Chapter 1111: Come here

  "Then we have a good companion, so that there is a mutual care between each other." ”Qiao Xue said.

  When she nodded, she remembered one thing and asked: "Yes, Joe Snow, have you felt something wrong after you came here, it feels like someone is guiding you and letting you go somewhere?"

  Qiao Xue asked strangely: "No, what happened?"

  Suddenly said with a look of disbelief, "I don't know. After I came to the ancient battlefield, I felt that someone was calling me and guiding me to somewhere. It was a strange feeling, but I thought it was some kind of powerful monster to lure prey. So I dare not go."

  Qiao Xue is also puzzled: "I heard you alone? That is really strange. ”

  Suddenly, the feeling of getting stronger and stronger in her heart, she would like to go there to look at it, but she thought of the danger of the ancient battlefield, she still dispelled the idea.

  "Let's go and see if we can find Mu Yu. If you find Mu Yu's brother, you can be safe with them."Said awkwardly.

  "it is good."Qiao Xue also agreed that neither of them is a Mahayana person. Even if Joe Snow has the ability of the demon king, he will not be able to persist for a long time. Only finding other people's confluence is the most crucial.

  However, just as the two of them were about to leave, a horrible field of breath swept away from far and near again.

  "It's not good, it's the moon, and he turned back!"Suddenly exclaimed.

  "You two can run very well, I see where you are going now!"

  The moon was found in the sand and the traces of Qiao Xue and the stunned, and he was sneer at the moment. He was deceived by Qiao Xue. He was also angry and angry. The face of the majestic period was lost. This time he had to hold the two men well!

  Qiao Xue did not hesitate to raise it. The blue water spirit floated out and would be wrapped up with her at the same time. Then she rushed directly into the river and quickly darted away.

  "You can't escape!"

  The moon covered the sand and smiled. Just now he was influenced by the field ability of the Qinglong demon king, so that Qiao Xue could hide his trace in time, but now it is different, the same mistake he will never commit twice.

  The white soul of the moon is already blasting toward the clear water. The soul power is like the bones of the bones. It is all over the clear water. Under such threats, no matter where Joe Snow and the water are in the water, he will be given by him. Hold on.


  In the moment, Qiao Xue took out a pond that was hundreds of miles away from the moon. She also discovered the soul force swept from behind, and immediately rushed to the sky and went to the distance.

  "How to do? He will catch up soon! ”Sighing.

  In the hands of Qiao Xue, a sea bone of the Kraken King appeared. The area of ​​the Siren King was sealed inside, and the back was raised. The whole area was covered by the area of ​​the Siren King. It was like a choppy wave, rolling over. , blocked the monthly sand.

  The field of the Siren King, my Lord is ups and downs!


  The moon was screaming in the sand, and the dodge was not directly immersed in the field of the Siren King. It was floating in the field and stopped below the figure.

  "I want to open my dreams with this, dream!"

  The white soul beads in the hands of the moon in the sand suddenly opened up the white mans, and the white awns were intertwined to form a spider web.

The cobweb quickly condensed countless konjac giant claws, tearing apart the area of ​​the Siren King, and the whole person had already rushed out.

  His cultivation was much more powerful than that of the temple. When the temple was entangled in the field of the King of the Sea King, it was almost half a quarter of an hour, but the moon was just less than half a tea time and he had already broken out. The third person on the list really can't be underestimated!

  "You can't escape!"

  The monthly sands once again locked the figure of Qiao Xue and Hao Ran. The whole person stepped out and had already traversed, gradually pulling into the distance with Qiao Xue and Hao Ran.

  "I blame me, I am tired of you."Suddenly said, if Joe Snow does not help her, maybe Joe Snow will not get so much trouble.

  Although Qiao Xue has the field ability of the demon king, she can't rely on these fields to compete with the real Mahayana master. The moon is not a general soul, his strength is very powerful!

  "Don't think so, we can definitely escape."Qiao Xue said.

  Suddenly took a deep breath, did not mess with his hands and feet, but still anxious, at this moment, suddenly there was a call from the distance, this time the call is clearer:

  –Come here.

  "Did you hear it?"I quickly asked.

  "What did you hear?"Qiao Xue did not understand.

  "The voice, in the east, someone told me to go there."I am not sure.

  Qiao Xue immediately broke the line: "Then we will go there!"

  "What if the monster is tempting us?"Asked hesitantly.

  Qiao Xue rushed to the river below the mountain, and gnashed his teeth: "At least we also led the guy, and then I will see who is better."

  "Then can only be like this!"

  Suddenly and Joe Snow did not have any preparations for playing with the moon, she turned and flashed in the other direction. In this place, if you want to save yourself, you can only rely on the powerful creatures in a certain area of ​​the ancient battlefield!

