Chapter 111 Tianjian

On the dusty mountain, a group of people around the Yuan Ying period looked at it, not to mention why her age and their similarity have reached the Yuan Ying period, her words alone is somewhat unacceptable.

"What do you think?"Mu Yu asked.

Suddenly I said the words of Mu Yu and others, everyone was lost in thought. Lan Linger and the south of her eyes showed a trace of suspicion, and Master’s eye for the imprisonment of Xianji made everyone feel a little ridiculous.

"I don't believe that Master is the so-called true God. I can still accept it. He will trap the people in the Mou Mountain Range. It is impossible for Master to do this."Lan Linger categorically denied.

It is the right thing to be like a world-class person, but he will not kill at will.

"But many signs indicate…"Wood Yu hesitated.

Lan Linger glanced at Mu Yu and said, "What happened to you? You have never believed that the two brothers will be counted. Even Master does not believe you? ”

Mu Yu closed his mouth and talked with Lan Linger. He was always unhappy when he reached the second brother.

"Your identity is also very suspicious. Why do we believe in you?"Looking south at the hustle and bustle.

The words did not speak, he just nodded thoughtfully, and An Shu stared at him with a sigh of relief.

"Uncle An, you have been with Master for the longest time, do you know these things?"Mu Yu asked. An uncle knows far more than they think, but wants to know Master's past from An Shu's mouth, the possibility is very small, An Shu is not a person who is good at communication.

An Shu did not have the problem of picking up the wooden feathers. He said: "You are the person of the Red Dust Gate and come up with some evidence."

Suddenly sighed and said: "My master is called Miaoyu, I don't know if you haven't heard it."

When it comes to Miao language, the expression of her face is very lost, as if she has mentioned her sad things. An Shu slightly frowned, said: "Miao language is your master? Show me the tokens of your red door. ”

After a while, she wants to get the trust of everyone in the dusty party. She must come up with some convincing evidence. Others say that An Shu obviously knows a lot about the Red Dust Gate.

Suddenly stretched out his arms, rolled up his sleeves, and had a lotus tattoo on his wrist. The lotus flower was vivid and sparkling with beautiful pink light, which was extremely pink and lovely.

"This tattoo is available on the wrists of every Red Dust Gate, and it is printed with a special law. It cannot be removed by any means. If you are familiar with us, you know that this tattoo is unique and others cannot Counterfeit."It’s awkward.

“Show me the red dust lotus exhibition.”An uncle said again.

"How do you even know this?"

I know that Uncle is sure if she is lying, but in order to prove that she is not malicious, she can only do it. 恬 Then step back, fingers imaginary intertwined, a pink lotus phantom formed in her hands, ethereal and agile, if it is natural.

"If you still don't believe it, then you must know this sword!"A crystal clear orange flying sword floats in the hands of the hand.

“Miao language gave you 'Xianlu' to you?”An uncle finally appeared a trace of surprise.

"This sword is given to my master by the dusty predecessors. Should you believe this?"With a sweet smile, this sword is undoubtedly the best to prove her identity.

Mu Yu found that she had two dimples on her face and she was very cute. He didn’t know why he suddenly noticed this.

"She is her own."An Shu briefly said that he turned and left the cliff.

Suddenly confused by An Shu’s straightforward personality, she said strangely: "This uncle seems to know a lot. If you don't believe what I said, you can ask him!"

Mu Yu shook his head slightly and said: "No, in the position of Master, Uncle did not deny it, but indirectly confirmed that you said no. Unless he is willing to say it, we ask it is also a question. ”

Everyone nodded and agreed with Mu Yu’s words. An uncle knows many of Master’s past,

But he never said it, and no one else dared to ask, because the result would surely hit the wall.

The slogan smiled and said: "You come here to help us. Your repair is higher than ours. Maybe we can help us stop the ghost gate plan."

If it is true, then neither the Qingsong Taoist nor the two outsiders behind the Jiuhua real person are able to deal with the people of the Jindan period. They are better than them and will be more convenient. .

"Ok!"Suddenly nodded.

In this way, she stayed in the dusty mountain, and she has been following Muyu in the dusty mountains for two days. It was a very simple girl. When she came to the cliff for the first time, she curiously looked at the dust cliffs everywhere. Standing on the cliffs and looking at the distant scenery, she would sigh twice.

When Mu Yu remembers that when he first came to the Dust Cliff, he was also impressed by this kind of beautiful scenery. It seems that everything in the world is in front of his eyes. The vast sense of etherealness seems to be able to empty his body and mind and let himself The heart is easier to calm down.

Mu Yu and Suo Ren sat on the edge of the cliff. He still had many questions in his heart. He couldn't help but ask: "What is the relationship between your master and my master? How can my Master's sword be in your hands? ”

"You don't understand this. You are so stupid that Lan Linger and his sister don't like you."Said with a smile.

Mu Yu snorted. At that time, he just talked to himself with a word, but he was remembered by this girl.

Suddenly took out the dew, carefully stroking in the hands, for fear of breaking it, seeing the expression on her face is like this sword is given to her by the sword dust.

