Chapter 1110: 2 girls

        I jumped up the mountain and looked at the front with astonishment. At this time, the mountains were full of white mans, and there was a powerful phantom flashing. In the intertwined figure, I saw a sacred figure with white body. .

        She already knows who the other person is.

        The Mahayana of the Mahayana period!

        Obviously, the Mahayars of this Mahayana period accidentally broke into the territory of some powerful creatures, and were turned into intruders by powerful creatures. In this place, even the souls have no privilege, they also need to be careful about the threat of powerful creatures in the ancient battlefield.

        At the moment, she did not hesitate to turn around and left. She has not yet entered the Mahayana period. If the soul of the Mahayana period is too fierce, she just wants to confirm whether it is her own. If not, it is not suitable for staying. .

        However, she did not leave far away. When she just left two miles away, suddenly a white mang came from the front of her retreat and pressed against her.


        Suddenly, the side flashed, and the sword in his hand had already greeted him.


        The sorrowful sword was instantly broken, but it suddenly retreated.

        "The goddess of the Red Dust Gate, don't come innocent!"A sacred figure is visible around, and the power of the field has blocked all the retreats.

        "who are you?"

        Suddenly the face changed.

        "In the next month, I will be a talented person in the next month. It is no wonder that the world has said that there is no such thing as a red dusty woman. Mu Yu’s luck is really good.

        Ranked third in the rankings, the moon is sandy!

        At this time, the moon was almost stunned and looked at the stunned. He looked up and looked at the distance lazily. There was a fluctuation in the soul of the Mahayana period: "I was here to check the situation, so it seems that we are really interested. It!"

        Suddenly the face was tight, and the heart had sunk into the bottom of the valley. She held the Xianlu sword firmly in her hand, and Xianlu hesitated a clear water, shimmering with radiance. When I meet the soul people, I am afraid that something will happen!

        "what do you want?"Asked quietly.

        "Miss sir, when I first saw you, I was deeply fascinated by you!" If it wasn’t for the Lord that didn’t let me move you, as early as the Red Dust Gate, we should have a double flight, what do you say? ”In the moon-containing trachoma, a trace of wretched look was revealed, and the sacred white awns on his body disappeared.

        "You guys are really disgusting!"

        The sword in the hands of the gods has already risen to the sky, and communicated with the sky. The powerful swords are mixed with the brilliance of the Huanghuang Tianwei dynasty. The sword swayed and the air trembled.

        However, a white spider web stretched out in the field of sand and sand, and the white spider webs gathered together to hold the powerful sword firmly and annihilate it again!

        "Tianjian is very strong, but in front of me, it is not worth mentioning."The moon is staring at the stunned, full of glare, his strength is much stronger than it is!

        Suddenly biting her teeth, Xianlujian returned to her hands, but she realized that she could not do it because she had not yet entered the Mahayana period, and there was almost no room for resistance in the face of the moon.

        "You still succumbed to me!"The moon is covered with sand and smiles, and has already reached out and grabbed the past!

        With a sigh of anger, the golden light burst out of her body and turned into a golden lotus. The golden lotus was covered with an endless breath, and the lines flashed under her feet. The golden flame flashed and broke through. The field of sandy sand has rushed out of his field.

        Mu Yu left her vitality, which was obtained from the Bodhi tree. This vitality is very short, but combined with the dazzling red dust lotus root, it can be perfectly displayed. The golden lotus flame is the nemesis of the soul force, which can make the moon contain The field of sand can't help her in a short time.

        "Good guy, there are still two more, but I have to see how far you can escape!"The soul of the moon and sand is ineffective at this time, but he also understands that this life can not burn for a long time, it is impossible to escape from her hands.

        Suddenly rushed to the ground, at this critical juncture, she still remained calm, if not, if it is chaotic, I am afraid it will not last long.

        But the golden flame of the body has gradually subsided, and if she continues to burn, she will begin to burn her vitality, and now she can only go to a forest. However, the monthly sand has already appeared in front of it.

        "You can't escape!"

        The moon is covered with sand and the smile has already caught the past!

        But just then, a light drink, PA The breath of the world from the front, Kapital Tianwei like the sky Thunder exploding, let the moon with sand face suddenly change, he felt like he met the real emperor, the kind of world am the domineering let him fear, he was actually from the heart of a kind of surrender impulse, Even in this breath he didn't even have the heart to resist.

        The field of the Qinglong demon king, I am the only one!

        A trace of fear in the tale of the moon has passed by. The Qinglong demon king is an old demon king who has lived for many years. His field is unparalleled in the world, and he is born with a kingly demeanor. Wan Yao is not afraid in front of him. Obey, but the moon is sandy but I did not expect to see the field of the Qinglong demon king here in the ancient battlefield!

