Chapter 1117: You are not worthy!

"Go together? No need, knock down you, I am enough alone. ”Yi Qianshu said disdainfully.
  The powerful field of souls covered and shrouded the entire sky. He snorted and countless white souls gathered in the air, forming a transparent and powerful barrier that covered the entire sky.
  The power of the field spread from the reliance on thousands of knives. He was like a giant scorpion, and he was heavily pressed against everyone, blocking the entire space.
  Field, no sigh!
  When the atmosphere of the field swept through, even if both of them were stunned and rainy, they both changed their faces slightly, and Yiqian was the number one in the world, and his field was extremely oppressive. Both cumin and Yu Mo are afraid to hang over the field of leaning on thousands of techniques.
  The unreasonable fear in his field came to life, and it spread in the bottom of his heart. It seems that there is despair and sigh in one's mind. If you want to struggle, you can't break free, and you don't even have hope for a little resistance.
  The two of them have already retired, and they dare not fight in the field of relying on thousands of techniques. In his field, there will be pessimistic emotions, and the strength will be greatly reduced. The only one that can resist this field is only Forced to block each other's fields outside of their own fields.
  But the cultivation of the thousand is very strong, his field enough to the opponent's field to rout, at the same time, his soul bead also lit up a dazzling light, the air began to vibrate, a pessimistic sigh from the sky, as if the world is full of disappointment, want to shuffle the global, no one can resist.
  The sound waves formed by the sigh fell from all directions, and a strong impact of the stock ran across and squatted where Mu Yu was.
  "Desperate, humble people, you are not my opponent, I really don't know how I used to live like this for so long."Leaning the mouth of the mouth, a hint of laughter.
  Yu Mo and Hao Ran frowned and looked at Mu Yu. They knew that Mu Yu was very strong, but the strength of Yi Qianshu was not weak. The two players might have a terrible lethality. This is for any master. Words are a battle worth looking forward to.
  However, the wood feathers did not move, he just looked at the lean technique indifferently, and he simply took a step when the powerful sound wave swept the distance of ten meters in front of him.
  He didn't even use the sword!
  Both Su Ran and Yu Mou felt that there was something wrong with Mu Yu. Even the reliance on the hand was very puzzled. He felt that he seemed to be peeping and lost the purest resistance.
  However, relying on a thousand techniques to set the gods, he sneered, the hands of a long gun formed by the soul force, continue to kill against the wood feathers!
  However, his pupil suddenly shrank, and a panic of emotion spread from him, as if the whole person was facing a behemoth, and he was just a negligible ant, arbitrarily slaughtered.
  The one who caused him a huge monster is a wood feather!
  How could this be?
  The feeling of relying on thousands of skills is extremely incomprehensible. This feeling of desperation has always only been applied to others, and it has never been applied to himself. What is the matter?
  "If you are too self-righteous, you have to pay for your own arrogance."
  The sound of Mu Yu shrouded in all directions, and his voice was filled with endless majesty, as if he was the master of the world. Everyone must surrender to his feet. The powerful field ability makes the thousands of skills tremble!
  When the two people in the distance heard this sentence, they even couldn’t help but sneak a chill. They clearly did not be in the field of Mu Yu, but when they heard the sound of Mu Yu, they even received it. influences!
  Yi Qianshu screamed and forced the inner fear to be pressed down. When he just wanted to reunite the soul, Mu Yu suddenly appeared like a ghost in the front of Yi Qianshu!
  The split sword stabbed straight and fell into the eyebrows of Yiqian!
  "How can you not be affected by my field?"Looking back at Mu Yu with a thousand horror, his former disdainful look has disappeared.
  Suddenly and Yu Mo are also very puzzled. Although they know that Mu Yu can control other people's fields, it is a time for Mu Yu to control their fields, whether they are in a fight with Yu. Row.
  However, in the face of relying on thousands of techniques, Mu Yu did not have any time to adapt, and even did not integrate the field of Yu Qiankun into the field of relying on thousands of techniques, it appeared directly in front of the leaning, so as no one In the same situation, I sent my own sword to the forehead of Yiqian!
  To know that it is the best in the ranking of the most popular! But in front of Mu Yu did not go through five breaths!
  "You still don't deserve to be my opponent."
  Mu Yu’s sword gas has been poured into the mind of Yi Qianshu, and his consciousness is completely erased, even the soul is annihilated, leaving no trace!
