Chapter 1115: Heart and Eyes

        The figure of Mu Yu has completely disappeared into the shadow of Yu Mo. He can't see any light around him. The whole person can't even see his body. It seems that he has become a blind man, and he has lost his senses and sense of smell. Take control.

        "I don't want to kill you, but after I want to hold you back, I will definitely let the words sit down and count the accounts. He has to give us a confession. Your life is a chip!"Yu Mo has appeared behind Mu Yu, reaching out and grabbing the wood feathers.

        In her opinion, Mu Yu has fallen into her field and is already difficult to fly!

        "You are wrong, our teachers and brothers do things, do not need to be confessed to anyone."The sound of Mu Yu sounded slowly, "And my life has never been the chip of anyone!"


        A strong field ability pours around the wood feather.Going out, it instantly blends into the darkness, and at this time, Yu Mo’s hand has caught the neck of Mu Yu!

        However, she suddenly changed her face, because she was surprised that her hands were rubbing against Mu Yu's body. What surprised her most was that Mu Yu had lost her life in front of her eyes!

        It is as if she can let all opponents in her own field lose their sense of the senses and can't find her traces, but she never imagined that she would lose her perception of Mu Yu in her own field!

        "How can it be?"

        Rain was surprised at the heart. While she felt that something was wrong, the whole person had quickly retired and reintegrated into the darkness. She continued to hold her breath and continued to search for the trail of wood feathers.

        But Mu Yu really disappeared in her field!

        "Are you getting out of the way?"

        Rain is looking around,

Wanting to trace any traces of Mu Yu, she thought that Mu Yu was fleeing her field, but she clearly remembered that her field completely wrapped the wood feathers in it.

        “Do you really think that your field is unique?”The sound of Mu Yu echoed around.

        He did not leave the field of killing and raining in the rain!

        What makes Yumo feel amazed is that Mu Yu’s voice seems to be ringing in all corners of the field, and it’s like saying this behind her, more like a voice in her ear, but She still does not feel the breath of wood feathers!

        What exactly is going on?

        Rain Mo will not think how powerful the field of Mu Yu is, and Yu Qiankun is enough to transform the other's field into its own field. In his field, anyone's field will be used by him!

        This is the highest assassination of the shadow killing, and those who are smashed by the shadows will die!

        But there was an accident at Muyu alone!

        At this time, Yu Yukun of Mu Yu has already taken the killing of Yu Mo as his own. The field of killing and killing is the endless darkness of the people, but Yu Mo himself can be visible everywhere, but now In turn, Mu Yu sneaked into the field of Yu Mo, so that Yu Mo could not find it.

        "Do you play hide and seek with me?"The rain frowned, and the whole scene of the killing of the sky was violently shaken. In all the dark corners, there was a sickle that cut the death, cutting any corner of the field, as long as it was controlled by the killing, almost It is impossible to escape the harvest of these sickles.

        However, she still did not feel the presence of Mu Yu, and her sickle did not touch anything.

        However, her brow suddenly wrinkled, and she did not know when a powerful sword was emerging behind her. The sword swayed and slammed into her body!

        She sneaked into the field of killing the sky, but she would still be found by Mu Yu!

        Yu Mo’s reaction was almost the fastest, Mu Yu’s sword was rubbing her, and cut off her silk. She also dissipated in the same place as her sword, and removed her field. .

        In the woods, the wind swayed through the leaves, and the leaves fluttered.

        Yu Mo re-aggregated her figure, a pure shadow, falling under the shade of the trees, watching the wood feathers not far away.

        The two of them are still in the place before the fight, as if no one has ever moved, but Yu Mo knows that he almost died in his own field.

        “How do you see my field?”Rain strangely asked.

        The shadow of the sword in the hands of Mu Yu was shaken, and the sword of the scorpion swayed out, covering the rain from all directions.

        "You are not qualified to know."Mu Yu’s answer is very simple.

        Just like Yu Mo began to look down on Mu Yu at first, Mu Yu was too lazy to explain too much.

        "You are really strong."

        In the hands of Yu Mo, there was a sickle that was condensed by the dark shadows. The sickle swallowed the light around it, and it seemed that all the light could not break free.

        At the moment of her scythe, her illusion turned out to be countless shadows. Each shadow was like a sharp awl, greeted the shadow of the wood feather.

        However, Mu Yu’s sword is sharp and unstoppable. When a sword goes down, all the shadows are annihilated. Any shadow seems so vulnerable to him. The rain slasher also smashes the past and fights with the shadow sword. together.