  Suddenly and Qiao Xue have already rushed into the territory of a powerful creature, and alerted the monsters hidden in a certain place. They just entered the distance, and there was a huge underground crack in front. It was a huge abyss, and the river was positive. I poured into the abyss.


  In the abyss, a black tiger with a height of 100 meters was slammed up. The black tiger had only bones left in his head, but his body was covered with fur and flesh. He looked very strange. Its sharp tiger claws stepped on the air, and a violent breath swept out, causing both Shuran and Qiao Xue to stop.

  But the moon was covered with sand and laughed: "What? Are you going to lure the ancient monsters of the ancient battlefield to deal with me? Unfortunately, the favorite of these animals is flesh and blood, and the flesh and blood essence, I have more! ”

  The moon-sand body was suddenly covered by blood-red fog. These are the self-cultivators who hunted earlier in the triple day, storing their flesh and blood essences and dealing with the ancient monsters of the ancient battlefield.

  The ancient monsters belong to the powerful existence of half-death, and the things that make them crazy are these flesh and blood essences, because the flesh and blood essence can make their bodies complete.

  At this time, the huge black tiger in the sky was glaring at the three people who invaded its territory. Its long tiger tail screamed in the air, tearing open the void and sweeping it. Both Qiao Xue and Hao Ran have changed their faces. This black tiger also has the strength of the Mahayana period!


  Qiao Xue and Hao Ran flashed out in time, while the black tiger did not take care of both of them. On the contrary, the moon was covered with sand, and the flesh and blood essence on the moon was more tempting.

  However, the ability of the monthly sandy field has gone out in an instant, separating the black tiger.

  "Help me hold them, these flesh and blood extracts will be yours."The moon covered the sand and smiled.

  The black tiger seems to be jealous of the strength of the moon. It understands the meaning of the moon and sand, and immediately turned around. The hollow tiger eyes watched Qiao Xue and Hao Ran. Instead of fighting with the moon and sand, it’s better to make a deal.

  However, Qiao Xue and Hao Ran have already crossed the abyss and smashed out to a farther place.


  The black tiger immediately rushed to Qiao Xue and stunned without hesitation. The huge tiger claws pressed like a hill toward Qiao Xue and stunned. The stunned body once again lit up the golden sword, and the sword swelled out. The snowy spirit of Qiao Xue became extremely light and went down to the ground.

  The river that flowed into the abyss turned all over, and the rushing rushed over the black tiger, smashing the black tiger's figure to the side. And the two of them also went to the east.

  –Come here.

  The same voice appeared again in my mind.

  “How far is it from here?”Qiao Xue asked.

  "As long as you cross the territory of this black tiger, the voice is getting clearer and clearer, it should not be far away."Said quickly.

  But the speed of the black tiger is very fast, not only it, but also the monthly sands are blocked. The power of the field blocks all the roads ahead.

  "Do you still want to escape?"The moon-filled ghosts of the moon have been caught by Qiao Xue and Hao Ran. The ghost claws roared and arrogant, and the sharpness was as if the whole void had become the territory of the ghost claws.

  Qiao Xue sighed softly, and she had already held a velvety of the white demon king in her hand. The huge field power rushed into the body of Qiao Xue. Her water spirit rolled and formed a hundred-meter-long fist, and her fist was fierce. Domineering, after being integrated into the field of the White Demon King, it is like a white demon king.


  The fists condensed by the water spirit are mixed with the squeaking sound, and the black tiger punches out. It also instantly smashes the ghost claws of the moon-sanded claws. It is on the ground and bangs the ground. As if it were a mountain collapse, UU reads www. is amazing.

  The White ape Demon King to Choshe the field obviously to be more powerful many, he spends in this hair the energy to be more natural than gives Mu Yu's more, the power is also greater, but at the same time the shortcomings are obvious, this punch needs to consume more spirit, Choshe almost just swing the first punch, the body's spiritual force was taken out, no longer gather no second fist.

  "Qiao Xue, are you okay?"

  Suddenly asked anxiously, when she slammed the moon and the black tiger to fly out, she slammed the light-stricken Qiao Xue to the back. The speed of the stunned is very fast, she stepped on the golden lotus under her feet, and two people have turned into a phantom.

  Just stick to it!

  However, it is necessary to escape the territory of the black tiger, but at this time, the sand in the moon is once again in front of the two like ghosts, blocking their way!

  "The cards are all running out, right?" Then you will be fine. ”

  The moon-filled ghosts of the moon slammed into the past, and stunned Qiao Xue behind him. The sword in his hand rushed to the sky, and the cold sword slammed down, but her sword was strong and it was also a catastrophe. The sand-stricken ghost claw hit, and a huge force passed to the stunned body, letting the blood in the body tumbling for a while!


  Suddenly, his face was white, and the blood flower sprang from the mouth and swayed in the air. …


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