Chapter 1107 The Battle of the Field!

        Mu Yu's Yu Qiankun is very powerful. He relies on his unique deductive ability to comprehend the field. The most powerful convenience can be used to deduct other fields. He will change the opponent's field to the rule he wants.

        But no rule is perfect. The weakness of this field is based on the opponent's field. Once the opponent withdraws his field, the field of Mu Yu will disappear and he will not be able to continue.

        The cold incense looked coldly at Mu Yu, and the soul beads once again condensed into a white long bow in his hands, and smiled slyly: "I didn't expect your field to be so weird. Since we don't need to use the field, I will fall. See how you deal with me and Black Dragon!"

        The soul bow has been drawn to full string, a white arrow is condensed in his hand, forming a cold mang, no field is applied, but the power of the arrow is still overbearing horror, and people dare not underestimate. At the same time, the black dragon appeared again behind the wood feathers, and the black breath was condensed in the mouth, slamming toward the wood feathers.

        "Dead!"Cold incense and sneer.


        The white arrows came out of the strings, and they crossed the violent waves in the air. It seemed to have smashed the void. The whole void trembled, and the violent black dragon breathed in tandem with the wood feathers, and the degree reached an extreme. Seal all the wood feathers back.

        However, Mu Yu calmly raised the sword in his hand again. Tianjian stirred the wind above his sky. His eyes were covered with black and white light. His left eye was filled with exuberant white awns, and his right eye was covered with chilling black awns. The chaotic yin and yang have been hovering and integrated into the sword.

        At the same time, the power of the field is pouring out again!

        Life and death in the blink of an eye! The domain ability of the sentence mang!


        Mu Yu’s right eye has already spurred a black light like black ink, just like the sigh of death is integrated into the sword of heaven, the sword of the sky trembles instantly, and the blue light absorbs the black mans.

The whole sword is like a sword, so that the whole sky is cracked, and the air becomes extremely oppressive. It seems to hold everyone's throat, making people almost breathless.

        "How can it be? This field…How do you have two areas? ”

        Cold incense is a big surprise!

        He never imagined that Mu Yu was actually in two fields. What is different from the quiet field of Fang Yukun is that the field of Mu Yu is so powerful that it combines the majestic atmosphere of Tianjian, and the whole Tianjian has become The weapon that dominates death.

        But at this time the cold fragrance disorderly did not display their field, exert the soul Force arrow vector power greatly reduce, even if there is the assistance of the Black Dragon, in the pan-Dengbal of the sword in front of the sky is not worth mentioning, powerful day sword rolled up a Heman, as if the sky torn into two halves, the void is filled by Dengbal, whistling sound thunderclap piercing, shaking the cold incense disorderly eardrum congestion, Can not distinguish the sound, when he reacts to come, the Sky sword is instantaneous!


        Tianjian instantly wiped out the white arrows from the air attack, rushing to the cold and smashing the past. The black swords in the air made a slap in the air, and instantly destroyed the white barrier that was chilled in front. Second net.

        The cold scent screamed, and his whole body violently ignited the white brilliance, and the whole person turned into a white phantom, and he wanted to escape!

        Mu Yu has two areas of ability far beyond his expectations, he still can't understand, how a person who has just entered the Mahayana period has two areas of ability, because no matter who, in the realization of the field ability At the time, you can only have one field!

        However, the cold incense has forgotten the identity of Mu Yu. He is not only the apprentice of the sword shadow dust, but also the reincarnation of the main character of Mu You Meng Ling. He has sealed the powerful life and death field in his body!

        "You can't kill me."

        The cold and fragrant heart pressed against the shock of the bottom of my heart, and then sneered, a white jade appeared in the hand, jade is engraved with strong lines, and there is a trace of horrible domain power in the meantime.


        The white jade in the hands of the cold incense broke down fiercely, and the ability of a field violently poured out with him as the center. The horrible field of breath greeted the wooden feathers.

        Domain ability: Ten souls and konjac!

        Ranked third from the top of the fairy list, the field of sandy days!


        The white soul swept away from the cold fragrance, and the whole void seemed to be confined to the general, all spirituality is absorbed by the Soul Force, become a road interwoven cobweb, countless white soul demon evil spirit from the interwoven cobweb crawl out, in the air out of the Guikulanghao, the sound is extremely harsh, like nails scraping plank, let a person hundred claw scratching heart.

        boom! boom! boom!

        These white soul konjac gathered from the air and gathered together. The sky net in the sky is like an indestructible strong barrier. In the sword of the day.


        The field between the life and death of the sky sword covered by the sky sword disappeared without a shadow, and the hard life was destroyed by the ten-party soul konjac!

