Chapter 1113: A generous dumb

        "My name is stunned. Did you call me now?"I was introduced to myself, and at the same time I was very curious to look at the giant dumb.

        Dumb nodded: "My name is dumb, my master said that I am dull, I am dumb." You should not come to this place, this place is too dangerous. ”

        Sitting on a stone at the top of the mountain, I asked, "Where is it?" Why are you here? ”

        A stay was asked this question, appear some grievance, hands out two index finger, fingertips in each other to poke, low head said: "Here is the ancient battlefield, very dangerous place, ah stay is not clear, ah stay done wrong, the owner let me here, he said I want to reflect on, and in the future will be someone to find me, I can go out." ”

        Dumb said here, and looked up excitedly, looking at the stunned: "Are you the one the owner said? The master asked you to come to me, isn't it? Can you stay here? ”

        Suddenly and Joe Snow face each other, this slap in the palm of the moon to kill the dumb is actually because of what was wrong was punished here to reflect?

        I cautiously asked: "Dumb, how long have you been here?"

        Dumbly touched his head, stretched out his fingers, and slammed his hand and said: "Dumb stayed here for a year, two years, three years, four years, five years, six years…"

        He actually started counting up a few times, and he seemed to be a bit slow-moving, not remembering how many years he had stayed. Suddenly interrupted the dumb, if you let the dumb count like this, do not know to count the Year of the Monkey.

        "Dumb, don't count, then what are you doing wrong, why should I punished you here?"Asked awkwardly.

        A two giant hand and stretched out two fingers, fingertips in gently poked, wronged said: "Ah stay is not a good child, a stay angry to destroy the world, they first provoked me, they want to get rid of ah, ah stay just shoot them, but the master said the practice is wrong, so stay here to reflect. ”

        Suddenly and Qiao Xue were shocked to speak,

Did the dumb actually ruin the world?

        How much capacity does this dud have in order to destroy a world?

        "Dumb, what is the world you destroyed?"I couldn't help but ask.

        Dumb stunned and blinked: "The dumb has forgotten, the dumb has torn off a black and white grass, and the world is destroyed. Dumb is not intentional. Dumb was too angry at that time."

        "Black and white grass? How do you sound familiar? Ah, dumb, you are not going to ruin a big day, right? ”Suddenly exclaimed.

        She used to listen to Mu Yu and talked about the grass. The grass is the most primitive force to maintain the balance of the world. Once the grass is out of control, the black gas and the dead air will continue to devour other things and gradually become stronger. The whole world is destroyed!

        But the balance is very difficult to get out of control. At that time, the low-level Mu Yu overcame the great difficulties and transformed it with the help of the sword shadow dust and the dead wood and the evil spirits. The dumb is just one. The tears broke the balance of the grass, and it’s not easy to be dumb.

        A dumb touched his head: "Dumb don't know, dumb is not intentional, someone is jealous of me to pull the grass. Dumb didn't like the grass. When he was asleep, he quickly ran and ran. It was like running away after a quail and running very fast. ”

        Dumbfounded and smiled, it seemed to be a little embarrassed to think of it.

        Both cumin and Qiao Xue felt incredible. This dumb ruined a world and turned out to be just a trick? No wonder you have to be punished here. If you are dumb to go to the triple heaven, wouldn’t you have to confuse the triple heaven?

        "Right, the master asked the dumb to guard the same thing here, do you want it? I am giving you, will you take me out of here? There is nothing fun to stay here, dumb has smashed many wild animals, they are not dumb opponents, dumb is boring, boring to count the stars, dumb has counted a lot of stars. Dumb still wants to pick the stars, but I can't pick them up. ”Dumb scratched his head and said.

        I can imagine that the dumb is getting bigger and bigger, and it is too ridiculous to raise the body to the height of the sky.

        "Dumb, I will let you guard anything here, you will keep it, you can't go to Santian with me, or once you fire, Santian will be destroyed."Said seriously.

        Dumbfounded and said: "Small stunned, can you take me away?" It’s so boring here, dumb promises no more chaos, dumb is obedient. Dumb favorite owner to accompany me to play, the former owner took me everywhere to play, I am very obedient, but then the owner said that he is going to do something busy, he left, dumb is wrong. ”

        Suddenly it looked very embarrassed, but Qiao Xue whispered: "Oh, now the threat of the Mie Palace is great. It may be a good idea to bring him back. He is at least a Mahayana period and can shoot dead moons." Is it a simple person?"