  The body that relied on thousands of techniques exploded into intricate pieces, and even the residue was not left. He couldn’t understand why he died. Why did he lose so thoroughly? His strength is the deserved number of the best. One, but was killed by Mu Yu?
  Mu Yu looked at him indifferently by his quick killing. The soul beads of his other hand also quietly turned into a smog, which was taken from the cold and fragrant hands when killing the cold incense. of.
  The people of the Soul family have the other five people's fields, but they are used at the necessary juncture to save their lives. However, the cold incense has not been able to use the field of relying on thousands of techniques, and is controlled by Mu Yu.
  As early as after killing the cold incense, Mu Yu has already thoroughly understood the field of relying on thousands of techniques, and therefore, in the face of the field of relying on thousands of techniques, the weakness of the field of relying on thousands of techniques has long been known to him, he also Know how to crack the field of relying on thousands of skills!
  Mu Yu shot quickly and simply, relying on thousands of techniques still unaware, still arrogantly think that Mu Yu is not his own opponent, he did not even think about the wooden feathers that just stepped into the Mahayana period can pull out any waves.
  He is very wrong, and the price paid is his own life!
  Extremely ranked first in the rankings, relying on thousands of skills, death!
  "There are three left."Mu Yu fell on his face in the cold.
  Leng Yuqiu has been stunned. He is familiar with the strength of Yiqian. However, the strength of relying on Qianshu is much higher than that of him. However, he did not go through a round in Mu Yu’s hand, so how does he and Mu Yu resistance?
  Cold in the early autumn, there has been no arrogance, but it has become awkward. He did not hesitate to turn directly and turn around and leave!
  If Yi Qianshu is not an opponent of Mu Yu, then he is not likely to be Mu Yu's opponent.
  However, in the sky, a sword mans has been lit up again, and the swordsman has rolled up and blocked in front of the cold autumn.
  "There is still a fish that slips through the net."
  The breath is as heavy as a mountain, like a giant scorpion, as if to crush the whole piece of land, the overwhelming earth and stone smashed the past in the cold autumn, cold and autumn anger, he never expected to appear another at this time Strong people, south!
  The southward stargazing sword brought a dazzling yellow light, traversing from the sky, and the whole person was smashed from the top of the head.
  The body of Leng Yuqiu has been stagnant, and there is a sky in the middle of his body. The wound is burning with a khaki-colored light. The soul of the whole body is slowly petrified and becomes a stone statue.
  Cold in autumn has been broken and broken, the soul is flying!
  Mu Yu looked south and was amazed: "How come you are here?"
  The look to the south is very determined, and I can no longer see what I used to look like. He said slowly: "I felt the fluctuations in the field here, so I came over and saw a fly."
  "It seems that there are two left."Mu Yu’s shadow sword trembled slightly, his eyes were like the gaze of death, falling on the stunned and rainless.
  Suddenly with the rain, the bottom of the heart has already set off a wave of stormy waves. A Muyu, they have not played together, and now they have come to the south, they have almost no chance of winning!
  "Is there no room for reconciliation?"Asked awkwardly.
  "When you want to start against my brother, we are already standing opposite."Mu Yu said.
  The rain whispered: "The words have stolen the secrets of our two races, and we must get this account back."
  "so what? You two aliens, killing and killing, we are going to take care of your feelings. If you don't accept it, you will kill it! ”
  The words to the south are very simple. His attitude is more overbearing. This is a world of strength and strength. UU is reading www. can do whatever it wants, this is the concept of going south.
  "Are you so unreasonable?"Asked quietly.
  "It’s ridiculous, do you also want to talk to us? From start to finish, it’s a smug look, and I think I’m so great. The Souls want to destroy the Three Heavens. You have to stand by and take advantage of the benefits of the fishermen. Why should we reason with you? ”
  Although Mu Yu doesn't like the temperament of going south, his attitude is as clear as that of the south. Their brothers grow up together and love each other. No matter what the rumors have done, Mu Yu will only help the pro!
  As for all the reasons, for Mu Yu, the existence of everyone in Dust Mountain is justified!
  Besides, the purpose of the no-family and the film-makers is as simple as that of the film. The shadow of the last layer of the film is not important for the shadowless and filmmakers, but something they will not touch at all, even if they are taken away, they will not What is the loss, their real purpose is to perfect the river!
  Since the cultivation of the real world has become turbid, and his master began, Mu Yu has never had so many right and wrong views. Everyone is jealous. He is tired of being a savior, and he only wants to be a selfish person who protects his family.
  For Mu Yu, anyone who is not good against his family is damned!
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