Chapter 1106 Yu Qiankun

        Mu Yu calmly looked at this black dragon and cold incense, cold incense and understanding of this is obviously more than him, for the black dragon wants to understand what, at this time Black Dragon has been standing in the same camp with the cold incense, both are The Mahayana period was repaired and united to deal with Mu Yu.

        The shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu has swept out and rushed toward the cold. The goal he most wants to kill is just this guy. But the black dragon has roared, and the black strong breath rushed out and rushed to Mu Yu.

        At this time, there was a huge soul bead around the cold incense, and the soul beads bloomed with sacred light. The power of the field instantly spread all around, blocking the whole piece of void, while the soul beads were deformed and elongated, forming a Put the longbow.

        "Soul Faro, Shura Soul Bow!"

        The long bow in the hands of the cold incense is drawn to the full string, and a soul force gradually condenses in his hands, turning into a powerful white bow and arrow. At the moment of the current bow, the whole piece of void is like being squeezed. Pressed in general, all the spiritual powers gathered toward the bow and arrow.

        Mu Yu looked at the bow and arrow indifferently. He had been covered by the cold and fragrant field. In the cold and fragrant field, the powerful white bow and arrow had locked his target, no matter where he went, Bows and arrows will appear beside him.

        A powerful sword rushing into the sky, straight into the sky, the sky sword runs through the heavens and the earth, stirring a huge whirlpool in the gloomy clouds of the sky, the sword is full of chill, the swordsman is shocked, and the black dragon's breath is directly given. broken.

        At the same time, the arrows in the hands of the cold incense have been taken off the strings, the arrows are like a meteor, and a burst of screams in the air, followed by a ripple in the air, and the arrows reappear. At the time, I have already come to Mu Yu.

        The speed is approaching an incredible realm!


        The shadow of Mu Yu emerges, and the void is opened. A residual image is left in front of the eye, and the arrow is greeted. However, the arrow directly ignores the sword of Mu Yu and continues to come toward Mu Yu. In the cold and fragrant field, his bow and arrow will not be blocked by anything!


        There are golden patterns in front of the wood feathers.

The lines of the world are visible, and the unstoppable arrows are temporarily restrained, delaying the time of the other party’s attack. The whole person takes this opportunity to go backwards, but the huge dragon tail of the black dragon is like a whip, destroying the void, from Behind the wood feathers, with a violent whistling sound, want to tear the wood feathers.

        Mu Yu's gaze became very cold. He stepped on his feet, chaotic yin and yang emerged from his body, and the gossip formation formed under his feet, surrounded by chaotic yin and yang, chaotic yin and yang exudes the vicissitudes of vicissitudes of life, just like In the world, the atmosphere of the field spreads out around the wood feathers.

        The field, Yu Qiankun!

        Mu Yu's Field breath is like a mysterious ripple ripples, overlapping in the area of the cold fragrance disorder, two different fields collide, did not occur Shinti roar, the field of wood plume is like the disappearance of ice and snow disappear, as if only a feather fell on the calm lake, can not lift a little waves.

        "Haha! The domain power you have realized is so unbearable? Is it used for funny? ”The cold smugly ridiculed, the field of Mu Yu overlapped in his field, without any resistance, it disappeared without a shadow, as if nothing happened, such a field has no effect at all.

        But Mu Yu just smiled faintly: "The field is just a rule." In my field, all the rules are under my control! ”

        Mu Yu’s eyes flashed brightly with golden light, and numerous lines of flickering flashed from his eyes. The ancient inscriptions were intertwined in his eyes, forming a different formation. In his eyes, the cold and fragrant field was turned into a pattern of his own, just as the other's field was broken down and turned into a criss-crossed spider web.

        At this time, the cold incense has pulled the bow again, and once again spurred an arrow, the arrow brought a roar, as if tearing the sky, banging on the foot of the world created by Mu Yu. The two white arrows overlap each other, and suddenly broke through the obstacles of the world. The white light flashed and continued to rush toward the door of Mu Yu.

        "In my field, you can't escape!"The cold sneer sneered, and the bow was pulled again, and the third white arrow appeared in his hand.

        "escape? I don't need to escape. ”

        Mu Yu's eyes glanced, the golden lines of spurs emerged from his eyes, and the chaotic yin and yang also immediately turned around, encircling the golden patterns, and the chaotic yin and yang entangled faster and faster, forming a tai chi appearance, yin and yang. The fish chase each other and maintain a wonderful balance.

        Dry for the sky, Kun for the earth, Yu Qiankun, palm world!

        The whole person of Mu Yu has already turned into a residual image. He clearly stands still, but it is like a residual image, which makes people unpredictable. What makes the cold and incredible is that he is in his perception. The two arrows that have already been shot have lost their goals unconsciously!