        At this time, the black dragon breath behind him swept again. Mu Yu frowned. At the moment when Tianjian was offset, the spiritual power in his body has been extracted. The consumption of two different fields is still quite Huge, even though he is now in the Mahayana period, it seems a bit difficult.


        Mu Yu’s body was swept away by the black dragon’s breath, and the whole man flew out hard and slammed into a mountain, hitting the whole mountain and shaking it.

        However, this mountain has also been shrouded by a more powerful force, so even if Mu Yu’s strength is tyrannical, he still can’t leave any trace on this mountain. Mu Yu feels that the younger generation is dull and has never mentioned it in one breath. .


        The black dragon rolled up the black tail that was stunned and continued to blast in the direction of Mu Yu!

        Mu Yu bites his teeth, his toes are on the cliff behind him, and the Scorpio star sings out, wrapping his body shape, forming a phantom, and telescopically moving out, the black dragon's dragon tail is smashing on the mountain, once again The mountain peak shook!

        "Hahaha! Do you think that you have two domain abilities? Forgot to tell you, I have six areas of ability in my hands! ”The cold smirk smirked and laughed.

        "Six field capabilities! The people of the Soul are really prepared. ”

        Mu Yu’s heart sinks, and his field can be sealed in powerful objects, so that other people can use other people’s domain skills! Just like Mu Yu had the ability of the four demon kings in the field, the four demon kings have a very strong field ability, helping Mu Yu solve many difficult problems.

        The masters of the Mie Palace in Mie Palace do not know how many. These people have made a lot of fields and handed them to the hands of these five people, so that when the ancient battlefield is in danger, they can use other people’s fields to deal with them. .

        The people of Mie Palace are already fully prepared for the number of nine Xuan Xian. I am afraid that it is not just cold and fragrant. Some other souls who have entered the ancient battlefield have mastered the same number of fields. If they fight against any of them, they will be the same as everyone!

        "They are really full of food, and it is very troublesome to make a field. It takes almost a long time to relax!"Xiaoshuai couldn’t help but say.

        "For the sake of Xuan Xian, they are afraid to start preparing for this when the Star Gate and the Ghost Gate are destroyed by us."Mu Yu said.

        Only after reaching the Mahayana period, Mu Yu understood how difficult it is to make a field. For the Mahayana period, each time you create a domain ability, you need to spend a lot of energy. It is almost a matter of taking up your own spiritual power to force a field ability to be enclosed in small items. It takes at least several days to recover after a period of weakness.

        It can be said that it is a thankless thing to seal your field in jade or other bases. Generally speaking, people in the Mahayana period will not do this deliberately unless they really want to protect anyone. Moreover, the production of the field items is also very expensive for the holders themselves. After all, it is the use of other people's fields, and they are unfamiliar with themselves, and it is difficult to fully use all the power.

        However, the people of the Soul are prepared for this battle of the mysterious fairy, and there are six field abilities in the hands of the cold incense, even if one of them is now used in one of the fields "Ten Spirit Soul", and the day of Mu Yu The sword powers offset each other, but there are still four left, plus five in his own field!


        The black dragon has once again smashed his teeth toward the wood feathers, and the wood feathers once again quit and jumped to a distant place. Although this black dragon did not display a specific field, its strength is also arbitrarily arrogant, making Mu Yu quite tricky.

        "What do we do now? Do you want to use Yu Qiankun to clean up his field? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

        "No, this area is very expensive for me."Mu Yu shook his head.

        Yu Qiankun can break the domain of others, so that he can modify the rules of the other party and control the other's field in his own hands. However, the more powerful the field, the more spiritual effort is required to display it. It is not realistic to use the current situation of Mu Yu and want to continuously use the other fields of cold and fragrant display. .

        The cold incense seems to want to understand this truth. He has two soul beads again in his hands. These two soul beads are also wrapped with strong fluctuations. It is another two areas of the Mahayana period.

        "I admit that although you understand the field is very strong, UU reading can control my field. Then I have to see if you can control three distinct fields at the same time! ”

        The cold scent smiled coldly, and the hand slammed out a white mang, and the two soul beads were broken. After a while, the wind whistling, lightning and thunder, countless white awns were sprayed out in front, blocked. The whole piece of void.

        Field: With a ghost hand! Ranked fourth from the extreme fairy list, the field of ancient shore flowers.

        Field: blood cloud ghost language! From the top of the list, the field is cold and autumn.

        The fields of the two Mahayana periods overlap each other, and the Black Dragon roars and re-condenses a strong black breath, all aimed at Mu Yu! …


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