Chapter 1116: Collisions in the field

        Standing in the air, there is no shadow under his feet, and the rain stops at the treetops. Her whole person is a shadow.

        Yu Mo and Hao Ran, one is the saint of the shadow family, a young master without a shadow family, the two originally stood on the opposite side, the water and fire are incompatible, but came together for the common purpose. They all understand one thing. If you don't choose to let go of your prejudice at this time, it is impossible to compete with the four disciples of Jiansha Dust.

        "I thought we would never be together!"Smiling at the rain and smiling.

        "We wouldn't have been together."Rain Mo simply responded simply.

        "You are right, but we have to join hands now."I am not angry.

        For a long while, I suddenly said: "Our goal is not you at all, just a word." So the two of us don't actually want to do it to you, and we hope that Mu Yudao will understand this. ”

        Mu Yu faintly raised the shadow sword: "I will kill anyone who is not good for my family!"

        The sword gas rushed out, crossed the void, and went away with the rain and the stranger.

        The Tao is different from each other. Instead of keeping these two people to deal with the promises, it is better for him to solve the problem directly.

        Yu Mo and Hao Ran immediately dispersed, forming a phantom in the air, and escaped the sword of Mu Yu, but the appearance of Mu Yu crawled like a spider web and covered the entire sky, blocking the entire field. It’s up.

        Suddenly put away a smile, he knows that after Mu Yu realizes his own field, there is no Xiaomu Muyu, because he knows that even he can't easily defeat Yumo, but Yumo is defeated by Mu Yu. Under the sword!

        Their only chance is to join hands with Mu Yu!

        "Looking at no trace!"

        Slightly sigh,

The ability of the field swept out, running through the lines of Mu Yu, and broke free from the field.

        Awe-inspiring field: There is no trace in the field. In his field, anyone with a shadow must be deprived of the shadow. He can control the shadow of the other person in his own hands and kill the opponent by killing the shadow!

        On the other side, Yumo’s body was once again shrouded in darkness, and the darkness engulfed the whole piece of void, and the faint and awkward fields echoed each other.

        The two people's fields are combined and compete with Mu Yu's momentum. However, in the eyes of Mu Yu, black and white lines were again lit up. The things he had to do were very simple. They relied on tough means to sweep away the two men.

        The field of the two people who are in contact with the wood feathers has been quietly being assimilated by the field of wood feathers, and gradually became the field of wood feathers.

        "Looking at no trace, killing the sky?"

        Mu Yu smiled indifferently, and his gaze suddenly became extremely fierce. Whether it was a sudden sneak peek or a rainless mob, the two of them deal with the ordinary comprehension, which is extremely tricky. But in front of Mu Yu, the field is the least valuable thing!

        The awe-inspiring field is pressed from the left toward the wooden feathers. His goal is clear, that is, to deprive the shadow of the wooden feathers, as long as the shadow of the wooden feathers is controlled, the wood feathers will be controlled by him.

        But soon his face suddenly changed, his field just reached Mu Yu, but passed through Mu Yu, uncontrollably smashed the past in the field of rain. The fields of cumin and rain are strange, and there is no way to win or lose!


        Suddenly collided with the field of Yumo, bursting a powerful roar, the shadows poured out, and were torn in the air, both of them went back a few hundred meters.

        "His field is weird, we can't use the field."The rain is silent.

        Suddenly understand the seriousness of the matter, the field of Mu Yu has grown to an incredible level. In such a terrible field, if not four or five people together, the field will be controlled by Mu Yu.

        And if you don't use the field, just rely on their own methods, with the knowledge of Mu Yu and the swordsmanship, except for his brothers, basically few people can compete with the powerful sword!


        Suddenly took the opportunity to stand up and immediately turned back to the distance, although the rain is not reconciled, but did not dare to stay for a long time, if you consume it, you will not find any benefits.

        Mu Yu’s sword has fallen. He has not let go of the plans of the two men, but at this moment, a white mans has suddenly crossed in the sky, and two powerful fields have swept out and blocked the wood feathers. Heavenly sword.

        The look of Mu Yu is cold, the people of the soul family!

        "It seems that the two Taoist and the filmmakers are just like this!"

        It’s awesome to be the second in the rankings of the cold and the top of the rankings!

        The two most powerful people on the list, they are much more powerful than the cold incense!

        Suddenly and Yu Mo stabilized in the air, watching the two people of the Soul, slightly frowned. Whether it is stunned or rainy, in the face of relying on thousands of techniques and cold autumn, the singles are not afraid, they are only the wood feathers.

        "Oh, is it so? So let us see the strength of your soul people, how? ”The wind blew and said softly.