        If it is the Qinglong demon king, then the courage of the battle with the sand in the month is not, because he can not be the opponent of the Qinglong demon king!

        "Damn, impossible!"

        The moon-bearing sand is almost just a thought and stops. Turning around and wanting to leave, the Qinglong demon king is extremely powerful. Except for their main white world, no one else dares to provoke.

        However, he is not right now, because this sudden appearance of my only sighs seems to be nothing to him. If the real Qinglong demon king appears, he will almost be killed only by one thought!

        He quickly reacted, this is not the Qinglong demon king!

        When he turned around again, he disappeared and disappeared. The two figures had already fled in the distance.

        "hateful! I dare to play with me! ”

        The moon covered with sand and screamed, and immediately chased the two escaped figures!


        On the bank of the Qingshui River, the figure of the moon-filled sand flashed. He glanced angrily, but now he lost his ecstasy unconsciously!

        The moon was so resentful that I thought it was a matter of hand-to-hand, but I didn’t expect it to be rescued in the middle. He was angry again and again, and after a week of inspection, he could only leave unwillingly.

        After half an hour, a blisters emerged in the rushing clear water, and the blisters slowly spread out, revealing two figures inside, and it was amazement and Qiao Xue.

        "never mind."Qiao Xue whispered.

        She also entered the immortal monument before Mu Yu, no one cares about her, this time is just passing by, recognized the stunned by the soul of the people, did not think too much, then directly rushed to save people.

        Joe Snow stepped on the water, and the whole person was elegant, like an elf in the water, making people look. She slowly walked over to the shore and sat down on the stone.

        Looking at Qiao Xue curiously, he said, "Thank you."

        Qiao Xue smiled slightly: "No, I just passed by."

        The two of them had a relationship. When they were in the village of Baicao, the Yao people came to snatch the aura. They and the Xue Xue both represented the Terran and the Yaozu. At that time, both of them liked it. The same teenager.

        For a long time silent, the two girls did not seem to know what to say. They are not familiar with each other, just because the same talent has some subtle relationship. Meeting at this dangerous place at this time seems to be very out of place.

        "I thought you have become a master of the Mahayana period."Suddenly broke the silence and opened the door.

        Qiao Xue sat on the stone by the river and shook his head. "No, it is the ability of the grandfather of Qinglong to give me the ability to save my life."

        Apologetically: "I'm sorry, let you have less life-saving things."

        In this dangerous place, there is a field ability in the Mahayana period, enough to give one more hope of living, but Qiao Xue used the field to save it.

        "It doesn't matter, I still have several."Qiao Xue said gently, the home demon king, the preparation is also sufficient, after the use of the field of the Qinglong demon king, there are other demon kings.

        After a pause, Qiao Xue said, "And if he knows that you have an accident, it will be very sad."

        Suddenly blushing, she knows that Qiao Xue is talking about Mu Yu. This is a very strange feeling. Both girls like the same person, but they have come together inexplicably. At this time, they suddenly talked about Mu Yu, the atmosphere. It became a little weird.

        Qiao Xue quietly looked at the stunned, a very simple girl, wearing a green gauze, all over the body are full of vigor and vitality, carefree appearance makes people can not afford a trace of resentment.

        "It's no wonder that Mu Yu would like her. It turns out that both of them are very similar."Qiao Xue secretly thought, Mu Yu is also a very optimistic person, full of vigor and vitality, love life, and very similar to the simple.

        From time to time, I secretly glared at Qiao Xue. Qiao Xue was so refreshing and slim, like a spotless fairy, clean and elegant, and the sound was very crisp, just like flowing water.

        "It's no wonder that Mu Yu would like her. She looks so good, her manners are impeccable, and people are kind."I suddenly thought about it. She is a lively temper, she can't hold it at all, she usually has a random temper, and she is envious of Qiao Xue.

        Both girls are thinking about their own affairs. UU reading No one is talking anymore. They are wondering why Mu Yu will like each other. After thinking for a moment, he suddenly feels dissatisfied with Mu Yu.

        Who does he like more?

        Both Qi Ran and Qiao Xue are somewhat uncertain. They feel that Mu Yu may like the other side a little more, and they are very envious of each other. I hope that I can also have the characteristics of each other. So maybe Mu Yu will not be half-hearted.

        "After encountering Mu Yu, be sure to ask this question clearly."

        This is the common idea of ​​Qiao Xue and Hao Ran. The two girls bit their lips and the appearance of Mu Yu appears in their minds. When they think of Mu Yu’s innocent smile, they can’t wait to pull the wood. Yu’s ear makes things clear, so be sure to let Mu Yu personally answer who he likes. …


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