Enron of the Great Monument, but it is not clear about the specific secrets of the Great Monument.

        Any celestial beings come here to face the danger of unknown, Mu Yu must understand all of this.


        Just as the wood feathers circled the area where the ruins were not in the ruins, there was a shouting sound in the distance, as if the beast that had been sleeping for many years began to wake up, the voice was full of temper and cruelty, and the whole land violently slammed The dark clouds of the sky were shaken.

        Mu Yu hesitated for a moment, and eventually rushed over to the birthplace of the sound. He turned over a mountain and then stopped on the mountain.

        There is a figure in front of him who is desperately trying to escape, seems to be avoiding something, and behind him, it is a black dragon up to a hundred feet!

        The black dragon has rotted, its abdomen is a sacred bone, but the head and the dragon's back are still dark and hard dragons, and two sharp dragons are covered with black light. But Black Dragon's head was pierced by a long golden arrow. The arrow exudes a sigh of heaven. The arrow is filled with one of the horrible murders. It has dozens of feet long and penetrates from the left eye of the Black Dragon. Out!

        The Black dragon, by the way, is basically unlikely to survive the fatal injury. But the Black dragon is hard to say whether it is alive or dead, because its right eye intact, the huge Dragon MoU also reflects the cold light, is like the living longan, but the abdomen is the bones, the body among the organs has already lost.

        It was a young man dressed in orange clothes who was chased by this horrible black dragon. He was only a fit period, and he had no desire to fight in front of this black dragon. Not far away is a transmission array. It is obvious that this transmission array is formed by the nine extremely celestial stones collected by this young man. At this time, he is fighting for the transmission and wants to leave here through the transmission array.

        However, in the black dragon mouth, a horrible breath was spit out, and the whole piece of empty space was blocked. The breath rushed to the moment, and the young man was drowned in an instant. The screams came from the breath, and the blood burst open, turning into a blood. Fog, go to the black dragon.

        The speed at which the black dragon kills the young man is too fast. The body shape of the wooden feather has just fallen. The young man has been killed. The blood fog of the body has been integrated into the body of the black dragon. The belly of the black dragon with only the bones of the lower body has grown. A scale!

        "Is it going to kill myself by killing people?"Mu Yu frowned.

        "It should be, this guy is too weak, but he accidentally annoyed this nasty beggar, and no one can die." It is a pity that if you see this black big cockroach, you will definitely be disgusted. This is not a pure breed dragon. ”Xiaoshuai said.

        Mu Yu had already hidden himself, but the right eye of the black dragon suddenly swept in the direction of Mu Yu, then snarled again in the sky, waving a huge tail and smashing toward Mu Yu.

        "Can this guy see me?"

        Mu Yu quickly retreated, he did not want to do unnecessary battles, if the Black Dragon is also the same as the giants just met, then Mu Yu as long as he left the territory of the Black Dragon, it should not be an accident.

        But Mu Yu is wrong. This black dragon seems to be not fixed in a piece of territory, but chasing the wood feathers madly, chasing the wood feathers for tens of thousands of miles without stopping.

        Wood feathers no longer escape, he stopped, and the shadow sword came out!

        "I am not irritating."

        The shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu once again rose to the sky, the power of the field rushed out violently, and the sword was stunned and slammed down toward the black dragon.


        The black dragon slammed into the sword with the long dragon's horn and the sword of the sword. The powerful roar, the black light blasted, and the sword light intertwined, it was not weak!

        "This black dragon is a bit powerful."Xiaoshuai said.

        At this moment, Mu Yu suddenly felt a chill behind him, he did not hesitate to bow his head, the whole body slammed down to the ground, while a sacred white mans almost wiped his hair!

        The people of Mie Palace!


        The dragon's dragon's horn crossed the shoulder of the wooden feather, and the clothes on the wooden feathers were pulled out of a crack, but fortunately, the wooden feathers were agile and responded in time. The star of the sky was flashing and the whole person had reappeared. On the left side of the Black Dragon, the figure was stabilized.

        "Oh! It's so quick to react, it didn't kill you. ”The souls in black robes sneered.

        "Despicable villain, actually doing sneak attacks, is really stinking!"Xiaoshuai poked his head out of Mu Yu's arms and couldn't help but say that he directly smashed his mouth. Just now, Long Long almost picked him up. Fortunately, he hid fast and got into the wooden feather clothes in time.

        "The humbleness of the soul is not once or twice, not too unexpected."It is not unexpected that Mu Yu is not surprised. It is not strange to meet the souls in this ancient battlefield.

        "If you become a king, you don't need to care."The Miegong people said contemptuously.

        "Which locust on the top of the list?"Xiaoshuai asked contemptuously.

        "I am a cold and fragrant, let you die and understand."

        Cold and fragrant, the top of the fairy is ranked fifth, the new Mahayana comprehension on the list!

        "Where are you confident?"Mu Yu responded faintly.

        At this time, the black dragon in the air seems to feel that the wood feathers and the cold incense have each occupied a sky. The field of the Mahayana period is violently squirting and squeezing each other, but no one is rashly moving.

        The black dragon is very powerful, and the wood feathers and the cold incense are not weak. If the wood feathers and the cold incense are moving, if Black Dragon assists either party, it is a huge threat to the other person. UU reading www.uukanshu.com Before the problem of black dragon is solved, Mu Yu and Han Xiang will not take the initiative.

        However, the cold incense suddenly made a sneer, and his laughter echoed in the air, and it was very sacred and inviolable.

        "Mu Yu, who do you think this black dragon will help?"

        Suddenly, there was a violent bloody smell in the hands of the cold incense. In the moment when the blood smelled out, the black eye of the black dragon suddenly became incomparably red, as if I saw something that could not be resisted, and stared at the cold incense.

        "Kill him with me, the flesh and blood of these lives will be yours."Cold incense said.

        The black dragon seemed to understand the cold and fragrant words, and once again shouted, and the killing eyes fell on Mu Yu! …


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