        "We want to hold on to Mu Yu, it is a simple matter. The sword shadow dust is now difficult to protect itself, and his apprentice can't turn any waves!"Cold and cold in the face of the disdain.

        Yu Mo also said coldly: "We are not alone, we will be the opponent of Mu Yu, want to hold the wood feather, only join hands!"

        Four Mahayana periods, four fields, even Wood Yu can't be transformed into four areas at the same time!

        Lean whispered scornfully: "With your two traitor races, you will only lose the face of our soul! Besides, holding down Mu Yu, you don’t need to join forces with you! ”

        Yu Mo angrily wanted to make a sound, but she stopped her, and said faintly: "That's good, if you are dead, we will explain the situation to you." Anyway, your soul people have lost one person in the ancient battlefield. ”

        Depend on thousands of cold channels: "What do you mean?"

        In places like the ancient battlefield, they want to find their own people by virtue. They must be within a suitable range. Once they are too far apart, they can’t find their own traces, relying on thousands of techniques and cold autumn. The two were lucky enough to come together, but they never knew the whereabouts of others.

        Suddenly smiled and said: "I am afraid you still don't know, the ancient bank flower ranked fourth in the immortal list, has been killed in the unfortunate and sly hand of Simon."

        "what?"Both Yi Qian and Leng Yuqiu frowned.

        "What do you see with your own eyes?"Asked by Qian Qian.

        "Yes, I have witnessed the unfortunate situation of Simon and the two people. The two of them joined forces. The ancient shore flower has been abused for a quarter of an hour! It's a pity that I don't have any grievances with the evil people, so they want to kill, and I just have a little fun. ”Said leisurely and leisurely.

        Yi Qianshu still does not believe: "Just with Ximen unfortunately and also want to kill the ancient shore flowers, idiots say dreams! The strength of our five people is the height that you guys can't reach in their lifetime! Even the weakest cold incense, it is more than enough for any of you! ”

        He is very confident, because the five people have other people's fields in their hands, which is equivalent to a few more lives. It is this powerful card that they think they can't meet their opponents.

        However, Mu Yu shook his head slightly: "I am very curious. Who gave you the inexplicable confidence and superiority of the soul people. Do you think that the field of other people in your hand is enough to be invincible?"

        Just now, he searched for the memory of the cold and fragrant, and killed the cold incense!

        But what they all don't know is that the third-monthly sand in the top of the list is already dying in the hands of the dumb who was punished for doing something wrong!

        But all this, lean and cold in the autumn two people do not know, because they despise the triple-day of anyone, even if the sword shadow Wind of The Apprentice, they also do not look at, because the sword shadow Wind apprentice not enough time to grow, in the soul of the people's eyes, The sword shadow Dust wind is strong, but his apprentice did not grow up, There is no way to compete with the soul.

        The soul people are going to kill them before the four grow up!

        Yi Qianshu sneer: "Mu Yu, the last thing you should do is to meet us when you step into the Mahayana period. You must die today!"

        Mu Yu just looked at the arrogant arrogance and said: "Is it?"

        Suddenly and Yu Mo Mo saw the Souls so uninhabited, my heart was slightly contemptuous. In the absence of Muyu, they also believe that the wood feathers that have just entered the Mahayana period are simply not enough, but in fact they have made a mistake. The wood feathers that have just entered the Mahayana period are the most worthy people!

        "Mu Yudao friends, we don't want to have a holiday with you from beginning to end. If you want to kill them both, please feel free. We are also happy to see how the Souls pay their own price. ”I laughed.

        Yu Mo did not speak. Although she looked down on Mu Yu at the beginning, she had no more mentality of Xiaomu Muyu at this time. Compared with several brothers of Mu Yu, Mu Yu is the most difficult to deal with!

        Once the field is unusable, UU can read Whether it is a shadow or a soul, it is impossible to be the opponent of Tianjian. It can only deal with Mu Yu, only the three brothers of Mu Yu! Because Cheng Yan, Luo Wei and the three people in the south do not use the field, they also have the same powerful sword method as Mu Yu!

        The foot of the wood feather ripples slightly, the more use Imperial universe this field, his understanding of the rules of Heaven is more profound, the use of the Royal universe is also more handy, he in dealing with the cold fragrance chaos, is the first real meaning to control the field of others, but also relatively unfamiliar, but at this time he has learned the rules of the higher level of the Royal universe.

        Yu Qiankun is not only as simple as controlling other people's fields, but also can control his own array of techniques and apply his arrays to the field!

        "Let's go together!"

        Mu Yu is warlike! …


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