Chapter 1108 Life and Death Yukun Kun

        The air was covered by two Mahayana periods, the whole area as Hein, filled with a terror of the pressure, as if to tear the sky, destroying the whole world.

        Countless ghosts smashed out of the void, all of these ghosts shrouded the black awns, and suddenly appeared around the wood feathers. Each ghost hand was extremely powerful, and the air was trembled, and the whole land was also intense. The land roared.

        The void above the ghost hand is covered by a blood-red cloud. This cloud seems to be condensed by blood. It is red and red, and I don’t know how much blood is gathered. The blood cloud keeps changing, countless grievances struggle in it, black ghost hands and blood clouds overlap, the air is filled with a strong bloody smell, making people sick.


        A stern slang word swayed out of the blood cloud, forming a whirlpool, and the sound waves rolled from the vortex, rolling from all directions to Mu Yu. The sound wave is unstoppable, and people are free to break free from it.

        Mu Yu calmly looked at the ability of the two superimposed fields. The sword in his hand blew out again. The swordsmanship ushered in the sky, and the chaotic yin and yang were surrounded by the whole body, forming a vast and powerful atmosphere. A suffocating, protecting the whole body of Mu Yu.

        At this time, Mu Yu’s eyes were filled with black and white light again. His left eye spurred a life-long white awn, and Bai Mang rose to the sky, just like the purest source of life in the world, injected into the sword. .

        The Tianjian was in full swing and the whole body was covered by Baimang. The sword communicated with the heavens and the earth, and the swords were scattered and vital. The place where it went was like bringing hope to the world, and people felt the surging vitality.

        The full of vitality of the sword swayed out, welcoming the two Mahayana fields used by the cold incense.


        The violent breath is like the flood of the dyke, flooding the whole piece of land, and the battle between Tianjian and the two Mahayana fields has stunned the earth-shattering roar. The swordsmanship on Tianjian began to spread to the oncoming ghosts and ghosts!

        After the two Mahayana fields are blessed by the vitality,

It’s getting more and more astounding as it starts to swell up.

        "Give me to die!"

        Han Xiangchao saw that the two areas he borrowed had become more powerful, and his face also showed a sly smile. He had other people's fields, which was equivalent to uniting two masters of the Mahayana period against Mu Yu. This was originally an unfair battle. Mu Yu is a powerful person, and it is impossible for them to be opponents of several people!

        Not to mention that at this time, Tianjian has made the atmosphere of "the virtual ghost hand" and "blood cloud ghost language" stronger, so the situation of Mu Yu is now more irrational, in his view. At this time, the wood feather is already dead.

        "dead? I don't think so! ”

        At the foot of Mu Yu has already flashed a gossip array, the whole person has become extremely illusory, seems to have been hidden in the world, and has become unseen.

        call out!

        The black dragon breath behind him instantly passed through the body of Mu Yu, but it was like a phantom on the phantom. Mu Yu stood still in the same place, his eyes seemed to be two black and white flames, and the whole body radiated a completely different atmosphere. .

        His whole person has become a spokesperson for life and death!

        "Life and death in the blink of an eye!"

        The power of the field is covered, and the void of Mu Yu’s body is merged into a world of two. His left eye flashes with white awns, but the world on the left is surrounded by death, and the right eye is scattered with black awns, but the world on the right. But surrounded by anger.

        Life and death are maintained in a wonderful state. Muyu itself seems to be a yin and yang fish. His eyes are the eyes of Taiji yin and yang fish. Everything grows vigorously in the world of birth, and in the dead world, helplessly Withering, flower blossoms thank you, magical disillusionment!

        "Life and death!"

        The second field of Mu Yu once again spreads over the first field. The two fields complement each other and form a horrible cycle of life and death. In his field, life and death are only a moment!

        His Yukunkun can not only be attached to other people's fields, but also to the field of "between life and death"!


        Tianjian has violent undulations with the center of wood feathers. This sword has become the god of life and death. A sword raises everything back to spring, and a sword falls and collapses!

        boom! boom!

        Two loud explosions came from the sky above the field, and the cold scented slammed his eyes and stunned. "How is it possible?" I haven’t given all the power in my two fields, why…"

        The two fields of "False Ghost Hand" and "Blood Cloud Ghost Language" have reached a peak state, and the end of the world will be declining. It is like a porcelain, bursting into a star, and breaking into a starlight in the air, without any room for resistance!

