Chapter 1112: The Giant of Terror

        The blood of the bleak air was floating in the air, and the moon was already caught in the air. However, at this moment, there was a violent roar in the distance, followed by a huge hand swept out of the void, and instantly The moon contains sand and flew out!

        The hand is a thousand feet long, covering the sky, and dancing in the void seems to crush the void, but also wants to grab a crack in the earth. This giant hand is so terrible. If the body is visible, no one knows where it will go.

        The blood that fluttered out was shrouded by the giant hand, caught in the hand, and the sound of snoring sounded like a nine-day sigh: "You can't forgive, you can't forgive…"

        Qiao Xue has already pulled the stunned, and the two rushed to the sky quickly, watching the giant hand sticking out from the void in horror, not knowing where the body of the giant hand is, or knowing. How did this giant hand appear?

        The moon was covered by the palm of the hand. He managed to stabilize his figure in midair and watched the giant hand in the distance with horror. The black tiger that followed the trail saw the giant hand, and was afraid to tremble and turn around.

        But the giant hand has caught up with the black tiger and suddenly pinched the black tiger into two halves!

        The black tiger's two bodies struggled on the ground. Although they were pinched in half, they still desperately wanted to reunite. They seemed to have no life fluctuations, and they only wanted to reorganize by instinct.

        However, the giant hand that covered the sky was photographed again, and the body of the black tiger was completely powdered!

        "I cannot forgive! Unforgivable! Dumb can't be forgiven! ”

        The giant hand whistled and continued to catch the past with the moon. The moon is full of anger, when did he think that there would be such a horrible giant hand, in the ancient battlefield, these powerful ancient wild animals will generally only be in their own territory, will not invade The territory of others, but this giant has already come out of his imagination.

        "Stop, I have flesh and blood essence, as long as you don't interfere, I grab the two girls,

I will give you the flesh and blood essence! ”The moon was horrified, and the whole body condensed a bloody red mist. He tried to cooperate with the owner of the giant hand again, just like trading with the black tiger.

        "Disgusting soul mouse, dumb is the most hated soul mouse."

        The rolling sound came out from a distance. The giant hand did not have any meaning to stop. It still covered the sky and caught it in the sand.

        "Soul Faro, Ten Thousand Souls!"

        The moon was roaring, and the white soul blossomed from him, forming a network of intertwined sky nets, blocking in front, countless ghost claws sticking out from the sky net, and grabbed the giant hand.

        However, the giant hand ruined the earth, and all the way down, all the ghosts formed by the white soul force were directly broken by it, and the field of the condensed moon and sand was hardly blasted. The sand smashed into the soil!

        "A dumb shot of a dead mouse!"

        The giant hand continued to shoot in the sand, and the ground of the ancient battlefield was very hard. Rao was the horrible giant hand, and there was no damage on the whole ground. The moon was not photographed into the ground, but the monthly The whole person of sand has suffered an attack from a giant hand.

        "Soul Faro, with a ghost hand!"

        The month of the sand roared and swayed the ability of others to use the field, but the virtual ghost hand has just emerged from the air, but compared to the rough giant hand, it seems to be a small witch, directly crushed, without any room for resistance.

        "Soul Faro, Shura Soul Bow!"

        A bow and arrow with a sharp soul force spurt out. This is a field belonging to other people. However, this seemingly invisible bow and arrow can not wear the giant hand, as if it were a small wooden stick. Broken by the giant hand, the giant hand once again slammed into the moon!

        He insisted on two things by the soul, and he couldn't do it if he wanted to fly out. The whole person was originally sacred, but at this time, an ugly prototype has emerged, and it is too embarrassing, but it is still impossible to get from this giant hand. Escaped under the pressure, he just got up and was shot again.

        "I shoot! I shoot! I am taking a mouse! ”

        In the fifth time that the giant hand took it, the moon was no longer able to hold on, and the whole person was beaten into a mass of mud by the giant hand of a thousand feet!

        The blood is full, the unsettled roar of the moon is coming out of the meat. His body is destroyed, but the soul still exists, but it is no longer possible to use other people's fields and want to leave this place.

        However, the giant hand grasped the soul of the moon and sand, and a powerful force firmly held the soul of the moon and sand in the hand. The grip, the soul of the moon is like a piece of paper, directly pulled. It became a piece of debris, and it died.

        The top is ranked third, the moon is sandy, dead!

        Both Qiao Xue and Hao Ran were shocked. The shock that the giant hand brought to them was too great. No one thought that the moon, which was originally arrogant, was facing the giant hand. The force is directly killed by this sudden giant hand!