        How can this be? Mu Yu Ming Ming stood there, why did the arrow lose its target?

        But at this time, the two arrows have already rushed into the Taiji gossip formed by the chaotic yin and yang. The cold incense has set the mind, he is not confused, because in his field, nothing can stop the arrow, even if it is weird. Yin and Yang gossip is not good!

        But he is wrong!

        Not only wrong, but also very wrong, wrong to make him tremble!

        The cold incense was horrified and found that the two arrows that he had shot had suddenly disappeared in front of him after losing the target and passing through the gossip formed by the chaotic yin and yang, and the arrow of the arrow pointed at him!

        The target of the soul arrow he shot out turned into himself!


        The cold incense was horrified, and the power of the bow and arrow that he shot himself was the most clear, but he never imagined that his arrow target would be inexplicably converted to himself!

        What exactly is going on?

        I couldn’t understand the cold incense, but his reaction was also very fast. The third arrow had already come out, and one of the arrows that rushed toward the oncoming rushed, and while the arrow rushed out, the hands The bow and arrow have formed a soul bead and ushered in another arrow –


        The cold arrows of the two arrows collided in the air, giving a violent tremor, and the horror of the waves swept out with the arrow as the center. Even the cold incense was swept by this fluctuation. The other arrow disappeared into the soul of the cold and fragrant.


        Han Xiangchao stabilized his figure in midair and stared angrily at Mu Yu: "This is impossible!"

        "It is impossible for you."Mu Yu said indifferently, "For me, but not!"

        Yu Qiankun, the palm of the hand, know the heavens, destroy the law, this is the field of Mu Yu!

        Mu Yu's field can easily be covered in each other's field, into each other's field, with his unique ability to deduce the weakness of the enemy field, the opponent field into his well-known array, from small and large, from simple to complex, the opponent's field control in their hands, the use of chaos and yin-yang opponents of the field!

        The cold fragrant disorderly roar a sound, he is still unknown Bai Yu to cast in the end is what field, clearly Mu Yu at the beginning, diffuse field looks vulnerable, fleeting was swallowed by the field of cold incense, but at a critical juncture occurred a bizarre reversal, the two arrows of the attack are turned to the cold incense chaos itself.

        The cold incense has just stabilized his body shape, but the black dragon on one side has not stopped. It roars into the cold and fragrant field. Although the black dragon has a Mahayana period, but does not realize his own field, it relies only on it. With the purest black dragon breath, the violent breath stunned toward Mu Yu in the cold and fragrant field.

        However, in front of Muyu, the chaotic yin and yang gossip flashed again. The black and white whirlpool was endless, and the black dragon violent breath was swallowed. However, the cold and fragrant face changed again, because he found that the black dragon’s breath was also Inexplicably locked to him!

        "Stupid beast!"

        The cold incense couldn't help but roar, and the soul beads turned into white bows again. The white arrows formed in his hands and rushed toward the violent black.

        A loud explosion of sound, the smoke of the sky was rolling within a hundred miles, and the dark clouds of the sky were shattered one after another, and the void became extremely hot.

        However, Mu Yu once again raised the sword!

        The sky in the ancient battlefield is very weird, and it is shrouded in dark clouds. Even though the wooden feathers and the cold incense and the black dragons are in the same place, the clouds are still scattered, and the clouds seem to cover countless layers.

        However, when Mu Yu raised the sword, the dark clouds of the sky became extremely violent, and the swordsmanship invaded the thick black clouds. The sword gasified into a cold light, and disappeared in the clouds. It was torn open the clouds, and suddenly made thousands of swords, each of which was facing the cold.

        At this time, the more majestic chaotic yin and yang breath rolled from the wooden feathers and gathered toward the sky, forming a small vortex. These vortexes appeared under each sword, as if Devouring the thousands of swords.

        Hey! Hey! Hey!

        The sky above the thousands of sword shadow has been submerged in the chaos of Yin and yang Whirlpool, after penetrating the chaos of yin and yang, suddenly visible in the cold fragrant chaos around, was the cold incense disorderly to surround!

        The cold fragrance Panic unceasingly, UU reading He has already understood the area of wood feather, as long as in the field, any attack through the chaos of Yin and yang formation of the whirlpool, will be targeted to him, although this area he has never heard before, but he knew he would continue to entangle the fight down , I only passively beaten the part!

        "Damn it!"

        The cold fragrant disorderly thundered a sound, his arrow vector in own domain is irresistible, but did not expect this kind of strange situation to happen. At the moment, he did not hesitate to withdraw his own field and fled in the distance.

        But he was surprised to find that his field disappeared, thousands of sword shadow unexpectedly also disappear!

        He stopped the body of the escape and said with a gnashing of teeth: "So, your field is attached to my field, and as long as my domain is removed, the attacks you have launched through the field will fail!" ”…


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