Chapter 1109: Perfect River Mountain

  Perfect river mountain.

  This is the message that Bai Jie left for the cold incense and other people before leaving the Sanchong Palace. It was regarded as the most important thing by the cold incense.

  There are many important memories in the cold and confused mind, and Mu Yu can interpret them one by one. Santian has a very strong ban, called Perfect River Mountain. This prohibition guarantees that the aliens outside the triple sky cannot invade the triple sky.

  The perfect river mountain is the guardian barrier provided by the sword shadow dust wind to the triple sky!

  The Souls are the heavenly people who send them into the triple heaven through the reincarnation channel, but even then they can't do whatever they want in the triple heaven, because of the perfect river and mountain.

  Whether it is the Soul or the Shadowless or the Shadowman or the Moon, they are looking for the perfect river, because they do not belong to the triple sky, they will be greatly restricted in the triple sky, and they will be greatly restricted in order to kill. . Once the perfect river is fully activated, the aliens can no longer kill the comprehensions below the fit!

  In order to control all races of the triple-Day, the prohibition of perfect mountains and rivers must first be destroyed, the white world has been looking for the perfect location for these years, the same is true of the Shadow tribe and the people, and now the white world has built a powerful array of powers to match the Perfect mountains and rivers, and his departure is to perfect this array, Break off the perfect mountains and rivers!

  The purpose of the Souls is to control the entire triple heaven and turn the three heavens into the hunting grounds of the aliens. Any aliens will kill the three races of the three heavens in their way, be they soul, flesh and blood, shadow…Are the nutrients of the aliens!

  Once the perfect river is broken, the comprehensions of the Mie Palace will truly become captive animals, and they will continue to be forced to multiply and then be slaughtered at will, becoming the food of the aliens.

  Mu Yu suddenly wanted to understand for a moment, it turned out that this is why the top ten demon kings had to rebel against the heavens. The Siren and the White Demon King always said that their demon people want to control their destiny in their own hands. So they are strangled with the Moon people and want to drive the Moon people out of the world.

  However, the rebellion of the Double Heaven failed. The Heavenly Man wanted to destroy the race of the Double Heaven. At that time, the Shadow Wind and the Wind Wind could not stop the occurrence of the double-day tragedy. Therefore, the sword shadow dust can only be repaired with his own life. Hold the triple heaven and not let the same thing happen in the triple heaven.

  The sword shadow dust wind guarded the triple heaven for thousands of years, and protected the triple heaven for thousands of years. However, when it was exhausted, it finally allowed the heavenly to seize the opportunity. The soul people sneaked in and took control of everything.

  "The aliens are knives, and our three-day race is fish. Was it like this?"

  Mu Yu clenched his fists. Under the protection of his master, Triple Heaven became a safe world, and the aliens were not allowed to be deliberate, but they eventually exhausted their cultivation and could not continue to guard the triple heaven.

  However, he still feels angry in his heart, not only because of the anti-drug plan of the aliens, but also for the trivial comprehension.

  At that time, those ignorant and ignorant comprehensions chose to believe in the souls of their souls and to crucify the true God who really protected them. All this turned out to be so ridiculous and ironic. When all the truths surfaced, the anger in Mu Yu’s heart did not The law suppresses it.

  He always wondered if even now he was not affected by the killing power, he still couldn't understand one thing. What is there to be guarded by Master in the triple heaven?

  Fooling the people, the animals that are to be slaughtered are still black and white.

Even now they have begun to see the ugly face of the Souls and began to question the actions of the Mie Palace, but Mu Yu is still sad for them.

  Many mistakes can't be easily forgiven. No one can use ignorance as a stupid excuse!

  "Mu Yu, you don't want to take the road of the white beard, isn't it?"Xiaoshuai asked softly.

  Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuai’s head and said slowly: “I am no longer the simple boy who had gone out to the Moushan Mountain, the young boy who wants to protect the world and serve as the savior of the whole world. Master's experience made me understand one thing. When the savior is too difficult, I want to be a simple self. ”

  He remembered the remarks, remembered Luo Wei and Xiangnan, and said that he wanted to be the savior and guard the world for Master, but Luo Wei and Xiangnan did not want to.

  And Mu Yu, I don't want to.

  "What is your plan?"Xiaoshuai asked.

  Mu Yu was silent for a moment, and his eyes suddenly became extremely fierce. It was just a thought. The whole person had already been ashamed in front of him, and even the soul was wiped out. In his life and death, There is no such thing as a cold incense, and this person has completely disappeared from the world.

  "Destroy the Triple Palace, then -"

  Mu Yu did not say anything, he wants to deal with the world in his own way.


  Outside the fairy monument, everyone exclaimed!