        To know that the monthly sand is a master of the Mahayana period, it is ranked third in the top of the list!

        This powerful soul group was completely obliterated in the face of this giant hand without insisting on a quarter of an hour!

        What is this giant hand?

        Qiao Xue and Hao Ran face each other, the heart has already panicked to the extreme, the two of them are just the repair of the robbery period, it is impossible to escape from the surrounded by this giant hand!

        The two of them could not escape, because the oppression of the two of them by the giant hand was too great, and they almost could not breathe.

        But the giant hand fell in front of the two of them, but did not shoot down, but some strangely bent fingers, then extended a huge index finger, reaching out in front of it.

        The fingernails of this index finger are several hundred feet wide and have a rough bump, like a huge spar.

        "Dumbs let you come up."

        The dull voice rolled in again, echoing in the ears of both of them, as if to be able to blow the eardrum of the person, really terrible.

        Qiao Xue and Xiaoran looked at each other and asked carefully: "It does not seem to hurt us?" Do we want to go in the past? ”

        Qiao Xue also couldn't make up his mind. The giant hand that broke into this shocked both of them. It was not clear what the other side was going to do. However, Qiao Xue still said: "Then go up, anyway, we can't escape."

        Suddenly nodded, and stood with Joe Xue on the fingernail's fingernail, and then the giant hand began to quickly reach out and into the void. Both cumin and Qiao Xue only felt that the phantoms of the ear were flashing, and they did not wait for them to react. The two of them had already appeared in a huge mountain range.

        The peaks here are undulating, each mountain is as high as 100 feet, but there is a more horrible giant in front of him. He is sitting between the undulating peaks and peaks. Those peaks are like a small mound in front of him. The value is mentioned.

        This giant is at least as high as a million!

        Both cumin and Qiao Xue were frightened by this giant. They were the first time they saw such a tall giant. The giants could stand up for a whole day!

        The giant looks a little dull, with black short, rough skin like a gully, a hair like a big tree, wearing gray shorts and short sleeves, looks very dull Meng.

        The giant put his head in front of him, his eyeball is bigger than a mountain, like a huge gem.

        "The owner is a man, you are a woman, you are not a master."

        The rolling sound rang again, and the face of Qiao Xue changed. The sound was like a thunder bombing in their ears, causing their ears to tremble. The two quickly caught their ears, closed their eyes, and dared not to see the giant.

        "A dumb person is scared, dumb is not a good boy, dumb is a little smaller, smaller."

        After stunned and Qiao Xue opened his eyes, he was surprised that the giant in front of him had become smaller. He was still horrified to hold up a day, but at this time the whole person has shrunk to a few hundred feet, but Rao is So the whole body is taller than a mountain.

        "A dumb asked who you are? Why do you have the smell of the master? ”

        Dumbfounded his head in front of his eyes and cried his eyes curiously. When he blinked, there was still a wind coming from the eyelids. It was very strange. Then the dumb stretched out the giant hand and scratched the back of his head, looking at it with confusion. This time his voice became smaller, although it was a bang, but at least there was no such feeling of horror.

        Suddenly hesitantly said: "I, I don't know who your master is, but I am not your master, I am just passing by, thank you for saving us."

        "You know, you must know where the master is, you have the smell of the master, dumb will not admit mistakes, will not admit mistakes."

        The giant dumb shook his head, like a child who didn’t care about the world. Both of them and Joe Snow were like two small ants in front of him. The dumbness was a little smaller. This time the dumb hand became as big as a house. He kneels on the ground and looks like a curious baby.

        Qiao Xue asked tentatively: "Dumb, is the owner in your mouth called the sword shadow dust?"

        Dumb revealed a thick smile and looked very happy nodded: "Yes, the master is called the sword shadow dust, the sword shadow dust is the master of dumb, dumb likes the owner."

        Suddenly watching the dumb in horror, she never thought that Duddy actually knew her father!

        Dumb and stretched out the big index finger, UU read Gently touched it and asked: "Who are you?" Why do you have the smell of the master? ”

        Suddenly forcibly suppressed the shock of my heart and said: "I am the daughter of Jianfeng Dustwind, do you know me?"

        "Are you the daughter of a dumb master? No wonder dumb thinks you are kind, dumb likes you too. ”

        The dumb giant opened his mouth and smiled. The teeth were like pieces of big bricks. They were white and clean. He sat between the mountains and held his knees with his hands. He was very happy.

        Suddenly and Qiao Xue can finally breathe a sigh of relief, although they do not know what the dumb is, but at least the dumb does not seem to hurt them. …


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