"Of course it is good! Master tells me the story of her and the dusty predecessors every day, saying that he used this sword to beat the geniuses of the real world, and how to use this sword to defeat the five Yumeng masters. The sword is a sentimental token given to my master by the dust wind predecessor, but baby! ”

"My master defeated five Yumuning Lords with your sword?"

Mu Yu's eyes widened. If this flying sword defeated the main body of Yumeng Ling and saved the entire human race, then its preciousness on the triple continent can be imagined! Such a valuable flying sword, Master actually turned hands to give away?

"More than that! In fact, the dust wind predecessors have nine swords, these nine swords can be combined into a sword, the power is incomparable. I can accurately say their names in these nine swords, net eclipse, clear ice, burning sky, stargazing, light string, strange whistle, split, rainbow, plus my fairy, these nine swords are The realm of comprehension is called Tianjian, and Tianjian Jiuyin is like this. ”

"Wait, the picture you just said refers to my shadow sword?"

Mu Yu’s hand was lightly moved, and the shadows came out in silence, hanging in the air and emitting a faint glow. His shadow sword has just been drilled, and a stranger came from the shadow sword. The shadow sword and the Xianlu sword are trembled slightly, as if they were old friends who have not reunited for a long time.

"You have it, you are so happy. Such a precious Tianjian dust wind predecessor gave you a hand, I still ask for Master for a long time, she barely promised to give it to me. ”Said enviously. The sword shadow dust wind is the true god of the triple continent, or the master of her master. She has worshipped the sword shadow dust since she was a child, and she has been treated like a baby all day.

"I remember that Lan Linger's sword seems to be called Qing Bing. The master's sword is called a net eclipse. The southward sword is called a stargazing. An uncle's sword seems to be called Qi Xiao. You mean that Master has given nine precious swords. Us?"

Mu Yu played the bullet-sharp sword incredibly, and the blue-colored shadow sword made a crisp sound. In the past, he didn't think much about the flying sword that Master gave him. He just thought that it was very easy to use, but he didn't know that the sword in his hand was the sword of the old master.

He never imagined that the flying sword that was very inconspicuous on weekdays turned out to be one of the nine swords that were famous in the world! So Master just gave them to someone close to you?

Mu Yu remembered that he once used the shadow sword and the empty space to go to the Hummer honeycomb. Even when he helped Master to burn the fire several times, he used the shadow sword as a fire stick! Thinking about this, he felt a little sorry for this picture, and he felt that he was violent.

Thinking of this, he suddenly blushes, secretly knowing that he does not know the goods, and quickly wiped the shadow sword with his sleeves. He stepped on the film every day and flew around. When he finished using it, he didn't know how to cherish it. If you let the outsiders know that the nine swords that once dominated the world were so ruined by Mu Yu, they couldn't kill him!

In fact, the shadow sword is one of the swords of the sky. It is difficult to get the dust in itself. Even if the wood feathers are not cherished, it still maintains the most original edge and never fades.

Mu Yu always feels weird. As an apprentice of Jiansha Dust, his understanding of him is not as good as an outsider. This is a very sad thing.

"It is no wonder that Master never taught us the knowledge of the formation, because once we have taught the formation, we will be aware of the wrongness of the dusty mountain, and will also have doubts about Master's past, and the Master obviously does not want us to know his past. UU reading "Mu Yu sighs, Master wants to be an ordinary person, do not want to involve them in the disputes of the realm of cultivation, but now it seems that Mu Yu they are completely independent.

"My master thought about the dusty winds all day long, can you help me get some of the souvenirs of the dusty predecessors? When I get back to my master, I am sure that I am happy."Said with a sullen look.

"souvenir? What souvenirs? If you want, my master will come back and see if I can cut off the master’s beard to you. ”Mu Yu is perfunctory.

"Yeah!"Suddenly, the words of Mu Yu were taken seriously, and I was so happy to dance. I didn’t care if Mu Yu was joking.

Mu Yu turned his eyes, this girl is so simple, in the realm of cultivation, is not afraid to give people abduction? If it is not too high to be ridiculous, I am afraid that something will happen.

"Look at the fact that you help me make souvenirs, I also teach you how to chase girls." It is impossible for you to pursue Lan Linger like that. ”Suddenly patted the shoulders of Mu Yu, a pair of chests and bamboos.

"Catch the girl, you will understand?"Mu Yu’s face is full of suspicion, and the feeling that he gave him is too simple. The idea that such a simple gimmick has come up with is also worth discussing.

"You forgot that I am also a girl! I just saw you talking to Linger’s sister and sister, so that Linger’s sister would like you and blame. ”Said awkwardly.

Mu Yu is dumb, he likes to run against Lan Linger, but he does not want to be in this situation in the future. Sometimes he also wants to communicate with Lan Linger normally, but when he and Lan Linger say it seriously, Lan Linger always feels that he does not care well and wants to swear the bad words of the two brothers. Mu Yu has never known how to go. Improve the relationship between the two.

It’s a girl, maybe she really knows how to please girls.

"Then you said what should I do?"Mu Yu asked subconsciously.

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