  Extremely ranked fifth, cold and fragrant, dead!

  All the comprehensions were amazed. They all understood what kind of cultivation was caused by the cold incense. Just a few hours ago, countless Mahayana breaths were still intertwined, and the cold incense was one of them. But in a blink of an eye, the cold incense has actually died!

  If the Mahayana people can't survive in the Great Monument, can other other immortals survive?

  No one knows what is dangerous in the immortal monument, and I don’t know how the cold incense is dead, but they have noticed that the ranking of Mu Yu has replaced the cold incense!

  "It's Mu Yu!"

  "Is it really him?"

  "He actually killed the cold incense, incredible!"

  The comprehensions were shocked, and Mu Yu directly killed the fifth-ranked cold incense and replaced it. This strength is terrible!

  In the distant mountains, the look of the soul Kui has been sinister to the extreme, and the death of the cold incense makes his anger more prosperous.

  "Wood feather, good means! But if you think that this is enough to confront us, you are still too young. ”Soul Kui remembered something and sneered a lot.

  His eyes passed through the noisy crowd, where there was already a lot of people, and the vitality was strong. Now everyone knows that their souls can't kill the comprehensions below the fit, and they no longer fear the Sangong Palace.

  The eyes of Soul Kui fell on two people in the crowd, and the two men were watching him without any fear.

  "Reversely, Chu is unyielding, you two are not too happy."Soul Kui snorted.

  Talking about Qingquan and Chu's unyielding, they heard what soul Kui was saying, but they didn't care at all.

  "If you let go to deal with Soul Kui, how much do you have to grasp?"Talk about Qing Quan.

  Chu does not swear by a beard and asks: "If you let you deal with the white world, how much do you have to grasp?"

  "If we let us deal with the invading aliens, how much do we have to grasp?"Tan Qingquan looked at the monument.

  Chu is not in the hands of the people who play with a few Lingshi, and asks: "If you add dead wood to evergreen?"

  Talking about Qingquan shook his head: "He has more important things to do."


  Ancient battlefield.

  All the people who entered the ancient battlefield have already felt a trepidation. The difference in this place is beyond their imagination. It is like another world, it has already been destroyed, but the preserved monuments have been powerful. The power of the protection.

  This kind of power is so powerful that even the great immortals of the Mahayana period can't be broken, let alone the comprehensions of other fit periods and the robbery period.

  But as long as you are careful, you can save yourself by not absorbing powerful ancient creatures and bypassing some powerful territories.

  Calm also entered the ancient battlefield, she entered the polar monument, when no one cared about her, in order to avoid the soul clan people find her trouble, she was in the help of the LU to use the Hundred Magic Array, is the first batch of people into the pole, but at this time the Magic array has disappeared, she just met a powerful bone claw demon Beast, although fled out, But the body's hundred-face Phantom is also destroyed.

  "Where is Mu Yu going now?"

  Suddenly falling on the edge of a river, the river is rushing, the trees are shaded, and there is a grassland in the distance. There is a run-down palace floating in the air on the grassland, which is lurking with some powerful creature.

  Suddenly, I didn’t alarm it. It’s very unwise to use the repairs of her current robbery period to disturb the monsters of the Mahayana period. She knows that Mu Yu is definitely somewhere in the world. Although Mu Yu left the array silently, she believes that Mu Yu will not miss the battle of Xuan Xian.

  I don't know why, after entering the ancient battlefield, she felt that there was something in this place that was guiding her. This made her feel very strange, because she had never been to this place, why is there something to guide her?

  “Would you like to check it out?”Although it is very simple, but in fact knows a lot, she knows that there are some powerful techniques to make people illusion, lead people into the territory, UU reading and then kill him.

  Many powerful monsters capture prey like this.

  As she hesitated, there was a loud noise in the distance. Such a powerful roar made the whole piece of land tremble. If it was a triple heaven, it would be enough to shake it within a thousand miles. The ground is ruined.

  But here it is guarded by powerful forces and nothing is destroyed.

  "That is the power of the field, will it be Mu Yu?"

  After pondering for a moment, she looked around for a while. It is not a long-term solution to stay here. She knows that not only Mu Yu and others, but also the people of the Soul, who are also in the Mahayana period. For, there may also be people of the Soul, which is not allowed.

  "It’s better to look at it anyway. If it’s Mu Yu, they’re better. There’s also a care in this place. If it’s a Soul, leave.”I thought about it again and again and decided to go to that place to take a look.

  She carefully crossed the rushing river, where she did not dare to fly too high, fearing the attention of other powerful creatures. After flying for about half an hour, she fell into a mountain, and the sound came from the front.


  Suddenly just stagnating the heel, there was a fierce battle in front of it. …


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