        Suddenly remembered those of the soul family, my heart was also a resentment. She thought for a moment, nodded and asked: "Well, I don't know if it is a good thing to bring you, but you must never come. . Also, dumb, what do you want to keep from here? ”

        As soon as I heard the agreement, I looked very happy. I stood up and jumped two times: "Great, dumb can leave. You wait for me, I will give it to you. ”

        Dumb turned and crossed the mountains. The mountains were like toy mounds under his feet. He slammed his hand and indexed the mountains, then went to the fifth mountain and knelt down, like lifting a stone. Let's move the mountain directly!

        "Who is the dumb?"Both Juan and Qiao Xue were shocked to see that the mountain at least two kilometers was easily moved by the dumb, and could not be calmed for a long time.

        He stayed under the big mountain for a long time, and finally took out a golden compass. The compass was round, with black and white spots floating in it, and it was spinning around. The compass portrays countless patterns. This golden compass is also a few tens of meters in diameter, but in the hands of dumb is like a small copper plate.

        After he took out the compass, he put the big mountain back in place. The mountain was full of earth-shattering roars. The stones on the mountain rolled down, but the mountain did not split, but remained intact. It seems that the mountain was protected by a strange force.

        Dumb handed the compass to stunned and said happily: "This is what the master told me to guard. He said that this thing should be given to a good person. I don't know who is a good person. You are the daughter of the master. Dumb likes you, you. If you have a good person, then give it to you!"

        Dumb stretched out his finger and gently turned the black and white spot on the compass. The two spots of light swayed quickly. The dumb seemed to be very fun and giggled.

        Suddenly looking at the tens of meters wide compass, I said indefinitely: "Dumb, I can't take such a big thing, and you are so big, going out will be scary."

        Dumb scratched his head and rubbed his eyes and said: "Then I narrowed it down."

        Dumbly rudely squeezed the compass with both hands, his hand was very large, and Qiao Xue was still worried that Dumb would crush the compass, but I did not expect the compass to become more and more under the pressure of dumbness. Small, and finally only two inches wide, floating in midair.

        "The dumb is going to be invisible, and the dumbness is shrinking."The dull figure is getting smaller again, but even if he gets smaller, he still has more than two meters high, just like a majestic bull, it looks very rich.

        "A dumb don't like too small, it's just fine."

        A dumb sitting in front of the stunned and Joe Snow, holding his knees in his hands, like a child.

        Carefully took the golden compass and asked: "Dumb, what is this compass used for?"

        Dumb thought about it and shook his head: "I don't know, the owner said that someone will know how to use this compass. This is a very deep pattern, and you can't understand it. The owner said that let the dumb wait here, this is to give a name to wood…wood……What is wood? Right, Amumu! To be used by an Amumu person. ”

        "Who is Amumu?"Suddenly and Joe Snow face each other, this name is very happy.

        Dumbfounded his eyes and grinned: "I don't know who Amumu is. Anyway, he said that after he gave it to Amumu, Amumu would use it. I can follow him to play. But I waited for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven years…"

        Dumb and licking his fingers to start counting, stunned and Qiao Xue feel a good headache, this dumb strength is so strong, how is it so stupid and cute?

        When I saw that the dumb had been counted for twenty-one years, I had not finished counting. I quickly said, "Don't, don't count, you tell us what happened in this place, why are there so many powerful wild animals?"

        Dumb was about to speak, but suddenly the nose slammed, smelling it in the snow and Joe Snow, and smelling it in the north, his eyes lit up: "The dumb smelled the smell of the sword, and the sword also came. Looking for dumb! Dumb is going to find a small sword to play! Do you want to go with me to find a small sword? ”

        Suddenly and Joe Xue are a little uneasy, who is Xiaojianjian? Wouldn't it be a powerful wild animal that a dumb knows? The wild animals in this place are so powerful that they are not very safe to go.

        But the dumb has stood up excitedly and said: "Go, dumb to take you to find the sword."

        He said that he has grown bigger again and turned into a giant of tens of meters high. There was no way for them to bother. Dumb was very strong. Following him, he always had a sense of security. He jumped on the shoulders of dumb and left with dumb.


        "Are you sure? Xiaoshuai? Every time you say something familiar, UU reads www. I don't think it is very reliable. ”Mu Yu carefully circumvented the territory of a powerful wild animal and said carelessly.

        Xiaoshuai took a nap and said: "I can't be wrong, I just feel the familiar taste, it's over there."

        "What smell is this time?"Mu Yu sat on the flying sword and scanned the ancient battlefield. From time to time, the ancient battlefields will see the ruins. These ruins resemble the city walls of the entire battlefield. They can imagine the prosperity of the past, but they are now broken.

        "The smell of a goose."Xiaoshuai said very positively.

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