        However, the cold incense has no time to manage these two broken fields, because at this time the wooden sword of Tian Yu has fallen from the sky and swept through the cold. The cold incense screams again and again, he has once again taken out the last soul bead, which is the field ability from the top of the rankings!

        However, the Tianyu of Muyu seems to have passed through the time and space. Before the cold incense crushed the last field, the Tianjian had already stabbed the cold forehead, letting the cold body tremble.

        "impossible……How can you…"

        The soul of the cold and fragrant body seems to be still, and even his fingers can't move. He suddenly shows his own soul and does not know when he started to be out of his own control. He even has an illusion, his own Life seems to no longer belong to him.

        His life does not belong to himself, but belongs to Mu Yu!

        Black and white tumbling into the body of the cold and fragrant, cold and arrogant, want to struggle, but now he has lost the ability to struggle.

        The body of his left half was stained with anger, and instantly became extremely sacred, just like the gods of the stalwart, and revered. But the body of his right half was filled with dead air, and the soul had been swallowed up, revealing his dirty and ugly face, like a jumping clown, with a sharp tip and a skin full of pits and squats. The blue veins are so incomparably!

        The black dragon roared and rushed toward Muyu, but when it was halfway, it was also shocked by Mu Yu’s power of Tianjian, who was in control of life and death. The ferocious eyes also showed the color of fear. It was like I saw the blending of light and hell, and made it feel terrible!

        Mu Yu only turned his head faintly. He saw the black dragon with his cheekbones. The black dragon was shocked by the power of his black and white eyes. No more brutality. He did not hesitate to turn around and run for a moment. No delays.

        Mu Yu did not pay attention to this black dragon, he just put his gaze on the cold incense that was being held. Then he reached out and slowly grasped the soul bead that had not been used by the cold incense. This was wrapped in the field of relying on thousands of techniques, and he relied on thousands of skills as the number one in the top of the list. The field is bound to be extraordinary.

        "Life and death, my field, as long as a thought, you will be wiped out, and you will fall into a land of eternal annihilation. But I didn't plan to make you die so easily because I still have one thing left unfinished! ”

        Mu Yu looked indifferently in the cold, and the cold incense also looked at Mu Yu’s eyes. He was so overwhelmed by the black and white intertwined eyes of Mu Yu, and at this time, Mu Yu’s eyes passed through. A ray of light, straight into the cold eyes.

        Countless memories are flying, and the memories of the cold and scent are flashing in front of Muyu.

        But when Mu Yu wants to look at it, the memories of the cold and fragrant are suddenly broken.

        "Haha, Mu Yu, you can't see my memory. The Lord already knows your ability. He has set limits in each of us. You will die this heart!"

        Han Xiang said with sorrow, after finishing this sentence, his gaze gradually became confused, and the cold incense that lost his memory seemed to have forgotten who he was from, where he came from, but his body was suppressed. The soul force suddenly began to tremble fiercely.

        He wants to blew himself!

        If a self-explosive comprehension of a Mahayana period is self-destructive, the power caused by it is quite terrible. If it is in the 3 major 6th, I am afraid that it will blow up the imaginary within a million miles!

        However, the field of "Mother and Death Yukun" in Mu Yu’s body has already regained control of the soul of the cold and fragrant!

        "I said, in my field, your life is mine, I let you die, you can die, I didn't let you die, you can't die!"

        Mu Yu said indifferently, the black and white gas has begun to rotate into the mind of the cold and fragrant, and the memory of the cold and fragrant began to gradually reverse back. The cold and fascinating eyes suddenly began to become clear and regained fear and anger.

        "How come you, how can you…Impossible, how can you recover my memory? ”The cold incense screamed.

        "Life and death, the destruction and survival of anything is controlled by me, including your memory. When you remember it, when I let it destroy, it will be destroyed. I want to see your memory, no one can stop it! ”

        Mu Yu’s voice is incomparably vast, echoing in the cold and fragrant mind, letting the cold and the whole person’s heart cool down.

        The cold incense has never thought that the field ability of Mu Yu has already reached this point!

        Is this really an area that humans can have?

        However, Mu Yu's gaze has penetrated the memory of the cold and fragrant, UU reading saw everything that the cold incense knows. Han Xiang is a master of the Mahayana period. He is extremely honorable in the Mie Palace and almost participated in all the major events of the Mie.

        In order to avoid revealing secrets, all of them have made measures to remember their own self-immolation, but they are still miscalculated, and they have miscalculated a wooden feather that can understand the field of anti-sky!

        "What is the conspiracy brewing in the white world?"

        Mu Yu looks like electricity, he wants to control things in his own hands!

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