        The crisp sound echoed out, and the shadow of the whole person has already quit!

        "A good and powerful sword."

        Rain can't help but admire.

        However, there was no pause in her figure. Where the wood feather stood, the shadow of each branch of each leaf began to appear as a sharp shadow like a hair, and wanted to limit the wood feather.

        Mu Yu did not move, and his body scatters his way, blocking all the shadows. At this time, Yu Mo’s sickle has already come over to Mu Yu.

        "Heart of Hearts!"

        Mu Yu light to look at the face of the sickle, in the eyes of the rain, Mu Yu four weeks as if the earth-shaking changes, the whole forest is clear or shade lush, like midsummer, but in the wood plume around five meters, all the area has become a golden autumn, the trees in the green leaves drift down, into the wood plume five meters in the region, Unexpectedly all turned to the withered leaves, as if the life has gone, autumn bleak.

        When the sickle in the hands of Yu Mo did not enter the field of wood feathers, she was shocked to see that her sickle seemed to have lost control at some point. The sickle held in her hand was still a dark shadow, but she did not enter the wood feather five meters. The part of the sickle in the area did not know when it became a dead branch!

        Her scythe showed a different appearance inside and outside the wood feathers, just like the sickle was transformed into wood by the wood feathers. The whole sickle is usually a shadow and a tree!

        Mu Yu looked at the oncoming branches, just gently reached out and grabbed the sickle and gently folded it!


        The sickle that is so powerful that it can swallow all the light is broken by the feathers of the wood feathers!


        Rain stranger angered, she clearly felt that her death knife was destroyed by Mu Yu, when she returned to God, even the sickle in her hand was broken, dissipated!

        Her magic weapon was destroyed!

        Yu Qiankun, in his field, all things have his control, in his way to create his own rules, in his Yukun, the shadow formed by the shadow is no longer a shadow, but he is transformed into a dead branch!


        The sword in the hands of Mu Yu instantly fell into the sky, and the sky suddenly changed, and a strong vortex rolled up. The vortex swept across the body of Yumo, and the blue swordsmanship illumined the whole world. It seems to dispel all the haze, no shadows are there!

        Rain strangely screamed in anger, and wanted to escape, but there was no way to escape. She could only watch the Tianjian annihilating with the mighty Tianwei!

        But at this moment, the breath of another field came from behind, rushed into the deterrence of Mu Yutianjian, protected the rain, and saved her from the wood feather sword!

        A young man with blue fluttering appeared beside the rain.

        The master of Qishuicheng, stunned!

        "Yu Mo, you should not go to the trouble of Mu Yu."Smiled faintly.

        Rain Mo broke away from his field and landed on the treetop not far away.

        "I don't need you to save."Rain strangely said.

        I was not angry, but continued to laugh: "We are always enemies, I naturally do not want to save you, but if you die, things will become more troublesome, isn't it? We still have a common goal, have you forgotten? ”

        The purpose of the no-family and the shadow family is the perfect river mountain!

        Nowadays, there are not only the souls of the ancient battlefields, but also the four brothers and sisters who have the shadow of the sword. If the filmmakers and the shadowless family lose any party at this time, they want to cope with the souls with the rest of the people. The four brothers of Jianfeng Dust are all impossible.

        Not to mention that there is still a clear position in the ancient battlefield.

        Rain snorted and did not refute the words. She re-appeared on Mu Yu: "Why is your field so strange?"

        Mu Yu took back the sword and looked indifferently: "Do you want to be together?"

        Shaking his head slightly: "To be honest, you are very powerful and powerful enough to make people unexpected. I thought that even if you step into the Mahayana period, it will not pose much threat to us, because the field of the sentence man I Still know, the field is counter-attacking, but not suitable for combat. But I did not expect that you actually realized your field, not the three brothers like you who deprived other Ummings of the field. ”

        In the blink of an eye, UU reads and looks at it, and can control anyone's life and death. But in this field, if you want to work, you have to hit the opponent. It is a mang, and it is difficult for people who want to hit the same realm in battle, because everyone's reaction is faster than life and death.

        The other four areas of Eumundine are different. They are powerful and powerful enough to be extremely terrible. Their fields are suitable for combat.

        "Is it unexpected?"Mu Yu looked at the stunned, no one of the film and the shadow family, he did not feel, at this time, he would not be merciful.

        "It's a surprise, I thought your three brothers were hard enough to deal with, but now it seems that you are also a huge variable."Suddenly a polite smile appeared.



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